Vampire Protection Program

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I yawned as I walked out of the bathroom in a towel and found that Deric was sitting on my bed. I stopped as he looked up at me and then quickly looked away. I bit my lip as he just flopped back on my bed and pulled the pillow over his face and draped his arm over it to keep it in place. I felt a blush sting at my cheeks and I smiled a little before I moved for the closet and closed the door as I turned on its light.

I smiled a little more before I shook my head before I breathed a laugh and started getting dressed.

I put on a pair of sweats and a thin long sleeved shirt before I walked back out into my room. He didn’t move as I stood there a moment, admiring him laying on my bed. Again, I felt my cheeks go red as I smiled a little more. Slowly, I walked over to my bed and knelt down on it beside him. He didn’t move though.

I rolled my eyes and moved his arm. I moved the pillow too, and then suddenly, he was on top of me. I looked up at him startled and then found myself grinning up at him as he smirked down at me.

“Well, hello.” I said as my cheeks burned impossibly more. I bit my lip and looked away, but he made me look at him again. He leaned down and kissed me softly and I closed my eyes. I drew in a breath full of a chilly mint that smelled so good before he pulled away again. I breathed shakily as he took my hand that was against his chest and held it there.

“Hey.” He murmured. Slowly, I opened my eyes again and looked up into his beautiful midnight blue eyes. He smiled softly and then pulled back some to look at the door. He let out a low growl—which shocked me, but at the same time, didn’t—and muttered something under his breath. He pulled away from me as a knock came at the door.

“Everything descent in here?” questioned Drew as he went ahead and came in before I could tell him to come in or even answer his question. “Oh goody! Let me join-“

“What do you want Drew?” muttered Deric and I had to laugh a little. He looked at me—as if disappointed that I wasn’t upset, which I was—and then flopped back on my bed beside me. His arms looped around my waist, somehow turned me around so that I was facing him and I squealed as he pulled me close—practically on top of him—and I had to hit him for making my squeal. He chuckled and grabbed the back of my neck. He pulled my down and kissed me. I backhanded his chest again, but then moved my hand to his cheek.

Slowly, I pulled back some and looked down at him.

“So Andy and Terry are gone.” Deric groaned and dropped his hand. I looked away from Deric and slowly pulled away. I sighed and looked over at Drew. “Since full moon is tomorrow night and Andy is on edge enough with you two getting all buddy-buddy and all, they thought it best to go ahead and go so that nothing else happens.” He looked at Deric a moment as he just let me go and sat up. I looked at him as he stood and walked over to the window. “Listen Bro-“

“Just don’t try and help Drew.” He sighed and ran his hand over his face tiredly. “It’s bad enough that I have to put up with it right now. Andy and I…” he cursed under his breath and then turned back to look at me. “I’m sorry. I didn’t…” he looked down and I sighed. “I’m sorry. I just really don’t like that he won’t let you go, and I have to share your heart because you love him…” he ran his hand through his hair and then finally looked at me again. “I’m sorry. I don’t want to make you upset. Sam, please don’t cry…” he came over to me and knelt down on the floor. “Please don’t cry.” He took my hands as tears filled my eyes.

“How… am I supposed to do this Der?” I asked quietly and he looked at me sadly. “He’s right. We’ve pretty much spent two years together and then you come along and my whole world is flipped upside down and it feels so good to be with you… but I am hurting him by doing it.”

“I… understand that it will take time Sam. I understand, that in the end, a part of you will always love him. I understand that I am selfish and really wish that I never had to see him, or you never had to see him again, but I want you happy Sammie. I want you happy above everything, no matter how much it hurts me right now. I want you to know when you really want to be with my-“ I pulled my hands away from his and grabbed his face. I looked him in the eyes and he looked at me quietly.

“I want you.” I breathed. “I know that I want you. I don’t think I have ever wanted to be with someone so bad… I just don’t want to hurt him… and I know that by being with you, that is all that I will do.” He looked away, but I made him look at me again and kissed him. His hands took my wrists as he kissed me softly. I pulled back and rested my forehead against his. “I want you.” I breathed. His thumbs ran over my wrists as he kept his eyes closed and breathed just as shakily. “I said that I wanted to be with you before, and I am not going back on that Deric.” He said nothing as he slowly opened his eyes and moved his hands to my waist. He pulled me down to him and wrapped his arms around me. He held me close to him and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I leaned into him and we both looked over at Deric, who was still standing there watching us. He smiled softly.

“I am honestly glad you found her my Old Friend.” He said quietly. “You needed someone, and I was very afraid that you would never find anyone… but, why did it have to be her?” Drew ran his hand through his hair. “Her family will not be happy that you are her mate, nor will they be happy when they find out-“

Deric sighed and so did Drew. I closed my eyes tiredly and ran my fingers over Deric’s back.

“We will talk about this later.” Drew said softly. “She is exhausted and you guys are leaving as soon as the sun goes down.” I yawned and Deric held me a little tighter as he lifted me up and lay me on the bed. He kissed me softly and then pulled away. I caught his hand and I heard him chuckle as I curled up on the bed.

“I am going to… go eat.” He told me as he squeezed my hand. He leaned back down and kissed my cheek. “I will be back later, but I want you to sleep.” I groaned and he chuckled again. “I will be back. I promise.” He murmured in my ear. He made me turn my face to look at him. I touched his cheek as he kissed me. He started to pull away, but I wrapped my arm around his neck. He chuckled against my lips. “I really do need to go. You smell too good and I don’t want to take a bite out of you.” I groaned again, but let him go, because I wasn’t sure I wanted him to take a bit out of me either.

He pulled away and squeezed my hand before he let it go. I curled up again.

“Get some sleep Baby.” I smiled and breathed a small, tired laugh. “I am going to tell Sebastian that I will be gone for a little bit. He will probably come check on you and all that, but I do want you to sleep.”

“I will.” I said. I yawned once more. “Now go! I want you back soon.”

“It’s okay Sam.” Drew said. “I will get him back safely to you.” I said nothing in return as I started to really drift off to sleep. The last thing I heard before I did fall asleep, was a small sigh, followed by a breathy laugh, before the door closed.

I yawned, still tired, as I walked down the steps toward the kitchen. I ran my hand though my hair as arms suddenly looped around my waist when I got to the bottom few steps. Startled, I looked down at Deric—who was standing on the bottom step—while I stood on the third step up. He was only a few inches shorter than me, and it made it easy to look down into his beautiful eyes, that seemed to glow a little more now as I looked at them. It was like getting lost in the night sky, the stars and moon shining bright out. I could stare at those skies forever…

Well, if my brother hadn’t been there to make it so I couldn’t.

“Are you two going to stare into each other’s eyes for the rest of the night, or are we going to get moving?” Sebastian questioned behind Deric. I scowled in annoyance as started to look up at him, but Deric grabbed my chin and drew my lips down to his. I gave in instantly—as I realized I always did when he kissed me—and closed my eyes. I ran my arms around his neck and my fingers slid into his hair. His arms tightened around me and he lifted me off the steps. He backed up a few feet and then lowered me to my feet on the floor. I breathed a laugh as he smiled against my lips. “Ugh! Come on guys! We have a long way to drive and a short time to get to there. We need to go!” I groaned as Deric pulled away.

“He has a point.” He told me and I pouted. He laughed and kissed me once more before he removed—pried—my arms away from his neck and stepped back. “Go get dressed. Sebastian and I will load the things we need up in the car, then we will head out.” I nodded. I looked at Sebastian and then my stomach growled loudly. I gasped as my cheeks grew very hot and I was sure they were burning crimson as I glanced over at Deric. He just started laughing, which only made things worse. I bit my lower lip—like I always did when I was nervous—and looked down.

“We will get something on the way.” Sebastian chuckled. “Now, go get dressed please. We don’t have a lot of time. We need to leave quickly.” I nodded and then—because I was embarrassed—I ran back upstairs and went into my room.

“She is so adorable!” I heard Deric declare loudly enough that I knew that he wanted me to hear it. If it was at all possible, my blush deepened tenfold as I moved away from the door and went to my closet. I quickly changed and went back downstairs to find the boys finishing up the loading.

“Did you get any extra stuff you need to load up?” Deric asked as he looked at me over two boxes and a small circular box that looked as if it was about to fall off. I went over and grabbed it as it started to tip over because it didn’t have a lid and was uneven. “Thanks.” he smiled.

That smile is going to make me fiant! Lana shrieked and I mentally cringed at her voice. It was way too hi pitched for me right now. I already had a small headache. He’s soooo sexy! Ugh! I couldn’t help myself as I laughed out loud.

“What?” he questioned. I looked at him a moment, my vampire boyfriend and then looked down with a blush.

“Lana is right.” I said shyly. “You are-” I stopped when I heard something behind me and I turned around quickly as arms wrapped around me and pulled me close. I gave a small gasp of surprise as he crushed me against him. I was tense and a little frightened.

“I couldn’t let you leave without saying good-bye.” Andy breathed and I relaxed a little as I realized it was just him. I let out a shaky breath and closed my eyes as I let myself lean into him.

“You scared me.” I mumbled. “You can’t sneak up on me like that Andy.”

“I’m sorry.” he whispered. He pulled back and took my face in his hands. “Listen, I know this is everything that you don’t want to hear right now-”

“Then please don’t say it.” I looked him in the eyes and took his hands in mine. “I love you Andy and I don’t want to hurt you... It is the last thing that I ever wanted to do and I have done you very wrong-”

“Then don’t wait for me Sammie.” I looked at him starttled. He looked at me sadly. “I hate him Sammie, because he has taken the one thing from me, the only thing from me that I truly ever wanted. You, and I know, without a doubt, that he can make you happier than I could ever make you in this lifetime or the next, but I want you to be happy. I want you to smile, every second of your life. I want everything for you Sammie... And as much as I hate him because he took you away from me and out of my reach, I know that he will care for you and protect you more than I ever could...” he sighed. “I love you Sammie and no matter what, even when... If I find my mate, a part of me always will. I just want you to know that.” I nodded as --because, sadly, I couldn’t help it for the millionth time these last few weeks--I burst into tears, through they were almost happy ones, and hurried my face in his chest.

He wrapped his arms around my waist again and hugged me tightly to his chest.

“I love you Sammie, just never forget that. If you need me, call me and I will be there as soon as I can.” I nodded. He kissed my head and then pulled back and kissed me softly. When he pulled back, he pulled away from me and stepped back. He looked at Deric. “Take care of her Deric. If she calls me crying because of you, I will be there to kill you. I won’t have her heartbroken because of both of us. I’ve done enough.” he looked back at me as he took another step back. It actually kind of hurt that he was leaving. “Be careful. I will see you in a month.” I nodded as I wiped the tears away from my face. He smiled sadly and then just turned and walked back out of the house.

I sighed shakily as I slowly knelt down to pick up the round bucket I had dropped when Andy first came in and started putting the things back in it. When everything was back in the bucket, I stood and carried it out to the Envoy sitting in the driveway attached to a U-Haul trailer. I put it in the back as Deric put the two boxes he had in the U-Haul trailer. Sebastian carried out another two boxes followed by Drew and Terry with two more each. When Terry had put his in, Sebastian closed and locked the trailer before he turned and looked at me. Deric came back out a moment later with four book bags on his shoulders and his duffle bag. He loaded them up in the back of the Envoy, but before he closed the hatch, he looked in one of the bags for something. When he found it, he handed it to Drew, who walked over to me as Deric shut the hatch.

I looked at the glass container with a pail greenish-brown colored cream in it. Drew opened it and it smelled a little of tree bark and cinnamon. He dipped his fingers into the cream and then made me tilt my head, exposing the bite on my neck. He started to rub it into my skin and I gasped through my teeth and flinched at the sting. It was quickly numbed, gratefully, and I let him finish. It was like the cream was drawing the Euphoric--or that was what I thought was being done, that or it was just healing the wound--to the surface.

“There you go Little Sammie.” he murmured and smiled at me. “Hey Deric!” he looked over at Deric. “I am going to steal your girlfriend away for a few moments. There is something important I need to tell her about you.”

“Don’t you dare-” Deric started forward, but Drew wrapped his arms around me and suddenly, we were gone. I gasped as we stopped a moment later. He let me go and I stumbled back as I looked up at him startled. How had he done that? I thought that he was a shifter, not a vampire. Wasn’t the speed thing a vampire trick? I was about to ask him, but I realized that Deric had not followed as i looked over Drew’s shoulder.

“He trusts me Sam.” he told me and I looked back at him. “Listen, I won’t keep you long, but I need you to know that whatever happens, whatever I may do, everything, is for your protection. No, don’t question...” he said as I started to do just that. I was confused and I didn’t want to be anymore, but he went on anyway. “’s an explanation for another time, just know that you can trust me. Deric knows what I am telling you... just stay with him and he will keep you safe. His father, as cruel as he is to you, is the least of your worries. He has made his move and it has started a... well, let’s just say, it has attracted a lot of attention. Your mother had made a lot of enemies throughout her life and though she is dead... sorry for being so blunt about it, she wasn’t really my favorite person either...” I shrugged. I didn’t know her, not to mention, I hadn’t heard much of anything nice about her, not even from my father and he had loved her, but that was due to the fact that he just didn’t talk about her at all, so I didn’t see it as something I could be upset about. “ are a product of interest.” Drew went on. “Moving will help hide you, but I do suggest changing your hair and maybe alter your style of dress.” I just raised a brow at him.

Combat boots or converse, black skinny jeans, paired with my normal band tee, that was normally a dark color, and leather jacket--with another thin jacket underneath because I was cold natured--and I was supposed to change my look? I didn’t think so.

“Fine!” he muttered. “Invest in some makeup to complete the look. I don’t care! Add a streak of blue or red or whatever to your hair, just do something that doesn’t look like you would do it. We want you safe.”

“Okay.” I said simply. “So... I’ll see you there too?”

“Oh yes.” he nodded. “You’ll be seeing a lot of me...” Drew trailed off as if he was listening to something off in the distance. “Oh no.” he breathed. “Time to get you back before things get out of control.” he moved over to me and wrapped his arms around me and then, once again, we were gone.

When we got back to the others, someone was growling, Terry was shouting for someone to calm down, and I knew that there was going to be a lot of trouble real quick if we didn’t get it under control, and fast.

I pulled away from Drew, who instantly moved toward the person who was growling--Deric--and tried holding him back from the girl, standing in front of Sebastian protectively.

“Deric, calm down. You can’t control it just as much as he could.” Terry said. “If you kill Sebastian, she will never forgive you and neither will Sam.”

“Woah! Hey!” I said and Deric looked at me. His eyes instantly softened and some of that anger went away. “No killing my brother... or anyone for that matter.” he growled and I narrowed my eyes at him. “Don’t you growl at me.” Deric broke away from Terry and Drew and came over to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist, crushed me against his chest and held me tightly to him. “Um... no-” I was about to yell at him for growling at me, but his words stopped me cold, and I almost didn’t understand him.

“I don’t want him with her.” he mumbled as I started to push myself away, but stopped as he spoke. I scowled. “I don’t like it.” Despite my anger, I was curious.

“Why?” I asked softly as I let myself slide my arm around his neck and hand into his hair. He pulled back and looked at me quietly a moment. He unwrapped one arm from my waist and cupped my cheek in his palm. He traced his thumb over my cheek as he looked into my eyes and I breathed shakily, my anger dissipating to almost nothing at all. “Why Deric?” I asked again, my voice sounding a little breathless.

“She’s my sister.” I scowled again. I looked over his shoulder and looked at the girl. She had blonde hair, green-blue eyes and tan skin. She had a slight feminine build, like she worked out some, but nowhere near obsessively, and she was a little taller than average--meaning me--because she was just a few inches shorter than Sebastian and he was six foot evenish, give or take an inch or two...

She looked nothing like Deric or even his father and Deric was almost the spitting image of his father, only their eyes and ages were different--you could tell that Lance was older--but nothing else really. She looked nothing like either one of them. She must get it from her mother.

I looked at Deric again.

“Adopted sister... well daughter really.” she said and I tensed.

“Adoptive.” he said quickly as I looked at him wide eyed...

And just stared at him.

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