Dark Side

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Chapter Thirty-Nine - Abby

Two months passed since I last saw Cory. In that time, I was given the deed to the Villa and the property here in Sea Harbor. Even though Scorpio was not my biological father, he had listed me in his will for all his money and earthly possessions. And even though he was married to Alexz, he had not added her to his will yet. I sold the Villa, cashing in on the money from the sale and moved into the house in Sea Harbor. I didn’t want to at first, knowing the history of the family that built it. Miss Sandelgo convinced me though, telling me that I could reshape the history of the house to whatever I wanted it to be. That’s why I asked her to move in with me when I did. She reluctant at first but agreed, not wanting me to be there all by myself. I even asked Mr. Burns to be the groundskeeper, living in the cottage located in the back part of the property. The three of us set up our happy home together.

Now with everything behind me, I started schooling for creative writing. It was something I always wanted to do when I was younger and now with my new-found money and freedom, I was able to do so. I found a college nearby that had the program I was interested and I start in September. I was excited about going to a public school, even if it was college. I never really had much of a chance to be around people my own age and I was looking forward to the idea of making friends. I was hoping it would help me get my mind off everything that’s happened and to put it behind me.

Since our adventure in Mexico, I’ve kept close contact with Pedro. Getting to know him as my father was easier than I thought it would be. He was a very kind man with a great deal of generosity in him. He told me the story about how him and my mother met. During his time in America, he had started working for my grandfather at his landscaping company. They fell in love very quickly but my grandfather was not approving of the relationship. That’s why he agreed to sell her hand to Scorpio in exchange for money. Pedro went back to Mexico then, hoping his biological father would help him get my mother back. He disowned him, saying that his only son was Scorpio. The man who raised Pedro encourage him to fight for her and he did. He tried with everything he could to get her back. He stopped though once he discovered she was pregnant with me. He worried about our safety and what Scorpio would do to her or me if he pushed too hard. Him and my mother would write to each other in secret, using code words they developed when they were younger. The letters stopped though when I was ten. He didn’t hear from her again until right before her death. She asked him to come take me from the Villa. She was willing to stay there and deal with the aftermath as long as I was safe. Pedro believes Scorpio had planned on killing her the entire time.

Scorpio had always been jealous of Pedro. Like him, his father had been a vicious man. He had forced Scorpio to train and work very hard at a young age. He was abusive to not only him but his mother as well. All he wanted was his father’s approval but he never seemed to be able to get it. He was seventeen when he discovered his father had a child out of wedlock in Mexico. He went there to find him and to see for himself. When he did, he grew very angry at the thought of another child fighting for his father’s affection. He vowed to take everything he could away from Pedro, including my mother. It was a bit of luck that Pedro’s mother married a man who was also in the drug smuggling business. He helped his step-father build the company to what it was today, almost crushing out the Marrero name. Scorpio’s father was not pleased and told Scorpio he needed to solve the problem as soon as possible. Scorpio threatened to kill my mother if Pedro didn’t draw his territory back. Fearful for her life, he did. He agreed to stay to the west of Texas and to keep his dealings on that part of the country. After their father died, Scorpio grew more ruthless. He wanted the whole country for himself, demanding that Pedro stay in Mexico. Pedro almost agreed until he heard of my mother’s passing. He had assumed I had been murdered too until Cory told him I was the one with the crystal.

Building a relationship with Pedro and his family was comforting to me. For the first time in my life, I was getting to know my father and had no fear of him. Granted, he was a drug king pin in Mexico but he was not like Scorpio in the slightest. He was violence free and thought more of the good he could provide with the money rather than what he could get out of it for himself. He met his wife after my mother died and they have three children together who are my half-siblings. I promised to spend a month in Mexico with them come this summer to get to know them more. It was thrilling to finally have a family that I’ve always wanted. We are working on a way for them to come here for a few weeks, hopefully getting to do some site-seeing while they are here.

With all this good happening in my life, something was still missing. I thought about Cory every day. About everything that happened that day in the musty hotel room. I hadn’t heard from him since and I haven’t tried to reach out to him not that I knew how to. I didn’t even know his phone number. I assumed the CIA would reach out to me again after my questioning but they didn’t. It took a while for me to realize it was probably because of him. They had everything they needed from me and they were told to let me be afterwards. He had officially cut all ties with me, leaving me in the wind. I missed him with every fiber of my being and I wish I could just see his handsome face again. I want to tell him everything that’s happened and show him the things I’ve written. My heart wasn’t whole without him here and it hurt where he was missing.

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