Dark Side

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Chapter Twenty-Eight - Cory

I awoke with a start as I was dropped onto the hard cement walkway. Blinking, pain seared from my chest where the taser hooks were still connected. A boot pressed into the middle of my spine, pinning me to the ground. Glancing up, I saw quite the group of people looking down at me. We were in the middle of a gazebo outside of the Villa. Scorpio stood at the front of the group, a smug look on his face as he peered down at me. Next to him were two guards who held on to Abby’s arms. We locked eyes for a second as she struggled against them. They didn’t budge though, holding on to her tightly. The rest of the group around us was made up of guards. And above me stood a now bandaged up Lucas. He dug his heel deeper into my spine, a crack coming from inside me. Pain shot up my back, causing me to groan.

“Hope you enjoyed your nap.” Scorpio said, nodding at two of the guards. They walked over to me and scooped me up by the arms. I pulled against them but my muscles burned from the voltage still. A third guard walked over, chains hanging from his arms. The guard on my left extended my arm and clamped a shackle on my wrist. Attaching it to the chain, they looped the chain around one of the pillars holding the roof of the gazebo. They repeated the same action with right hand, stringing me up like a strand of Christmas lights. Scorpio looked pleased with their work, standing next to Abby. She looked at me with a horrified look. I gave her a small smile before turning back to look at Scorpio.

“Thanks for having me over for the Christmas festivities. Not really one for the yuletide traditions though.” I said, standing up tall.

“I don’t remember inviting you, Agent Forester. I am glad you decided to crash our little reunion though. I was having quite the difficult time making my daughter do as she is told. I believe that will be of no issue now that you are here.” The sound of heels on the path behind us made everyone turn and look. I couldn’t due to the restraints but I knew it was Alexz. I could tell by the way Abby paled slightly. Alexz dipped below the chains holding me, walking over to Scorpio. She gave him a quick kiss before glancing at me, a bright smile on her face.

“Cory, I didn’t think you’d be this stupid. Not for at least a few more days. I’m glad to see you haven’t changed your ways.”

“What can I say? I’m a creature of poor choices. Just like you’re a creature of whore choices.” The jab landed me with a punch to the kidney from Lucas. I doubled over in pain as he made his way next to Alexz. I stood up again as the pain ebbed away. He looked like he wanted to skin me alive with his own two hands. Least he knew how I felt whenever my eyes landed on him.

“You find this kind of man charming?” Lucas asked, glaring at Abby. He raised his foot and kicked me hard in the stomach. My breath left me as pain filled my torso. I didn’t flinch though, trying to catch my breath.

“That’s enough, Lucas. We need him in one piece for this.” Scorpio stated. Lucas stepped back like a scolded puppy, glaring at me still. “Agent Forester, I’ve come across a great number of law enforcement employees during my life time of this type of work. Amazingly enough, you are the only one who has continued to be quite the pain in the ass. I do enjoy a talented foe such as yourself but things have changed. I do want to thank you for locating my daughter for me. I had given up all hope for finding her. Who would have thought that you would have found her for me though? And with the crystal in her possession as well. What a grand gesture on your part. It makes me sad that tonight will be the end of our feud. I’ve grown quite fond of our exchanges in the past.”

“Why not just take the damn crystal and let her go? You can have Alexz control the crystal with the device. Abby doesn’t want anything to do with any of this. She’s your flesh and blood, Scorpio.” I said, hoping to reason with him.

“That’s why I can’t let her leave. She’s the only family I have left. My empire will need powerful shoes to carry it and with that crystal around her neck, there’s no one that can stop her. And besides, I understand that the crystal will not part from her while she is still alive. I have done my research on the subject. And well, the device is of no use to me now.” Turning, he opened the crate holding the device. He lifted the metal motor from the box. It was not bigger than a soccer ball, made of metal and crystal. Dr. Maser created it so that anyone could control the crystal. Stepping over, he lifted the device high above his head and then slammed it on the ground. It shattered into many pieces. “Since I have Abby, I no long need this.”

“She’s only 19 years old!” I exclaimed. “Give her a chance to have a life. To live in a world that doesn’t involve you.”

“I understand that you care deeply for her, Cory. I do. At least I hope so since you had the idea of taking her in your bed. I can see why Lucas has grown a deeper detest for you since Abigail has returned. She is my daughter, however. She comes from my blood, making her my property to do as I wish. And I have given her a choice earlier tonight. If she doesn’t wish to be a part of this life, she can birth a grandchild for Alexz and I and she will be free to leave.”

“You sick bastard.” I spat, glaring at him.

“That’s about the same answer she gave me. So, I’ve come up with another option to get my way and to provide her with a choice.” Scorpio placed a hand on the small of Alexz’ back. She nodded, pulling the dagger from earlier from a garter belt around her thigh. She walked towards me, a playful smile on her lips. Holding the knife up, she trailed it down my chin to my throat. Gripping the neck line of my shirt, she cut the material with the blade. It sliced like butter, allowing her to pull the shirt completely off of my torso. The air was cold on my bare skin as she walked under the chain again, disappearing behind me.

“Abz, whatever they are going to do, don’t fall for it.” I said, locking eyes with her. She bit her lips, tears forming in her eyes. “I can take whatever they dish out. Don’t give up.”

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