Dark Side

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Chapter Thirty-Six - Cory

The clean up after the shootout in Urique did not take long. Alexz was found hiding in one of the vehicles, hoping to sneak out while everything was going down. She was arrested and taken back to the airport where a make shift bunker had been set up. The remaining men of Scorpio’s were also arrested and sent to the bunker. Many of them were younger men who were only working for him as a way to pay off a family debt. I wondered what would happen to them after the fact. There had been many causalities as well on both sides. We had lost four agents and six of Pedro’s men. Scorpio’s men had suffered more though, almost all of them dying as a result of the gunfire and the weather attack.

Abby was loaded up in Anthony’s vehicle while I was rounding up the survivors and taken back to the bunker. To be sure she was safe, they had locked the crystal back up and removed her from the site. I don’t know what would have happened if Pedro had not killed Scorpio when he did. Her and I probably would have been goners. His quick draw saved us both. Now free of his brother, Pedro asked if we would be arresting him next for his murder and his drug crimes. Neither Anthony or myself could bring it upon ourselves to turn him in. We agreed that he would not be mentioned in the report and that his activities would fly under the radar as long as he remained peaceful as he has been.

The bunker was bombarded with agents when I arrived. Supervisors and top officials had flown in once they heard Scorpio had been killed by US agents in Mexico. Each one of Scorpio’s men were questions, booked and loaded into a cargo van for Houston, Texas. It was our closest office where they would be interrogated before shipped back to New York to be put on trial. Alexz, on the other hand, would be having a bit more fun with the CIA. Since she was a double agent, she was flown straight to our head office in Washington D.C to await questioning from a number of people, including the secretary of defense. Granted she was only working for some drug dealer, it was still unknown how much information she had regarding other things and they wanted to make her squeal before rotting in a jail cell for the rest of her life. I just hoped whatever happened to her was the same kind of pain that she caused for Abby.

I searched the bunker for Abby but could not find her anywhere. When I asked, I was told she had been flown back to the states for questioning as well. Since she had the crystal and control of the crystal, they were treating her as if she was an active bomb, ready to explode at any time. Annoyance set in as I loaded my belongings back on to the plane I had flown here on. They wanted me for questioning as well, my supervisor mad as hell at the fact I had failed to check in more than once the entire mission. He screamed at me over the phone for most of the ride back to the plane. Sick of it, I hung up and decided to deal with it then. All I cared about was getting to Abby. Everything had happened to quickly once Scorpio was killed that I hadn’t had the chance to see if she was alright.

The plane landed in Washington and a car was waiting for me on the tarmac. The driver didn’t say a peep to me the entire time and when he pulled up in front of headquarters, I climbed out without saying a word. Security checked my bag when I walked in and made me leave my gun with the office there. My supervisor, Peter Clarke, a rather short man with a round frame and grey hair met me by the elevators. His face was redder than usual and if looks could kill, I’d be a goner. “Forester, what on God’s green earth were you thinking?!” He exclaimed, pointing towards his office. I walked in, plopping into the chair across from his. He leaned against the desk, looking at me for an answer.

“Where’s Abby?” I asked.

“Boy, are you deaf? I asked you what the hell you were doing? You could have got a lot of good men killed out there. Three agents lost their lives, agency property was destroyed, you crossed a national border and one of our biggest targets has been killed. And all you care about it a girl?”

“Is she okay? I haven’t seen her since everything happened.” He sighed, not amused with me.

“She’s fine. She’s in talking with Agent Porter. We’re trying to find a way to seal that crystal so no other freaky weather shit can happen. Care to explain to me what happened now?” I dove into the story of Scorpio killing Henry and meeting Abby, how she found the crystal and learned to use it. I left out the pieces about us being together, not wanting him to know about that. I told him all about the mansion in Sea Harbor, the night at the Villa and then what happened in Mexico. After I was finished, he walked over to his chair behind his desk and sat down.

“Scorpio was killed when he was trying to fire at myself and Miss Marrero.” I stated, leaning back in the chair. After telling the story, it felt like a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I suddenly felt exhausted, the events of the last few days catching up with me. I was tired and sore like hell.

“I’m going to need a report from you with all those details in it. Why don’t you go clean up and I’ll check to see how Porter is doing with your friend?”

“Pete, I just want to see her.” I responded. He sighed again, nodding. Standing, he signaled me to follow him. He walked up the hallway and towards the rooms we do our questioning in. He stopped at the third door on the left and knocked. It opened after a few minutes, an African American woman sticking her head out. Agent Yvonne Porter smiled at him.

“Yes, sir?” She asked.

“Are you finished with Miss Marrero?” Pete asked. Yvonne nodded, glancing over the folder in her hand.

“I believe so. I was about to look into a safe house for her until she could return to her home in Sea Harbor.”

“I don’t think that’ll be necessary.” Pete said, sending me a side glance. “We’ll leave you two alone. I need to go over a few things with you, Yvonne.” She nodded, excusing herself from the room. They walked up the hallway as I pushed my way into the small room. Abby was sitting at the small table, her hands cuffed to the metal clip in the middle of it. Her face lit up when she saw me.

“Cory!” She exclaimed. I ran over to her and kissed her, cupping her beautiful face in my hands. Quickly, I found the key for the handcuffs in the drawer of the table and undid them. She wrapped her arms around my torso in a tight hug. I did the same, squeezing her against me. I had never been so happy to see someone before in my life.

“Hey, beautiful. People gotta stop taking you away from me. Chasing after you seems to be my new hobby lately.” I said, giving her a peck on the top of the head. She laughed, looking up at me.

“I’m so sorry about all this. Are you hurt? What happened after I left?”

“Relax. Everything is fine. I’m fine.” Glancing down, I saw that the crystal was no longer around her neck. “Where’s the crystal?”

“They found a box made out of the same material. It can’t return to me when it’s in there.”

“That’s great. I was so scared I had lost you. Are you hurt?” She shook her head.

“I’m fine. Nothing that a nap wouldn’t cure. How did you get to Mexico?” I smirked.

“It’s a long story we really can’t talk about here. Let’s get you home, okay?” She nodded. Taking her hand, I led her towards Pete’s office. He said she was free to go but to make sure she remained reachable in case they needed anything else. We headed to the train station and purchased two tickets for Sea Harbor, Maine. Both of us slept on the way there, her tucked into my shoulder looking like a sleeping angel. We were both caked in dirt and appeared like we had seen some better days but I couldn’t be happier. We were both safe and she was right where she belonged, here with me.

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