Car Wreck

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Chapter 3

The ride to the hospital was uneventful to me because I was oblivious to the fact that even though the hearse had a police escort, no one would pull over. What did the people in the cars and trucks ahead of the hearse think when they saw a hearse with a police escort coming up behind them? That maybe the funeral home was in a big hurry to get that person's body in the ground. I considered that fact as I was ridding in the hearse and would have laughed if my left leg hadn't hurt so much.

When I was brought into the ER, a young black orderly came up to me with a Life magazine in his hand and wanted my opinion on who won the boxing match Sonny Liston or Casus Clay. I could have cared less about who won that fight, so I suddenly remember that I was supposed to be seriously injured and pretended to loose consciousness. That tactic worked because he went over to the other side of the ER and was asking someone else.

“You are going to have to wake up now because the doctor is here.” another orderly told me. The doctor looked me over and said. “That cut over your left eye could use some stitches.” That cut had happened when I slide over into the driver’s seat. I had managed to keep from putting my head through the side window, but couldn’t stop my head from hitting the top of the door frame. When I was ejected from the car, the cut only squirted blood for a few seconds and stopped when I thought STOP in my mind, so I considered it trivial. “I put 28 stitches in it and when it heals your eyebrow will cover it.” The doctor said.

“Now we have to take you to x-ray.” The doctor said.

Being x-rayed was an ordeal because I couldn’t get my left leg into the position the technician wanted it without causing me a considerable amount of pain because my toes wanted to face the wrong way. The technician worked for what seemed like a long time before he gave up and positioned my leg in a position that caused me the least amount of pain.

I was taken back to the ER and the orderly said, “I am going to take your pants off.” He held up a pair of scissors then proceeded to cut up the length of my pants legs. The scissors point was aiming at the crotch of my left groin, when I finally decided that there was something he should know before he proceeded any further.

“I am not wearing any underwear!” I said. He looked at me then at my mother and gave us both a weird expression. I thought. “My mother?” “How did she get here and this fast?” The orderly motioned to someone out of my line of vision and a hospital gown suddenly appeared and was put over me as my pants were removed.

Another doctor walked over a said. “I am Dr. Colquitt and I am a bone specialist.” “I will now proceed to set the bones in your left leg. Two orderlies held both my arms as Dr. Colquitt gave my left leg a sharp pull. I felt the bones snap and crack, then feel one hundred per cent better after Dr. Colquitt had finished pulling my left leg.

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