Vampire Protection Program

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“So when will she be able to go home?” my dad asked Rick as he stood up from checking my vitals. I was feeling less pain that I had when I first woke up here and they had told me when I woke up that first time, after a day and a half already being here, after I lost consciousness, I was out for two days, and they’d kept me here two more, so I had been here almost five days and I wasn’t sure I wanted to be here any longer.

And I still couldn’t remember.

Not that they weren’t taking care of me or anything, because they were doing an amazing job at it, but I was ready to leave. I didn’t want to be here anymore. I wanted to get back out and move around (they had made me do some of that yesterday. It hurt to do it, but they needed to make sure that I could walk at least a little. My back was fine so they told me that I should be good to move around more) and try to get back to as much of a normal life as I could. Being here was, while helping me recuperate and heal, holding me back from my regular activities and I really wanted to get back to that.

“Well, seeing as her vitals are good…” Rick said and we all looked at him. “And she was moving pretty well yesterday, she can walk which is a miracle, and I suggest working on walking without so much support next time…” he pointed that at me. “…but I don’t see why she can’t go home later this afternoon after she eats a little something. She hasn’t had much and I am worried about that.”

“I don’t normally eat much.” I said with a slight shrug, which wasn’t the best idea, but I wasn’t worried much about the pain that it gave right now. I was ready to go. “I don’t have a big appetite. I never have.”

“I understand, but you eat way less than you need and in order to get back to full strength, you are going to need to eat better as well as rest and move around.” I sighed and closed my eyes. “I want you to eat something and then you are free to go, but until you do, I won’t let you. You need to eat better.” I groaned in defeat and looked at Dad.

“What do you want Baby Girl?” he asked me as he held my hand. I shrugged, not knowing what they had really and he got that. “I’ll just get you something.” I nodded and he stood. “I’ll be back soon.”

“Okay.” I answered and he and Tanya left. I looked at Sebastian in the far corner of the room. He was looking down at his hands again (he seemed to be doing that a lot and I knew that it wasn’t good. He just couldn’t stop blaming himself for what happened to me) and it made me sad that he kept doing that.

“Sam.” I looked at Rick and he sat back down on the bed beside my legs. “I didn’t want to ask this while your Dad or mom were in here, because I wanted you to be completely truthful with me.” I scowled. “Tanya is your step mom right? And Sebastian is your step brother?” I looked at Sebastian who was now looking at Rick with confusion. I looked at Rick again and then slowly nodded.

“Sam… did your Dad beat you when you were younger?” I tensed and it hurt as I stared wide eyed at me. How would he have known that? There is no way that he could have ever know that. That was in the past. I looked at Sebastian who was looking at me now. He scowled and then looked at Rick once more before he looked at me again.

“Di-did he Sammie?” he asked quietly.

“I know that it is a big jump from this…” Rick whispered as he made me look at him, “…but I need you to tell me. You can be completely honest with me okay…” slowly, I looked down at my hands and Sebastian breathed shakily as he stood and started pacing the room. I closed my eyes and shuddered. “Does he still-“

“No.” I breathed and shook my head as I looked at him again. “No… he met Tanya… and fell in love… h-he was a drunk when I was younger and sometimes…”

“Sometimes he got too drunk.” He sighed. I closed my eyes and nodded.

“Don’t tell him I said anything.” I whispered. “He is an amazing father and I love him more than anything… it’s in the past… I don’t want him to think that I betrayed him o-or something.”

“You have my word Sam.” He whispered and made me look at him again. “Listen… if you need anything, here is my number.” He held out a card to me. “I know you have Sebastian, but if he isn’t enough and you need someone else to talk to, call me, I will help you.” Slowly, I took the card and nodded. He looked at Sebastian and nodded, then he stood up and walked out. I sighed and closed my eyes, knowing what was about to come…

“Why didn’t you tell me Sammie?” he whispered.

“By the time I met you, I didn’t have marks or bruises, so I figured that what wasn’t said wouldn’t hurt.” I whispered. “He’d stopped drinking all together and he never hit me again… and you never asked so it’s…” I sighed and looked at him. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” He said softly as he came and sat down on the bed where Rick had been and touched my cheek. “It was none of my business. Like you said it was before me so it doesn’t matter… it was just a shock that a man so…”

“Gentle.” I supplied with a small smile. He nodded. “I know. It’s part of the reason I acted so weird for a while.”

“A while?” Sebastian smiled and I hit him with the back of my good hand. He laughed and I rolled my eyes. “I got news for you Sammie. You still act weird. With a capital W.” we laughed at him for a moment and then we looked at each other. “I love you Little Sammie.”

“I love you too you Big Doof.” He laughed at me and shook his head.

“Such a kid.” He said and his smile fell a little. “Never grow up Sammie.”

“Sorry Sebastian.” I told him and he scowled. “In order to never grow up, I would have to go to Neverland, and you know what that means. I don’t think either of us are ready for that one.” He raised a brow at me.

“So… you can joke about dying… after you almost died?”

“Funny how morbid I can be even with recent events huh?” I grinned and he just looked at me like I was a strange little caged animal at the zoo doing something totally bazar.

“More like scary.” He said and I laughed. It still hurt to do so, but I was getting better. They had actually told me that I was getting better faster than they had anticipated. I was healing quickly for someone who had been thrown out of a window from the second story and that I should be back to my regular daily life soon enough.

Well that “soon enough” wasn’t coming fast enough for my taste, seeming as I had been in this hospital for five and a half days and they wouldn’t let me go until I ate…


Rick wouldn’t let me go until I ate something.

Dad and Tanya walked in a moment later holding a tray of food and I almost groaned as I looked at it. I really wasn’t hungry and I didn’t really want to eat. Sure it looked good, but the thought of food actually made me feel sick and the smell wasn’t really helping.

I loved mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken and green beans, but right now, I wasn’t really in the mood for it. I just wanted to get out of her, but the only way to do that is to eat apparently and I had a feeling that Rick wouldn’t let me out until I ate most or all of what was on that tray.

I sighed as Dad put the tray down on a little table thing that they pulled over the bed.

Here goes nothing.

“Gently, gently.” Dad murmured as he and Sebastian helped me sit down in the wheelchair Rick had brought for me so that I would have to walk all the way down stares and to the care. I breathed hard, trying not to show just how much pain this really cause me. Sebastian looked at me worriedly as he adjusted my feet rests, then gently lifted my legs to put them in.

Putting on clothes had certainly been much worse than this, but this hurt…

A lot.

Once I was loaded into the wheelchair, Dad thanked Rick, who gave me a small smile and nodded. I smiled back and mumbled a thank you before he gave Sebastian specific instructions on how to take care of me and when to give me my medicine while Dad rolled me out.

Tanya had run and got the car while we were signing out and he wheeled me outside where she was waiting with the car. The rain was pouring down and it was loud under the carpark.

Dad opened the back door and then gently picked me up then as easily as he could, lay me down on the back seat. The other door opened and Sebastian’s soft hands moved my head so that he could sit down. I breathed shakily at the pain, but tried to keep most of it to myself because I didn’t want to upset him more than he was already.

“You’ll be sleeping in Sebastian’s room with him for a few nights until we can get some stuff packed up.” Dad said as Tanya pulled out of the carpark and I looked at him. Sebastian’s hand started stroking my hair as I Dad and I looked at each other. He was turned around in his seat looking at me.

“’Packed’?” I questioned and he nodded, a sad look in his brown eyes. I had my mother’s bright blue eyes.

I had my mother’s everything. I didn’t really even look like my Dad at all.

“Yeah Baby Girl.” He sighed. “We were already planning on moving, I got a job offer in Scotland-“

“Scotland!” I screeched almost happily. If I hadn’t been in pain, I’d have been bouncing all over the place, but I was in pain, so I just lay there, not sure if I should smile and be happy or upset because I would be leaving all of my friends.

Haha! Good one Sammie. That annoyingly right voice popped into my head again. I hated when she did that. She told me what was obvious when I wanted to be most oblivious to it. Sorry to break it to you Sweetheart, but what friends are there for you to miss? What friends are there to miss you? You have no friends but maybe Gracie and Andy, who is in love with you and you won’t even give him a chance. Gracie is the only person who would miss you other than Andy… if that. I sighed at my conscious. Why did it always have to be so mean? But more importantly…

Why did it have to be so right?

“Yes Baby.” Dad answered slowly, not exactly sure what to think of my outburst I was sure, but recovered quickly. “Scotland. Tonya and I were going to tell you the other day but…”

“I was thrown out a window.” I said quietly. Sebastian sighed and I looked at him. He clenched his jaw, but never once did he stop stroking my hair. I took his free hand and he looked down at me. I squeezed it gently and he looked back out the window again.

“Sammie…” I looked back at Dad. “Baby Girl, Tanya and I need to go to Scotland early so that we can get a house… will you… will you be okay at home with Sebastian? Just for a couple of days, then Sebastian and you will fly out to us…” I looked at him a moment. I knew that I would be fine with Sebastian. There was no fear as long as he was with me.

“She won’t be with just me…” Sebastian muttered bitterly to himself, probably trying to keep it from me, but as I looked at him and scowled and he looked down at me with a blank face, trying to hide that he had said and I’d heard, but Dad quickly drew my attention back to him.

“Will you feel safe with him?” he asked. “You can have a friend over too-“

“You know that Gracie and Andy are my best friends other than Sebastian.” I said as I rolled my eyes. “I have no other friends. It’s been that way since we moved here a year ago.”

“Speaking of Gracie.” Tanya spoke up for the first time since… well since I got into the hospital. “She stopped by wanting to see you.” She said. “She said that she wanted to see you sometime after you got out of the hospital if you felt up to it, if not, then stop by before you left.”

“Okay?” I scowled as we pulled into the driveway.

“I don’t know Honey.” She said. “But I would just go see her sometime before you leave.”

“Okay.” Gracie was not a very social person (Why she owned a book store was beside me) and she rarely talked to even me. She didn’t even really come to the book store until dark, but that was only because she lived there, and it made me wonder why? More often than not, I’ve questioned myself why she was never around, why she left and didn’t run her own store, (though I had no problems with it. I loved reading and her books were my sanctuary, my home away from home, but still) and I always came to the same conclusion…

She had me running the store.

I ran it Monday through Friday and she ran it Saturday and Sunday half the day.

I still wondered why…

Sebastian’s door opened and he moved my head out of his lap. He got out and then as gently as he could, lifted me out of the car and carried me to the house.

“Took you guys long enough.” I looked up suddenly from my spot in Sebastian’s arms and saw the very last person I’d ever think I’d see in my house, sitting on my couch.

“Damn it.” Dad grumbled as he passed Sebastian and I and I scowled. “Forgot he’d be coming…” I didn’t hear the rest of it, but I didn’t need to. I’d heard what I’d needed to and I was extremely confused.

At least I understood something.

“Oh…” I looked at Sebastian. “That’s what you meant by it wouldn’t be just us.” He clenched his jaw as he looked at me, but he scowled too. “You people keep muttering things, but I got better ears than you think… and you!” I tuned my attention to Deric who had his brow raised at me. “You know my question, so go ahead, be a gentleman, and answer it for me.”

“I like you Sam.” He smirked and I rolled my eyes as my father glared at him. He didn’t flinch until he looked at Tonya who was looking like she just might take off his head and rip out his heart just so that she could eat it for breakfast. He looked at me again and that smirk came back.

“Sammie…” dad sighed. “This is Deric…” he paused as Deric’s smirk grew a little more. So neither Sebastian nor Deric told my father that I knew him already? Interesting. I was so going to have fun with this. “Sammie… I don’t like that look.”

“What look Daddy?” I smiled a little. He shook his head with a sigh. I looked at Deric who was trying to hold in a laugh.

Key word.


“Sammie… this is your bodyguard.”

“Oh really?” I full on smiled now. “Deric is my bodyguard? That explains so much now.” Deric lost it then, knowing I was being nothing but sarcastic now and Dad and Tonya and Sebastian just stared at us looking so confused. “You were talking me, but not in a, ‘I’m going to kill you’ way, just in a, ‘I’ll kill anyone who comes near you’ way.”

“How the H-… how can you be joking about this Sam? This is serious!” Sebastian yelled angrily.

“Number one: it is how I cope.” I told him and looked him in his angry green eyes. I didn’t flinch like most would when they saw his anger. I wasn’t scared of him, when I knew for a fact that there was something so much worse than his anger out there. My smile fell and I looked down. He did have a point though. I just got out of the hospital and now I was making jokes about all of this.

“Number two: set me down before you throw me like you do with your phone when you get angry at it.” It wasn’t the best idea to make another joke, but I couldn’t stop it before it came out and that just angered him more. He glared at me and I chewed my lip as he walked over to the couch and just put me in Deric’s lap.

“Your ‘boyfriend’ can take care of you for a while.” I flinched at how bitter he sounded and tears filled my eyes. “Mom, James, I am going to Terry’s.”

“Sebastian I-“ the door slammed and I flinched, It hurt, but nothing hurt more than when I looked at my father and saw a mixture of that anger and sadness he used to look at me with when he got ready to beat me. I breathed shakily and closed my eyes, then slowly, painfully, I pulled away from Deric’s (very comfortable) arms and held my side as I slowly made my way to the stares. I breathed hard as I grabbed onto the railing and nearly fell.

“Hey.” Deric coughed me around the waist. “Lean into me okay.” His laughing had been replaced with total seriousness.

“I can do this, just leave me alone.” I muttered.

“I have no doubt you can Sam.” He murmured softly, his lips close to my ear, and I had to suppress a shiver. What was he doing? “But you will hurt yourself more if you don’t rest.” A tear ran down my cheek and he gently wiped it away. “You made it thought the living room, save the stares for some other time.” I sighed and nodded. He was right. “Alright.” He shifted me in his arms and lifted me up bridal style. I lay my head against his shoulder and he carried me up the steps.

“C-can you show me?” I whispered. He stopped and looked down at me, then at the door he’d stopped beside.

“Sam… I’m not… I don’t think-“

“Please.” I breathed and he looked down at me again. I knew then, by the look that he gave me, that I had him. He would do anything (which was slightly weird, as well as thrilling (for some reason) and fulfilling) if I asked him to.

Within reason I was sure anyway.

His eyes searched mine and I took a shaky breath (that I really hoped that he didn’t notice) and I couldn’t find a way look away. They were just so…


I didn’t normally like mysteries, unless it was a good book, but people, I wasn’t the type that would go around trying to figure people out, but he made me, his eyes made me, his arms made me, everything about him made me, want to figure out who this man was.

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