Dark Side

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Abby's life is about to be twisted upside down when her past comes hurling back at her. Cory's whole world is teetering on the edge of disaster until help from an unlikely source appears. Agent Cory Forester mission has been to guard the Perineum Crystal, a task that becomes a bit harder when drug king pin, Scorpio Marrero steals it along with his partner. Abigail Winters has been on the run from her past for a year now, convinced she has finally escaped it. That is until it lands in the sleepy town of Sea Harbor, Maine, a place she's called home since her adventure began. Now in charge of handling the Perineum Crystal and dealing with the moody CIA agent that comes with it, Abby wants nothing more than to high tail it out of Maine. Cory would like nothing more than to leave Abby out of the picture but the crystal and Scorpio have other plans. the two must learn to work together to save the world from the power of the crystal and the evil plan Scorpio has up his sleeve. Secrets start to reveal themselves however, leaving the two wondering what they know about each other and themselves.

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Chapter One - Cory

The droplets of rain were ice cold against my flushed skin as my feet pounded the asphalt under me. The long strides echoed off the buildings that made up the alley ways I was dodging in and out of. My heart was beating so hard and fast, my ears ached from the vibrations throughout my body. It was if the air around me was buzzing and made everything feel electric. A hum seemed to come from the sky as flashes of lightening began. “Shit.” I panted under my breath.

“That ain’t good.” Henry panted beside me. Glancing back, I gave my baby brother a quick nod in agreeance. Turning a sharp corner, we came to a skidding stop. Dead end. Bending over, we both tried to catch our breath.

“We’re close. You can tell. He’s getting ready.” I panted, wiping my brow. He nodded, placing his hands on his knees. His tall and slender frame was coated in a layer of sweat, much like me. The brown winter coat he was wearing was now unzipped, his white t-shirt poking out. Water was seeping up both our legs, soaking the pant legs of our dark jeans. I could feel the water in my boots and figured he could as well in his sneakers.

“Cory, we’re going to get her back.” Henry shot me one of his world-famous grins and my heart slowed a bit. “Alexz is a fighter. Plus, one scary chick. Who would want to put up with that for that long besides you?” He ruffled up his brown hair and looked around. The rain had let up to a drizzle now that left a thin layer of moisture on my leather jacket and his face. “We should split up. I’ll head north. You go east. Cut to the middle. Okay?”

“Okay. If you see anything though, wait for me. Neither one of us is going in alone on this. Scorpion has more up his sleeve than just his lackeys I gotta feeling.” I responded. He nodded, clamping his hand on my shoulder.

“Exactly my thought as well. Don’t go running in there halfcocked without me. This is a team effort.” He winked before taking off running towards the north part of the center of the city. I turned back to the direction we had been going and started running again. He better listen to me or I’ll kill him. The air was getting thicker now, the winter air feeling like I had suddenly transported to the Caribbean instead of Sea Harbor, Maine. On the ground, large puddles were beginning to form from the melting snow banks that had formed the night before. The water ran like small rivers down the alley as my footsteps pounded through them, splashing water as I went.

At the end of the alley, I can to a skidded halt as I saw a clearing. Men dressed in all black holding automatic weapons paced around the area, looking for any type of movement. Reaching behind me, I pulled my Glock from the back of my jeans and brought it to my side. Flipping the safety off, I hid behind the corner of the brick building. The clearing was about ten yards away, circular in shape. A stone fountain was placed in the middle of the clearing and men were stationed along the perimeter of the circle. Looking up, I noticed there were also men on the buildings above holding sniper rifles and other types of machine like guns. I stayed low, tucking next to a green dumpster. The air was much hotter over here and the buzzing from before returned, stronger now.

“Let me go!” I heard a woman’s voice yell. Peering around the corner again, I saw one of the guards was pushing a woman with long curly blonde hair towards the fountain. Her hands were bounded in front of her and her black heeled boots clicked under her as she was forced to walk. I could make out the white sweater she wore and the black leggings that wrapped her legs. The guard pointed his gun at her, making her sit on the edge of the fountain. He grabbed a chain from the side of it and connected her shackles to it. Alexz Collins glared at him as she pulled on her restraints. My chest tightened as I watched my girlfriend swear at his back as the lackie walked away. There was no way for me to get to her without drawing attention to myself. She had been taken prisoner two days ago and it relieved me to see she was still alive. “Scorpio! Let me go!” She yelled, looking off into the distance where I couldn’t see.

“In due time, Miss Collins. I trust that we will be having more company in a few moments.” A man’s voice called as an older gentleman came into view. He walked towards her and I felt anger flare in my gut. My eyes narrowed as the number one drug dealer on this side of the country made his way towards Alexz. His reputation as a drug lord wasn’t as horrible as his death toll. He was known for killing anyone who stood in his way, including other agents from the CIA like me. Scorpio bent over and ran a hand over the top of her blonde hair, his tanned complex just inches from her face. His salt and pepper hair was combed neatly on his head and he wore a white suit, as if he was preparing for a night on his yacht rather than destroying the world. My grip on my gun tightened as he touched her face, gripping her chin. “Bring me the rain.”

“No.” She spat, turning away from him. He grabbed her chin again, more forcibly than before. Reaching in his pocket, he pulled out a knife. She froze as he pressed the blade to her snow-white cheek.

“Bring me the rain.” He repeated. I watched helplessly as she closed her eyes. The humming in the air increased as the clouds began to roll in overhead. Thunder rolled as droplets of rain started to fall. I felt one hit my cheek as it turned into a down pour. The rain did not touch Alexz and Scorpio though. They remained dry, the area they stood in untouched by the weather. Looking up at the sky, he smiled. “Good! Now snow!” He called out. The air grew cold rather quickly, the rain drops turning into large snowflakes. Soon, a blizzard was occurring around us. I watched as Scorpio leaned in closer to Alexz. Reaching over, he grabbed something that was connected to a chain around her neck. “You have made great progress, Miss Collins. When the time comes, I know you will be able to provide me with the destruction I need.”

“Go to Hell.” Alexz said, glaring at him. A smile crept across his face as he stood up straight. A man appeared next to him, his appearance making my blood boil. Lucas was the leader of Scorpio’s men, a ruthless killer who did whatever his boss told him to do. At first glance, you’d think he was your normal college student with a fair complex that went with his dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. The twenty-three-year-old, however, had been trained since he was a child in the world of martial arts and weapons. There was a reason why he was Scorpio’s second in command.

“Bring me the boy!” Scorpio called out. I heard scuffling from the left side of the clearing and two guards stepped forward, dragging a struggling person between them. My heart fell when I realized Henry was the man being dragged forward. He fought hard, straining against their hands. It was no use though as they tossed him down on the ground in front of Scorpio and Lucas. Alexz looked at Henry in desperation before glancing around the area. I knew she was looking for me. Lucas held up a hand gun and held it against Henry’s forehead who was now kneeling in front of them.

“Where’s your brother?” Lucas asked, glaring down at Henry.

“He’s not here. I came alone.” Henry responded, not backing down.

“Liar. Like he’d send the little brother to have all the fun.” Lucas cocked the gun and looked at Scorpio for instruction.

“Agent Forester, if you are out there, I would suggest stepping out now before my men splatter your brother’s brains all over the sidewalk.” Scorpio called out. Internally, I groaned. Our plan had not worked like we had hoped. Taking a deep breath, I stepped out from behind the building. All the guards turned and raised their guns towards me. Scorpio, Lucas, Henry and Alexis all moved to face me. “There’s a good lad.”

“Let them go.” I called out. My heart was pounding in my chest as I tried to come up with a plan. This did not look good for us. A smile tugged at Scorpio’s lips and he stepped closer to Alexz.

“You know I can’t do that. I’m glad you’re here, Cory. You’re about to witness history. Alexz is finally able to utilize the crystal to its fullest extent. With her help, I will be able to flatten Sea Harbor once and for all.”

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