The Whisker's & A Flea Bite Band

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When It All Comes Crashing Down

Francine meows in her sleep as she recalls the first time she wore her collar to sleep. She remembers patrolling through the house and outside. She purrs as she relishes in what she thought in this moment… “All of this is mine.” Francine thought.

Those were the good times and like a streak of colors that bled from a really fast moving blur…she remembers the day her milk was not sweet. When getting rubbed until she fell asleep was just not enough. She was tired of them treating her like a baby and her attitude changed. The games that were once fun just became a lot of Ebenezer Scrooge’s “Bah humbug”.

So Francine turned up her attitude with a dash of even more sass. She decides to show her owners what was first class. He owners tried to please her, but it was never enough. They often rented her special parks where she could run free and play. Even though she liked them she knew it was her duty to turn up her nose while she looked the other way.

Francine told herself this is what they needed so they could learn what she truly yearned. Francine yearned for friends. Keeping her word to her owners had become too burdensome time and time again. After all what did they know about being a cat? What did they know except the wrong way to rub and caress her back Francine decided if she could make it living with her owners she could make it anywhere at any time.

Francine wandered the streets. She knows how to be cute. Times are hard and Francine had a tough time getting something to eat every day. Francine woke up and a small bowl of milk was sitting a few inches in front of her. She looked around and there was no milk carton, or jug anywhere in sight. She smelled it and said “This is the good stuff…maybe I am finally getting ahead.” Francine consumed all the milk and gave herself a good cleaning before she went back to sleep.

A little while later someone throwing some garbage away woke her up and meanly shooed her away. Francine ran away and now she was back wandering the streets. While crossing the street Francine heard an intoxicating sound. She quickly looks around. She begins to cross the street. She usually darts across it. Today she drags her paws like she is a zombie, or half asleep. She almost got hit by a car as she indulged in the sweetest sound she had ever heard.

Day after day she looked for where it came from. She forgot about looking for food, or a place to sleep. She thinks about all the promises she made to her owners that she never intended to keep. She meowed a sad song into the night that bleed into her days. Francine just wanted them to love her and realize that she is the most phenomenal feline around. Now she realizes the mistakes she made.

Being a material girl had messed up a pretty good thing. In her owners she had good friends that loved her and never gave up one trying to connect with her to make her happy. The reality that Francine has found in living in the streets is that it never makes promises it does not keep. The streets never promised her anything and it shows her day after day that it never would. Francine thinks that it is funny how the music she heard made her think of all these things. Francine told herself “If I find the one playing that sweet sound there’s no end to what I could learn about myself and then maybe someone will want me around.” Francine said.

After a lot of cat baths and strategy Francine came up with a plan. She would use all her extraordinary cat brain to find out what she could play. She began to frequent guitar shops and she wondered if she was a rock and roll kind of cat. She wandered around malls where teenagers were. She looked on their IPOD’s and MP3 and wondered if Blue Grass, Pop, Trip Hop, Country, Hip Hop, R & B, Alternative, or Metal was her thing. One day Francine was walking past a night club and she heard Jazz. With her keen hearing she heard an instrument that sent a purr down her spine. “That sound…that sound is mine. I will learn to play and I will be simply divine. I will be better than any catnip I have ever had, or could ever find.” Francine said. Night after night she frequented this club searching for a covert way to get in so she could explore.

Finally she caught a glimpse of the instrument before she was shooed away. “A flute! That’s my sound! My flute playing will be the sweetest to hear miles and miles around! Suddenly she felt something bite her and she feverishly scratched. With Francine’s keen eye sight she saw something very tiny hop off of her and onto the concrete right before her feet. It was smoking a Cigar and it wore the smallest derby hat she has ever seen. “Yo cat! That bite was just to get your attention. I don’t do feline! My name Is Henry. I’ve seen you around. I am the roughest and toughest flea on any side of town.” Henry said. Francine didn’t quite know what to say, but she thought she would give it a try anyway. “Okay…Henry is it? You’re quite small with a lot of attitude. Even a bit rude.

What could you do for me and what could I possibly do for you?” Francine asked. Henry puts his cigar out on the ground and tucks it somewhere in his tiny hat. “I would be insulted, but it would be a waste of time. Yo this is my territory and I have seen you around in one to many of my spots. So you got a choice…you can stop being a manipulating snob so we can be friends, or you have to get off my block.” Henry said Francine gave him a curious look while she tried very hard not to laugh. “Okay Henry whatever you say! You are so cute in a pitiful kind of way. So much of a threat from so small a flea what could you possibly do to…” Francine said inconclusively.

Henry erupts into a frenzy of mixed martial arts and gives Francine a quite profound beat down. Francine meows for mercy and tries to get away. Henry scolds her like a parent while he beats her from the top of her head, to the end of her tail and the bottom of her paws. Claws didn’t matter because Henry was so small. Finally Henry stopped and he was kind of sad. Henry never liked violence, but Francine had to learn. She cringed in fear, but before she could run away Henry jumped onto the rim of her ear.

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