Dark Side

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Chapter Ten - Abby

I waited in the room while Cory went to the front desk. He was in search of a map of the area, hopeful that Scorpio was holed up somewhere nearby. I already knew where Scorpio probably was. When I had first arrived here, I found his childhood home where he had lived with my grandparents. It was a larger estate that had stayed in the family, located on the outskirts of town. My grandfather had been the one who started my father in the drug business, becoming one of the first drug lords in New England who specialized in packaging their own product. He owned three warehouses here in town that he used to package and distribute his cocaine. My father had told me all of this when I was in training to become next in line. He never told me about Sea Harbor by name though. But I put two and two together once I arrived.

The door opened and Cory entered, a map tucked into his elbow and a coffee in each hand. He handed me one as he took a sip of his. He made a look of disgust, spitting it out in the cup. I let out a snort as he chucked the glass into the waste basket. “Good god, that’s awful! And the man at the front desk isn’t exactly cut out for customer service.”

“I told you.” I replied, walking over to the bathroom. I dumped the coffee down the sink and turned the cold water on. Rinsing out the cup, I filled it with cold water and took a sip. Walking back out, I saw he had the map spread out on the top of the bed.

“How familiar are you with this area?” He asked, not looking at me.

“Somewhat. I’ve only been here a year.” I responded, standing at the bottom of the bed. His head shot up to look at me.

“You’ve lived in here for a year?” He looked surprised.

“Yeah. I know it’s not much but it gets the job done.” I shrugged, taking another sip of my water.

“I get it. My job doesn’t exactly leave me room for a house with a picket fence. I’m usually riding the back seat of my brother’s car.” He said, looking back at the map. He froze though as he said the word ‘brother.’

“Your brother works with you too?” I asked, sitting on the edge of the bed. It was the first time he had opened up about anything since I had found him. He shook his head, his face taking that familiar look of hurt again.

“No. We’re getting off track. I’m looking for a place that would be large enough to house his operations and all of his men. By the look of it, there is a place on the edge of town by the harbor. Are those warehouses?”

“Yes. During the summer, they are used for the fishing boats that come here but this time of year, they are empty.” I didn’t want to say yes. I knew Scorpio owned them. I did not want to go waltzing into his territory.

“That’s probably where he is. I would bet a good amount of money that he’s at a safe house nearby but the rest of his team is there. We just need to get in, get the device and I’m sure Scorpio will show up at some point. I have to get to him somehow.”

“So, what’s your plan then? Just run in, grab the thing and kill him? You are aware of the many, MANY men he has working for him, right?” I asked, playing with the crystal that was around my neck again. He had made me put it back on like this to avoid losing it even though it had proven to us that it had no intentions of leaving me.

“Yeah. I’m well aware.” He shot back, annoyance in his voice. “We’ll have to go at first light and hope that he is there. He might even be staying on one of the boats in harbor for all we know. We will have to do some recon and check out the area in the morning. We find Lucas, we find Scorpio.” I flinched at the name before I could stop myself. “Are you alright?” He asked, standing up from the map.

“Y-yeah. Just a cold chill. I think I’m going to go find us something to eat.” I said, standing up. I scooped up my coat from the chair in the corner and tugged it on. He nodded, giving me a look but not saying anything. I opened up the door and slid out, walking towards the pizzeria across the street.

Everything in my body told me to run. To hop on a bus now and get the hell out of dodge before we even started after my father. I thought about this as I waited for our cheese pizza to cook, planning on how I would do it. I had finally decided on running once night fell. There would be no way he was going to go before tomorrow. He had said something about scoping out the warehouse tomorrow morning. If I slipped out tonight while he was sleeping, I could be out of the state by morning. I had no clue where I was going to go but I just knew I had to be anywhere besides here.

Back at the hotel, we ate our food as he talked mostly to himself about what would happen in the morning. He wanted to head out before dawn and find a good place to hide. Once we were there, we would watch to see if we could spot Scorpio or Lucas. If we do see them, we come back at night and I hide while Cory sneaks in. He was confident he could get in, kill my father and steal whatever device he keeps speaking of without alarming any of the guards. I thought he was delusional and made me feel even better about my decision of running as soon as he was asleep.

The sun set and I turned the lights on, a soft flow filling the room. I never noticed how small it was until I was sharing it with Cory. Every time we moved, we bumped into each other. It was getting more annoying than anything. When he asked if he could take a shower, I moved into action. Once the door was shut, I packed all my belongings into my bags and hid them in the bushes outside my room. I knew I wouldn’t be able to carry everything I had so I left a good deal of my clothes behind.

I made it back in the room a few minutes before he came out, dressed in only his jeans. Water dripped down his bare chest and I felt my mouth go dry as I looked at him. He was very toned, his abdominal muscles moving with each step he took. He had taken his bandages off and the wounds themselves seemed to be healing nicely. Shaking the water out of his hair, he smiled at me. “That felt amazing. I didn’t realize how much dirt I had on me until I got out of the shower. I cleaned it though. Thank you for letting me use your shower.”

“You’re welcome.” I replied, turning the other direction to hide the blush that had filled my face.

“Are you sure you are fine with me staying here with you? I can get my own room.” He asked as he pulled his t-shirt back on. I shook my head, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“It’s fine. You can have the bed again. I didn’t mind sleeping on the floor.”

“Abby, I can sleep on the floor. This is your room after all and I took it last night.”

“I insist. You can have the bed.” I said. I needed him to have the bed so I could sneak out without having to step over him.

“We could share the bed.” He said, shrugging. My heart began beating faster in my chest as I looked over my shoulder at him. “We can hang something up to separate the sides of it. That way, no one has to ride the floor.” I nodded, not wanting to seem like I’m up to something. Grabbing the spare blanket from the closet, he jumped up on the bed. Clipping on end of it into the drop ceiling, he secured the sheet so that it went down the full length of the bed. Stepping down, he walked around the bed and held his hands up towards his handiwork. “How’s that?” He asked.

“That’ll work.” I replied, standing from the bed. Walking over to the wall, I hit the light switch and made my way back over to the bed. I felt him climb under the covers, the blankets moving as he did. I followed suit, sliding under the covers. I slid over as far as I could, making sure that nothing touched him. The bed moved underneath him as he shifted. I stared up at the dark ceiling, praying he would fall asleep shortly. I listened intently as his breathing began to grow slower and deeper. After about twenty minutes, he let out soft snores that told me he was asleep.

Carefully, I rolled off the bed and landed quietly on the floor. I picked up my shoes and my back pack, tossing that on my back as I neared the door. Pulling on my shoes, I continued to listen to his breathing. He was still out, his breaths sounding relaxed. Holding my breath, I grabbed the door knob and turned it as I pulled it open. It gave quietly, not making a sound as I stepped through it.

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