Vampire Protection Program

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“Deric!” I giggled as he wrapped his arms around my waist form behind like he had at the motel room and pressed his lips to my ear. “You’re a dork.” I lightly elbowed his side as he kissed my ear and he laughed. He held me tighter as he kissed down my jaw to my neck and shoulder and I shuddered. How could he do so much to me when I had never let anyone other than Andy this close to me and he had never even made me feel like this. I closed my eyes and leaned into him before he lifted his head and pressed his lips to my ear again.

“You are so temping.” He breathed and then turned me around so that I was facing him. He pulled me close again and pulled my lips up to his. I slid my arms around his neck and my fingers through his hair as he started to pull away, so I could pull him back to me. He groaned and took my face in his hands. “Sammie.” He breathed and managed to pull back some. “I’m being serious when I say that you are way too tempting.” I pouted. “I’m sorry Baby.” He put his forehead to mine. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It’s not your fault.” I mumbled. He sighed and kissed me once more before he pulled back and let me go.

“Come on. I know a place that sells human food and I can get a little blood. I know the owner.” I raised my brow at him. “I’ve been around long enough to have been pretty much everywhere at one point. I didn’t stay long in one place often.” I shrugged and took his hand.

“I’m hungry anyway.” I smiled and he did too.

“You never cease to amaze me woman.” He whispered.

“Funny.” I grinned. “I amaze me all the time.” He scowled at me and I laughed as I leaned into his shoulder. “I love you.”

“Um-hum. I’m starting to find that hard to believe.” I backhanded his chest and lased my fingers through his. He chuckled and squeezed my hand before he started leading me to the place he wanted to go and I found that he seemed to know this place well enough. “See that right there.” He pointed toward a building. “That wasn’t there when I got here thirty years ago.” I looked at the apartment building. “In fact, I would say that that didn’t make it there until shortly after I left. It doesn’t look like it could be older than fifteen years old.” It was a standard brick building, but he was right. It didn’t look like it was too old. “And that café. It’s been there since the twenties. I used to go in there all the time. Deric and I, we got into some trouble with some of the girls that worked there…” he paused and I looked up at him. He chewed his lip a moment before he looked at me and I nodded. I looked down at the ground and he sighed.


“You’ve been around a while.” I whispered. “I didn’t expect that you would have not… you have needs…” he stopped and pulled me to a stop. I didn’t look at him, but he gently touched my cheek with his free hand.


“I understand-“

“Sammie, listen.” He made me look at him and I couldn’t help the tears that filled my eyes. “Baby…” he breathed. He took my face in both of his hands now. “You’re right Sammie. I’ve been around a long time. I have…” he sighed. “Sammie…” his hands fell from my face. “I’m sorry.” He looked down. “I lived as a human with morals and standard… but when I became a vampire, when I was forced into it, I didn’t think it mattered anymore. I never thought I would regret it. Even if I did find the one I really wanted to spend the rest of eternity with… until I met you…” a tear ran down my face and I wiped it away quickly.

“I’m not mad Der.” I whispered. “I would have loved to hear you say that it wasn’t like that… but I understand that you are older than I will ever be. I am sure you were lonely often…” I flinched at my own words. “Damn it!” I turned and walked a few feet away before I stopped and looked down at the ground. “I can’t blame you Deric. I won’t blame you. I love you…” I turned back to him but he wasn’t there. I breathed shakily and looked around, only to quickly—and thankfully—find that he was just sitting on the ground, leaning against the brick wall of one of the buildings surrounding us.


“You shouldn’t love me Sam.” He mumbled as he looked at something in his hands. “Not when there is so much that I have done in my past… not when there is so much I have done to you, so much that I haven’t told you about me and the secrets I am keeping about everything else…” he bowed his head and slowly, I walked back over to him I knelt down and touched his hand but he pulled it away. I gave a small cry as my heart actually hurt from the small act. He didn’t look at me or try and comfort me…

But what was worse was that he wouldn’t let me comfort him. He was upset with himself for hurting me in a way that he could never change. He thought I should hate him for what he had just revealed about himself and I couldn’t bring myself to do so. I couldn’t hate the man that I was madly in love with because he had been lonely throughout his long life. He was much older than me. I didn’t like that he had done it, but I couldn’t blame him because I hadn’t known him then. I hadn’t been there. We hadn’t been together. it was his past…

And in those facts, I had found an instant way to forgive him.

And love him even more.

“I forgive you.” I whispered. He looked up at me suddenly and I saw the tears in his eyes. “Though there is nothing to forgive Deric, I forgive you for whatever you may have done in your past. And it is passed. Whatever you did then, doesn’t matter now, because now, we are together. Now, it is us… and that is what matters. I love you. That is what matters. You…” I smiled and breathed a laugh. “…seem very adamant on keeping me around as much as I want to keep you around, so that is what matters. Us. Not whatever happened all those years ago.” He looked at me a moment and I could tell he wanted to say something but he stopped himself as he looked over his shoulder.

“What if it wasn’t just years ago Sammie?” I gasped and spun around at the voice behind me. I breathed shakily as Deric pulled me close to him. I shivered and looked at the two men, the twins, standing there. Flashes of my past rushed forward and I shook my head. they looked exactly the same as I remembered. Their green eyes looked at me intently, and while one of them was smiling at me, the other’s eyes shifted to Deric and darkened as he glared at the vampire. I felt Deric shiver behind me as he put his forehead to my shoulder. They were tall and muscular due to the time they had spent in the military. They were still as tan as I remembered them to be and they looked just as young, though they should be in their late twenties now.

They were exactly the same and I hated it.

It scared me too.

“Not you two.” I shook my head. “Please tell me that I had at least two normal people in my life. Please tell me that… please.” Stark’s smile faded away and his face changed as he turned his attention to Deric and glared. Deric shook harder and held me a little tighter as he breathed hard.

“So dark Deric.” Jason whispered. “So many secrets just waiting to burst out. Tell her Deric. Tell her.” Deric gasped and pulled away from me. He leaned over on his side and grabbed his head. “Tell her!” Deric groaned as if in pain and I touched his shoulder.

“Jason!” I looked at him. “Jason, stop!” tears ran down my face, this was not the same gentle man I had known five years ago. I watched Jason’s eyes darken to such a dark shade of green that it almost seemed black. Deric cried in pain and begged for whatever he was doing to stop. “Jason! Please! Stop!” his eyes suddenly turned back to their normal shade of green as Stark placed his hand on his brother’s shoulder. Jason looked at me as Deric relaxed on the ground. He breathed hard and shook violently. “Deric.” I breathed. “Baby, look at me.” He curled up tighter and shrugged me off. My hands shook as I tried to touch him again, but he sat up quickly and then was above me as he shoved me to the ground. Tears ran down his face as he hissed, but then stopped as he actually looked at me. His hands held my wrists on the ground and it hurt, but I didn’t try to move. Blood ran from his ears and nose and I choked on a sob as I looked at how scared he looked. How much pain he had been in.

“What did you do to him?” I breathed when he slowly let go and backed away from me. He kept telling me that he was sorry. He hadn’t meant to hurt me. He repeated it like a crazy man and it broke my heart.

I sat up and looked at him. He had his knees drawn to his chest and his arms wrapped around them. He rocked back and forth as tears and blood ran down his face. Gently, I touched his shoulder, but he flinched away and I flinched back as well. I didn’t want to scar him. I had never seen him so vulnerable but I knew that I needed to proceed with caution.

“Hey.” I whispered and tried again. “Shh.” I murmured when he flinched again, but I didn’t pull my hand back this time. “It’s okay.” I hated talking to him like a small, scared child, but that’s what he seemed like. He was scared. “I’m not going to hurt you Deric. It’s okay Baby.” Slowly, I slid my hand up to his cheek and made him turn his face to me. He didn’t want to at first, but as I spoke softly to him, he slowly started to give in. “There are those eyes I love so much.” I smiled some and reached up to touch his other cheek. He flinched, and I paused a moment before I actually touched him. “Come here.” I whispered. More tears ran down his face and I wiped them away. Hesitantly, he let me pull him into my arms. He lay his head in my lap and wrapped his arms around my waist so tightly it was hard to breathe, but I let him. I wanted him comfortable. “Shh.” I breathed as he sobbed and tears ran down my face as well. I leaned down, kissed his head and rubbed his back. I whispered how much I loved him and how sorry I was that this happened, until he just fell asleep in my lap.

I was quiet a few long moments after that before I looked up at Jason, who just stood there looking at me in astonishment.

“What… did you do to him Jason?” I breathed as I slid my fingers through Deric’s hair.


“What the hell did you do Jason?” I whisper yelled at him and he tensed. I didn’t want to wake Deric up by yelling, but I knew that he knew I was angry all the same. He didn’t answer. I clenched my jaw and nodded before I reached into Deric’s pocket, which woke him, and pulled out his phone. “It’s alright.” I smiled softly as he lifted his head. He looked at me a moment before he just lay back down and curled up tighter. I sighed and clinched my jaw before I looked through Deric’s contacts and found Ortho’s number. I pressed the call button and put it to my ear. He answered on the second ring.

“So help me if my daughter is hurt-“

“I need your help…” I paused and tensed. “Wait, what?” I breathed. There was silence on the other end before Ortho hissed a curse and then sighed. “Whatever. Just add that to the list of thing I will be pissed and worried about later.” I ground out and looked down at Deric. “I need your help.”

“What do you need?” his voice was quiet.

“I need you to meet me at the corner of Samson and Greg right now, please.” I told him.

“Okay?” I didn’t offer any explanation and he sighed again. “On my way.” I nodded to myself and hung up. I didn’t even have the phone lowered all the way before he was standing right next to me. He looked out along the street and then tensed when he saw the twins. Stark groaned and turned away while Jason just stared at him and then face-palmed.

“I gather you’ve met?” I said.

“Oh yeah. Brothers are hard to forget.” Muttered Jason.

“Oh come on!” I yelled and Deric sat up quickly, gaining the attention of everyone here. “Hey… hey, it’s okay.” I took his face in my hand. “Shh. I’m sorry Baby. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Please tell me you didn’t Jason.” Ortho whispered and knelt down beside us. He looked at me and then looked down at Deric, avoiding my eyes. It didn’t matter. I was more worried about Deric right now than I was about anything else. “Deric?” Deric looked at Ortho and then at me as if asking if it was okay.

“It’s okay.” I nodded. Slowly, he turned back to Ortho as I touched his hand. He took it without looking back at me and I could feel it shaking as he watched Ortho. I drew it to my lips and then held it in both hands.

“Jason.” Ortho looked back at the twin. “Why in the hell would you do this to him?”

“I really don’t like him.” My eyes shot to Jason and I glared at him. He glanced at me and then flinched.

“I don’t like him either, but I’m not going to destroy his mind so he can’t protect the one person that matters more to me and most everything else in my life.” As much as I wanted to look at Ortho, I kept my glare on Jason. “Not to mention, you just made the one person you care about other than Stark, hate you.”

“If you can’t fix this…” I breathed and finally looked at him. Slowly, he turned to me and looked at me with scared, sad eyes. “…I-I don’t know what I am going to do… w-who I will hate more…” tears filled my eyes again and I looked at Deric. “I don’t care what he’s done Jason… I want him back…” Deric looked at me and with a shaky hand, wiped the tears that fell down my face away.

“D-don’t cry.” He whispered in a small voice and it broke my heart.

“Deric.” I sobbed and buried my face in his chest. He almost fell over but managed to keep up. “I’m so sorry!” I cried. Even when he needed me most, somehow, he was the one trying to comfort me. “I’m so sorry. I love you. Please don’t do this to me.” I was starting to feel light headed and an ache was starting in my chest. I knew that I needed to settle down, but my heart was breaking. I couldn’t lose him like this. I couldn’t lose him at all, but this was so much worse. He was here, but he wasn’t here.”

“Sam…” Ortho grabbed my shoulders when I grabbed my chest. “Sam, listen to me. You need to stop.”

“I can’t.” I cried. He made me look at him. His green eyes looked at me worriedly. I was starting to hurt so bad.

“I know it hurts.” He whispered and brushed the hair out of my face. “I know you are scared and you want him back… and I will do everything I can to get him back Sam, but I need you to settle down. If you don’t… I might lose you and I can’t lose you. I have lost everyone else I love… I will not lose you too. Okay.” I sobbed again, but I tried to stop. “Call Drew. Okay. I will see what I can do with him. Shh. Settle down.” He handed me Deric’s phone and I took it in shaking hands. Slowly, I went through the contacts and found his number. When I did, I pressed the call button and put it to my ear, still holding it with both hands, afraid that I would drop it if I didn’t. He didn’t answer right away and I had to call him back three times, but when he did, he sounded really worried.

“Hey!” he answered the phone. “Is everything okay? Is Sam okay?”

“Drew.” I sobbed and I heard him breathe shakily.


“I need you…” I sobbed harder. “D-Deric… h-he…” Ortho sighed and grabbed the phone.

“Hey. Corner of Samson and Greg. Now please.” He didn’t even wait for an answer before he hung up. “You two had better get moving. As much as you might hat me, I don’t want to see him try and rip you two apart in front of Sam. And I don’t want to have to put him down. So go. Please.” He never took his eyes off of Deric as he spoke.

“Oh no.” I looked at Drew. He was standing with his jacket in his hands as he looked at Jason and Stark and then at Ortho and Deric… then finally at me. “Sammie.” He was suddenly in front of me. I threw my arms around him and he pulled me close.

“Get her out of here. Take her to Scotland. I will take care of him, just take that portal right there, and take her to the airport that you are meeting Sebastian at-“

“No!” I started trying to pull away, but Drew held tighter to me. “No! Let me go. I want to stay with Deric! NO!”

“Take her now!” Ortho ordered. “And give her that cream I gave Deric. She needs to take it. She’s still having trouble with pain when she gets too worked up.”

“Okay.” Drew whispered. Suddenly, he was running and then we were at the motel room a moment later. He didn’t even let go before he had the backpack with all of my stuff in it before he was running again. I was getting very dizzy and it was getting hard to breathe with all the movement. “Sam…” Drew sighed as he shifted me in his arms. I fell limp as I closed my eyes. “Just go through the portal and it will take us there?” Ortho didn’t answer.

“Deric.” I breathed and reached out for him.

“I’m sorry Sammie.” Drew whispered before he stepped through a golden glowing light and then out into a lough, bright airport.

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