Vampire Protection Program

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“I don’t get it.” I threw my pencil down on my book and looked at Sebastian as he cooked us some lunch. He looked at me and then went to the sink to wash his hands off. He came over to me and looked at my geometry book. “I hate math.” I muttered as he looked at the problem I was having problems with.

“It would help if you wrote the problem down right first.” He said and I looked at him then the problem. “It’s seven squared not five.” I slammed my head down in my book and groaned. “You have to do it right Sammie. You won’t pass the class if you don’t know how to do that, you know that.” I did. It just didn’t help that I couldn’t figure out how to do what I needed to, to get past the type of problem. “Come on. I’ll help you, just try doing it when you change the mistakes in your problem.” I sighed and sat up.

I changed my mistake in the problem and he went back to the stove where he poured some mac-n-cheese into a pot of boiling water.

“What formula are you using?” he asked as he started to stir the noodles.

“A squared plus B squared equals C squared.” I answered and he looked at me. He raised a brow as a smiled played at his lips. “What?”

“Do it.” He said. “What do you do first? What letter do you need to find?”

“C.” I answered.

“Alright. What do you do first?”

“Square the numbers I have.” I said and went ahead and did it. I knew how to do that part. “Twenty five plus three sixty one equals C. Add those together and I get three eighty six.” I looked at Sebastian. “And this part I don’t understand how to do.”

“Square root it.” I looked at him blankly. I knew that, but I didn’t know how to do that. “Grab your calculator and look for the symbol that looks like a division sign when you write it on paper, but as a little piece hanging off the front.” I looked at my calculator and then scowled at Sebastian. He laughed and came over and showed me the button to push. Now, put in your number that you got.” I did. “Does the problem tell you to round to the nearest anything?” I looked at the problem.

“No.” I answered.

“Then your answer is wrong.” I looked at him in disbelief. “Look at your problem. Are you sure that you are putting the numbers with the right letters?” he asked. I looked at the problem.

“I honestly don’t know.” I answered. He looked at the triangle that was on my paper and shook his head.

“Your B is supposed to be your C.” he said. And went back to the stove. He stirred the noodles again as I rewrote the problem. “Now, what do you do? You have the amounts right, so what do you do?”

“Well I need to get my numbers together, so I would subtract A from C... right?” he nodded and I did. “Now I square root it and I get...” I put in the numbers into the calculator. “...nineteen.”

“There you go.”

“I got it?” I asked. He nodded. “I got it!” I got up and started to jump and dance around. He laughed as he drained the noodles then mixed the cheese and milk into them.

“Do me a favor disco girl.” He said as he turned off the stove. “Get me some bowls and forks.” I saluted him and then dance over to the cupboard where the bowls were. I grabbed two of them and took them to him, then grabbed a couple of forks from the silverware drawer.

“I don’t even know why I need to do this math in college classes. Isn’t this supposed to be seventh or eighth grade stuff?” I asked as he dished up the bowls of mac-n-cheese and I handed him one of the forks. He handed me a bowl and we went over to the table. I closed my books and set everything aside before sitting down.

“Because, apparently, your score on the entrance exam thing you did, was too low and they put you in a remedial class so that you could learn it and then you can go on to do bigger and better math.” I rolled my eyes. I knew why I needed to, I just hated math.

“Whatever.” I muttered before I took a bite of food. “Ow... hot hot hot.” Sebastian laughed at me and blew on his steaming food on his fork. “Shut up you doof.” I threw my pencil at him and he dodged it. I rolled my eyes and went back to eating my food. “Thank you Doof. This is good.”

“It wasn’t me, it was all the box.” He answered.

“Thank you box!” I called and he laughed.

“Just eat your food and finish your homework why don’t you?” he said and I groaned. He grinned at me. “Come on. You only have a few more left. The faster you get them done, the faster you can do whatever you want.” I rolled my eyes, but I knew that he was right. The faster I got done with my food, the faster I could get started on the rest of my homework so the faster I would get done with it and the faster I can throw it in my bag and forget about math until whenever. That way I could do whatever.

I ate another bite and looked at Sebastian as he looked at a fork full of food. I laughed at his cross-eyed look and then started choking on my food. I got up and went to the sink quickly. Sebastian stood and came over to me. He put his hand and my shoulder as I settled down for a second.

“Are you okay?” he asked and I nodded. “Are you sure.” I coughed a few more times and wiped my mouth. Suddenly, I started feeling sick. I shuddered a little as I breathed shakily. “Sam…” he stroked my hair and I looked at him. “Are you sick?”

“I was choking on mac-n-cheese.” I shook my head and then I was coughing again. This time I started coughing so hard I started gagging. I moaned and shook harder. “Why?” I breathed.

“Last night you were coughing a lot. I just thought I’d ask.” He answered. I thought a moment and then shook my head.

“It’s just a cold.” I assured him. “It was worse a couple days ago.” I stood up straight and grabbed a cup from the cupboard and filled it halfway with water. I drank some and put the cup on the counter as I turned to look at him fully. He nodded and touched my cheek.

“You’re feeling a little warm.” He told me and I sighed. He looked out the window behind me and I turned a little to look too. It was a little dark which was strange because it was in the middle of the day. That’s when I noticed the dark clouds in the sky. “I don’t want you going anywhere today. You are already sick and there is a storm coming in.” I looked at him and nodded. I hadn’t been planning on going anywhere today but the coffee shop anyway. I’d just watch movies with him if he was planning on staying for a while.

“I have to go meet some friends in a bit and I don’t know what time I will be home.” He looked at me a moment as I closed my eyes and opened them again. “Will you be okay by yourself?” he asked and I sighed. There went my plans and sanity out the window.

“Yeah.” I nodded. “I have homework and a tv and a laptop. I will find something to keep me occupied until you get home.” He watched me as I picked up my water and drank some more. He sighed and looked down.

“I’m sorry.” I put my glass down with a scowl as he looked at me again. I was confused now. He looked kind of sad now. This only confused me more. Why was he sorry? What did he have to be sorry about? “I would stay if I could-“

“You can’t stop having a life because I don’t have one.” I laughed a little. “Go. Hang out with friends. I’ll be fine here by myself for a while.” Maybe I will anyway. As long as I have something I can use to protect myself like a knife… or a crowbar. Yeah a crowbar. They are longer and do more damage when you hit someone with them.

“You sure?” he asked and I put my hands on my hips. I looked at him sternly and he raised a brow at me. I just kept staring at him and he threw his hands up in defeat. “Okay, okay. Geeze, you got my mom’s glare almost perfect it’s kind of scary.” I rolled my eyes and he laughed. “Alright. Well I will be back in a little bit then.” He kissed the top of my head and then headed for his keys that were hanging on the wall. He grabbed his jacket off his chair and looked at me. “Stay in the house tonight please. You’re already sick enough as it is. Call me if you need anything.”

“I don’t plan on going anywhere.” I crossed my arms over my chest as he opened the back door. “I’ll call if I need you to come save me from the boogey man.” He looked at me worriedly now. “Go.” I rolled my eyes and laughed a little bit. “I’ll be fine. Go have fun with friends.” He hesitated a moment then gave a short nod before he headed out the door. I waited until I heard the car start and pull out before I let out a shaky breath and let myself look out the window again. It was getting darker and it was only one in the afternoon.

At the rate, it would be “dark” by about two thirty and who knew what was going to happen. Maybe nothing would happen at all. I could only hope right?

Yeah, I was so going to be paranoid all night.

I sat at a corner booth in my favorite coffee shop across town and typed away on my computer as I sipped at my hot chocolate. I looked at the screen and looked over the lines I had written to make sure that what I had made since, then continued writing.

“It’s starting to get dark out there.” I jumped and looked up at the voice that startled me. I raised a brow at him as he looked out the window I was sitting by. I followed his eyes (which now that we were in the light, were an unusual deep blue, almost midnight blue and they looked beautiful) and sighed. It was getting dark and I wasn’t sure I was willing to go back out there. “There is also a storm blowing in.”

“Yeah.” I sighed and looked at Deric again. I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like this one. “So what? Are you following me now?” he smirked and sat down in the booth on the other side.

“I come in here every night.” He said. “I see you in this booth every Friday.” I raised a brow at him again. “If you don’t believe me, ask the manager.” I rolled my eyes. “This place is a good place to get some warm hot chocolate.” I nodded. It was the best place to get warm hot chocolate, even in the summer time when it was hot. “Is your brother coming to pick you up?” I sighed and he nodded knowingly. “Come on.” He stood and I looked at him. “Come on Sam. I’m not going to let you go home alone.” I looked outside and shuddered a little.

There was definitely someone following me. I saw him last night in the shadows and Deric being here now and willing to take me home, made me wonder if he had seen what I had.

I shuddered again as I looked outside and then I looked at Deric. I sighed and closed my laptop. I put it away and stood. I knew that Sebastian wouldn’t be able to come pick me up. He was supposed to be hanging out with some friends right now and he told me not to leave the house because he was worried about the storm, but I had anyway, so he would be upset that I left if I called him to come pick me up. I didn’t want to walk home by myself so what other choice did I have than to have Deric beside me as I walk home.

I picked up my cup of hot chocolate and looked at Deric once more.

“Shall we?” he said as he looked down at me. I nodded and looked down at the floor. I still wasn’t too comfortable with him, but he was my best option in getting home without feeling completely and utterly terrified and getting home before Sebastian.

Let’s face it.

He was my best option at getting home at all. There was someone following me and I really didn’t want to die, get kidnapped or anything. This guy was my way of not having that happen…


I breathed shakily as I followed Deric out of the coffee shop and out into the cold night. I stepped closer to him as the coffee shop door clanged shut. The wind blew my hair around and I wrapped my jacket tighter around me. I had worn a thicker one tonight, but I realized then that it wasn’t going to be enough. I knew that I should have worn my other jacket and this one over it, but I didn’t realize that I would be out this late. I hadn’t expected to be out this late, the time just flew faster than I realized it had, so here I was scared and Deric had to walk me home again.

“Come on.” He said as he rounded to the passenger side of a black Camaro (don’t ask me what kind, because I know nothing about cars) and unlocked the door. He opened it and turned to me. “Come on Sam.”

“I was told not to ever get into cars with strangers.” I told him and he cracked a smirk.

“Would you rather walk then?” he asked. “We have about thirty miles to your house from here, it will take us about three hours.” I laughed a little and shook my head. “Come on Sam. I won’t bite.”

“Right.” I said. “Saving me from the vampires stalking the night.” He looked at me a moment at that and then laughed a little.

“Funny.” He said but it didn’t escape my notice that he sounded a little “defensive” for lack of a better word. He muttered something I didn’t quiet catch when he turned away from me for a moment, but I smiled a little and he stepped back a little more when he turned back to me. “Come on. We don’t want your brother to get mad that you were out too late now do we?”

“My brother doesn’t even know I am out.” I shrugged and he scowled. “He’s out with friends and told me not to leave the house because of the storm that is coming.” I looked up at the sky and noticed little flurries falling and blowing in the wind. “How bad is it supposed to get?” I asked still looking at the sky.

“It’s supposed to be bad.” He answered. “Places are already getting snowed in.” I nodded. Slowly, as I eyed the door of his car, I stepped closer and sighed. I got in and he closed the door for me. I buckled up as he walked around the car. He looked off in the distance and watched a moment. I turned to try and look at what he was looking at but the back of the car was messing with my view. Deric opened the door a moment later and got in. I looked at him as he closed the door and turned on the car.

I put my still steaming cup of hot chocolate to my lips and sipped it as he pulled out of the parking lot. We sat in silence for a few minutes and I shivered and coughed a few times. It seemed like the colder it got, the more I coughed and I didn’t know that I liked that so much. Deric turned on the heat on full blast and looked at me before turning back to the road.

“If your brother doesn’t know that you are out right now? He must not be at home.” Deric said and I looked at him. “That or you are really good at sneaking out.” I looked out my window and watched the scenery go by quickly.

“He’s out with friends.” I answered and sighed. “I don’t like being home on my own lately, so I didn’t listen to him when he said to stay inside. Now I am kind of wishing I had. I kind of don’t feel good now.” I rolled my cup in my hands, trying to warm them up a little. I needed to invest in some extra gloves, a hat and a scarf. It would keep me a little warmer when I was out. “Besides. Like you said, I am there every Friday.” I closed my eyes and sighed. I was tired and I really was starting to feel sick. Whether it was guilt for not listening to Sebastian or I was coming down with something more than a cold, was beside me. All I knew was that I was starting to feel sick again.

“So do you know why Sebastian did that last night?” I asked as I looked at Deric. He glanced at me and then back at the road. “I mean grabbed you and all?”

“Probably because he doesn’t know me.” He shrugged. “He seemed like the very protective brother type.” I nodded and chewed my lip a moment. “Why?”

“I don’t know. I called him just before you showed up last night and he already sounded angry and he was yelling at someone. What he did last night when he got home… he’s protective, but he has never gone that far before. I mean, he’s beat someone up before, but that was because the guy wouldn’t back off and he grabbed me…”

I shuddered at the memory. The guy had been drunk and was looking for someone to “have fun with” and I’d told him to back off. Luckily, Sebastian had been with me at the time and when the guy grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go, Sebastian got involved and sent the guy to the hospital. That was the angriest I had ever seen Sebastian. He didn’t have a temper, he was an awesome and level headed guy, but when it came to someone not leaving me alone or someone hurting me, he’d kill someone…

But last night was so weird. He’d never done that before and it made me wonder what had made him mad enough before to either take it out on Deric or to become angrier than he had been.

“…but he’s never just grabbed someone and started questioning them like that before.” We were quiet for a few minutes as he continued to drive. He turned down the heat a little to where it was still blowing hard, but not as hard. I was starting to feel tired again so I leaned back in my seat. I closed my eyes and wondered what I would get when I got home.

Would Sebastian be home by then and would be angry when I showed up? Surely he’d be angry that Deric was bringing me home again. He would probably think something was up if we showed up and he was home.

Only, if he were home, then he would probably have called and yelled at me to get my butt home, wouldn’t he?...

I jumped at a sudden loud sound and sat up. I breathed shakily and looked around. I scowled when I realized that I was in my room. How did I get here? I thought I was in Deric’s car… did he bring me up here to… my room? How would he have known that this was my room? There was another loud crash and I gasped. I looked at the door and when another loud crash came I grabbed my phone off of my bedside table. I dialed Sebastian’s number as I ran to the closet and got inside it. When he answered on the second ring, I didn’t even give him time to talk.

“There’s someone in here.” I breathed as I shoved my way into the back of the closet and hid myself behind my clothes.

“What?” I shook violently as the banging got louder, like someone was climbing up the steps to the second floor. “Sammie, what-“

“There is someone in the house.” I breathed and I could hear his breath quicken. “Sebastian-“ my door busted open and covered my mouth before I could scream.

“Sam?” he breathed. “Sam, get out of there, now, get out of the house now-“ the closet door came open suddenly and I shook as I looked up at the man that was in the doorway. He was tall and had eyes as black as pitch. He had muscles everywhere and the most evil smile on his lips. “Sam? Sammie, what’s going on?” I couldn’t answer. All I could do was stare at the man that was there in front of me. “Sammie, talk to me… Sammie?”

The man came in the closet and grabbed me and I started screaming. I dropped my phone in my struggle to get away and I beat on his arm. He threw me into my room and I scrambled to my feet. I started running for my door, but he grabbed me and threw me into my dresser. I cried in pain as I landed on the ground and coughed as I struggled to breathe. I started to try and get up as the man squatted beside me.

“Now, now Samantha.” He grabbed my hair and lifted my head up so that I was looking at him. I grabbed at his hand and cried as I tried to get away. Tears streamed down my face as he looked at me. “Stop being so pathetic.” I kicked at him a few times and he backhanded me while still holding my hair. “That hurt.” He growled but I didn’t stop.

I kicked at him again and this time he let go. I scrambled to my feet again but this time when he grabbed me, I hit my desk and then fell to the floor. I choked in pain and lay there my back. He grabbed my neck and lifted me up. I clawed at his hand as he slammed me into the wall.

“Stop struggling so much! It will be so much easier on you.” He slammed me into the wall again and this time as he let me go, I did stop struggling. I lay on the floor gasping for air and crying in pain. Blood was running down my face with my tears and I wanted so badly to have Sebastian here to protect me. “Now.” He grabbed my face and made me sit up against the wall. “Because you did what I asked, I am going to let you say goodbye to your brother before I kill you. He put the phone to my ear as I coughed again.

“S-Sam?” Sebastian breathed and I closed my eyes. “Sammie?”

“Se…bastian…” I gasped as the man lifted me up to my feet. I couldn’t stand, so how he held me up just with one hand on my jacket, I didn’t know, but he did.

“Say goodbye Sam. We don’t have all night.” He ordered me as my head fell back. “Now this just isn’t going to work well. I want you awake when I kill you.” I coughed up a little blood when he shook me.

“Sam?” Sebastian whispered. “I’m almost there. We called the police, they will be there soon.”

“I-I love… you Seba…stain.” I breathed.

“Close enough.” Said the man and then he shoved me so hard into the window that it cracked. He laughed as I gasped in pain and then with one more shove, harder, he threw me through the closed window and I fell two stories to the ground. I lay on the ground, unable to breathe at all. I could hear the sirens as my blood started pooling on the white snow. I had never hurt so much in my life and right now, I really wanted everything to end, just so I didn’t have to feel the pain anymore.

“Sam!” I heard Sebastian’s voice but it sounded distant. “Sam!” someone ran over to me and checked my pulse. “Sammie, Sam, look at me.” He took my face in his hands. “Sammie! Look at me!”

“I need you to get back sir.” Said someone else. “Sir… Sir…”

“Sam!” Sebastian was yelling for me. “Let me go. James, let go! Sam!”

“D-Daddy?” I gasped. “I-I sca…red.”

“I’m here Baby.” He told me. “They are going to take good care of you Baby. They are going to fix you up-“ I cried in pain as hands lifted me onto something. I was starting to lose consciousness and everything was starting to go numb. I could barely breathe and I was so scared. “Hold on Baby Girl. Hold on okay.” I coughed a few times as his voice started fading. All the noised around me were starting to fade and I didn’t like it. I wanted to hear my Daddy’s voice. I didn’t want to die.

I didn’t want to die, but I wasn’t getting a choice whether I was living or not.

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