Dark Side

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Chapter Thirteen - Abby

“Where’s the girl, Forester?” A deep man’s voice said. The sound of it made me shiver in disgust. Lucas. It was a voice I had hoped to never hear again. Crouching low, I looked from behind the crate I stood behind. Cory stood in the middle of the ware house, Lucas a few feet away from him. There were a number of men circling them, guns in hand. Lucas had a cocky expression on his face as he stood there unarmed. He looked the same as the last time I saw him, disgustingly handsome and young. If he wasn’t my father’s right-hand man, he would make a great catch for any girl. Not this one though. Running out on him was almost as satisfying as leaving my father. I had always wondered what made him turn into the monster he was. I figured it had something to do with his parents. His father had been a military man and his grandfather was as well. I didn’t know much about his history expect for the part of his extensive training. Lucas could hold his own against a number of opponents and knew just how to attack with the most damage. He was one of the few people that was able to defeat me during my sparring sessions back at the Villa.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. If you are looking for a girlfriend, I hear there’s a number of websites you can use for that now. I hear prison inmates are awful lonely these days as well.” Cory replied. Lucas grinned, shaking his head.

“I see. Already found a replacement for Alexz?” There was that name again. It was the same one Cory was mumbling in his sleep the night I first found him. I could see the vein in Cory’s temple throb as anger took hold. He stood still though, his back ridged. “Did I strike a nerve?”

“Where’s Scorpio? I’d rather play with the big kids than you.” Cory snapped.

“Give me the crystal and I’ll gladly bring you to him.”

“Bull shit. I’m no fool, Lucas. Where is he?” Lucas grinned again, pulling something from his coat pocket. It was a remote-control type thing, buttons all over the black panel. He pushed a red button and a green light began to flash. Turning, he looked at one of his henchmen.

“Spread out. The crystal and the girl are here somewhere. Find them and bring her to me. Don’t hurt her. Scorpio will want her alive.” A blonde-haired man nodded, waving his gun at the rest of the men. They all fanned out, looking behind the crates and other objects in the room. Swearing under my breath, I searched the area frantically. One of the men was getting closer to me, kicking over the crates similar to the one I was behind as he went.

Gripping the crystal, I closed my eyes and imagined ice covering the already wet cement floor. The temperature in the room drastically dropped as I focused. There was a yell a few feet away from me, causing me to open my eyes. The goon who had been coming near was now sprawled out on the ground, slipping on the thick coat of ice that had covered the entire area of the warehouse floor. Several of the men had fallen, their guns flying away from then as they did. Lucas shook his head, scowling at his men. “You idiots! She’s a stupid little girl! Just find her!” He exclaimed. The ice was growing thicker now under our feet, the goons that were still standing trying their best to keep their footing. They all were going down though, one by one. Peeking over the crate on my left side, I watched as the last one fell on his ass. He swore loudly as a crack was heard, his ankle bending at an awkward angle.

“There you are.” Lucas’ voice snarled behind me, making me jump. Turning around, I looked up at him from my crouched position. When our eyes locked, his expression went from angry to one of sick joy. Reaching out, he grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pulled me to my feet. I tried my best to claw at his hand with my nails but it was no use. My feet slid on the ice as he dragged me towards Cory who looked at me with a hard expression. I couldn’t tell if he was worried or annoyed that I had been caught. Lucas forced me to turn around so I was facing Cory. I felt vomit threatening to rise as I pictured him dragging me to my father’s yacht and handing me over like a prized trophy. “So, this is the one you found to control the crystal?” He asked, holding me out in front of him.

“Let her go. She has nothing to do with this.” Cory said, glaring at Lucas who let out a loud laugh.

“Oh, you silly little agent. You have no clue, do you?” Lucas yanked my head back so his mouth was next to my right ear. “You didn’t tell him, did you, Abigail?”

“Shut up.” I said, trying to elbow him. He caught my arm and twisted it behind my back. I let out a painful gasp as he yanked my head back to the position he had it in before.

“I see.” He turned his gaze over to Cory. “Agent Forester, I would like to introduce you to Abigail Marrero, the one and only daughter of Scorpio. She’s been missing for about a year now. He’s going to be so happy to see his darling daughter is alive and well. He might take that into consideration when he’s deciding how to take care of you.” Cory’s jaw line hardened as he clenched his gun harder. His eyes bore a hole through me and my stomach flopped. “Once I get you home, we will take care of your new little friend here and decide what to do about the past year.” Fear filled my chest at the thought of going back to Scorpio’s home – often referred to as the Villa – where I had grown up. Tears filled in behind my eyes, causing me to close them.

When they closed, a rumbling began under our feet. It grew with intensity, the entire warehouse beginning to crack around us. Opening my eyes, I watched as pieces of the ceiling started to drop around us. A larger piece fell next to Lucas and me, sending us to the ground. I slid on the ice away from him, scrapping my arm on the slippery surface. Running towards me, Cory grabbed my arm roughly and pulled me to my feet. Pointing to the door we had come in, he shoved me towards it. The entire warehouse was crumbling now, the walls coming down with the roof. Scorpio’s men were trying their best to scurry across the ice to safety. Their screams mixed with the crashing sounds as Cory and I made it, rolling under the door.

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