Dark Side

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Chapter Thirty-One - Abby

My father’s private plane landed in Navojoa, Mexico around noon. Him and Alexz climbed off holding hands like they were the President and the First Lady. Lucas, on the other hand, forced me off the plane and into the car waiting for us in the hanger. After they had removed Cory from the Villa, I was locked in one of the spare bedrooms. I had feared that Lucas would come for me but he did not. Father had kept him busy with plans for leaving this morning for Mexico. I had no clue what was happening or what he planned on doing but I knew it wasn’t good. But from the way my father was beaming, I could tell he had big dreams for whatever was going to happen today.

“Would you like some water, dear?” Alexz asked me, holding out a bottle of water she had retrieved from the built-in cooler in the seat next to her. I shot her a glare, not answering her. Lucas took the water and shoved it into my hands. I was getting really fed up with her acting like my new mother figure. She was only two years older than me and was evil to the core. With everything she has done to Cory, I wish I could wring her neck.

“We should be getting to Urique shortly. We made great time on the flight here.” My father said, gripping Alexz hand on his lap. He turned to me. “This will be our second family vacation. Think of it like your honeymoon.”

“I’m good.” I replied, turning my attention out the window. Alexz had forced me to wear a white cotton summer dress, saying it was my wedding day after all. The notion made me nauseous, knowing I was expected to spend the rest of my life tied down to Lucas. It was worse than any type of death sentence they could threaten me with.

“Abigail, I suppose I should tell you what I’m expecting of you once we arrive in Urique. I’ve set up a meeting with Pedro Santiago. He has been my main competitor for decades now, causing quite the issue in my services. I’ve tried reasoning with him to shift his coverage to South America and to give me all of North America. He fails to see the justice in my reasonings though. Times of talking are over. Once he sees what kind of power I have at my disposal, I see no other option than for him to agree with me.”

“What do you want me to do? Kill him?” I asked, glancing at him.

“No. I would like you to make an example of what happens when you go against the Marrero Family. I believe a good amount of flooding will do the trick. Just enough to wipe out the town and all its people.”

“You want me to kill an entire town?!” I asked, feeling sick to my stomach. He nodded.

“It is the only way Pedro will understand what type of business tactic I have to use. Urique is his pride and joy including all the people who live there. If I take it out, he’ll be without his main distribution center and those he cherishes most. He’ll finally understand that I will not be tested on this manner.”

“Those are innocent people. They have nothing to do with this war between the two of you. At least give them a chance to flee before you destroy it.”

“I’m destroying nothing. You are. No one is innocent, Abby. We all have our faults and the things that make us humans. There is no human on this earth who can say they have never done something against someone else. Even yourself. You’ve caused not only myself but also Lucas great pain and you are the reason why Alexz had to carve up Agent Forester last night. You were selfish in your actions and thus, someone else had to pay the price. Humans are monsters.”

“The only monsters I see are the three of you.” I muttered, looking out the window again. Alexz chuckled under her breath as she snuggled against my father’s side.

The thought of killing innocent people was torture in my mind. Especially if I was the one who would be inflicting the harm. It was the main reason I had decided to end my life and the crystal once they set it free. I knew he wanted me to use the gem to attack someone he was fighting with. He would need to unlock the crystal for that. And when they did, I would release all the power I had in me, killing myself and destroying the crystal in the process. Since he destroyed the device that anyone can use to focus the power, he will have no other way to use it if I kill myself.

It’s funny really. I’ve never been afraid of dying. I’ve been afraid of many things, mostly dealing with my father. Afraid of living with him forever. Of being forced to do his bidding for the rest of my life. That all terrified me growing up and it still does to the present moment. Dying, though, was the least of my fears. I knew it was final and no turning back but I also knew that, hopefully, there was peace in death. There would be no more fear. No more running. No more living every moment of my life looking over my shoulder. Even when I was on the run, I lived in fear. I always assumed he would find me somehow and would drag me back kicking and screaming to the life I had fled from. I wondered what dying would feel like.

I wasn’t much of a religious person, church not being a part of my upbringing so I wasn’t sure if I believed in God or Heaven. When my mother died, I always imagined her in Heaven looking down on me. After she passed, I missed her so terribly. She was the only real family I had and without her, I was lost. Thinking of her now, a small smile spread to my lips. Ending my life may bring me back to her now. To see her beautiful red hair like mine and her soft smile. Her beautiful voice that she would use to sing me to sleep at night. I wondered what she would think of how my life turned out. How I managed to escape and live my own life for about a year, free of all the worries and fears that came with Scorpio. I think she would be proud of me and amazed how I did it. She may think I’m a fool for landing myself right back in the same spot but I know she would be there waiting for me if there was a Heaven. It would be our first Christmas together since her death.

I thought back on the last year of my life, Miss Sandelgo coming to mind first. She was the only grandmother figure I had in my entire life. She had taken me under her wing my first night at the hotel, offering me some of her cabbage and ham soup. Her kindness and compassion for me was just the thing I needed after escaping the Villa. She taught me new things like crocheting and how to sew. The thought of us sitting out on the patio of the hotel during the summer, drinking lemonade and working on whatever yarn creation she was making at the time. Sometimes, the rest of the hotel crew would join us. We would have barbeques, picnics and just hang out together. It was the first time in my life I felt a part of anything resembling a family. And it pained me that I would never be able to see them again. Miss Sandelgo was probably worried sick about me since she hadn’t seen me since I had switched cars with her. I hope she had her car back and it was fixed. She more than likely had called the police, worried about me. They’d be looking for a person that never really existed. Abby Winters had been such a good part of my life. I’d do anything to be back there, living that life again. To see Miss Sandelgo laugh at a crude joke told by Mr. Burns while he was grilling us salmon on a warm August night. To give Admir the finger one last time for refusing to give me change. Even though he was a nasty little man, he was nowhere close to the level of bad that was in the car with me right now.

An image of Cory came to mind as I thought about this last week. Him lying on the ground of the clearing where I had first found him. Him flying over my head as I flipped him off me. His tough as nails attitude that seemed to melt away every time we were alone. The way his lips felt against mine and how right it felt to lay with him. How soft his skin was against mine. I wondered what life would have been like if our plan had succeeded. If we could have ended up together. Would we have that perfect life with careers at the CIA, saving the world mission after mission? Going home to each other each night, knowing we were with the person who we were meant to be with. Even though our time together had been so short, it had been everything I had imagined love to be like. I never could have imagined that I would be so happy with someone in my life like I was with him. I wish it could have been longer. That we could have had the chance at this whole life thing together without having to worry about my father or a drug cartel battle. To just be us.

I felt a tear slip down my check as I closed my eyes. The thought of him strung up last night flashed in my brain. I prayed he was safe now. That he would just let me go and would try to forget about this. A part of me hoped the entire CIA was heading to Urique too but I knew better than to rely on that. He was more than likely back at some headquarters, getting debriefed about what happened. No one was coming. He would stay there and be safe. ‘I love you.’ His voice said in my mind. He had said it. He had told me how he felt, causing the doubts I had out of my heart. He was truly the love of my life and I had was able to save him, even if it meant sending me to Heaven.

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