Dark Side

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Chapter Twenty-Four - Cory

Scorpio’s men dragged me out of the back of their truck, dumping me on the side of a highway three miles outside of town. They sped off, not before each giving me some swift kicks to the midsection. I watched as their tail lights disappeared, leaving me alone in the middle of nowhere. Standing, I looked around. There wasn’t a house anywhere nearby and not a single car anywhere. Swearing, I pulled Abby’s cell phone from my leather pocket. I had hidden it in there the other day when she had taken off from the hotel room, afraid she would call someone to pick her up. By now, she was probably half way to New York.

Half way to Scorpio.

Letting out a groan, I started running in the direction that truck had went. Scorpio’s men had left me my gun and the bullets, promising Alexz that they would not kill me while they exposed of me. The look Abby gave me while they were dragging her out of the room haunted me, guilt filling my chest. I knew she would react that way but I had no other choice. The only way I was going to be able to save her was to have her somewhere where I knew she’d be safe. As much of an evil monster her father is, I knew he would never let any harm come to her. Even by the hands of Lucas. And Alexz was going to be sure to keep her safe too save her own skin.

Everything was coming full circle now as I thought back to Alexz. She had taken a strong liking to the crystal as soon as we had started the mission. She must have been working with Scorpio at that point, knowing the gem would latch on to her so she would be able to steal it with no issue. They had faked her death in hopes I would find the crystal and return for revenge. They never planned on Abby falling into the picture though. It was just sheer dumb luck on their part. But now, both things Scorpio was looking for are heading straight to him.

About a mile or two up the road, I came across an old farm house. I ran up to the door and banged on it. There was no noise after a moment so I turned the knob. The door swung open, revealing a small home. Everything was covered with sheets and a layer of dust. My guess was that it had not been lived in for a while. Walking from room to room, I looked for anything that would help me get to New York. I found nothing in the house, irritation and desperation growing as I slammed my way through the back door. There was a barn back there, the door propped open slightly. Jogging over, I shoved it open the rest of the way.

Inside, there was something covered with a green army cover. Grabbing the end of the cover, I tore it off and revealed a black 1967 Chevy Impala. It was beautiful, the chrome shimmering in the sunlight as I ran around to the driver side of the car. The keys were clipped to the visor as I climbed it. It purred to life at the turn of the ignition, shifting it to drive. It pulled forward, pushing the large doors of the barn open. I’m not sure what divine being made this car appear to me but I was thanking them as I tore off towards New York.

As I drove, I tried my best to not think of what was happening to Abby right then. I knew she was safe for now but God only knew how long it would be before Lucas tried to do something to her. The way he looked at her back at her family’s estate made me want to cold cock him right then and there. To just think of him trying to do anything to her made my stomach want to hurl. Now on the road, I dialed the number for the CIA. It rang for a second before it clicked over.

“What’s the color of the day?” A woman’s voice said.

“Silver.” I replied.

“Correct. ID number.”


“Hello, Agent Forester. We thought you went rogue on us. What is your status?” The woman said. Gale Weathers was the dispatch for the CIA. She was in charge of taking our reports over the phone and sending them to the proper place. She was a bitch most of the time but you grew to love her as you get to know her. Or so I’ve been told.

“I’m on my way to Scorpio’s lair in New York. The Villa. He’s taken a hostage and the crystal.”

“Who is the hostage?” Gale asked.

“Abigail Marrero.”

“Marrero? Any relation to him?”

“It’s his daughter. He hid her from the public eye until she ran away about a year ago. Turns out, she is the only one who can control the crystal without the device. She was with me until about two hours ago when his men took off with her.”

“Can we trust her to not cross us?” I let out an annoyed sigh.

“Yeah seeing as it’s Alexz who was the double agent. She’s alive and married to the bastard. I’m going to try and bring her, Scorpio and Lucas into custody after I save Abby. I may need some back up though. Approach with caution though. He has the power of the crystal right now. I don’t want to chance him taking out the Big Apple with a tidal wave over a few poorly timed rookie agents.”

“Okay. We will follow your lead. Check in when you are ready for assistance.”

“Got it.” I hung up the phone and tossed it in the passenger seat. “Hang in there, Abz. I’m coming for ya.”

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