Dark Side

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Chapter Twenty-Two - Cory

“Hope you’re hungry!” I called, sliding the loft door opened. I carried the sack of food into the loft, balancing the jug of orange juice in my other hand. Closing the door behind me, I noticed Abby wasn’t in the bed where I had left her. “Abz?” I called out. My voice echoed slightly as I set everything down on the table. Walking over to the bathroom, I saw she wasn’t there either. Heading back to the middle of the room, I saw a piece of paper on the top of the laptop keyboard. Walking over, I picked it up. Neat hand writing was scrawled across the front of it.

I’ll be back before we head out for the mission. There’s just something I had to do. Don’t worry about me. Love, Abz.

Groaning, I knew exactly where she had headed. It didn’t take a genius to figure that out. Looking at the screen, I saw she had been watching the surveillance videos of the warehouse from this morning. Several files were missing however. I clicked on the remaining file from the bunch and saw Lucas climb into the back of one of Scorpio’s trucks. What was she thinking? That she could run off there and get this done while he wasn’t there? It’s a good way to get her ass killed. Running over to my dresser, I pulled my gun out of the top drawer. My eyes landed on Alexz picture on the top of the piece of furniture. Sighing, I picked it up and shoved it into the drawer where my gun had been. Scooping up all the bullets I had, I sprinted out the door again.

The fog was still thick around the property as I approached it through the tree lines. Scorpio’s men had set up lights to try to see through the dense moisture but it didn’t help. It hung in the air so thick that I could barely see in front of my face. Abby had done a great job with it. I just wish she had waited for the plan to take action. I had no doubt she could handle herself against a foe but not when it’s her father who she has been running from for a year. I had no clue how she was going to react when she sees his face again. I wanted to be there by her side when it happens though.

Staying low in the fog, I made my way across the rather large backyard to a long set of garage doors. Slipping inside, I ended up in a garage full of classic cars. There was a silver firebird, a bright red Mustang and a green Cobalt that was almost blinding. I crept passed the cars, my gun in my right hand as I quietly popped open a door that led into the main house. Inside, I found myself in a laundry room. It was mostly empty aside from the washer and dryer that looked as if they had never been used before. It made me wonder how much Scorpio actually comes here to stay. It hadn’t been listed in his assets before. He must have hidden it due to his record and his tax evasion.

Slowly, I made my way from the room into a long hall way. There were four doors on each side of the hall, a large window at the very end of it looked out over the front part of the house. It was eerily silent throughout the whole building, not a sound coming from anywhere. I found a stair case at the end of the hall near the window and made my way up it. Finally, the sound of voices came to my ears. Ducking behind a curtain, I listened as two guards made their way towards me. I couldn’t see them but I could hear them.

“Lucas wants us all to meet in the main dining room.” One voice said, deep with an English accent.

“Did he say why?” The other voice said. It was more American and monotone than the other.

“Just that we are moving out as soon as possible. The other girl they were looking for showed up here so we can head back to the Villa.”

Their footsteps and voices faded away, signaling to me that they had gone around the corner. Stepping out from behind the curtain, I went the opposite way. Fear was beginning to grip me. They must have captured Abby. That’s why Lucas wanted to head off to New York so badly. He had his present in tow for Scorpio. He probably was already back there, counting his money while waiting for his prey to float back to him via Lucas and his cargo ships. It made me nauseous to think of Abby going back to that place with the two of them, living back in the life that she ran away from. I had to get her out of here before they could head back to the Villa.

There was a rather small wooden door at the end of the hallway. SERVANTS ENTRANCE was carved into it with cursive writing. Pushing it open, I could see the inside of a large dining hall. Beautiful curtains hung from the ceiling, lace and satin fabric lining the walls. I stepped in, holding my gun out. I could hear whispers as the door shut behind me. At the front of the room standing on a raised stage stood Lucas, his hand tight around Abby’s throat.

“Drop her!” I called out.

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