Dark Side

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One year after the Battle of Urique, Mexico

“Lights out, ladies!” The stern voice of correctional officer Laura Bernard called, slamming the switch for cell block D’s lights. The whole block turned dark, the overhead walk way lights the only source of illumination. Laura walked over to her post in the corner, grabbed her night stick and flash light. She made her rounds, peeking into each cell making sure each inmate was accounted for. When she reached the cell of inmate Alexz Marrero, the blonde was waiting for her. Leaning up against the bars, Alexz grinned at the officer. Glancing both ways, Laura unclipped the keys from her belt and unlocked her cell door as quietly as possible. Grabbing the criminals arm, she led her down the stairs and towards the back part of the unit where the dirty laundry was kept.

Walking into the sorting room, Laura closed the door behind them. Turning around, she smiled at Alexz before pressing a kiss to her lips. The blonde night guard tossed her weapon on the table next to her before wrapping her arms around Alexz. Alexz smiled into the kiss, getting to work at the buttons on the guard’s blouse. She removed her grey shirt quickly, placing it on the far side of the table along with the white t-shirt she wore under it. “It’s been a long day, I see.” She spoke into the kiss, teasing Laura with her teeth on her bottom lip.

“I’ve been thinking of you since I got here.” Laura whispered, pulling Alexz’s shirt over her head. She tossed the beige colored prison issued article to the side, cupping her breast in her hand.

“I like to hear that. I’ve grown fond of our little adventures together.” Alexz cooed in Laura’s ear as she explored her bare chest. Laura’s mouth placed small kisses here and there, teasing the buds of her breasts.

She was preoccupied; too much so to notice Alexz pull something from the back of her hair. The light above caught the edge of the sharpened tooth brush before Alexz buried it into the side of the guard. Laura gasped, gripping Alexz’s hands as she twisted the chive into Laura’s lung farther. She couldn’t scream, her lung beginning to fill with blood quickly. A smile crossed Alexz’s face as she watched Laura fall to the floor, blood pooling under her at an alarming rate. She looked up at her with frantic eyes, searching for help. She found none though in the eyes of her attacker. Alexz stood over her as Laura died, her bloody hands falling to the side. “Took ya long enough.” Alexz whispered, yanking the rest of her clothes off the dead girl.

Quickly, Alexz changed into the prison guard’s uniform and shoved her body into the half full hamper in the corner. Laundry had just been taken the night before, leaving these to be here for a few days. Laura’s body would go unfounded until then at least. Alexz tucked her hair into a ponytail before slipping back into the hallway. Grooming Laura had been the smartest idea she had ever had. It was easy too. The moment Alexz say her, she knew that the plan would work in her favor of escaping. The girl looked like her, the same shade of blond and same eye color. The only difference that Alexz was taller. It didn’t matter thought as Alexz walked right passed the guards by the front door. Using Laura’s key card, she opened the front door. No one even said a word to her as she walked out into the night air.

Walking towards the parking lot, she saw the idling black SUV parked in the back corner. Casually walking over, she popped open the passenger side door and climbed in. In the driver seat sat Jason Washington. The twenty-five-year-old man smiled at her, his blue eyes sparkling in the light of the street lights in the parking lot. His black hair was combed neatly on the top of his head, the small of after shave filling the car in a subtle way. “Didn’t think you could pull it off but you did.” His thick English accent said as he pulled out of the parking lot of the prison.

“You need to have more faith in my, love.” Alexz responded, pulling off the guard uniform. She found a bag in the back seat and pulled clothes out of it. She dressed in the jeans and sweater he had brought. Leaning over, she pressed a kiss to his cheek.

“I’ll try. So, what now? You just escaped prison. What’s the plan?”

“We are heading to Sea Harbor, Maine.” He looked at her confused.

“What’s there?”

“My step-daughter. I owe her a visit.” Alexz smirked at him. He returned it, heading towards the freeway.

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