Dark Side

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Chapter Four - Abby

Half an hour later, the tow truck still hadn’t arrived. Annoyance now had set in and the snow had stopped. Lighting now filled the sky with heavy rain. It was also growing increasingly warm in the car, the snow that had accumulated on the hood now melted. I shed off my scarf and tossed it into my bag as I climbed out of the car, the raining letting up. Looking up and down the road, I was hopeful to see a tow truck. Naturally, there was none. Not even a flashing light. Swearing under my breath, I slung my bag over my shoulder and started towards the direction of the hotel.

The lightening was getting more frequent and closer as I walked. It was about a mile walk through town back and I was praying that the rain and the snow would hold off for me to get there in time. Passing businesses on Fourth Ave, I ignored the Christmas lights that lined the windows. Christmas was in two weeks. It was hard to believe that almost a whole year has gone by since that last time I saw my family. A whole year since my father had declared my planned career in the drug business and a whole year since one of his slime ball boy toys tried to have their way with me. Running was the only option I had and it wasn’t like Christmas was stellar in our home so I saw it as the perfect opportunity to bounce. I made a plan to flee, hoping to find a piece of this world of my own but my civic had different plans when it died on the side of the road here in Sea Harbor, Maine. Seemed like a nice place to stay for a while and I haven’t left since. Not that I have any real place to go.

A loud crack of thunder made me jump as a bolt of lightning hit the top of a building ahead of me. I heard the muffled cries of people as the thunder rumbled again. Something inside of me told me to head back to the car and wait for the tow truck. I ignored it though as I took off running towards Kemble Square. Someone might be hurt and I wasn’t just going to leave them there.

Kemble Square isn’t the most pleasant place in town. It’s known for being drug dealer central and it’s common to see some shady people hanging out around here. It was mostly dead though as I ran up the alley that opened up into the square. Either the weather drove them away or someone told them to find a new place to hang out for the night. The clearing was empty as I came to a stop. The fountain was there like usual and some dumpsters. I smelt burning something though and it made my stomach queasy. I know the lightening hit over here. I could still feel the electricity in the air.

Moaning caught my attention. Turning to my right, I saw a man about my age laying face up on the cobbled stone near the fountain. I ran over, fishing for my phone in my pocket. As I came closer, I could see that he was covered in blood and had a nasty burn on his right shoulder. The skin was red and charred in places. “Hello? Are you alright?” I asked, standing a few feet away. He didn’t answer though as he continued to murmur under his breath.

“Alexz…” He whispered. He had dirty blonde hair that was cut short and a fair complexion. He winced like he was in pain, clutching at his jean pocket. I went to step towards him when something in the water of the fountain caught my eye. Leaning in, I saw that it was a necklace with a glowing purple crystal on the end of it. Glancing around, I made sure no one was looking before reaching it and grabbing it. As I pulled it out, I felt the air grow instantly warmer and it finally felt calm, almost peaceful. Undoing the chain, I clasped it around my neck for safe keeping. I turned back to the wounded stranger and saw he was gone.

“Hello?” I called out. I looked around, confused. I know he had been there. He was barely able to stay conscious. How’d he get up and move so fast? There was no answer to my call, the clearing feeling eerily silent. Gripping the strap of my bag tighter, I walked quickly towards the other side to head back to the motel.

The squealing of tires in the distance behind me made me turn. Garbage cans went flying as a black SUV came hauling as fast as it could through the clearing, straight towards me. I jumped backwards to narrowly avoid getting hit by the front bumper. The reverse lights flashed on as it roared backwards. Fear gripped me as I took off running up the alley way. My footsteps that echoed off the walls were soon joined by the heavy clomping of boots. I zigzagged around cars and dumpsters as I ran, hoping to lose whoever it was. Knowing my luck, I had crashed a drug deal and these guys were trying to kill me for being a witness to them killing that guy in the clearing. It would explain why he disappeared so quickly. All I knew now was that I had to get out of there before whatever happened to him happens to me.

The sound of the boots was growing louder. I wasn’t sure if that meant they were closer or growing in numbers but I wasn’t about to stick around to find out. Quickly, I skirted around the corner of a building and scurried up a fire escape. On the top landing, there was a large potted plant and I shrunk behind it, holding my breath. I watched as five men ran past me, their footsteps thundering beneath me. My heart pounded in my chest as they kept going, heading towards the other end of the block. Relief flooded my chest as I collapsed on the steel grate, my breaths coming in short bursts as I tried to catch it again.

My heart rate eventually went back to normal a few minutes later. Making sure the coast was clear, I climbed back down the ladder and quickly made my way out of the alley and onto Main Street in Sea Harbor. The Christmas lights were still blinking in the windows and people were walking around, coming home from the tree lighting. A tow truck drove by, turning down the road where the car was parked. I mentally kicked myself at my stupidity. I would have been there if I didn’t let my nice nature lead me on a rescue mission that could have gotten me killed. Thankfully, it didn’t. Turning up the street, I started towards the motel again.

A warm filling filled my chest as I walked. Confused, I glanced down and saw the weird crystal on the necklace was glowing under my shirt. I pulled it out and saw it had changed colors. Where it had been purple before, it was now a brilliantly bright white color. It was almost blinding to look at. “What are you?” I whispered, running a finger down the edge of it. A light above me caught my attention. Looking up, I saw that all the storm clouds were disappearing at a rapid pace and the moon now beaming down at the city. Tucking the necklace back in my shirt, I gripped my pack tightly on my shoulder and picked up my pace.

Crossing the street, I passed the liquor store and the bank both which were closed now due to the later hour. Passed the bank was another alley. As I walked crossed it, a hand reached out and wrapped around my mouth, muffling the scream I emitted. Another hand grabbed my arm and yanked me into the dark alley.

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