Dark Side

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Chapter Thirty-Four - Cory

The ground shook under our feet as Scorpio cowered behind Abby. I watched as she closed her eyes, the crystal glowing with a white light that seemed to swallow her. The hair around her head began to whip in the wind as it picked up. The hat covering my head flew off as I tried to walk towards her. From above, rain began to pelt us. Everyone was drenched quickly, bullets flying through the air and around the rain drops. Pedro’s men and our agents dove for cover, pursuing a shootout with Scorpio’s men. I wasn’t shocked as Lucas took Alexz to cover, leaving his “bride” and Scorpio in the middle of the action. He knew that the crystal would protect them from any harm, including the bullets that just disappeared when they neared the circle around Abby. It was like a war zone had broken out in the middle of a hurricane, blood mixing with the water on the ground as men laid dying on both sides.

A bolt of lightning exploding on the ground, sending Anthony and a number of men flying. I skidded to a stop, glancing up at the sky. Another one came down, a few feet away from Abby’s left side. What was she doing? She knew how to control those better than that. It was almost as if she was trying to hit inside of the circle she was in. Was she trying to take out Scorpio? It was risky with him hanging on to her. She would be taking the chance of hitting herself. There was no way to do it without killing herself in the process as well.

The realization of what she was doing hit me as I heard another crackle above all of us. You could feel the electricity in the air as the bolt was forming. “ABBY, NO!” I called out, running towards her. I dove, colliding with her and Scorpio as the bolt searing down from the sky. The three of us landed as it hit the ground, sounding like an explosion. The power made the hair on my body stand up and the ground where it had hit was scorched. The rain stopped around us, the circle moving. Scorpio sat up from his position on the ground. Abby laid on the ground under me, panting. Her eyes were glossed over, a white film covering them. “Abby. Abby. Wake up.” I said, cupping her cheek in my hand. She didn’t respond, almost like she couldn’t tell I was there. She pushed herself up in a sitting position, her expression one of concentration as she looked blindly around.

“She can’t hear you. The crystal has taken over her body. It won’t stop until it completes what I’ve told her to do.” Scorpio called over the wind as he stood.

“Abz, listen to me. Snap out of it.” I said, smacking her face lightly. She didn’t move, her eyes gazing up at the sky. “Abby, come on!” I shouted, shaking her.

I was suddenly thrown off my feet as a person collided with me. I saw it was Lucas as he clambered on top of me, trying to punch me. I shoved him off, connecting my knee with his chin. He climbed to his feet as I did. Chaos continued to break out around us, Scorpio’s men firing back at the agents and Pedro’s men, rain pelting us all and the wind coming from every direction it seemed. It had picked up speed when I had saved Abby from the lightening.

Lucas glared over at me, his fists up in a fighting stance. “Let’s end this!” He yelled over the howl of the wind. I attacked, sending a punch towards his face. He dodged it, hitting me with a blow to the ribs. I winced but fired back with an elbow to the gut. Doubling over in pain, he took a few steps back. He returned though with a swift kick towards my head. I ducked, knocking his feet out from under him. He jumped back to his feet quickly. “Cory, we both know how this is going to end. I’m going to kill you and spend the rest of my life with the woman you love.” He said, tossing a fist towards me. I moved out of the way, deflecting it with my forearm. He avoided my return punch, jumping to the side. “I’ll be the one making her moan with pleasure and pain every night. She’ll be having my babies. She will be on her knees for me every single day until the day she dies. And if she doesn’t, I’ll be sure to end her as slow and as painfully as I am about to end you.”

“Over my dead body.” I exclaimed, kicking him in the chest. He heaved backwards, holding the area I had made contact with. Sending another punch towards him, it connected with his cheek bone. The shot sent him reeling back, landing on the ground. Reaching for his beltline as he stood, he grabbed his Glock from its holster. I took the chance to pull my gun from the side of my pants as well. Pointing it at him, I pulled the trigger twice. The first bullet hit him in the chest, blood and tissue spraying out from the wound. The second hit him in the stomach. His eyes widened as he fell backwards. Walking over, I stood over him as he drew in a shallow breath. He blinked up at me as the life dimmed in his eyes. Relief flooded my chest as I watched the man who had murdered my brother take his last breath. No longer would he be able to cause any harm to Abby or any other person on this planet. I had finally gotten my revenge for Henry and had eliminated one of the main tormentors in her life.

“Cory!” Anthony called from behind me. Turning, I saw he was ducked behind one of our trucks, Pedro next to him. Running over, I ducked next to him. “You need to break her out of that trance before she floods this entire valley.”

“It’s tapped into her emotions. The crystal is feeding off the destruction that Scorpio wants her to do and the sadness it’s causing her. She won’t be able to break free unless another emotion forces its way in there.” I yelled over the wind.

“Well, you better think of something before we are all under water.” Glancing back at Abby, I saw she was standing again. Scorpio hovered around her, pacing in the circle. A wide smile was on his face as he watched the rain fall to the ground. It was falling too fast for the ground to soak it up. The water was beginning to run like small streams around the vehicles, pooling in spots.

“I’m going to try again!” I called before running back towards Abby. Her eyes seemed to glow with the power now, an eerie white light casting from them. I grabbed her shoulders and she seemed to buzz under my fingers. The wind was blowing her red hair everywhere and making the white sun dress she wore billow around her thighs. Scorpio didn’t stop me as I approached, watching with a curious eye. “Abz, you need to break out of this. Think of something else besides your father.” I said, gripping her face in my hands. Her expression softened for a moment.

“Cory…” She whispered.

“Yes! It’s me! Wake up. Wake up and look at me. Come on, Abby!” Leaning in, I pressed my lips against hers. Pulling back, I saw her eyes heavily close for a second. When they opened, the white started to dim and the emerald green on her irises began to poke through.

“Get…away…” She whispered. Tears brimmed her eyes as they moved to look at me.

“No. I’m not leaving you. You can fight this. Think of something that made you happy. Anything. Push the nasty thoughts out of your mind. I know you can do this.” I gripped her hands in my and pressed them against my chest. “I’m here. This is real. And I’m not going anywhere ever again.” Her eyes glazed over again as she collapsed in my arms. I caught her, falling back on my knees. Her breathing was labored as I lowered her to the ground.

“Back away from her.” Scorpio said above me. Facing up, I came nose to nose with the barrel of a pistol. Scorpio gripped it tightly in his hand, his finger on the trigger.

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