Vampire Protection Program

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Drew looked at Cam and Sebastian as they walked up to him and a still unconscious Sam. He did not like the look on Sebastian’s face as he looked at Sam. He knew that something was wrong. No doubt in Drew’s mind at all, Sebas-tian knew something was wrong.

Sebastian quickened his pace and when he reached them, he knelt and took Sam’s hand.

“She’s so cold. Why is she so cold? Where is Deric?” at the mention of Deric’s name, Sam moaned, but she didn’t wake up. She shivered and curled up tighter to Drew as she pulled her hand away from Sebastian, and grabbed hold of his jacket so tightly that Drew was afraid she actually might tear it. He gently took her hand in his, after a bit of prying, and held it firmly.

“It’s alright Pet. Don’t worry. He will be okay.” He felt her relax some, but not enough to help ease his worry. She was getting sick without Deric. It was a side effect of the way that they were taken away from each other. If ortho couldn’t figure something out soon, he would have to bring Deric back the way he was just to keep the Euphoric from reaching her heart. He could put her in a coma and just the presence of Deric would gradually help her. It might even help him too.

“Drew?” Cam whispered. “What... happened?”

“Jason.” Sam whimpered and he soothed her softly. “Shh Sam. It’s okay. He isn’t here. He would never hurt you intentionally, you know that. Everything will be okay.”

“What do you mean-”

“Not now.” Drew looked at Sebastian with a look he knew said to not push it, but then sighed and softly stroked Sam’s hair out of her face. “She needs rest, and even though she is unconscious right now, she can sense what is happening. What’s being said. she cannot relax without Deric, but thanks to Jason, Deric is unstable and Ortho is trying to fix that so that he can get Deric back to her. This is what happens when they are separated the way they were, and it’s only going to get worse until they are back together.”


“That is all I’m going to say about it right now. We need to get her home and to bed. Make up some excuse about traveling for her father so he doesn’t get too worried about her sleeping. He’s not going to be happy about me being there at all. He dislikes Deric, he absolutely hates me.”

“You did... break... his hand.” Drew looked at Sam and saw the small smile on her pail face.

“I did more than that Pet.” He sighed. She grimaced. “No, I will not tell you, especially right now. You need to rest.”

“Always... in my head.” she mumbled.

“Yours is the safest to be.” He chuckled. “Are you ready to go?” she shook her head. “Too bad.” She breathed a little laugh at that, no doubt because of the memory he gave her back. He would have to give her more later, but for now, that was enough. He always felt bad for taking the memories she had with him, but she didn’t need to know everything then. It had always been too dan-gerous, now, he had no choice. He needed to give them back, in order for her to advance in her abilities again. She had gotten very good at one point and now she would need them again.

“Come on Sam. It’s time to get you to your new home?” he stood as he gathered her in his arms.

“Why Drew?” she asked as he started walking. He glanced down at her and raised a brow at her. He smiled a little. If you didn’t know Sam like he did, you would think that she was asking why they had to leave, (as if she didn’t al-ready know) or maybe even why he took the memories, but she knew that.

No, she was asking something different.

She was asking why he was going by Drew now.

“Because it’s safer for you.” He answered. “If people knew my true name, who knows who all would try to kill you just to get to me. Only you know it... other than Deric and your father of course... and the twins... okay, so there are a few people who know it.” She laughed a little. “But they would never tell anyone, be-cause they want you safe, just as much as I do. I am a very feared and hated man, and you are far more precious to me than you think.”

“That’s not weird at all.” She sighed.

“I know. Just always remember that everything that I do is to protect you.” She nodded. “Get some more rest. You’re starting to feel a little warmer, so that must mean that Deric is at least a little bit better. You’re linked that way now. You can feel when he isn’t feeling too good and he can feel it when you aren’t. It would be ten times stronger if he drank your blood and even stronger than that if you were a vampire, which I am going to try to prevent as long as I am alive.”

“But you’re not alive.” He looked down at her and she gave a sheepish grin. “So, I’m still too young?”

“When you’re as old as I am, you will still be too young.” She frowned.

“Well then-”

“You aren’t changing Sam.” She shivered at the coldness in Sebastian’s voice. She had been playing, but apparently he didn’t realize that. “I will die be-fore you ever change.” She curled up tightly in Drew’s arms and he let out a sigh as he looked ahead again and walked just a little faster. He knew that Sebastian didn’t mean to frighten her, but he sure enough did.

Sam didn’t say anything else as they walked out and found her father and Sebastian’s mother waiting for them by a car. When he saw Drew, he instantly grew tense and then he looked at Sam and the worry quickly set in.

“Sam?” he asked quietly as Drew stopped in front of them. “What did you-”

“Really?” Drew questioned. Daniel glared at Drew. “You know I did noth-ing to her. You know I am only ever here to protect her. You haven’t forgotten that. And until Deric returns from his family emergency, I will be here and proba-bly even after that just to watch you-”

“Drew.” Sam mumbled. He clenched his jaw, but said nothing more. “I-I can’t deal with the tension right now... please... please just take me home.” He tightened his arms around her just a little out of shear habit for need of protecting her and gave a small nod.

“All right Sam.” He murmured. “Let’s get you home.”

Drew lay Sam down on the bed in her room and sat down beside her as she moaned. He ran his hand over her hair and focused some energy into easing her back to sleep again. She needed the rest. She hadn’t gotten much of any since all of this began and she needed it so bad. He could also feel her fighting it.

“You need rest Sam.” He smiled sadly. She moaned. “I know Pet. Just for now, so you don’t have to deal with the questions.” She sighed and nodded and let him back in. “Thatta girl. You’re getting stronger every day. Soon enough, you will be stronger than me.” Sam relaxed more and more as he helped her to slide into a more restful sleep. He was glad that he trusted her enough to do this, with all that had happened to her recently. She had no reason to trust anyone, even her family, but she trusted them. Not like she used to, but she still trusted them with her life, and that was good. Secrets were one thing, but she trusted them enough to get over the fact that they lied to her for years. That they all lied to her for years.

“Drew?” he looked over toward the door and saw Cam standing there. “Is he going to be okay? I know what Jason can do. I’ve seen what he’s done to people... a lot of them never come back... is Deric going to be okay?”

“It’s not the first time Deric has been caught in Jason’s snare. They have hated each other for longer than I care to think about. It will take some time, but he will get better. Ortho will make sure of it.” He looked at Sam again. “For her, he would make sure that the world stop turning if it were going to help.”

“Why is she so important to everyone?” Cam almost sounded bitter. “I can’t go one day without my father looking at her like she is the most precious thing there is.”

“You know. You only call him ‘father’ when you are jealous or when the full moon is just around the ben and you’re quick to anger... or when you are just simply angry at the world. The full moon is passed now, so which is it Little Wolf. Are you jealous of her or angry at him... or both?”

She was quiet a moment and then sighed. He could feel the guilt flowing off her in waves.

“Both I guess.” She mumbled.

“How do you think she feel about you and Sebastian?” he looked back at her again and noticed the look of shock. “Did you know that she cried herself to sleep one night in Deric’s arms because she felt that she was losing her brother to you? She does well to hide her emotions, but it’s hard to hide them from some-one who has tasted her blood before. Someone who can feel what she feels without having that connection of a mate bond. She misses the way that things were before everything started. Before Lance threw her out the window. She wants to be ignorant to the ‘demons’ around her again. She knows that what she has, here and now, is something more than she ever thought she would, but she wants to go back to simple sometimes, just to escape the mess she is in now. And then she thinks about what she has now and what she knows and is scared that if she did somehow go back, she would lose everything she has, even what she had before. She’s scared, no doubt about that, but she is willing to move on and be as strong as she can. It’s why she hasn’t said anything about you and Sebastian.”

Cam stood there in silence and Drew could hear Sebastian right outside the door. He didn’t say anything to either of them, just looked back at Sam and slowly slid his hand over her hair one last time, pushing just a little more energy through to keep her asleep for a little while longer, before he stood and turned toward Cam again.

“Let’s let her rest for now.” Cam nodded and then glanced at the sleeping girl, before she turned and went out the door. She looked at Sebastian and then looked down sadly. “Don’t worry about her. She’s strong.”

“I always worry about my sister.” Sebastian pulled Cam close to him and kissed her head before he let her go and stepped back. He knew what Drew and Cam could hear. Someone was coming up the steps.

“How is she?” Daniel asked as he and Tonya topped the stairs.

“She’ll be fine when she wakes up.” Drew answered. “She’s just exhausted from all the traveling. She hasn’t done that before.” Daniel looked at Drew a moment before he nodded. Drew closed the door quietly and started toward the stairs.

“Does she hate me?” Daniel asked as Drew passed him.

“I hate you Daniel.” Drew said. “Your girl... she is far too forgiving for my lik-ing. But, that is her choice. I do not control her thoughts as much as I want to sometimes.”

“You’ve drank her blood before, haven’t you?” Tonya questioned.

“Daniel. Explain to your Dear Wife all that went on, will you?”

“You are such a-”

“Now, now. Only nice words around here. She needs as much good ener-gy as she can possibly can get. And yes, that is an actual thing. Good energy ac-tually helps calm a troubled soul. Sam is very troubled.” No one said anything or moved so Drew stopped and turned toward them. “Come, come. We have work to do. I’m sure Lance will have some answers to some things we need to know.”

“You mean...” Daniel breathed. “You... you mean to tell me that you let that monster get near my daughter after he threw her out a window!”

“I could always throw you out a window. That would make me feel hap-py.” Drew said.

“Drew.” He heard Sam sigh.

“You are strong Pet. Are you getting supper hearing now?” he walked back to the door and opened it. She was sitting on the bed yawning and he smiled a little. She stretched some and then flinched and touched her shoulder. The scars were healed, but the pain was still there from Andy’s accidental attack. Drew went over to her and she looked at him as he sat down.

“Don’t put me back to sleep.”

“At this point, I don’t think I can. You are getting stronger every minute.” She sighed and leaned into the headboard. “Let me look at your bite.” She tilted her head and he looked at her neck. “It looks good Pet. You should be good to freak out occasionally, now. The Euphoric shouldn’t affect you as bad. I’d still leave it to a minimum.” She rolled her eyes and then looked at the door. Her eyes flashed a bright green for just a moment as she looked at those who entered the room and Drew scowled.

“You’re worried Drew.” She said without even look at him.

“It’s nothing Sam.” He said softly. “It’s normal what’s happening, it’s just coming faster than I thought it was.” He knew she knew that it wasn’t the truth, at least not the whole truth, but she said nothing. He knew she wanted to talk about it later.

“Sammie?” Daniel said quietly. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m tired.” She said quietly. “I’m tired of all the lies as well.” Drew heard as if it had actually crossed her lips. “Glad to finally be home though.” She looked around the room a moment before she looked that them again.

“Sam... what... what happened to you Baby?” Daniel asked almost as if he was scared to know the answer. Sam said nothing as she moved to get off the bed. He knew exactly what she was going to do before she did and before she could, Drew grabbed her arm. She looked at him.

“You don’t need to explain anything to them.” He said.

“Stop trying to manipulate her!” Daniel yelled and she flinched on instinct. Drew stood and pulled her closer. She pulled away though and walked across the room.

“He isn’t trying to manipulate me Dad. If you want to get technical, he is the only one who has been completely honest with me since the day I met him-”

“Oh really. Did he tell you about-”

“Yes. He did. He told me about the day I met him.” She sounded a bit an-gry. She also sounded like she might be in a little pain.

“Sam. What’s wrong?” Drew asked and moved toward her. He watched her clench her jaw and close her eyes a moment. “Sit down.” He told her. She didn’t. Instead, she swayed and he caught her. He knelt down and she breathed hard.

“Now is so not the time for one of these things.” She said through clenched teeth. Drew knew that what was about to happen as he smelled the blood. She was about to have a vision.

“Just breathe Sam.” He said softly. She breathed shakily and touched her head. “Breathe.” She did, but it was started to become ragged. She grabbed his arm tightly, her nails dug into his skin, but he ignored his pain to help her with hers’. “You see anything yet?” he asked, wondering if she was going to be able to talk through, or if she wasn’t that strong enough yet. She let out a groan and started to move around, as if to get comfortable, in his arms. Drew felt her fear, only a little at first and then it spiked to a new high as she gasped and choked on air.

“Make it stop!” she cried. “No! Stop! No!” Drew held her tighter as she started to shake some. “No! Deric, no!” this scared Drew. What could she be see-ing that was making her do this? “DERIC!” she screamed and then she suddenly slumped forward and started convulsing.

“Sam?” Drew lay her on the ground as she shook. “Sam! Come one Pet.” He grabbed her shoulders and held her down on the ground...

And then she stopped all together.

She stopped moving, she stopped breathing, she stopped everything. She just looked up at the ceiling with those weird glowing green eyes.

“S-Sam?” Drew breathed and touched her face. “Sam?” he shook her a lit-tle. “Sam!” she gasped suddenly and Drew pulled back some. “Sam?” she shook as she breathed hard...

And then she started crying.

She rolled on her side and curled up into a ball. She shook as if she were cold and just cried.

Slowly, afraid to touch her, Drew lifted her into his arms and looked at her oh so fragile frame. She had just been so good and now it was as if she was deteriorating.

“Sam?” he asked softly. “What is it?”

“De-Deric...” she shook harder and buried her face in his chest as she broke out into more heart reaching sobs. What could she have seen that was so bad. What could she have seen that would make her go from strong, to suddenly looking like she might break if he even touched her wrong. “Deric.” She sobbed. Drew sighed and kissed her head.

“I’m sorry Sam.” He murmured. “Rest.” She fought it for a moment and then she gave in to the rest she sorely needed.

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