The Policewoman

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Chapter 15: Tiger Kidnap

17:21 WIB (GMT + 7)

Friday October 2, 2026

Halim Perdanakusuma Airport

Halim Perdanakusuma, East Jakarta, Jakarta

Patrick and Niall finally arrive at Jakarta’s smaller, less conspicuous airport, where they’re picked up by Rory. Patrick can see from Rory’s face that he’s bringing bad news. Inside the car, Niall immediately goes to sleep in the back.

“Let me have it,” orders Patrick, taking the heavy disguise off his face.

“The SAS raided our HQ and our factory in Liverpool. Frag, Gwilliam, Steve, and Sheila are dead and so is everyone else,” says Rory.

Tears stream from Patrick’s eyes. He’d feared the worst had happened when he’d seen the coppers headed towards his HQ. “How did they die?”

“My intel says that Gwilliam and Frag got their fucking heads blown off, but Frag managed to chuck his grenade before he died. I don’t think he managed to slot anyone, because Michael was the only fella they buried. Steve died with a fucking knife in his heart.”

“How the fuck did they manage that?”

Rory can only shake his head.

“What about Sheila? Was it quick?” asks Patrick.

Rory glances at the rear-view mirror and sees that Niall is asleep. “They gutted her and then blew her face off. They buried her without a face, Paddy.”

“Jesus fucking Christ!” curses Patrick, crying.

Niall is only pretending to be asleep and he finds himself getting hard imagining Sheila with her guts out. He wants to return to England just so he can see her dead body.

“Did ye find out which of the bastards slotted them?” asks Patrick.

“It was the same bitch from Densus that slotted Steve and Sheila,” says Rory. “She somehow led the SAS fellas assaulting both places. Our other contact in the UKSF Group said she will even get a bloody medal from their fucking DSF for doing it!”

“Find out when that bitch is returning to Jakarta!” orders Patrick.

“My intel says she’ll arrive here Saturday evening,” says Rory.

“Powerful! We’ll just let Niall have fun with her,” says Patrick, grim-faced. “In the meantime, have Brian conduct a recce on her house.”

“Right,” answers Rory.

Niall doesn’t want to return to England anymore. Sarah is much sexier than Sheila and he wants to see what her guts look like. He imagines her screaming as he opens her up. Her intestines must surely look better than other women he’s dissected. Niall can’t wait to see what’s inside Sarah’s stomach and can’t wait to open up other Indonesian women.

11:40 GMT

Friday October 2, 2026

Regimental Headquarters, SAS Barracks

Credenhill, Herefordshire, England

Sarah is congratulated by everyone present. The last person to congratulate her is St John. Sarah heard that even though St John was badly wounded in the hospital, his mates still gave him a severe slagging for failing to dispose the UXO. One of his mates even gave him a Kashmir goat doll with a toy grenade strapped to its neck.

“Congratulations, Sarah,” says St John, shaking her hand.

“Thank you, Sinjin. How are you feeling today?” asks Sarah, smiling at him.

“Still under the doctor and a tidy bit wanged-out, I am,” says St John in his Welsh way of saying things. “I’m glad I have this chance to personally thank you for saving my life,” he continues, eyes starting to tear up.

“I’m sure you would’ve done the same thing for me, Sinjin,” says Sarah. She then kisses him on his cheek and gives him a warm hug. The other troopers get jealous they didn’t receive the same treatment.

“Of course I would, wouldn’t I?” says Corporal St John Williams, BSD happily. He no longer looks pale.

Sarah goes to see Michael’s brother, who’s eyeing the SAS men with awe.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t save your brother, Scott,” says Sarah.

“Oh, I know you did your best,” says Scott, shrugging, “and if you and the SAS couldn’t save him, then no one else could’ve.”

Sarah smiles. Scott shares his brother’s talent for cheering her up.

“After listening to your citation back there, I only hope that one day I can be half as good an officer as you,” continues Scott. “Michael would’ve been proud of you, you know.”

Sarah’s smile grows even wider. She likes Scott and he reminds her of Michael. She’s sure that Scott will be as good an officer as his brother.

“Did you know that he was invested with a VC and KCB?” asks Scott.

“No,” answers Sarah, shaking her head.

“Did he ever tell you how he got all those scars?”

“No and I never asked him. Why? Did he ever tell you?” asks Sarah.

“Yeah,” answers Scott. “He told me he got kicked by a donkey.”

Scott’s pout reminds her of Michael, but it only makes Sarah laugh. Scott acknowledges her laughter with a wry grin, then returns to staring at the SAS men in front of them.

“Are you planning to join The Regiment?” asks Sarah.

“Of course! I’m going to do Selection after I receive my Captaincy.”

“No ye’re not, Scott!” yells Lady Adrian, overhearing their conversation.

Scott doesn’t respond to his mother, but winks at Sarah, making her laugh again. They exchange numbers and e-mail addresses. Broussard and Sarah’s teammates approach them to say their goodbyes. Sarah shakes hands and hugs them.

“Sorry we have to leave, Sarah, we have to catch the 12:30 train to Manchester,” says Broussard.

“No problem, Chief,” says Sarah.

“And thank you dearly for your support on this mission. My superiors at Lyon have sent the Secretariat of NCB Indonesia one hell of a Letter of Recommendation for you.”

“Thank you, Chief.”

“Please convey my best wishes to Prasetyo and don’t forget to show him all your medals,” says Christopher Broussard, smiling broadly.

“I’ll do that, Chief,” says Sarah, laughing, “and thanks again for everything!”

“Please remember ye still have yer mission to find their factory in Indonesia,” says James Hicks. “We’ll keep in touch, all right?”

“Of course, James.”

“We’ll send yee intel support from the NCA whenever anything comes up, pet,” says Paul Elliot.

“Thank you, Paul.”

“Make sure you come see me when you go to Buckingham Palace next year, all right?” says Detective Chief Inspector Arthur Grimes.

“I’ll look you up at The Met, Arthur.”

“I hope ye can visit me in Belfast after ye receive yer medal,” says Detective Chief Inspector Matthew Gallagher.

“Of course I will, Matt.”

“Be sure to visit me in Dublin also and please keep in touch, my good friend,” says Cigire Elizabeth O’Connell, her eyes moist.

“I will, Liz, and have a safe trip,” says Sarah.

Cormac approaches her with Tony behind him. “How about we all have a piss-up before you go home?”

“That would be lovely, Mac, as long as you let me pay for it,” says Sarah, wiping her eyes with a tissue.

Sarah, Tony, and Cormac say goodbye to Michael’s family and the SAS men still in the Blue Room. The last person they see is Major-General Sir Charles Mountbatten, GCB, DSO.

“Do you have any more missions for me, Director?” asks Sarah, smiling at him.

“Indeed, Sarah. Be sure to find the rest of The Cartel in Indonesia and avenge Michael for us,” says Sir Charles.

“Yes, sir! But please take care of my team for me, Director,” says Sarah, reminding him that they also played a huge part in destroying The Cartel.

“Of course, Sarah,” says Sir Charles, giving her a warm smile, “and after you receive your medal next year, I do hope you and Tony can visit us at the barracks for a couple of days. I’m sure Al and the others could teach both of you a few more tricks during your visit.”

“That would be lovely, Director!” says Sarah, genuinely delighted.

“Thank you for the invitation, Director!” says Tony, shaking his hand.

Robert, Al, George, and Dave are already waiting for them next to the Q car they will take. George is driving, Cormac riding shotgun, Sarah and Tony in the middle, and everyone else in the back. They head towards The Barrels at St Owens Street, not far from Castle Green. Everyone is sombre and in no mood for bantering.

“You know, Sarah, when we heard that the Director had only recommended you for a DSO, we were all upset. We think you deserve a VC,” says George.

Everyone in the back agrees with him.

Cormac explains. “I asked the Director about that and he said, and I quote, ‘if that bloody grenade had detonated while she was on top of it, then yes, she would have definitely received the VC.’ Which would you prefer she receive, George?” he asks, giving George a wry look.

George only snorts. He still thinks Sarah should receive UK’s highest military decoration.

“The DSO is more than enough, George!” says Tony, shuddering to think of the grenade exploding, ripping his sister apart. “And I hope that none of us is ever involved in a combat situation that merits the VC,” he continues while giving Sarah a frightening look.

Sarah is genuinely scared by the look Tony’s giving her. She remembers the day before when she told him about throwing herself on top a grenade to save her teammates, Tony looked pale enough to pass out. He then looked as if he were torn between hugging her tightly and slapping her hard across her face. He eventually chose the hug.

“And if I ever see you do any of that shit in front of me, I’ll fucking shoot you myself!” continues Tony, still giving her a frightening look.

Sarah almost believes him.

“Spoken like a true, professional rupert of the special forces, Tony,” says Cormac, smiling at him.

“In any case, I apologize if I disappointed you,” says Sarah to her friends. “I failed you and I hope you forgive me for mistreating you while you were under my command.”

The men are having none of it, including Cormac. “Your leadership was bloody perfect, Sarah! You led the chaps slotting almost eighty players without sustaining a single fucking casualty. I, on the other hand, almost lost Sinjin after the operation was already over! I was given a slagging from B Squadron for that, you know.”

“You treated us no better nor worse than what we deserved. We should be the ones saying sorry to you,” says Robert.

“And there’s no way we could be disappointed with you. We’re disappointed with ourselves… ashamed more like it,” says Dave. “After the debriefing, the Director gave us a severe bollocking for our behaviour under your command, you know.”

“But I was in command of the mission!” protests Sarah.

George explains. “The mission was a failure from the beginning and there was no way anyone could have saved him. Michael was a dead man the moment he was snatched and I think even he knew that. We did everything we could to try and save him, including disobeying a direct order… but we failed you.”

“Oh? How is that?” asks Sarah.

“You told the Director that you became an emotional wreck after the operation, roight?” asks Al.

“I think so,” says Sarah, trying to remember her own words.

Al has to stop for a moment from getting emotional. “Well… as you saw yourself, we became emotional wrecks also. However, like a bunch of dickheads, we let ourselves get completely overwhelmed by it before the job was done. That’s why the Director gave us a severe bollocking after the debriefing. That’s why he gave us the evil eye after reading your citation. We exhibited unprofessional, unacceptable behaviour before the operation was over.”

“We apologize for avoiding you all this time, but frankly, we were just too embarrassed to meet you,” says Robert. “I mean, how the fuck could we look you in the eyes after you saw us perform like that?”

Sarah remembers them looking shaken after finding Michael’s body. She remembers them literally freezing when she gave them the order to pepper-pott. Then, after all X-Rays were taken care of and there was still a lot of work to do, they just stood there like complete dickheads even after Sarah gave them a direct order. That incident made them embarrassed; not because Sarah had slapped them around, but because they’d messed up. In other words, they’d let themselves get overwhelmed by emotions before the job was finished. Everyone was impressed by Sarah’s leadership because even though she was almost killed and lost someone she loved very much, she could still focus on finishing the job before she let her emotions overwhelm her. Her men are the most senior in their squadron and they should’ve been an example for Sarah, not the other way around.

“On behalf of myself and the blokes, I apologize for our behaviour and performance while we were under your command, Sarah,” says Al.

“Don’t worry about it, my brothers,” says Sarah, relieved knowing they still consider her their friend.

“That’s settled then. Now let’s just get on the piss and try to forget the whole thing, shall we?” says Cormac.

They are quiet for a few moments. George seems to be taking his time driving to Hereford.

Sarah suddenly asks, “Mac, may I ask how Michael won the VC and KCB?”

Tony nudges Sarah with his elbow. He’s frowning and shaking his head because Sarah asked something that Cormac can’t answer.

The CO of the SAS doesn’t respond for a few seconds. “That information is strictly confidential and I would be RTU’d, and maybe even court-martialed if I told you about it.”

“I understand, Mac,” says Sarah hurriedly.

“Well, now that you know what I have at stake, let me tell you about it,” says Cormac.

Sarah, Tony, and Robert are surprised. They hadn’t expected Cormac to risk his career by telling them classified information. They listen intently. The others seem to already know the story.

“I was OC of B Squadron at that time and Michael was in Air Troop. Three or so years ago, elements of B Squadron including myself, Al, George, and Dave here were deployed to… a certain middle-eastern country. We were tasked with training the government troops at a remote garrison, when hundreds of insurgents attacked it. Whether by coincidence or not, they attacked when Prince Harry was there to inspect the garrison. They staged a frontal assault on the garrison with mortars in support. They managed to destroy the Prince’s helicopter with their first few rounds and killed the pilots and crew. They were Prince Harry’s close friends, whom he’d known for years. Michael saw that one of the OPs with a Gimpy was being targeted by the insurgents so he immediately ran there to support it, dodging heavy enemy fire along the way. It was a miracle he didn’t get hit. The OP was a vital defence position and we all knew that the loss of it would collapse the garrison’s defence. It was manned by B Squadron’s SSM and a couple of local troops he was training at that time. The insurgents knew about the OP position and started concentrating their attack on it. They also fired mortars at it. Before Dave managed to slot the mortar crews with his sniper rifle, the OP took an almost-direct hit. Both of the locals were killed instantly.”

Cormac has to stop for a moment before continuing. “The SSM was severely wounded, losing an arm and his left eye. Despite his own wounds, Michael gave the SSM whatever first aid he could, whilst also operating the Gimpy. He knew that his position was vital and the loss of it would be the end of the garrison and Prince Harry. The insurgents came to within metres of his position when, incredibly, Michael gave the order for our mortars to fire directly on to his own position. We all knew the importance of keeping the machine gun out of the possession of the insurgents and that it had to be destroyed before it could fall into their hands. Michael’s order meant that he was in imminent danger of being overrun. However, Prince Harry countermanded Michael’s order and ordered Al, who was in charge of our mortar crew at that time, to fire immediately ahead of Michael’s position, which was almost as dangerous, since a stray round could’ve killed them instantly. Thanks to Al’s skill with the mortars and Michael’s Gimpy fire, they kept the insurgents from overrunning the position.

“I finally managed to contact a flight of F-35B Lightning from the 809 Naval Air Squadron aboard the HMS Queen Elizabeth for close air support and another Chinook helicopter and a couple of Apache escorts to get the Prince to safety. The combination of close air support and Al’s mortar fire finally managed to repel the attack, so the rest of B Squadron went forward to check on Michael’s position. The SSM was still alive and Michael took shrapnel all over his face and body, bleeding all over the place. Michael was so angry with the insurgent attack that he refused treatment and insisted he lead a counterattack after he’d made sure the SSM was casevac’d in the Chinook. Michael and the lads slotted all 113 insurgents, with the help from elements of G Squadron and the support of Prince Harry in one of the Apache helicopters.”

“Prince Harry supported Michael in the counterattack?” asks Tony. “I thought you’d sent a helicopter to take him to safety?”

“Prince Harry refused evacuation and became angry at his bodyguards for insisting, even punching one of them out and threatening the others with his sidearm when they tried to throw him into the Chinook. He ordered the Chinook to casevac the SSM to one of our military hospitals and then ordered one of the Apaches to land, and then literally threw the pilot out of the cockpit. The poor sod almost cried when the Prince took away his helmet and took off with his helicopter. Anyway, Prince Harry piloted the Apache and helped give close air support during Michael’s counterattack. I managed to coordinate with elements of G Squadron at another garrison to set up defensive positions behind the insurgents while B Squadron and the Apaches directed the insurgents into the ambush. All the insurgents were caught in the hammer and anvil tactic, and every single last one of them was slotted. It was only at that point that Michael collapsed from loss of blood and exhaustion.”

“Did the SSM make it?” asks Sarah.

Cormac smiles. “He’s still in the Training Wing. You’ve already met him, Sarah. He was the DS you met at the top of Pen y Fan. Michael and Prince Harry saved his life. Fred is currently the proud owner of The Nag’s Head restaurant, which he bought soon after he recovered from his wounds. He has a wife and three kids now.”

Sarah remembers the friendly DS from the top of Pen y Fan, who kept spurring her to keep up with the rest of B Squadron. That’s why he looked so sad at the funeral, because Michael once saved his life. Sarah can’t even imagine how terrible it would feel if she owed someone her life and the person died before she could return the favour.

“Michael was covered with bandages from head to toe like a mummy and the Prince was in the hospital room with us when he regained consciousness. Michael panicked at first, thinking that he was blind, but we calmed him down and assured him it was because his whole head was covered in bandages. The first thing Michael asked was whether Fred was all right. After we told him he’d made it, the second thing he asked was whether Prince Harry was all right. Michael didn’t know that Prince Harry was in the room at the time and Michael seemed so genuinely concerned for the Prince’s well-being that the Prince was touched. Michael was surprised when Prince Harry himself answered his question and thanked him for saving his life.”

“After the Prince left, we all took the piss out of Michael for brown-nosing the prince. But then he said, and I quote, ‘I wasn’t brown-nosing him, you muppets. If Prince Harry had gotten killed or wounded, our careers would’ve been over!’”

Everyone laughs.

“The Prince personally recommended Michael for both awards; the Victoria Cross for his actions defending the garrison, saving Fred’s life, and successfully leading the counterattack, and the KCB for saving the life of his sovereign and the Colonel-in-Chief of the 22nd Regiment. Just so you know, he also invested me with a DSO, Al and Fred with CGCs, and everyone involved, including Dave and George here, an MC for their roles in the action. We’re not allowed to tell anyone about it or wear the medals on our uniforms because the mission is still classified. Just remember that my career is at stake here, so please do not repeat any of this to anyone.”

“Repeat what, Mac?” asks Tony, winking at him.

Cormac smiles. George parks the Q car at Bath Street and they walk towards The Barrels. Even though it’s only just opened, it’s already mostly full. In their varied uniforms, Cormac’s group makes quite a sight, and the pub patrons keep looking their way as they seat themselves in the corner. They order lunch and Cormac orders several pitchers of beer. After their drinks arrive, everyone except Cormac stands up for the Loyal Toast. Cormac must stay seated during the Loyal Toast because of a Royal Scots Dragoon Guards tradition.

“My lady and gentlemen! The King!” says Al.

“The King!” says everyone, including Sarah and Tony.

They sip their beers, but they’re already starting to get emotional before the next toast.

“To Michael!” says Cormac.

“To Michael!”

They sip their beers again.

“And to Sarah!” says Robert, eyes already moist. “Our leader… our hero… and most of all… our friend.”

“Hear, hear!” say the others, also with tears in their eyes.

Sarah raises her glass, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her lips say ‘thank you’, but no words come out. They all sit and enjoy their beer in silence. Sarah cries silently on Tony’s shoulder while everyone else is coping in their own personal way. Their lunch arrives and Cormac keeps ordering pitchers of beer. They eat and drink in silence. As before, Robert is designated driver and Sarah feels sorry for him because it looks as if he could really use a drink. After spending a couple of hours there, it’s time for them to go to Hereford Railway Station. Cormac asks the waiter for the bill.

“Mac, let me pay for this!” protests Sarah.

“Don’t worry, I got it,” says Cormac, taking out his wallet.

“Sir, your bill has already been taken care of,” says the waiter.

“Oh? By whom?” asks Cormac.

“All the patrons here, the owner, and all of the employees have chipped in and taken care of it, sir.”

“That’s very generous and we thank all of you, sir… but may I ask why?”

“We heard about what happened to one of your squadron commanders, sir, and this is the least we could do for you. God bless you, sirs, and we thank you for your service,” says the waiter, giving them a bow.

Everyone in the pub gives them a standing ovation. Cormac and the others are touched as they shake hands with the waiter and everyone at the pub. They exit to the continued applause of everyone inside.

14:23 GMT

Friday October 2, 2026

Hereford Railway Station

Hereford, Herefordshire, England

Everyone is silent on the journey to the railway station, deep in their own thoughts and emotions. Once they reach the station, they help Sarah and Tony with their luggage. The SAS men look sad because their comrade-in-arms, who they already consider a sister, is returning to Indonesia. Tony shakes hands with them and Sarah hugs them and kisses their cheeks.

“The Director was serious about that invitation you know,” says Cormac. “Be sure to bring your Green Pass when you visit us next year, all right?”

“Of course, Mac. Thank you for telling my brother to come here and pick me up. That was thoughtful of you.”

“It was the least I could do for you, Sarah,” says Lieutenant-Colonel Cormac McLaughlin, DSO, BMC, smiling warmly at her.

“I don’t think I’ve thanked you yet for saving my life,” says Robert. “I owe you one, Sarah.”

“Oh, I bet you would have done the same for me, Robert.”

“Yes, I definitely would have,” says Captain Robert Covington, BSD seriously.

“You are the only person I know besides Michael to earn three medals for gallantry,” says Staff Sergeant David Bancroft, MC, BSD. “It’s an honour to have you as my friend.”

“It’s an honour for me also, Dave. Michael once told me you shot three insurgents with only four rounds from 1,900 metres away. I don’t know anyone else able to do that,” says Sarah, making Dave smile happily.

“Yeah… but he’s still a dickhead for wasting that one round,” says Staff Sergeant George Hastings, MC, BSD.

“He’s a better shot than you, George,” quips Sarah, reminding him about his missed targets.

They all laugh.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” asks Al.

“There is indeed, Al,” says Sarah.

“Anything, old buddy,” says Warrant Officer Class 2 Al Spencer, CGC, BSD.

“If I ever die before you, please don’t deliver my eulogy,” says Sarah. She’s joking, but her eyes are starting to tear up.

Everyone laughs out loud and they wave goodbye. Sarah and Tony sit and Sarah is crying once again because she will miss her brothers. She suddenly understands why she considers them her brothers and a quote from Shakespeare’s Henry V comes to mind. Just before the Battle of Agincourt, King Henry V said these words to his men, ‘we few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he to-day that sheds his blood with me, shall be my brother.’ Sarah and her friends have spilled the blood of their enemies together. The camaraderie that developed between them makes them feel like they’re part of her family.


Ya, Dik?”

“If Michael was still alive, would you’ve been okay with me marrying him?” asks Sarah.

Tony smiles. Sarah trusts his judgement, so she always introduced him to her partners. Tony didn’t like any of them and Sarah eventually broke up with them.

“Well, there are some things about him that I don’t like,” says Tony.

“Really? What sort of things?”

“First, he was probably the only boyfriend you had that could kick my arse.”

“Agreed,” says Sarah, smirking.

“Second, he was younger than I am, but had the same rank as I do. He’d most likely outrank me someday,” says Tony. “And I can’t have that.”

“Yeah, right. I’ll probably outrank you someday,” quips Sarah.

Tony visibly deflates before her eyes and Sarah almost laughs out loud. Tony knows that his sister has a lot of combat experience. Officially, Tony has never experienced any combat. Unofficially, Tony and his team have several times conducted highly-classified military operations. Like Michael and their friends at B Squadron, Tony’s medals are classified and he may not wear them on his uniform.

Tony has risen fast for someone who’s not a fighter pilot in the Indonesian Air Force. Sarah has the rank of Ajun Komisaris Polisi, which is more or less the same level as a Captain in the TNI, which is extraordinary for somebody only twenty-four years old. After her assignment in the UK, Tony knows that her career will skyrocket.

“And if I had married him,” teases Sarah, “not only would you have to salute me first, you’d also have to call me Lady Adrian.”

Tony is even more deflated imagining just that. He looks like he’s thinking of other things he’d rather call her. They’re silent for a few moments.

“I guess that will never happen…” says Sarah, almost inaudibly.

Tony sees that she’s starting to get emotional again. He hugs her and they don’t talk much the rest of the way home.

18:04 WIB (GMT+7)

Friday October 2, 2026

Jaya Ancol Seafront

Pademangan, North Jakarta, Jakarta

Brian enters the main gate and reports to the two on-duty security guards. He can see a CCTV camera directed towards his disguised face.

Selamat malam,” greets Brian.

Selamat malam, pak. Bisa saya bantu?” asks the security guard. Good evening, pak. May I help you?

“Yes, I would like to go to Sarah Dharmawan’s house,” says Brian in English. He can speak fluent Bahasa Indonesia, but intentionally used English to put the guards on the back foot. “Could you please show me the way?”

“It would be my pleasure, sir,” answers the security guard without missing a beat, “but could you please deposit your passport before you enter our complex?”

Unexpectedly, the security guard can speak posh English! This really surprises Brian, who was born in the London East End. Brian doesn’t know that Sarah is appointed as their commander and taught them English. She also gave them a standing order to be extra careful if anyone asked about her or her family.

“I-I-I’m sorry, but I didn’t bring my passport,” stammers Brian.

“I beg your pardon, sir, but we can’t let you enter our complex unless you deposit your passport or at least a copy of it with us,” answers the security guard.

Brian tries to bluff his way in, but the security guards are having none of it. Although they still sound friendly, Brian can tell they’re suspicious of him. As he turns his car around, he sees in the rear-view mirror that one of the security guards is taking down his plates.

“Fuck!” curses Brian, slamming his hand on the steering wheel.

He immediately debriefs the others when he arrives at their factory.

“I don’t think we can snatch her from her fucking house. The bloody security guards there are ridiculously thorough,” says Brian, taking the disguise off his face.

“How about if we infiltrate from the seaside?” suggests Richard.

“We’d need Muireann and the other fucking divers for that and they’re all fucking dead!” snaps Patrick.

Everyone falls silent, but Rory offers them a solution. “We don’t have to snatch her from her house. Her sister Cindy’s Facebook page says she’s meeting her friends at the Grand Indonesia Mall this Sunday morning. We’ll just snatch the little girl on the way there and then force Sarah to come to us.”

This operation is known as tiger kidnap and was developed by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) during The Troubles. They would snatch someone and then force their significant other to do something they wouldn’t do under normal circumstances. In this instance, they’ll snatch Cindy and force Sarah to come to them.

“When will I gut her wee sister?” asks Niall excitedly.

“She hasn’t come of age yet, Niall!” protests Brian.


“We don’t slot children,” says Brian firmly.

“But it’s okay for ye to give them drugs?” challenges Niall, smirking.

Brian snorts. “That’s different.”

Their conversation makes everyone uncomfortable. They don’t mind Niall torturing and killing Sarah, but her sister is under-aged. Niall, the psychopath, doesn’t care about that.

“That’s enough!” snaps Patrick. “Once Sarah is dead, then we’ll decide what to do with the weean. Liam, Bert, and Chris will do the snatch and Frank and I will plan the decommissioning and the relocation of the plant to Central Java. Richard, have the local fellas produce overtime on Saturday so they can start packing on Sunday.”

“Aye,” answers Richard.

Liam, Bert, and Chris aren’t looking forward to their assignment, but they see that Patrick isn’t in the mood for argument. Patrick knows that most of his members will object to this. No matter how vicious they are, they won’t kill an under-aged girl. But Patrick must make sure the INP daren’t harass them. He has to show that he won’t hesitate to kill Indonesian policemen and their families if they harass them. Patrick decides to himself that he’ll hand Cindy over to Niall once he’s finished with Sarah.

With the plans for snatching, torturing, and killing the Indonesian policewoman and her family underway, narcoterrorism activities by a foreign drug syndicate will soon commence.

21:44 WIB (GMT+7)

Saturday October 3, 2026

Jaya Ancol Seafront

Pademangan, North Jakarta, Jakarta

Sarah and Tony finally arrive by taxi at the family’s housing complex. They observe the security guards thoroughly perform all their procedures. Sarah realizes that all this time, her security guards have been scared of her. First, because they suspect she’s a member of Densus-88 and second, because she could easily defeat any of them during hand-to-hand combat training. She has no qualms about slapping them around when they repeat mistakes. However, that was in the past. Sarah is determined to change her leadership style, starting with them.

The two security guards salute them crisply, knowing their commander is in the taxi’s backseat. The taxi stops at her house and the driver helps them with their luggage. Cindy and the family dog welcome them home. The German Shepherd is extremely excited to see Sarah again.

Moin, Jürgen,” greets Sarah in German. She kneels and hugs the large dog. “Ich vermisse dich so sehr. Vermisst du mich?”

Jürgen answers with a loud bark. They play with each other for a while before finally entering the house.

“Where’s Mum and Dad, Dik?” asks Sarah.

“They have to go to a wedding reception in Bandung. They’ll be home tomorrow evening,” answers Cindy, dropping two of Sarah’s suitcases in her room.

Tony brings the rest. Sarah opens one and gives her siblings some souvenirs from England.

“Thanks, Dik,” says Tony. “I have to go right away, I’m on duty tomorrow.”

“Thanks a lot, Kak,” says Sarah. “By the way, that package you’re holding is from B Squadron.”

“Really?” asks Tony, looking like Christmas came early.

Tony kisses his sisters on their foreheads and goes downstairs, opening his package on the way.

“Do you have any plans for tomorrow, Kak?” asks Cindy.

“I already have an appointment with the commander of Densus. Why do you ask?”

“My friends and I are going to see a movie at the Grand Indonesia Mall. Isn’t tomorrow a Sunday?” asks Cindy, her cute lips pouting.

“Sunday doesn’t mean anything for a Densus operative, Dik,” says Sarah, smiling. She’s missed her sister.

“So when can I hang out with you? I haven’t hung out with you in a long time, you know,” says Cindy, her pout growing bigger.

“Next year I’m invited to Buckingham Palace. King William is going to invest me with a medal. Do you want to go to England with me?” asks Sarah.

“Yeah!” answers Cindy excitedly.

While helping her sister sort out her luggage, Cindy starts telling Sarah what she’ll do if she meets Prince George, which makes Sarah laugh. Sarah’s finally home and everything is back to normal again. The only thing not normal is Tony’s loud laugh from downstairs. Sarah and Cindy briefly share a look before running downstairs. Their brother’s rolling on the sofa, laughing his arse off while holding a framed photograph.

“What’s up, Kak?” asks Sarah quizzically.

Tony still can’t say anything and gives her the framed photograph, face-down. Sarah reads what’s on the back. ‘A copy of this photo has replaced the one in the Interest Room.’ She flips it over. Sarah is instantly red-faced when she sees the picture, which is her surprised, furious face from when she first saw her picture in B Squadron’s Interest Room. Compared to her bikini picture, this photo is her ugliest and in fact, she looks as if she’s constipated. There’s a caption at the bottom that reads ‘Inspector Incontinentia Buttocks, MC’. Sarah sighs and gives the picture to Cindy, who immediately starts rolling on the sofa beside Tony.

“Hey! That picture’s not up-to-date, you know. The caption should read ‘Inspector Incontinentia Buttocks, DSO, MC, GM’,” says Sarah, pouting exactly like her picture and making her siblings laugh even louder.

Sarah can only shake her head as she returns to her room. She must now figure out a way to stitch-up her friends at B Squadron, now on the other side of the world. Once everything is sorted out, Jürgen accompanies Sarah to the main security post inside the town hall of the housing complex. When they see their commander approach, the guards exit the post and give her a crisp salute before inviting her inside.

Sarah asks them to debrief her on what happened during her absence. Unlike other security guards, they’re required to debrief her in English. Before she was deployed overseas, Sarah used to chew them out when their grammar was wrong or if they mispronounced a word. But not anymore. She now patiently teaches them the correct way. The security guards are pleasantly surprised when she praises their English. After the debrief, she asks a couple of them to accompany her inspecting the other security posts around the housing complex.

Before they go, they tell her that a foreigner asked about her house, but they had to turn him back because he wouldn’t deposit his passport. As per procedure, they noted down the number of his car and they show her the CCTV recording. Sarah doesn’t recognize the man so she calls POLDA Metro Jaya to check the numbers. The on-duty policeman tells her to check back tomorrow because he doesn’t have access to the database.

Sarah smiles and praises her security guards once again for following procedures. The security guards can sense that their commander’s leadership style has changed. She’s far more patient with them than she was before she deployed. They like being praised by their commander, not just because she’s beautiful, but also because they know she’s extremely skilled at her day job.

They used to fear her. But now they have nothing but the utmost respect for her and would follow her anywhere.

04:56 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

Jaya Ancol Seafront

Pademangan, North Jakarta, Jakarta

Sarah starts the day with her crunches in her room, accompanied by Jürgen. She really misses Michael, who always caressed her stomach during her morning workout. It feels hard doing her crunches now, with no one there to admire her abs. She’s even thought about quitting.

But Sarah’s self-discipline pushes her to the end. She then feels disappointed with herself for just thinking about quitting, so she punishes herself with extra crunches. She finally stops at 1,500, making her abs as hard as a rock. She wants to continue to 2,000, but she has to start preparing for work.

Today, she takes her Lamborghini Huracán. She’s in mufti, wearing a simple white shirt, light-blue jeans, and running shoes. The only unusual thing about her appearance is a black, skull-themed balaclava covering her face like a ninja, showing nothing but her clear blue eyes. Masked individuals like her are often seen near the Densus-88 Building and the other policemen are used to it. Sarah’s height, body shape, and eye colour make other policemen think she’s one of the foreign female instructors for Densus policewomen. A traffic policeman once tried to hit on her in his broken English, but was completely confounded when she answered him in French. Sarah enters the Densus-88 Building, takes off her balaclava, and goes into her commander’s office.

Selamat pagi, Komandan,” greets Sarah, saluting him crisply. Good morning, Commander.

Selamat pagi,” greets Police Brigadier General Prasetyo, returning her salute. “Have a seat, AKP.”

Terimakasih, Komandan,” says Sarah, taking a seat in front of his desk.

“How’s your arm?”

“Optimum, Komandan,” answers Sarah. The medic was so good he didn’t even leave a scar.

“How did it happen, AKP?” asks her commander. Broussard has already briefed him and he’s read her report, but he wants to hear the story first-hand.

Sarah tells him everything. The commander of Densus-88 is impressed and this confirms his opinion that Sarah is his best police officer, maybe the best police officer in the INP. Sarah’s competitive and this makes her want to excel in everything. Because Sarah comes from an affluent family, she doesn’t care about her salary so she can concentrate on her passion, which is crime-fighting. Her career rise has been the fastest ever in the INP, making other police officers jealous of her. But they all have to admit that she’s highly capable, intellectually and physically, and she’s proficient in many foreign languages. Sarah works harder than most police officers and always goes home late at night. She almost never takes a day off, to the point where her commander often has to order her to take a break.

According to Prasetyo, Sarah’s only weakness is that she’s too easily disappointed with herself when an operation doesn’t go exactly as planned, although she’s able to adapt herself quickly when things go wrong and she’s accomplished every mission assigned to her. Sarah will eventually overcome this weakness through operational experience, as every field commander knows that every plan, no matter how meticulously planned, will always go to shit as soon as the bullets start flying.

But Prasetyo fully realizes that there will be political factors inhibiting her career in Densus-88. She already has what it takes to be the commander someday. Her charisma and command presence is powerful. Her men follow her lead without question, although some of the men complain she’s too tough on them and too much of a perfectionist. A few police generals have cynically suggested that Sarah rose so fast just because of her looks, but they all changed their minds when Prasetyo introduced them to her and they talked to her for a few minutes.

Sarah then starts telling her commander about her experience being trained by the SAS. Prasetyo is surprised and calls one of his subordinates to join them. Komisaris Besar Polisi (Kombes) Hanafi, the Commander of Densus-88 for POLDA Metro Jaya, enters the room and listens to Sarah as she tells them about her CQB training at PATA. Both men look enthusiastic as they learn the SAS CQB methods, which are quite different to what they’re taught by their US instructors. They ask Sarah to teach them the SAS Colour Clock Code on the spot. Both commanders agree that the colour clock code is perfect for Immediate Actions.

Over the next few hours, Sarah tells them about the UKSF Selection process, their organization structure, the planning stages and assault on Swan’s Mill, and, finally, the progress of the investigation into The Cartel’s factory in Indonesia. They already know from the Secretariat of Interpol NCB Indonesia that next year Sarah will be invited to Buckingham Palace to be invested with a George Medal, but this is the first time they’ve heard she received two more medals from the British Army.

They’re empathetic when Sarah tells them about the raid in Cheshire and Liverpool when she tried to save one of her teammates. Sarah reports the mission professionally, but they can still feel the sorrow behind her mask.

“You were close to that SAS squadron commander, weren’t you?” asks Hanafi.

Siap, Komandan!” says Sarah. She can’t help it, but her eyes are starting to dampen.

Prasetyo gives her a couple of letters. “Before you go home to rest, here’s a couple of letters for you. I think they will cheer you up.”

The first letter is a transfer order as per Monday for her return to Densus-88, which indeed cheers her up a bit. Although her assignment at Interpol turned out to be quite interesting, she prefers a more direct approach to crime-fighting than being a liaison officer.

The second letter tells her as per Monday she will be promoted to Komisaris Polisi, making her instantly happy. This is unexpected, as she was promoted to Ajun Komisaris Polisi just earlier this year. Sarah can’t wait to see Tony’s expression when she tells him they’ll be the same level.

Both commanders smile wryly at her reaction. They’ve had to quickly promote her to counteract a ‘threat’ from Interpol, who intended to keep Sarah in Interpol unless Densus-88 could absolutely guarantee her career in Densus-88 would be better than in Interpol. ICPO-Interpol HQ has recommended NCB Indonesia keep Sarah in Interpol. They believe she already has what it takes to be promoted and sent to Interpol HQ to handle an Incident Response Team.

After Prasetyo negotiated with the Secretariat of Interpol NCB Indonesia, it was decided that Sarah could be transferred back to Densus-88, on the condition they were able to promote her once she returned to Indonesia. In the future, once Sarah has gone as far as she can go at Densus-88, they will have to let her move to ICPO-Interpol HQ.

The Secretariat of Interpol NCB Indonesia and Prasetyo both know that if Sarah is transferred to ICPO-Interpol HQ, her career could know no limits. Between 2012 and 2016, the President of ICPO-Interpol was a French-Italian policewoman named Mirelle Ballestrazzi, and there’s no reason Sarah couldn’t equal that. Sarah has already mastered the four official languages of Interpol, which are English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, so she’d be ready to skyrocket through the ranks. Fortunately for Densus, the Chief of the INP instantly approved her promotion because her achievements have been extraordinary.

“With your promotion, your responsibilities will be even greater, AKP,” reminds Prasetyo. “I want you to become the commander of the Special Actions Sub-detachment.”

Siap, Komandan!” answers Sarah. She looks even more cheerful because she has been eyeing that position.

“Besides that, I order you to help us adopt what you learned from the SAS for implementation at Densus-88, especially the SAS Colour Clock Code. Please present your concept next week on Friday. I also order you to revamp our selection methods for Densus operatives according to the UKSF Selection. I’m hoping the trials can be started next month,” orders Prasetyo.

With her promotion, Sarah’s workload is now three times heavier, though it’s nothing she can’t handle. Her commander asked her to present the SAS methods Friday next week, but Sarah should be able to finish everything assigned to her within a couple of days. Sarah almost says ’Siap, Komandan!’ like she usually does, but then she remembers something she learned from Michael.

“Is there a problem, AKP?” asks her commander when he sees her hesitate.

“I… ehm… still have a mission from Interpol to find The Cartel’s factory in Indonesia, Komandan. I think it will be almost impossible to accomplish everything according to your timetable,” answers Sarah with a straight face.

Both men are taken aback by Sarah’s answer. They are so confounded that they don’t know how to respond.

“But I will do my best to finish everything on time, Komandan,” continues Sarah.

She’s then dismissed. After Sarah leaves them, both men look at each other and laugh out loud. Besides learning a lot about the SAS CQB methods, it turns out their best police officer has also picked up some of their bad working habits as well…

09:42 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

Jaya Ancol Seafront

Pademangan, North Jakarta, Jakarta

Several hours earlier…

Cindy’s parents taught her to be independent and this means she must go everywhere using the Transjakarta busway system. From the front gate of her housing complex, she walks toward the deserted R.E. Martadinata road. Both her siblings and parents always tell her to be extra careful in this high crime area. Cindy has never experienced or witnessed any crime, but she’s fully alert. She can sense a car stop behind her and a couple of people getting out. She quickens her walk and can sense that two people are trying to catch up with her. When one of them grabs her from behind, Cindy is ready. She pulls his hand, bows down, and slams him to the ground. She executed the move perfectly because she’s been drilled by her dad and siblings in unarmed combat.

“Fuck!” curses Chris as he slams head first into the pavement.

Because of her lack of experience, Cindy takes too long to admire her work and doesn’t immediately run or scream for help. Having successfully floored one of her attackers, she becomes overconfident. When she turns around to face his friend, a telescoping baton hits the top of her head. Cindy’s dazed for a moment before she passes out, head gushing out blood. Chris and Bert hurriedly pick her up and put her in their car before anyone sees them. Liam steps on the gas once everyone is inside.

Bert hit Cindy’s head a bit too hard, so it’s several hours before she regains consciousness. Even though she has a tremendous headache and is feeling nauseous from the blow, Cindy immediately realizes that she’s been abducted. Inside the hot and humid room, she feels her body already drenched in sweat. She’s tied to a chair wearing some sort of heavy vest. There’s an old handphone wrapped in wiring sticking out of one of the pockets. To her right, Cindy sees a foreigner tinkering with her smartphone in front of an open laptop. Another foreigner enters the room.

“Well?” asks Patrick.

“Her smartphone is active and she’s currently mobile. She’s on her way home and will probably arrive in a few minutes,” says Rory.

“I’ll wait a couple of hours before I call her. Has Brian deployed yet?”

“Aye, he’ll take a position right across the street from POLDA Metro Jaya and he should be able to see whether there are any extraordinary activities across the street,” answers Rory. “He’ll immediately distribute the Mandy to the local dealers once we’re finished here.”

“Have the fellas started packing yet?”

“Aye! We’re on schedule, Paddy!” answers Rory, starting to get impatient.

The Cartel has found a perfect location for their factory and HQ in Central Java. It’s in a remote area and highly defendable in an assault, even from above. Patrick heads over to Cindy, who doesn’t look even remotely scared of him. Cindy’s attitude reminds him of Sheila, making him suddenly feel sad for the loss of his only child.

“How’s your head? Does it hurt much?” asks Patrick in Bahasa Indonesia.

Cindy doesn’t give him a reaction, even though she’s surprised the foreigner can speak her language fluently. Patrick softly cleans the cut on Cindy’s head. He then helps her drink from a bottled water. He doesn’t want her to get dehydrated and needs her to be conscious for a few more hours.

“Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?” asks Patrick.

Cindy shakes her head. Niall enters the room and sees Cindy tied to a chair. She’s adorable, like a super-cute version of her older sister, with more of an Asian look. Cindy’s skin has a deeper shade of tan than her sister’s, and Niall likes her exotic look. He actually prefers Cindy to Sarah. He keeps looking at Cindy with his leery smile. Cindy’s afraid of him, but she still won’t give him a reaction.

Patrick says to Niall. “When she gets here, ye only have one hour.”

“That’s not even remotely enough time!” protests Niall.

“Once we’re finished packing, we’ll take the weean with us. After we reach our new stronghold in Central Java, ye can take all the time ye want with the weean.”

Niall looks at Cindy for a few seconds before nodding. Cindy looks confused so Patrick gives her an explanation. “Your sister has killed my wife, my brother, and my daughter. Today, I will get my revenge. I will call your sister here so my friend can disembowel her. If Sarah won’t come here, my friend will disembowel you!”

Cindy’s eyes finally go wide in panic, especially when she sees the other man’s sadistic smile.

12:14 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

Jaya Ancol Seafront

Pademangan, North Jakarta, Jakarta

Sarah parks her Huracán and enters her house. No one is home except Bibi and Jürgen.

“Bibi, has Cindy gone yet?” asks Sarah.

“Since morning,” answers Bibi. “Have you had lunch?”

“Maybe later. It’s scorching outside so I’ll have a swim first,” says Sarah. “If my phone rings, just send it to the pool, all right?”


Sarah places her smartphone on the dinner table and goes to her room. She undresses and puts on a plain white bikini. She then dives into their Olympic-sized swimming pool. The water is warm, but refreshing. She starts swimming laps to release the stress of these past few days.

Whenever Sarah’s swimming or sunbathing during the weekends, her twelve-year-old back-door neighbour always opens his bedroom window, takes out a pair of binoculars, and watches her. This adorable kid is named Bona and he likes to come over to play with Cindy. They’ve been friends since they were babies. This time, only Bona is watching her every move. One time, there were up to six boys jostling each other on the window with their binoculars, watching her sunbathe. Sarah ignored them, but finally felt uncomfortable when Bona’s dad joined them with his own binoculars. After a couple of hours swimming, Bibi brings over her smartphone with Jürgen in tow.

“Someone’s calling,” says Bibi, placing the ringing smartphone on the table by the pool. She immediately heads inside. “Jürgen! Komm herein!”

The German Shepherd meekly follows Bibi inside. Their Javanese housekeeper has had to learn some German too, just so that she is able to give commands to the family dog. Sarah exits the pool and dries her hands before answering the phone, which turns out to be from Cindy.

Ya, Dik?”

Kak! Don’t come here!” shouts her sister’s voice.


“Sarah, this is Patrick Dunbar.”

Sarah is stunned and can’t answer for a few seconds, dreading what she will hear. “What do you want?”

“We have yer sister. If ye want to see her in one piece, go to the PT. Westershire Chemicals Manufacture Indonesia in Bogor before 15:00 local time. I will send ye the GPS coordinates to find it. We have a couple of fellas watching yer training centre at Bogor and at POLDA Metro Jaya and they are in constant contact with us. If they see just one fucking heli arrive or deploy, the weean will die. Understand?” threatens Patrick.

“What do you want with me?”

“Oh, just revenge. That’s all. I just want ye to experience the same agony ye dished out to Muireann, Sheila, and Steve,” says Patrick. “Be here by 15:00 or the weean’s dead.”

The call is disconnected and Sarah runs to her room without bothering to dry herself. She puts on her jeans and running shoes. She grabs her shirt on the way out of her room and slips into it as she heads towards her Huracán. She doesn’t waste time to button the shirt and just ties the ends together. Sarah races out of the complex, ignoring the salutes of the security guards on duty, and heads towards Bogor.

She calls Tony.

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