Dark Side

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Chapter Twelve - Both

The next morning, I woke up with a pain in my left shoulder and something firm and warm under my cheek. Opening my eyes, I saw I was laying on Agent Forester’s bare chest. It raised and fell as he breathed in his sleep, a small smile on his lips. He looked rather young in a pale sunlight that came from the window. My heart beat faster in my chest as I realized his arms were wrapped around me as well. How long had we slept like this? A blush filled my face as I sat up, scooching away from him. He stirred, his eyes opening as well. Glancing at the clock, he shot out of bed swearing. “Shit. I wanted to be at the docks by now. If I unlock you, please don’t run away.” He said, fishing in his pocket for something. I nodded, looking at him through my eye lashes. He unlocked the handcuffs and tucked them into the back pocket of his jeans. “Get dressed quickly. I want to leave as soon as possible.”

“Can we talk first?” I asked, standing. He nodded, picking his shirt off the floor.

“Sure. What’s up?”

“I’m sorry I ran last night. I didn’t know what else to do. This whole thing scares the shit out of me. The night before yesterday, I was a normal person. Now I’m on the run with a CIA agent. It’s like the plot of a bad date night action movie. It’s a bit overwhelming and I wasn’t sure how to handle it, honestly.”

“I get it.” He replied, pulling his shirt over his head. His hair was crazy all over the place, sticking up here and there. “I don’t blame you for being scared. None of this is easy. That crystal will protect you though and you have the power of it now. You should be able to use it to control any type of weather. Like I said, I’m not going to let anything happen to you. We do, however, need to agree to trust either other. I know that we’ve both done somethings that haven’t earned trust but for this to work, we need to. I will trust you not to run if you can trust me not to let you get hurt, deal?”



“So, what is this thing exactly?” Abby asked, holding the crystal between her fingers. We had been walking for a while now, leaving the hotel to walk towards the docks. She led me through a short cut passed a school with a small forest behind it. We were about half way through the forestation now, the trees thicker towards the middle. As she touched the crystal, the ground below us warmed to the touch and a flower bloomed in the tall grass ahead. It only confirmed my suspicions.

“The crystal controls the energy in the atmosphere which is mostly weather or the environment and projects it onto the person who controls the crystal. When you put the crystal into the device that was designed for it, you can aim the power with better accuracy. Usually, whatever the holder is feeling is what is depicted in the weather. Like when you are angry or upset, it may rain or storm. I’ve seen tornados and hurricanes come because of a person having a tantrum. It’s quite powerful.”

“It only brings bad weather?” She asked, looking at me. I shrugged.

“That’s what I always thought until now.”

“Why now?”

“You. For some reason, the moment you picked up the crystal, the energy in the atmosphere changed. It’s not hostile or aggressive any more. It’s just peaceful. Almost like your soul was meant to control that thing. I don’t know how it scientifically works but I know that the man who created it said that there is one person on this whole planet who can control it without the device and I really think that’s you.”

“I highly doubt that.” She said, chuckling. I stopped walking. She paused as well, looking at me.

“Oh yeah? Look over at that clearing.” I pointed to a small area between some trees where it was all dirt on the ground. It seemed like nothing could grow there. “Concentrate on it. I want you to picture your favorite flower.” She gave me a look like I was an idiot. “Just do it.”

“Fine.” She shrugged, facing the clearing. “I’m picturing my favorite flower.” She said as if she was doing a voiceover for a magic show.

“You don’t have to be dramatic. Now just keep the image in your mind and project it to the ground. Imagine it growing right there in front of you.” She did as I said, staring at the piece of land with a hard-concentrated expression. Suddenly, grass sprung from the dirt and soon, the small area was filled with beautifully purple colored orchids. We both jumped in shock.

“No way!” She gasped, covering her mouth. Smiling, I walked over and picked one of the flowers. They were even dew covered like they had been here for days. Walking back over, I handed it to her.

“See? I told you. You’re the secret holder of the crystal. That’s what drew you to that clearing last night. The crystal wanted you to find it.” She looked at the flower like it was going to eat her. I let out a small chuckle, beginning to walk again. “So, I have a question for you.”

“What?” She responded, following me again.

“Where did you learn to fight like that? I have five years CIA training on top of being a black belt. Twice now, you’ve managed to knock me on my ass. Are you some kind of undercover Russian spy or something?”

“No. I just took some self-defense lessons when I was younger and my parents insisted I take up karate.”

“Self-defense? It is way more than that. You sure you weren’t trained by some kind of special agent?” I smirked at her but she didn’t return it at first. Hesitating, she finally smiled. “What?”

“I don’t really like to talk about that time of my life, that’s all.” She replied, tucking the flower in the inside pocket of her coat.

“I get it. Parents suck.”

“You have no idea.”

“I take it you weren’t close with your parents?” I asked, continuing to walk. I could make out the other side of the small forest, the sound of seagulls coming to my ears. I could see the shapes of boats through the trees.

“I was with my mother. My father on the other hand, not so much. It’s a long story.” She said, walking next to me. When she spoke of her parents, I noticed her eyes dimmed a little and the usual smile that was on her rose colored lips disappeared. “You?”

“I was given up for adoption a few hours after I was born. My mother cared more about the next loser she was shacking up with than caring about her kids. I jumped from foster home to foster home for the most part and then ended up living with an older couple. They were nice for the most part and paid my way through the police academy. They were the ones pushed me into going for the CIA. Both of them have passed since then though.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. So you have siblings?” She asked. I glanced at her from the corner of my eye, fearful I had said too much. I didn’t want her to get involved with my life. Once Scorpio was dealt with, I’m gone. I didn’t want to leave any type of connection here in Sea Harbor.

“A few. You?” I asked, hoping to change the subject.

“No. I was an only child. Didn’t really have friends either.” She whispered.

“Except Scorpio’s daughter.” I replied. She nodded, looking off towards the distance. We emerged from the forest and my eyes landed on a large warehouse. The sides were made from wood paneling and rippled steel made the roof. Black colored trucks, cars and SUVs were parked all along the building, men with guns by the door. Grabbing her arm, I pulled her over to a boat that was stationed on a trailer with a flat tire. I climbed up into the haul part of the boat, helping her up after me.

Crouching down, I watched as the door for the warehouse opened and Lucas emerged. Rage flared quietly in my chest as he walked over to a smaller sized yacht that was tied to the dock near the warehouse. He was dressed in all black and had his typical utility belt of weapons strapped to his waist. The sun caught the edge of his Glock, sending out a shimmery beam. It did the same for the dagger that was concealed for the most part next to it. I heard Abby let out a small gasp when she saw Lucas. I wondered if she had met him from her days spent with Scorpio’s daughter. Her and Lucas appeared to be around the same age, making me think that the chances were pretty good. Lucas disappeared on the boat, the engine of the vessel purring to life as it drove away into the harbor.

“This is our shot.” I whispered. She shifted next to me, pulling something from the back of her jacket. She revealed my gun in her hand, the safety securely on. “I thought you tossed it.” I said, taking the weapon.

“I just wanted you to think that. I figured we might need this while we were here.” She replied, giving me a small smile that I couldn’t help but return.

“Good thinking. You’d make a good agent, Abz. C’mon.” Climbing out of the boat, I helped her out. Taking her hand, we made a large loop around the warehouse in the safety of the tree line. There was another door on the south side of the build, connected to a loading dock. It was a sliding door, a good portion of it open at the bottom. Together, we crept over to the door and slid in through the opening.

Inside, the warehouse was bustling. Men dressed in clothes similar to Lucas were separating bags filled with what looked to be cocaine into large crates. Dragging Abby behind me, I hid behind a stack of crates in the far-left side corner. There had to be at least fifty men in here, all toting automatic rifles on their backs. I didn’t even have fifty bullets on me. Taking a quick sweep of the room from our position, I noticed there was a smaller crate in the middle of the room, the word FRAGILE pained on the side of it. The logo for Dr. Maser’s lab was also printed on the pressed wood. That must be where the device was being kept while Scorpio was here.

“Okay.” I whispered, leaning closer to her. “I need you to make a distraction of some sort. Nothing too drastic and nothing to draw attention to yourself. Just something that will get them to leave this half of the building. I can run over, grab the device and we can slip out of here before anyone notices we were even here.”

“What do you want me to do?” She whispered, clutching the crystal in her right hand. I thought for a moment.

“Make a pipe burst.” I pointed at a thicker pipe running around the perimeter of the room. “That’s a water line. If you make that burst, they will have to move all the product near the area to avoid any type of damage. That’ll give me enough time.” She nodded, glancing at a point over near the farthest corner from us where a large stack of crates was.

“I can do that. Hurry though.” Gripping the crystal, she squinted towards the pipe. It began to vibrate slightly before exploding in a loud noise. All the men turned to look for the source of the racket as water began to pour out at an alarming rate. Cries of panic came from a few of them as they tried to quickly move the powdered drugs away from the moisture. I made my move then, darting behind boxes towards the crated device. I skirted around three crates stacked on top of each other, a few feet away from my goal. Rolling between the stack and another, I appeared next to the smaller crate. Reaching up, I popped the top off of it and looked inside. It was empty.

“Looking for something?” Lucas’ voice said behind me. Swearing, I grabbed my gun from its place before turning around. The arrogant little bastard stood about ten feet away from me, three armed men placed around him.

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