Dark Side

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Chapter Nineteen - Abby

Silence fell over the both of us as we sat in the loft that night. No one spoke, Cory taking his place on the floor near the end of his bed. I sat perched on Henry’s bed, the blanket felt scratchy on my bare legs. After taking a long shower, I had changed from the shirt and jeans I had been wearing to one of Cory’s shirts and my underwear. There was a tension in the air, almost thick enough to see by the candle light. Every now and then, I shot a glance over at him. He was deep in thought, gazing into the flame of a nearby candle. The light danced on his face, illuminating his features. Sighing, I pulled my knees into my chest and rested my arms on top. My hair was still wet, beads of water dripping down my arms from the ends of my locks of red hair.
After everything that has happened the past few days, how is it that this is the most difficult part of it? Could it be because I had never felt this way about anyone before? Or was it the crystal that was heightening my emotions? I couldn’t quite put a finger on what I was feeling but all I knew was it involved Cory way more than it should. Parts of my body had reacted in a way I had never experienced before. I’m not naïve. I knew I was sexually attractive to Cory and the scenario that that played out on the rooftop had only made it much more apparent. The way he had kissed the skin on my naval had almost driven me out of my own mind and when his tongue left its mark on my neck, I forgot how to breath.

Standing, I walked over to the large window on the end of the loft. Some of the panes of glass were chipped or broken, breaks running through them. Rain pelted the windows, streaking the glass and making the image blurry. Now and then, flashes of lightening went off. I wasn’t sure if it was natural of from the mix of emotions raging inside of me. Outside, I could see the pale glow of light coming from Sea Harbor. The same town I had been living in secret in just days ago, trying to find a way to live a normal life. What had made my father decide to come back to Sea Harbor? There was nothing left for him here and he had no idea I was in the area to my knowledge. In the back of my mind, something didn’t add up. His base of operations in New York was the prime location for his type of business. What did this sleepy town have that drew him back? Did he have something up his sleeve that had to do with this crystal? Or did he just happen to take Alexz when he was near here and decided it was a convenient place to face Cory? Either way, something felt off about the whole situation.

“Hey.” Cory’s voice said behind me, breaking my thoughts. Glancing over my shoulder, I found him standing there. His chest was bare, his bandages now gone from his wounds. They had healed a great deal, the bruising vanishing from both. A pair of sweat pants hugged his waist, travelling down to his bare feet.

“Hi.” I replied, crossing my arms over my chest.

“I thought maybe we could do some sparring inside. There’s enough room here that we could. We might be able to get some of the aggression we both are feeling out. Is that okay with you?” His voice sounded thick, almost like he was trying to talk to not only me but himself.

“Sure.” My voice softly said. He walked over to the larger part of the room near the door that was mostly clear of objects. He stopped a few feet away from me before turning back to face me. We both raised our hands into a fighting stance.

Taking a deep breath, I waited for his attack. It came in the form of a high kick towards my head. I moved, dodging it to my left. When his foot was in the air, I swept his other one out from under him. He landed on his back but he jumped up quickly, resuming his position. I moved first this time, attempting a blow to his torso with my right fist. He caught it though, twirling me around. As I spun, I twisted my left elbow and landed it in the middle of his chest. He stepped backwards, an “ooaf” noise emitting from him as he released me. Cory was a good fighter in ways I wasn’t. Where I was trained in martial arts, he knew better moves when it came to street fighting. His punches were hard and when they made contact, they could do some serious damage.

He made the next move, sending a haymaker towards me. It zipped by the right side of my head, almost clipping my cheek. I spun to avoid it, stopping behind him. I kicked him in the middle of the back, sending him towards the center of the room. He jogged back over, stopping very close to me. I stepped backwards, feeling the wall behind me. In attempt to put space between us, I punched towards his chin. He caught my wrist and I felt something cold on my skin as the sound of clinking metal followed. My eyes widened as I realized he had trapped my one hand in his handcuffs.

“What are you doing?” I asked, staring up at him.

“I want you to try and get out of it. Don’t let me get the other one or you’ll be punished.”

“Punished? What do you mean?”

“To make sure you start realizing who’s in charge here, I’m going to start punishing you for everything you do wrong. I’m going to set some rules and every time you break one of those rules, you’re gonna be punished.”

“You can’t do that!” I exclaimed, glaring up at him.

“The hell I can. Stop me then.” He replied, shrugging. He still had a hold of the handcuffs, the open chamber in his hand. Pulling on them, I landed a punch to his cheek with my other hand as he was distracted. He stumbled back a bit, pulling me with him as he still gripped the cuffs. Getting his composure back, he stood up and grinned at me. “Try again.” Letting out a frustrated huff, I moved to strike him again. This time, he moved and spun me by the wrist. I found myself facing the other way, my captured arm across my torso as he held the restraints. I landed a kick to his gut, causing him to back up a few steps. I was forced to follow, turning though so I was facing him again. To my anguish, he still held onto the handcuffs in what must have been a death grip.

“Take it off.” I said, flashing a glare at him. The smile on his face told me he was getting amusement out of me being trapped to him.

“Make me.”

“I can’t.” I said through gritted teeth.

“So, do you give up?” He asked.

“Let me go, Cory.”

“Tell me you surrender.” Annoyance was setting in as I shot him a long hard look.


“Fine what?”

“I am fucking surrender to you. Happy? Now let me go!” He suddenly moved quickly, snatching my free hand. With a swift motion, he brought both my arms above my head where a pipe ran from one wall to another, heading to the bathroom portion of the loft. I felt the handcuff slap on my free wrist and he released me, leaving me dangling from the pipe. I could barely touch the floor, my toes just reaching it. Snapping my head down, I looked at him. “You said you’d let me go if I said I surrender!”

“No, I didn’t. You just thought I was going to once you gave up. You’re too willing to give up, Abby. That was the whole point of this. So now, you have to be punished.” He started walking around me in a circle, like a cat with a mouse it was ready to kill.

“Cory, this is-“

“Silence.” He snapped, his palm landed a harsh smack to my ass cheek. It made me jump and yelp in shock. “Don’t speak unless I give you permission. That’s strike one.”

“But I-“Another smack landed on the opposite side, sending a fiery jolt through my body. Another yelp escaped my lips as he gripped it in his hand for a minute before letting go.

“Strike two.” He warned, raising an eye brow at me as he continued to circle me. “You’re not going to like it if you get to strike three.”

“What are you going to do?” I challenged, my heart pounding in my chest. He stepped towards me, closing the gap between us. He set his hand on my stomach and slowly slid it down, his fingers slipping under the elastic in my underwear. I felt my breath hitch as his fingers combed their way towards a part of my body no one else has ever touched. We locked eyes as he moved his index finger inside of me. A gasp escaped my lips as he began to move it in and out of me.

“Does that feel good?” He whispered in my ear, his breath hot on my skin.

“Yes.” I breathed, feeling pressure beginning to build in my pelvic region. Moans slipped out of my mouth as he increased his pace.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No.” I moaned, raising my hips to match his hand. My eyes closed as the pressure built higher, sweat forming on my skin.

“Are you close?” His hot breath said in my ear. I nodded, my cries growing louder. I was right there, the waves of an orgasm slowly creeping in. Though I never had been intimate with anyone before, a girl has needs. I’ve dabbled in the world of “self-service” while growing up, something most teenagers do. I knew what an orgasm felt like but this was different. With every move he made, it felt like I was spinning higher and higher into a blissful state. I was teetering on the edge of an orgasm when he suddenly stopped, ripping his hands away from me.

“What?” I panted, opening my eyes to look at him in confusion. He began his pacing around me again as my core throbbed with wanting.

“It’s a punishment. I’m not going to reward you for not listening. Are you going to be a good girl now and listen to me?”

“You’re being an ass!” I exclaimed, frustration flaring in my chest. He sighed, approaching me again. He returned his hand to my underwear and his finger to the magic spot he was positioned before. I tossed my head back as he brought me closer to an orgasm, my hips bucking for more. Like before, he suddenly stopped, stepping away from me again. I let out a roar of anger, glaring at him.

“Let’s try this again. Are you going to listen? It would benefit you greatly if you just did as you were told, Abigail.” He said, shrugging his shoulders as he started his circles again.

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