Dark Side

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Chapter Twenty-Four - Abby

“Let go of me!” I exclaimed, pulling against the guards that were holding me. They were trying their best to unload me from the car but I was not about to just let that happen. Two more appeared, grabbing my legs. They were able to get me out of the car, the Villa looming down at me in the light of the sunset. It was just as a remembered it growing up. Beige colored siding, white trim and a remarkable garden that led up the grand front steps, stone statues positioned in various points of the garden. Lights were on inside, guards pacing back and forth in the windows and at the front door.

I stopped fighting, giving up the struggle. They let go of my legs, allowing to walk by myself. My mouth went dry as fear sunk right to my core. I had skipped right over panic and was sinking into the feeling I thought I had left behind me a year ago. It was a mix of dread, grief and sorrow, knowing the kind of hell I had escaped was staring me down in the face again. Alexz appeared next to me, flashing a smile towards me. I glared at her, wanting to claw her eyes out. I wish I could make a tornado touch down but they had slapped a metal box around the crystal, cutting the power off. It wasn’t happy about it either, bouncing around the little box on my chest.

“Your father is going to be so happy to see you. He’s missed you. Especially with Christmas being tomorrow. What a great Christmas present for him!” Alexz said as the guards at the front door pulled the large wooden and glass doors open to allow us to enter.

“I’m sure.” I muttered, crossing my arms in front of me. It was to hide the fact my hands were shaking. I was not going to give her the satisfaction of seeing me petrified.

“It’s a father’s job to love his children.”

“He doesn’t love me. He’s in love with the idea of having an heir.” I spat back. We were standing in the foyer of the Villa, a large marble staircase in front of us. The walls were also marble, a pale sand color that traveled all the way to the second floor. There were tall Christmas trees set up in several spots of the foyer, gold and silver ribbon tied with white lights decorating them. My father had never been one to celebrate the holiday. What was the point of decorating now? Two guards stood at the bottom of the stairs, guns in hand. He had so many more men than he did before, more than likely provoked by Cory’s attack on the warehouse. My heart shuddered at the thought of Cory. I prayed that he was on his way to save me and that it was part of the plan I was supposed to trust him for.

“You are going to go freshen up then met your father and I for dinner. We have a great deal to discuss with you and I am sure he doesn’t want his only child looking and smelling like you just rolled out of bed with that frat boy of an agent.” She said, heading towards the left wing of the house.

“Funny coming from someone who was supposed to have loved him.” I called. She stopped, turning back to look at me. Sighing, she smiled as she walked back towards me.

“Cory was the solution to a problem I had. I wanted to get my hands on the crystal and he was my way to get it. It’s not my fault he fell for me like you’ve fallen for him. He’s not someone you want to be with, Abby. He’ll hurt you. All he cares about is getting revenge for his brother and making sure your father doesn’t get the crystal. Why do you think he’s kept you with him? It’s not because he’s in love with you, regardless of what he’s told you. And I can tell by the bruises on your wrist that you’ve been intimate with him. It’s how he was with me as well. Thinking he had all the power to control me, loving the fact he was making me moan under his body. He had no idea I was using him just like he’s using you. I’m sorry, dear, but it’s true. Cory will fuck anyone who he thinks will help him get what he wants.”

“You’re a liar.” I whispered.

“Let me ask you this; when you told him you loved him, did he say it back?” I turned away from her, wishing I could rip her hair out of her head. She sighed. “That’s what I thought. It’ll take time but you’ll be happy here, Abby. You’ll forget about him and everything that’s happened. And no worries. I’ll keep this a secret between mother and daughter.”

“You aren’t my mother. I am not staying here either. You are going to have to kill me before I ever think of doing anything for my father.” I bolted up the stairs, covering my face with my hair to hide my tears. I made it to my bedroom on the right side of the house, locking the door behind me when I entered. Tears poured down my face as I collapsed on the floor next to the door. I was back in the one place I tried my damnedest to get out of. Cory had just handed me over like a used piece of trash he didn’t use anymore. Alexz was right. He hadn’t told me he loved me when I had told him last night. He told me everything else he thought I would like to hear and it worked. I gave him what he wanted. I wasn’t sure what made me more upset; him using me or her being right.

Standing, I saw there was a blue dress laid out on the four-poster bed. My room was the same as when I left, different hues of blues on the bed, the walls and the floor. I didn’t even like blue. It was something my father had assumed I would enjoy and had the contractor design it like this. The attached bathroom was the same way, even down to the towels handing on the rack. I turned on the shower, making the water as hot as I could stand it. I washed quickly, drying off afterwards. On the sink was a hair clip that had belonged to my mother. I hadn’t had time to grab it when I left before. It was a white butterfly with sapphires embedded in the wings. I clipped my hair half up before pulling the blue dress on. It was made of silk, hanging off my frame with a thin strap around my neck. It was an A-line skirt, flowing to my shins. There were heels on the floor next to the bed, black, that I slid on to my feet.

There was a knock on my door, letting me know my presence was required. I opened it, following the guard down the hall and the staircase towards the formal dining room located at the back of the house. Like most of the Villa, the walls were a sandy brown color, glass figures hanging on them. In the middle of the room was a long elegant dining table. Plates of expensive gold china were set up along with different types of food. Like the foyer, the dining room was also decked out for Christmas, trees, lights and garland hung up everywhere. Alexz was sitting on the left side of the head of the table, a spot where my mother had claimed during my entire childhood. Lucas sat diagonally from her, an open seat across from her. The head of the table was empty as well, my father not sitting in his throne like chair that had gold etched into the head of it. The clicking of my heels made Alexz and Lucas look up. He stood from his chair, pulling mine out for me. I didn’t move to sit though, not wanting to be anywhere near him.

“What’s the matter, dear?” The deep voice of my father said behind me. My stomach dropped out from under me as I casted a look over my shoulder. There he stood, his usual white tux prim and proper on his slender frame. He was greyer than he was when I left but his eyes hadn’t lost their emerald color, a trait I inherited from him. I held my breath as he stepped closer to me, ushering the guard to leave. He did as he was told, heading back to his post. “Abigail, I didn’t think I would see you again. You must know what a shock it was to discover you were hiding in my hometown of Sea Harbor. Did you find it as boring as I did when I was your age?” He smiled at me, like he was waiting for me to laugh. I’d give anything to be back in my moldy hotel room drinking nasty coffee rather than here.

“Let me go, father.” I said softly, knowing better than to raise my voice to him. “I don’t want any part of this life. You have a new wife who can give you another child. You don’t need me anymore.”

“Ah, yes but not a child who is capable of controlling that precious stone around your neck. I always knew you were special. I never knew it was because of this though. It just proves you were meant to help me with my plans.”

“I’m not helping you do anything.” I replied. The back of his hand struck me before I could move, sending my head flying to the side. I should have known that was coming. It was his favorite parenting trick in his arsenal.

“It amazes me that after this time, you still think you have choices in the matter. Now sit down before I make Lucas move you. I will not play games with you. I’ve grown weary of them.” He walked over to his chair and looked at me expectantly. I didn’t move though. I wasn’t about to let him feel like he won. Not yet anyway. I might not have much to live for but I’ll be damned if he thinks I’m going to bow down to him. Lucas stood, walking over to me. Grabbing my arm, he dragged me towards the chair. He shoved me into it as hard as he could, sitting in his chair again. My father sat, annoyance apparent on his face.

“Abby, you really should do what your father says. He does mean well.” Alexz said, pouring wine into her glass. I shot her a glare before eyeing the knife next to my plate. The thought of shoving it into her throat flashed across my mind. Lucas must have noticed it as well because he slid it away from me.

“Since you want to act like a child, I am going to treat you like a child. You are going to do what I say, when I say it with no questions asked. You are going to marry Lucas, tonight. You are going to help me bring down my enemies with that crystal and you are going to obey Alexz as if she was your own mother. I don’t know what happened while you were gone for that year but I can guarantee that these two can force whatever ideas you have out of your head in no time. You are my daughter and you will start acting like it.”

“Or what?” I asked, giving him an amused look. “You’ll kill me?”

“There are other ways to make you learn.” He replied, taking a sip from his glass of wine. “Unless you want to end up like that piece of trash agent you’ve been running around with. I’m sure there’s still room for you at the Sea Harbor landfill where his body ended up.”

“What?” I whispered, tears filling my eyes. I turned to Alexz. “You told me that he would live if I came with you!” She shrugged.

“I tend to lie.”

“No. It can’t be true. He can’t be dead.” I cried, burying my face into my hands. Even if I was angry with him, I thought he was for sure on his way to rescue me. That he was going to rush in, guns drawn and take out the bad guys. To save me from the life he promised to keep me from. He can’t be gone. The crystal shuddered in the box at the end of the chain, trying to release the energy it was feeding off my emotions.

“You act like a tramp, you get punished, Abigail.”

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