Dark Side

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Chapter Eighteen - Cory

Abby looked like she hadn’t slept at all the next morning as we stood on the roof top. Her hair was tossed back in a messy pony tail and she had slight bags under her eyes. It did nothing to soften the glare she shot me as I looked back at her. I knew she was just as pissed at me as I was at her. The mutual feeling came from our argument last night. It had burned when she said that I was comparing her to Alexz. To me, it was like she had offended her memory and that did not sit with me well. And then, when she said that she wished she had never met me, I had had enough. The sooner we get this training out of the way, the sooner we can live our separate lives.

“Today, we are going to be doing some hand to hand sparring. I know you know how to fight but it’s never a bad thing to practice. I’m going to come at you and I want you to fight back.” She gave a curt nod, barely moving her head. Annoyance filled me and I sprang into action, sending a punch for the left side of her face. She quickly deflected it, moving out of the way. I shot my elbow back, trying to connect it with her nose. Like before, she deflected it with her palm and slid out of harm’s way. Sweeping my foot, I attempted to wipe her feet out. She jumped, landing gracefully a few feet away. Bending, I kicked towards her torso. She dodged it, spinning on her heel away from my foot. With every move I made, she did not counter attack but rather avoided it. She was very good at dodging but she was not returning any type of fire.

Moving faster, I sent blow after blow towards her. She continued to deflect them, moving out of the way just seconds before my fists or feet hit their mark. I could see her skill in her moves, the agility she had was apparent when she jumped and bent in awkward angles. I shot a wide right hook towards her and she dipped below it, rolling out of my reach. Letting out a frustrated groan, I glared at her.

“No! You need to fight back. All you are doing is avoiding contact. You need to be able to fight them.”

“I don’t fight unless I have to. I know you aren’t going to hurt me so I am not going to hurt you.” She replied, crossing her arms in front of her.

“You don’t know that.” I simply said, sending a quick kick towards her. She managed to jump out of the way but bumped into the wall behind her. I shot my fist towards her. She raised her arm, blocking her face. Gripping her wrist, I spun her around and pinned her arm to her back. Kicking off the ground, she landed her feet on the wall and ran up it until she flipped over my head, landing behind me. She kicked me in the back, sending me into the wall. I pushed off it, spinning to face her. She stood in a fight stance, her arms raised in front of her. Moving forward, I bent and grabbed her around the torso. My shoulder dug into her stomach as I wrapped my arms around her slender frame. I picked her up off the ground and dropped her, landing on top of her. She landed blow after blow on my chest, pain coming from each. I ignored them though as I pinned her arms with my one hand. She glared up at me, panting. Bucking her body, she tried to get loose but it wasn’t working.

“Get off me.” She grunted, raising her hips in an attempt to push me off. Her pelvis dug against mine and I felt my skin turn hot at the contact. I held my grip firm, squeezing her thighs with my knees.

“No. If I was one of your father’s men, I could have done whatever I wanted to you by now.”

“My father wouldn’t allow them to do that to me.” She replied, narrowing her eyes at me.

“Oh yeah? Do you think they would tell him if they did this?” Reaching down with my free hand, I unbuttoned her coat and pushed it to the side. My hand slid down her belly until it rested on the fly of her jeans. Glancing up at her, I saw her cheeks had turned a darker rosy color and her breath hitched in her throat. She wanted me to touch her just as bad as I wanted to touch her. Everything in me begged me to do it. My fingers danced on her bare stomach, her skin soft and smooth on her navel. Leaning in, I pressed my lips against the skin above her belly button. She shuddered under me and a small smile crossed my lips. Pulling back, I replaced her shirt and stood, releasing her as I did. Slowly, she sat up and rose to her feet.

“I want you to attack me now.” I said, not looking at her. I needed to get a grip. Teasing her and myself wasn’t going to get us nowhere. The thought of Alexz came to mind. She hadn’t even been dead a week yet and I was already making move on a girl who was younger than me. How fucked up am I?

I heard Abby’s footsteps scuffle towards me and I moved just as her fist came by my face. Grabbing her elbow, I twisted her so that she was face to face with me. Her chest was against mine and I looped my arm through her elbows, locking them into place. She tried to step back but my grip was too tight. My face was inches from hers, the emerald of her eyes sparkling with something as she glimpsed up at me through her eyelashes. The look she gave me was so innocent that it shot through my entire body. I let her go, stepping back from her.

“Again.” I said, running a hand through my hair. She didn’t move, just standing off a few feet from me. “Let’s go!” I barked, causing her to jump slightly. Shaking her head, I could see her try to mentally grab her senses as she led forward with her attack. She spun with a swift kick, aiming for my chest. I grabbed her foot but she left the ground, her other foot colliding with my face. Her sneaker scraped across my cheek as I stumbled back a few feet. She landed on her feet, eyes focusing on me. She moved on me again, going for another kick. I dodged it, bending below her foot. Standing back up, I caught her hand as she tried to hit me with an open palm. I wrapped her arm around herself, pulling her back against my chest. Her arms were pinned to her stomach and she tried to pull them free. I tightened my grip, her body pressing hard against mine.

As she tried to move, her hair slid to the side and revealed her neck. Before I could stop myself, I bent forward and pressed my lips against the skin over her pulse. I heard her let out a little gasp as my tongue massaged the area. Her head bent back, resting on my shoulder. Her scent filled my senses and I felt my mind beginning to slip into desire. Letting go over her hand, I slid mine over her body until it found the button on her jeans. As I moved to undo them, I felt her grab my other hand. In a blink of an eye, I flew over her shoulder and landed hard on my back. Dazed, it took me a moment to realize I was looking up at her.

“Satisfied?” She asked, looking down at me. Glaring up at her, I stood once again. She turned, walking towards the door.

“We aren’t done yet.” I called.

“I am.” She replied over her shoulder. She gripped the door knob.

“Alexz wouldn’t have given up.” She froze. I knew it would get to her. I felt the air around us change as she turned on her heel to face me. Anger flashed crossed her face as she stormed back towards me. Her palm smacked me hard on the cheek, the sound echoing off the brick walls around us.

“Stop comparing me to her. I’m not her and I don’t want to be! I’m sorry if I’m not good enough for you to see that.”

“You’re so fucking wrong.” I said, grabbing her arms. Turning her, I pressed her up against the wall and slammed my mouth against hers. Her eyes widened in shock as I pulled away. “Since the moment I met you, there’s been something about you that makes me unable to control myself. Like some force that is driving me to be near you all the time. I can’t explain it but all I know is I want you more than anything else.”

“I feel the same way.” She whispered, peering up at me. “The crystal feels it too. It reacts whenever I think about you. It’s starting to tune into my emotions as time goes on.” She gripped the crystal in her palm gently. “I think it knows how I feel about you.”

“This can’t happen, Abby.” I said, pushing off the wall to turn away from her. “As much as I would like them to, it just can’t. I’ve already lost too much because I was careless. Maybe after this is over, it could but my life doesn’t have much room for a serious relationship.”

“I just told you how I feel and all you can give me is a maybe?” She asked, hurt painfully obvious in her voice and expression.

“I’m sorry but that’s all I can really say. I don’t want to risk your life any more than I already have. I can’t live with that on my conscious.”

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