Dark Side

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Chapter Twenty-Six - Cory

The Villa was a lot larger than I imagined it would be. Though I had seen pictures of it from his file, it did not do that place justice. It was a rather large and more than likely rather expensive mansion with three floors, a separate pool house and a detached garage for his entire motor pool of black cars. I watched from my perch in a tall willow tree across the road. I had hidden the car a few streets over in a hotel parking lot, making the trip on foot. The entire place was surrounded by guards who were more armed than most of the United States Secret Services members. Scorpio always liked to be well protected and it seemed like he had stepped up his game with Abby in the house.

I watched through the binoculars as him, Alexz, Lucas and Abby sat at a dining room table. To anyone just looking in without knowing, you’d think it was just a family having dinner. I knew better though. Lucas had a hand clamped on Abby’s shoulder, keeping her in place with Scorpio spoke to her about something that seemed important. He didn’t look happy, a smoldering anger on his face. Next to him sat Alexz, who was just lazily sipping wine like nothing interesting was going on. I couldn’t see Abby’s face but I could tell from her ridged posture that she was tense and scared. And I didn’t blame her one bit for it.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but I needed to figure something out. I didn’t have the advantage of the crystal and its powers to help me sneak in now but I needed to get in somehow. Knowing Scorpio, he would start plans tonight to use the crystal and Abby to get what he wanted. Something told me that it had to do with the drug lord he had been waging with another drug lord in Mexico. The two have had issues over territory and product for a few years now, trying to claim the middle of the country for themselves. Many people have been killed over this, a practical full fledge war breaking out over the distribution of cocaine. Scorpio wanted the entire country to buy his product, monopolizing on the industry. With the crystal and Abby wielding its power, he just might get his wish yet.

Glancing down, I noticed one of the guards walking below me. He looked around for a minute before propping his gun again the tree. I heard his zipper and the sound of him taking a piss. He sighed, closing his eyes and tilting his head up. Moving quickly, I leapt out of the tree and covered his mouth with my hand. He let out a muffled cry of shock as I dragged him into the bushes next to the tree. With a sudden jerk, I snapped his neck, his lifeless body falling limply to the ground. I undid his bullet proof vest, undressing him of the uniform Scorpio makes his men wear. It’s mostly all black military grade fatigues with a mask that only showed the eyes. Like most drug dealers, Scorpio didn’t want to know who worked for him so he required the faces to be covered unless it was Lucas. I changed into the now dead guard’s uniform, pulling the mask over my face. I tucked my gun into the waist band of the pants before grabbing the automatic weapon he had left against the tree.

Slipping out of the bushes, I walked towards the house. Whenever someone came near me, I stopped moving and gave simple quick nods. No one seemed to notice who I was. I used this to my advantage, making my way over to the dining room side of the house. I stood as close as I could to the windows without being detected. One was propped open a few inches, allowing the cool air into the house. Their voices drifted out with the sound of clinking china.

“Tonight, you’ll marry Lucas.” Scorpio simply stated, like he was stating a fact rather than a prison sentence. “You owe it to him after running away on your wedding day. We’ll have a quick ceremony here and it’ll be done.”

“Can it happen tomorrow?” Abby’s voice asked quietly. It hurt my chest to hear it crack. It sounded so hollow and desperate. Like she had already given up all hope. Did she not think I was coming to save her? Why was she so suddenly willing to agree to marrying that murderous asshole? Or was she trying to buy herself sometime for me to get there?

“A Christmas wedding would be so romantic!” Alexz cheerfully said. “I think that would be a great idea. We can have a nice Christmas dinner afterwards.”

“Sounds like a marvelous idea, Alexz.” I heard some shuffling of china and the clink of glasses. “To my daughter Abigail and my future son-in-law Lucas. May the two of you be as happy as my darling new bride has made me. When I am gone, I know the two of you will run my empire in a way that will make me proud to call you family.”

“We sure hope so, sir.” Lucas’ voice said, more clinking following. It was a toast. I only heard three glasses clink, Abby’s more than likely missing from the celebration.

“It is getting rather late and you are all probably exhausted from your trip back home. Lucas, please show Alexz back to our room for me. I would like a moment alone with my daughter if you would be so kind.”

“Of course, sir.” Chairs began to scrap across the floor followed by the sound of heels on marble. One chair slid out after the others, followed by scuffling heels. Abby.

“I’ll walk you to your room so we can have a private discussion.” Scorpio said. Their footsteps faded away as they headed out of the dining room.

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