Car Wreck

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Chapter 4

On the count of three, three orderlies and Dr. Colquitt transferred me from the gurney to a specially equipped hospital bed by using the sheet which was under me. This hospital bed had a beam with a triangle shaped outfit on a chain that was designed so that I could pull myself up in bed after a traction rope was attached to my leg.

Then the orderlies pushed the bed from the ER into the corridor and to the elevators. I noticed that the hospital bed fit into the elevator with only inches to spare.

Dr.Colquitt pushed the button on the elevator panel for the seventh floor. When the elevator reached the seventh floor, my hospital bed was pushed into a numbered room which was large enough for two beds. I noticed that the other bed was occupied and that I had a room mate.

Dr Colquitt said, "Your leg will have to be drilled so that a Y shaped device can be inserted, so that a rope with a weight on the end can be attached, thus keeping your leg in traction." "your leg will be in traction for two weeks before we can opperate to put in a stainless steel pin which is called a Schnider pin."

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