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Living life as a spy while being a high school student is never easy, but when an old flame comes back from the dead, life gets even more complex and betrayals come forth.

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

They were still there.

Like hungry predators, they tracked my every move.

Heart pounding, my footsteps sounded like explosions. But years of practice allowed me to make no more sound than a cat. My footsteps were quick and agile.

I could not afford to miss a step. My lungs were burning from the lack of oxygen. Wind surrounded me, blowing my hair in front of my face and out of the neat ponytail it was in.

Panting, I took a risk and glanced back. Two men, big and scruffy, were chasing me. The full moon cast the men in a silver glow. I knew I was visible too. Their faces were mean and stoic. These were the kind of men that burned down countries for fun.

Facing forward again, I reevaluated my situation. I knew the shadows were my friends, and darkness was light. I pushed my legs faster. The lactic acid in my legs burned even more, and I was sure I was going to collapse. I closed my eyes and pushed myself faster.

Dead end.

I skidded to a stop; just inches away from the edge of the roof. A few pebbles fell over the edge. I never heard them hit the ground. I took in deep breaths.

Glancing back again, I readied myself. The men were getting closer. I ran a few feet backwards. Sucking in a breath, I ran forwards, pushing my legs harder and harder with each step. I jumped, using my hands to propel myself over the edge to the roof a few yards away.

Picking myself up, I began running again. Two heavy thuds shook the ground. The men must have jumped too. A brief glance back confirmed that. I ducked. A silver spark flew by me and latched onto the vent behind. I heard the quiet sound of air being cut. I used what energy I had left in my legs to jump, back flipping over the blade. A part of my hair lay on the ground.

Well, I needed that haircut anyways. I didn’t have time to mourn my lost hair. Footsteps from behind warned me of the gaining men, and I ducked and rolled into the shadow of the scarred air vent. My black clothes allowed me to blend into the night, but I could sense them, and I knew they could sense me. Quickly, I fumbled with my watch. I heard the woosh of a metal through air. Stifling a scream, I ducked my head, barely missing the blade. It sliced neatly through the vent. Gulping, I peeked over what was left of my hiding spot.

The two men were high-fiving and congratulating each other. They started walking towards me. I hurriedly tapped on my watch again. Screwdriver, hammer, gun. The options flew through the screen. They were getting closer. I held my breath. My fingers were a blur, swiping through endless weapon options. Darts, grapples, pins. I was getting closer. So were the men.

They walked over to the destroyed air vent, still buzzing with their success.

“Go get the girl, Bob,” one man said. The man named Bob walked cockily towards the air vent. He froze.

“Uh, Joe, you might want to see this.” The one named Joe seemed very unhappy with his coworker’s distraction. He walked over to scold him.

“What now, B-” Joe trailed off. His mouth dropped in disbelief. Where a girl had once been, they found only a hole, the metal outline cooling from red, from where a laser had just carved it seconds before.

“We are so dead,” said Bob. Joe nodded sullenly.

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