Dark Side

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Chapter Three - Cory

“What’s the point of taking out Sea Harbor, Scorpio? It’s a small town really. Don’t you have bigger fish to fry?” I called out, trying to buy time.

“You’re correct. Sea Harbor, however, is where most of my past is. It’s where a good portion of my dealers are from as well. By destroying this teeny tiny town, I wipe out any trace of them as well as me belonging here.” He turned back to Alexz. “Stop the snow. I want lightening.” She glared up at him as the blizzard suddenly stopped, stray flakes falling every now and then from the sky. Thunder began to rumble above us, shaking the ground under our feet. A bolt of lightning shot from the sky, connecting with the tip of the building next to us. It sent guards flying off the roof and to the ground. Scorpio gave an amused look as three of his henchmen fell to their deaths. This man was a monster with absolutely no soul for remorse. Watching his own men die did nothing to him.

“Just let them go. You and I both know anyone can control that device. Why can’t you do it yourself?” I called out.

“Oh, Agent Forester. I forget that you weren’t there much after the explosion. With my research, I’ve found that it’s true anyone can control it, if a person with a certain key element holds it, the power is so much more. It just so happens that Miss Collins shows some of that element.”

“What are you talking about?”

“A person with a pure heart and soul is able to power the crystal with much more power than you or I could. Alexz is the only person I’ve come by that has come close enough to harness this much power. You can feel it in the air just by her wearing it. She’ll be useful to me until I find a more powerful replacement.”

“Find one now because you aren’t going anywhere with her or my brother.”

“Oh. I wasn’t planning on it. Lucas.” Scorpio turned to Lucas who nodded. Grabbing Henry by the neck of his jacket, he pulled him to his feet. Turning him so he was facing my direction, he gave him a hard shove. Henry walked forward feet, Lucas directly behind him. Lucas pulled him to a stop half way between Scorpio and I. Kicking him behind the knee, Henry dropped down again. We locked eyes for a moment and he gave me a small wink. Raising my gun, I pointed it at Lucas who only smiled in a cocky way.

“Am I supposed to be afraid?” He asked, adjusting the pistol he had pointed at the back of Henry’s head.

“Lucas, don’t be rude. Just because we deal in crime, doesn’t mean we can’t be gentlemen.” Scorpio said in a chipped tone that made Lucas’ jaw clench. He gave a quick nod to show he understood. “Now Cory. I’m a reasonable man. We both know that this will all go away if you just give me the code for the device. It’s the only thing standing in the way of us getting what we both deserve. If you give me the code, you can have your brother and the woman you love back. I won’t need her to run the device and you will be reunited to finally be together. That is if you can actually commit for once. I hear that is an issue you seem to have.”

“Shut up. I’m not giving you the code.” I spat back, angry swelling in my chest at the teasing. Before Alexz had been taken, the status of our relationship had leaked across the CIA. It rippled through and both of us were close to being terminated due to it. Afraid of losing my entire career that I had built from the ground up and exposing a weakness to my enemies, I told my superior that the rumors were not true and that the only way I see Alexz was as a co-worker. She was not thrilled when she heard this, accusing me of not wanting to be with her even after she risked her career to be with me. My worst fear came true though when she was kidnapped a few days later. This was exactly what I was afraid of happening.

“I’m only going to ask once, Agent. Will you please give me the code?” He said in a calm voice. Narrowing my eyes, I let out a dark laugh.

“I told you. I’m not giving you the code.” Shrugging, he turned towards Alexz.

“Go ahead, Lucas.” He simply said.

The shot rang out, echoing off the brick walls the lined the clearing. Everything began to move in slow motion. Henry’s eyes went wide as the front of his chest exploded with blood, tissue and pieces of him. Smoke came from the barrel of Lucas’ gun as the smile on his face reinforced what he had just done. A scream emitted from my mouth as I ran forward, catching Henry as he fell. I landed on my knees, holding his limp body against my own. I could make out Alexz’s sobs behind me as rain began to fall from the sky again. Henry was light as I turned him over so he was looking up at me. Blood poured from he wound, dripping down my thighs. “No no no no.” I whispered, slapping his face. His eyes fluttered slightly, gazing up at me. The skin on his face was white, smears of blood where I had touched seemed to glow. “Stay with me. I’ll get Alexz and we’ll get you to a hospital.” He shook his head in a shaky fashion.

“Go…bad…Alexz…run…don’t…” He said with shallow breaths.

“What are you trying to say?”

“Don’t…trust…” His eyes closed slowly and his head drooped to the side. I shook him, hot tears filling my eyes.

“Henry! Don’t do this! Wake up.” I said, shaking him hard. He didn’t move though and his eyes remained shut.

“Let us all observe a moment of silence of Agent Henry Forester.” Scorpio’s voice said behind him. The pain in my chest instantly turned to blind rage. Shoving Henry off of me, I grabbed my gun and jumped to my feet, gun pointed towards Scorpio. He now stood, his arm wrapped around Alexz’s throat with a gun pointed to her forehead. Tears shimmered unshed in her eyes as she looked at me with desperation. Henry’s blood was still warm on my legs where it had soaked into my jeans. “I highly advise you think wisely about your next decision.” He said, his tone dangerously low. “Give me the code or she’s next.”

“There is no code.” I replied softly. Scorpio shook his head.

“Don’t lie to me. Dr. Maser said there was a code. He told us all that.”

“He told us that because he knew you were going to try and steal it. There is no code. There is no real way to control it unless you are pure of heart and soul like you said before.” Anger filled his face as he let out a string of curse words under his breath. His grip on Alexz tightened as he glared back at me. “If you kill her, I will spend the rest of my life hunting you down and making you pay.”

“Kill him with lightening.” Scorpio said to Alexz. She shook her head frantically. “Do it!” He exclaimed, digging the gun into her temple.

“No! Cory, please run! Please!” She pleaded, looking at me. I shook my head.

“Not without you.”

A tear slid down her face as the energy in the air grew. The hair on the back of my neck stood up as the sky crackled. I felt the burn as the lightening hit the ground between Scorpio, Alexz and I, sending us all flying backwards. A sharping ringing filled my ears as I tried to focus on the ground in front of me. Everything was fuzzy, my skin feeling like it had been burned. My whole body felt like a limb that had fallen asleep after being slept on wrong for too long. My vision returned as I rolled over on my back. Lucas was helping Scorpio to his feet, his clothes covered in black scorch marks and now wet from the ground. The left half of his face was burned, the skin black and blood oozed from the open areas. He was screaming, pointed at the ground next to him but Lucas focused on helping him towards a waiting truck that had appeared.

Turning, I saw what he had been pointing at. Alexz was laying on the ground. Like Scorpio, her clothes were burned and pieces of her were burned. She wasn’t moving and her eyes were closed. Slowly, I pulled myself up on my elbows and began dragging my body towards her. Everything hurt but I ignored it as I focused on getting to her. If I could reach her, I could call for help and this would all be over. We could finally be together like she wants to be and both of us could retire from the CIA with honors.

I was about ten feet away when Lucas climbed out of the truck. He ran over to where Alexz laid and stood over her. Holding his gun out, he shot one single bullet into her chest. I let out an enraged howl as her body leapt from the impact. Two more guards ran over and picked her body up off the ground. They carried her over to the truck where Scorpio was and pushed her inside. Lucas shot me a menacing smile before climbing into the passenger seat.

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