Dark Side

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Chapter Thirty-Seven - Abby

“Abby!” Miss Sandelgo called when she noticed me walking up the drive of the hotel. She stood from her chair in front of her room, her yarn and crochet needles falling to the ground. I rushed over to her and hugged her tightly, never happier to see the elderly woman before. Mr. Burns’ door opened at the sound of my name. He stepped over too and hugged us both.

“Where have you been?” He asked, stepping back.

“It’s a long story but I’m back and safe. I’m sorry for scaring you like that. I didn’t think I was ever doing to see either one of you again.” I replied.

“Neither did we. I was sure you were kidnapped and worse! I even called the police. I’m so glad you’re safe.” Miss Sandelgo said. She smiled, her eyes catching Cory behind me. “Oh! Who’s your friend?” She asked, winking at me.

“This is Cory Forester. He’s the man that saved my life while I was gone. Cory, this is Miss Sandelgo and Mr. Burns. They are the closest thing to a family that I have.” I said, waving Cory over. Mr. Burns shook his hand, beaming at being called my family.

“It’s nice to meet both of you. I’m sorry she had you both worried. I suppose it’s more my fault than anything. She’s lucky to have the two of you keeping an eye on her.”

“We do our best. She’s our girl alright. You look beat, Abby. Why don’t you go lay down for a while? We can catch up later over dinner.” Miss Sandelgo suggested, rubbing my back. I nodded.

“That sounds like a plan. I’ll see you two later.” I gave her a kiss on the cheek before walking with Cory towards my room. I unlocked it, walking in. He followed. Closing the door, I heard him chuckle behind me. “What?”

“Don’t think we need this anymore.” He said, walking over to the sheet barrier he had made from the last time we had slept here. I smirked, shaking my head.

“Feels like it was a life time ago.”

“I know.” He stepped closer to me, gingerly grabbing my elbows. “I would do it all again though if I knew it meant being with you in the end.”

“Me too. Shower?” I asked, pointing towards the bathroom. He nodded.

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