Dark Side

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Chapter Six - Abby

My lungs felt like they were on fire as we skidded to a stop. Water splashed up my shins as I stopped in a puddle from the melting slush. The mystery man next to me also stopped, bending over to catch his breath. He rested his hands on his knees as he panted. Blood dripped down his arm and hand, staining his already bloody jeans. “Who are they?” I asked, leaning against a parked car. He glanced at me from the corner of his eyes as he stood up straight.

“Just some bad people you don’t want to get tangled up in. Once I get you some where safe, you need to give me that crystal and forget you ever saw them or it.”

“What is this thing anyway?” I asked, fishing it out of my shirt. The neck line of my t-shirt was soaked with a mix of rain and sweat. The crystal was pure white now, a soft glow coming from it as my fingers touched it.

“The less you know, the better.” He said, looking over his shoulder up the street. A pang of irritation struck me as I glared at him.

“A guy just shot a GUN at me. I think I’m entitled to know something about it!” I exclaimed. A clap of thunder made us both jump. Coming from what seemed like nowhere. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. Glancing up at the ink black night, I could feel what felt like tension in the air. Almost like it was angry. He looked up as well before looking at me.

“Who are you?” He asked. Screeching of tires cut him off though as the black SUV came around the corner at the end of the street. “Run!” He said, grabbing my hand. I did as he told, running up the street towards the motel. I could see the sign above the houses on the next street over.

“This way!” I said, tugging on him. We ran through a side yard between two houses and found ourselves in the parking lot in front of my room. Scooping my key from my pocket, I yanked my hand from his. Stopping in front of the door, I unlocked it quickly and pulled him inside. I shut the door as fast as I could, peeking out the peep hole. The truck went speeding by, not even slowing down as it passed. I let out a sigh of relief as I pressed my forehead against the wooden door. I smiled as I pushed off the door, turning to face the pitch-dark room. Flicking on the light, I came face to face with the strange man holding a hand gun. The barrel with inches from my nose. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Give me the crystal.” He said, his face looking stern but whiter than before. His wound was bleeding more profusely now, drops dripping on the carpet at his feet.

“You should sit down.” I said, cautiously stepping towards him. The hand holding the gun began to shake and he closed his eyes, trying to gather himself. I took that opportunity to kick the gun out of his hand. It went flying across the room, sliding under the dresser. He took a step towards it before falling to his knees. He gave me one last look before passing out on the floor.

“Shit.” I whispered, looking down at him. He was out cold. Running over to the dresser, I grabbed the gun and gently set it in the top dresser drawer under the television. Turning back to him, I tossed my bag on the chair next to the door and bent down next to him. I pulled his coat off of him, skin and blood soaking into the material where he was injured. Setting it to the side, I pulled the black t-shirt off his torso and revealed a very toned chest covered in blood and grime. Reaching over, I opened up the bottom draw of the dresser and pulled out an old t-shirt. I tore it into strips as I stood up. Laying them on the bed, I walked into the bathroom. Running the water in the sink, I filled up the bowl I use for cooking in the microwave. I dumped some peroxide in as well before heading back into the main room. Setting the bowl on the bed side table, I walked back over to him.

Tucking my hands under his armpits, I lifted him as high as I could off the floor. I managed to get him on the bed not so gently. He landed right on his wound but he didn’t flinch. Worried, I checked for a pulse to make sure he wasn’t dead. There was one. Grabbing the strips of cloth I had made, I began to clean his wound as best I could. Once it was clean, I wrapped some clean toilet paper on it and tied the remaining strip around his bicep. The bullet had only grazed him, leaving a gash in his arm. The burn hadn’t been too bad now that the burned skin was gone. It was only a first or second degree burn at the most. It didn’t need to be bandaged but I did put some ointment that I had on it.

When I was done, I took his jeans off, emptied the pockets on to the bed side table and picked up the rest of his clothes. Grabbing some change, I walked out of the room and to the laundry room around the corner. I shoved his clothes in and started the washing machine. He was still out when I came back. Locking the door, I headed to the bathroom to take a shower myself. I emerged a few moment later, brushing out my hair. The color was returning to his face now and he was mumbling in his sleep. I stepped closer, setting the brush on the dresser.

“Alexz…” He whispered, a painful expression filling his face. He must be having a nightmare. He was practically thrashing in the bed now. I reached out and placed a hand on his chest. Instantly, he relaxed. His whole body stilled and a small smile filled his lips. Removing my hand, I sat on the edge of the bed next to him. I looked over at the pile of stuff I had pulled from his pockets. There was some money, a wallet, a wad of receipts and then what appeared to be another slimmer wallet. Grabbing it, I unfolded it. His picture looked up at me, CIA written on the badge next to it. Cory Forester was typed along with his badge number and some other information. I contemplated calling the emergency number on the card to let them know he was here and that he was hurt. Something told me not to though so I tossed the badge back on the table and stood up. Placing my hands on my hips, I glanced around the room.

“Where the hell am I going to sleep?” I muttered to myself. Shaking my head, I tossed my coat on and headed back down to the laundry room. Someone had switched it over to the dryer for me and his clothes were now dry. I followed them into a neat pile that I set on the dress across from the bed when I came back to the room. Getting the spare pillow and blanket from the closet, I made a little bed on the floor and fell asleep.

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