Vampire Protection Program

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I ran my fingers through my wet hair as I slowly walked down the stairs with Drew. He had stayed all night and day with me, until Sebastian came in and said that Dad wanted us down for dinner. I didn’t want to go and quite frankly, I knew Drew didn’t want to go either, but we gave in...

Only after I took a shower.

Drew told me I had had another vision, though I didn’t remember it, just like the first time. He asked me about it, but what could I tell him? I couldn’t remember what had happened, let alone that I even had a vision. All I knew what that I had a migraine the size of Texas right now and I didn’t want to deal with anyone right now. I just wanted to pull the blackout curtains over the windows and never open them again.

Then again, I really just wanted to do that because I wanted Deric back. I didn’t like that he wasn’t with me, even though I knew and understood why he wasn’t. He is my life, no matter how stalkerish that sounds. Deric is my life, my love, and I wanted him here with me.

Drew and I walked into the kitchen, much bigger than the last one we had. In fact, the whole house seemed bigger than what I was used to, and I didn’t like it. It just didn’t fell right. It didn’t feel like home. I didn’t even think it would feel like home with Deric around.

“...I don’t feel comfortable with this at all.” I heard Sebastian say as we got closer to the dining room. You had to go through the kitchen to get to the dining room apparently. “I don’t like that she knows about it, but I’m glad she does. I’m tired of lying to her, but this? I’m not liking that the new base of operation is at our house.” Drew sighed as I stopped, fear building up inside me. What did that mean for me?

“We have discussed it with the others Sebastian. She won’t become a hunter and she won’t have anything to do with the organization. Those were my terms when I took this job out here.”

“So it wasn’t because of me getting thrown out my window on the second floor that got you worried about needing to get me out of there at all.” I said as I walked into the dining room. I leaned up against the door frame as they all looked at me. “You know, I’m liking the new hearing thing Drew. It makes it harder for them to lie to me.” He rubbed my back.


“It’s okay. It doesn’t matter. As long as I don’t have to deal with any hunters or do any hunts, I don’t care. Just don’t touch my vampires or werewolves, understood?” no one spoke and I stood up straight.

“Okay. I get it Sam. You’re mad at us. What can we say? We are sorry for protecting you? Trying to keep you out of all of this? Come on Sammie, you’re one of them.” I tensed at my father’s words. I felt Drew start to move beside me, but I placed my hand on his chest.

“Don’t worry about it Drew.” I said. “If that’s how they feel about me, then so be it.” I turned around and grabbed his arm. I pulled him out of the dining room and back through the kitchen. “I need some air from all of this.” Drew sighed and grabbed my hand. He started pulling me toward the door. He grabbed my coat from the rack and handed it to me. I put it on as he grabbed his and did the same. He opened the door only to reveal Lance standing in the doorway. He looked genuinely shocked. About what, I had no clue, and honestly, I didn’t care right now. I just didn’t want to be here right now.

“Walk and talk Lance.” I said. “We non-humans aren’t very welcome... except for Cam it seems.” I wouldn’t admit it out loud, but I was jealous of that. They didn’t seem to mind that Cam wasn’t human but she was there, but I was suddenly a big issue.

I closed the door and pulled my jacked close around me. It was cold in Scotland, no surprise there.

“What just happened?” Lace asked.

“Do we know where Deric is?” I asked.

“I... yeah, but-” Lance stammered.

“Where is he?” I interrupted him.


“Where is he?” I repeated.

“He’s with Ortho Sam.”

“Then take me to my father.” I said. The men looked at me strangely a moment, and that’s when I just reached into Drew’s pocket and pulled out his phone. He took it from me and I raised a brow at him.

“I’m not too happy with him either, ever, but right now, we need to let Ortho work, not-”

“I just want to be there with Deric.” I breathed and I hated myself for the crack in my voice as I said it. “They don’t want me here. I’m different now and they don’t understand that. I don’t even understand it. All I understand is that I feel alone and it hurts. I know that he can’t do anything, but I can be there for him and that’s all I want.” I breathed shakily and looked down. “I just want to be with him.” Drew sighed and handed me back his phone.


“I know.” I looked at Drew quietly a moment before I pulled up Ortho’s number. I hesitated before I hit the send button and then put the phone to my ear.

“What Drew?”

“I want to see him.” I whispered. Ortho was quiet a moment before he sighed. “Please.” I breathed. “I w-want... I need to see him.”

“He’s unstable Sam.” Ortho whispered. I don’t want you to see him like this, and I know he wouldn’t want you to either-”

“Please.” I breathed again, and that was all I said. There was silence on the other end and I sighed and looked down as tears filled my eyes. “O-okay.” I mumbled so quietly I wasn’t even sure I said it out loud. “Thank you.” I didn’t even wait for a reply, just hung up and handed Drew the phone. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply a few times to steady myself before I opened them again and just started walking. Slowly, Drew and Lance started after me...

And then I was suddenly somewhere completely different, with two arms around me and my back to someone’s chest. I swallowed hard as I tried to focus and try not to let the spinning room consume me. The arms around me felt familiar and like home, but they also seemed distant and too tight to be those of my Deric.

“Deric.” Came Ortho’s voice in front of me and I finally focused on him. “Deric, let her go.” His arms tightened around me and he backed up some. “Deric... let her go, come on. You care about her. You don’t want to hurt her.” Ortho stepped closer to us, and Deric’s arms tightened into a painful grip around my waist. I gasped, which made him tighten his arms a little more. “Deric. Come on.” It was getting a little hard to breathe. “You’re hurting her Deric. You need to let her go. You don’t want to hurt her. She means everything to you.”

“Mmm.” It almost sounded like a pure as he put his nose to my hair and sniffed. “So good.” His voice had lost all disguise as the accent filled my ears. I loved that accent and it sent shivers down my spine. I knew what might happen if I let myself give in to even the smallest thing, but I wasn’t scared. I was just happy to be in his arms.

Even if it did hurt.

“You’d taste even better I’m betting.” He murmured as he moved his lips down to my cheek. His tongue trailed around my jaw as he moved further down and I breathed shakily. “You aren’t even scared of me.”

“Why should I be?” I whispered as I leaned into him. This stopped him a moment. “I love you, and I know that you would never hurt me.” He chuckled in my ear, and it wasn’t a very pleasant one, but still, I shivered and reached up behind his head. I ran my fingers through his hair and he grabbed my hand in one of his, but his other arm was still tight around my waist.

“Deric-” Deric let out a low growl and I felt it rumble in his chest against my back. I didn’t know why I was finding all of this so hot, seeming as he wasn’t really my Deric at the moment, but I couldn’t help myself. I knew it wasn’t persuasion. I was in total control of everything. I didn’t feel him even trying to get into my head. He knew that I would do anything for him, even let him feed off me if I felt like it would help him get back to my Deric. He could remember things through my blood, even feel how I felt it. I knew that he could. I wasn’t sure how I knew, but I knew that I was right.

“Deric... please let my daughter go.”

“I want her blood Ortho.” Deric growled.

“No... please Deric. Let her go. She’s all I got-”

“That makes this even better.” He purred in my ear. “Tilt your head My Love, or you’ll be a Daddy short.”

“No need to threaten me Deric.” I laced my fingers through his and his arm tightened once again around my waist. “I’d do anything for you.” I tilted my head, exposing my neck to him. He leaned in close and drew in a deep breath. He moaned as he kissed my neck softly. I shivered and closed my eyes.

“Sam... what are you doing? Don’t do that! He’s controlling you!”

“I don’t have to.” Deric murmured against my skin. “This is all voluntary, isn’t it My Love?”

“I trust you Deric.”

“You shouldn’t.” he nipped at my shoulder. “I plan to drain you dry in front of your Daddy.”

“No! Deric! Please!” Ortho sounded like he was struggling against something. “Deric! NO!”

I felt Deric’s fang pierce my skin and a sharp pain filled my body. I tensed and gave a cry of pain, but that was quickly replaced by the feeling of bliss. The Euphoric he was giving me was making it go away.

“I trust you Deric.” I breathed out as he bit a little deeper. I groaned and then moaned as he gave me more Euphoric...

And then he stopped.

I fell to the floor as he let me go. I breathed shakily and I could hear his ragged breathing. I could practically feel him shaking even though he was standing over me now.

“Sam?” he breathed. “S-Sammie... Baby?” he dropped to his knees and with shaking hands, he lifted me up into his arms. “S-Sammie? Please be okay. Please... Sam. Why did you let me do that?” he placed his hand over my neck to stop the bleeding. “Sam...”

“I’m fine Der.” I took his hand against my neck. “I’m fine.” He was shaking and I knew he was scared. More scared than normal when I got hurt. He had been the one to do this to me, not someone else. He had hurt me and he was scared. I looked up at him and smiled tiredly. “Even with blood all over your face, you still look sexy.” I reached up with my other hand and touched his cheek but he turned his face away. “Der-”

“How can you even look at me-”

“Because I love you Deric.” He clenched his jaw and I turned his face toward me. “I love you. Do you understand me? I knew what I was doing. I knew the risk of it not working, but I trusted you and you gave me every reason to believe that I really could when you didn’t drain me dry. I love you and I trust you. That is how I can look at you right now even after that.” Tears filled my eyes. “Now kiss me you asshole and stop your moping. I have done that enough for both of us and I am done with it.” He looked at me quietly. “I said ‘kiss me’.” I narrowed my eyes at him and despite his want to not do so, he chuckled. I smiled up at him and ran my thumb over his cheek. “Come here.” he leaned down and put his forehead to mine. “I love you Deric, and that will never change.”

“You are amazing.” He whispered and pressed his lips to mine. “In every single way.”

Now that was my Deric

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