Dark Side

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Chapter Eight - Abby

Panic filled my chest as Agent Forester and I walked our way to the bus station in the heart of Sea Harbor. We were both silent, keeping a fair distance between the two of us as we made our way down the stretch of Main Street. Sea Harbor is a smaller town, the bus station connected to the post office as well. People were lined up outside, waiting for the doors to open. Unlike major cities, the Sea Harbor port did not have automatic terminals where you could use a machine to purchase a ticket. You needed to wait for the ticket master to arrive and open up shop before you could hop on one of the waiting buses. All I knew is that I couldn’t wait for the place to open so I could ship him off as soon as possible, my past riding along with him.

I couldn’t believe my ears when he said the name I had been running from for a year. Scorpio. I hadn’t heard my father’s name since I ran, leaving his over barring and ever watchful eye behind when I made my escape last December. Growing up with him as my father was one of the worst things a person could imagine. Every move I made was watched by either him or one of his hired henchmen. It wasn’t as bad when my mother was alive. She was my protector and was able to pull some reigns over my father. He always had a soft side when it came to her. She was the only person I knew that he would listen to and take into consideration when it came to making choices.

Especially when it came to me. When he first decided I was to follow in his footsteps and take over the family business of cocaine, methamphetamines, and any other drug that was hot on the market, my mother wasn’t too keen to the idea. He was set on me doing this though so she made him enlist the help of a martial artist to teach me how to protect myself. I started training when I was just seven years old, earning my first black belt by the age of eleven. I’ve been trained in many areas of fighting including hand to hand combat and using weapons. When most girls my age were learning how to ride horses or dance, I was practicing how to break a man’s leg with one kick. At the time, I thought it was thrilling. I lived to make my father proud of me. The better I became, the more attention he paid me. My mother also insisted I was to stay in school and get a proper education. And I did. My father found me a team of tutors who helped me earn a high school diploma before I turned fifteen. I was well on my way to becoming the rightful heir of the “throne” as my father liked to put it when my mother died suddenly.

Her death sent ripples through our already unique family situation. At first, my father was in denial of her death. Outraged, he told everyone that she must have been murdered. He killed people for just looking at him without asking first. Then her autopsy came back and revealed that she had died from suicide. She had taken a large amount of medication and went to sleep. She had even sent him a suicide note that he received a few days following her funeral. There was a sudden change in him. There was no more soft side to him. The fact the love of his life had chosen death over being with him had morphed him into a harder and more ruthless man. He killed whoever he wanted, he took whatever he wanted and he did whatever whenever. His own men cowered whenever he walked into the room.

Our relationship also changed. The small amount of attention he had paid to me before had decreased almost altogether. He never spoke to me directly, counting on his henchmen and their wives to tend to me when needed. By then, I had begun to see him as the man he was. He terrified me whenever he did look at me. That’s when Lucas came into the picture. I was seventeen when Father had found him through some type of business transaction. He had been trained by military special forces and had grown up learning different types of martial arts. Even though he looked so young, he had proven himself deadly within his first few days here. Single handedly, he had killed three men for speaking out of turn towards my father. This pleased my father tremendously, helping him decide that Lucas was the kind of man he needed to help run his empire. He noticed that Lucas had taken an interest in me and that’s when he decided that I was to wed Lucas. He felt like he would make the perfect son-in-law and that he would be able to help me continue in his footsteps successfully.

As plans of our wedding went underway, I hatched my own plan of escape. I saved up some money that I earned pawning things from around the house that no one would notice was gone and bought a car. I registered it under a fake name and hid it until the time was right. I searched high and low for a place that I figured he would never look for me. I grew up in the outskirts of New York City where our home, often referred to as the Villa was. I did some research on my father and found he was originally from Sea Harbor. I never thought he would return to his hometown, a place he never even spoke of when I was a child. I waited for the right time to flee, not wanting to give them any chance to find me once I was gone. The time to my wedding was ticking away though. I knew I had to get the hell out of there before that happened. Lucas was insane enough to do anything to keep me there. I wasn’t going to risk him ruining this for me.

The night before our wedding came. It was the week before Christmas. My father had heard some unsettling news that one of his cartel rings had been discovered in Mexico. Him and Lucas flew down there to clean up the mess. Both swore to be back before the wedding. I made my move then, leaving under the cover of darkness. I took everything I could carry, including all the money Lucas had in his room and his bank account. I knew where he hid his bank card and the pin number for it. I cleaned him completely out, totaling about $30,000 and then I hit the road. I didn’t plan on staying here is Sea Harbor when I first arrived. It was a dead little town with nothing really to offer. I decided to stay here for a little while to let my father calm down his search efforts for me before heading to Canada. My little car had other ideas though when it died. I stayed here, terrified that at any moment Scorpio and his small army would break in my door any day.

But they didn’t. Soon, my fear almost completely vanished as I started making a life for myself here. I made a family for myself in the unique bunch that lived in the hotel near me. For the first time in a long time, I finally felt like I had a home. I was even starting to think about getting my own apartment here in Sea Harbor, living under the fake name I had been giving since I arrived. It felt amazing to have what felt like a normal life for the first time in my entire life. That is until the drug crime rate started to rise here. It happened about a month ago. Stories on the news started to rise in numbers daily. I knew it would only be a matter of time before something like this would bring him or his business around. I never imagined it would happen so soon though.

The window at the bus station rolled open and a man dressed in a blue uniform sat there. He flipped the closed sign to open and people began filing up to buy tickets. Turning to face Cory, I pointed over my shoulder at the booth. “Go get your ticket. Stick away from the city and anywhere with a high drug crime rate.” He gave me an odd look before walking over to the line. Looking down at the crystal, I noticed it had a slight green tinge to it now. Running my finger over it, I felt the temperature in the air shift slightly. It grew cooler, wind picking up. Whatever this thing was, my father getting his hands on this was not an option.

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