Dark Side

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Chapter Five - Cory

Shaking the groggy feeling out of my brain for what felt like the millionth time, I watched from the shadows as the red-haired girl stood in the clearing. Her expression seemed to be of confusion as she glanced around the clearing. I was sure she was looking for me. I had just been laying there a moment ago. When she turned her back, I came to and was able to run for cover. I did not know who she was and I was not going to chance running into another one of Scorpio’s traps. After everything that happened tonight, I wanted to take a second to evaluate the scene.

My chest ached at the thought of Alexz and Henry. In a matter of minutes, my entire world had come crashing down. My brother was dead and the only woman I have ever loved was as well. The CIA was never going to allow me to continue working on this case now. It would be too personal for me in their eyes. There is no way I’m letting someone else take care of this drug lord though. Scorpio and Lucas were going to die by my hands whether it was the last thing I did or not.

The sound of an engine caught my attention. Looking up, I saw the truck that had taken off with Alexz and Scorpio come speeding back into the clearing. It nearly took out the girl, ruling her out as one of their associates. She got to her feet fairly quickly and took off running. As she turned to run, that was when I saw the glow of something around her neck. It was the crystal. It must have fallen off of Alexz during the chaos earlier. I swore under my breath as the girl vanished, four of Scorpio’s men on her heels. Wincing at the pain in my shoulder, I followed, staying in the shadows.

The four men turned down an alley way and I followed, sticking a safe distance behind. I didn’t want them to see me in the condition I was in. I could fight one or two of them off but four was pushing it right now. I knew I had some serious burns going on and from the way I felt, a concussion as well. The sound of their boots was loud compared to her sneakers and quickly, I realized hers were gone. I came to a stop and listened. They continued, heading out on to the main drag of town. Glancing around, a flash of red hair above me caught my attention. She was on the fire escape above me. Staying in the shadow, I watched as she laid down. I could hear her panting from here, running causing her to be out of breath.

After a few minutes, she peered over the railing to see if it was safe. She must not have seen me because she climbed down and walked right past me to the street. The smell of coconut filled my senses as she passed, joining the rest of the people walking on the sidewalk. I followed, staying behind a family that was a few steps behind her. She moved to cross the street and I ran, making sure I was there first. Dodging behind the businesses on the street, I sprinted up an alley and hid by the corner. Her footsteps soon came near.

As she walked past, I reached out and wrapped my hand over her mouth and grabbed her arm with my other hand. She tried to scream but my palm muffled it. I pulled her tight against my body, pulling her into the shadows with me. By now, she began to swing her other arm wildly. I had nothing to grab on to it with so she drew her elbow back, it made direct contact with my eye socket. Stars filled my eyes for a second, my grip weakening. Bending forward, she flipped me over her back and I landed hard on my ass. I let out a groan as pain shot up my back and shoulders from the landing. Swearing under my breath, I looked up as she went running towards the end of the alley. Quickly as I could, I jumped to my feet and started after her. She was heading for the end of the alley that connected to a back street. The black SUV from before went speeding down it, passing the alley. “Wait!” I called out. She didn’t listen as she turned left on to the side street, the same direction as the vehicle.

Picking up my pace, I rounded the corner to see two of Scorpio’s men pinning her against the wall of the liquor store. One held her in place, her face pressed against the brick and his elbow in the back of her neck. Another held up a hand gun that he had pointed at her. “Please let me go. I don’t know what you want. I’m just trying to go home.” The girl whimpered. Rage flamed in my chest at the sight. Her cheek scrapping against the brick, blood dripping down her white skin. The way she looked at her assailant made me think of Alexz before Scorpio and Lucas killed her.

A rage fueled scream erupted from me as I collided with the man holding the gun. Him and his gun went flying in separate directions. The other turned to see what had happened. I kicked him in the jaw, a tooth flying out of his mouth as he fell backwards. The girl shrank back against the wall, fear filling her eyes as she looked at me. It was hard to believe she was the same one who kicked my ass not even five minutes ago. The lackie with the gun pulled himself back to his feet but I punched him squarely in the jaw. He landed in a group of trash cans, the loud clattering echoing in the alley. Turning back to the girl, I was surprised to see a glow coming from her chest. Even under her black shirt, I could tell that the crystal was glowing with a white aurora. I had never seen it do that before. It was true that the color tends to change from person to person based on your purity level but I had never seen it this white.

“Leave me alone!” She said, stepping backwards away from me. “All I want to do is go home. I won’t tell anyone what I saw. I promise. Just let me go home.”

“Give me that necklace and I will.” I said. The pain in my shoulder was back now, throbbing with my heart beat in my chest. Wincing, I held out my hand towards her.

“What does it do?” She asked, clutching it in her hand. Her emerald green eyes locked with mine, her round face was flushed from the excitement and her cheek was now cut on the cheek bone.

“Nothing. It’s just a piece of jewelry that belongs to someone else. Give it back to me and everyone will stop chasing you.” I lied. I knew damn well that even if she handed it over, Scorpio’s men would try to track her down. She had seen it and them. He’d never let a witness live.

“What happened to you?” She asked, catching me off guard.


“You’re hurt. What happened to you?” She asked again, looking at me with the most innocent look I had ever seen before. Something stirred in me causing me to forget how to talk for a moment.

“I-I-I was hit by lightning. Please. Just give me that crystal so they won’t hurt you.” I pleaded. For some reason, something in me did not want this girl to get hurt even though I was prepared to do it myself less than half an hour ago.

“They’re down here!” A voice yelled behind me. The both of us looked to see another one of Scorpio’s lackies. He pulled his gun from his holster and fired it towards us. It missed, hitting the wall by her head. She let out a yelp as I reached over and covered her head.

“Fuck. C’mon. We have to get out of here.” There was another blast and a sharp pain filled my bicep. I let out a yell as the burning of the bullet set it. Ignoring it, I wrapped an arm over her and dragged her towards the direction of safety.

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