The Policewoman

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Chapter 16: Satuan Bravo - 90

13:58 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

Detasemen 902, Satuan Bravo – 90, Korps Pasukan Khas, TNI – Angkatan Udara

Rumpin Airfield, Bogor, West Java

Tony is doing administrative work for his detachment. He absolutely hates paperwork so he concentrates fully to finish everything in one sitting. He’s on-duty with five other men this Sunday. They’re all in mufti and they’re even prohibited from wearing their air force uniforms. They have to appear and act like civilians, and this goes for all CT units under Komando Operasi Khusus (KOOPSUS), Indonesia’s equivalent to the UKSF Group.

During their morning briefing, Tony told his men about his sister’s adventures in the UK and his men were impressed. They could see that their commander is immensely proud of his sister’s achievements. They too were sad to hear the fate of Michael Adrian, the SAS squadron commander who trained them a couple of years ago.

Tony is pouring some mineral water from a dispenser when his smartphone rings. It’s his sister. “Ya, Dik?”

Kak, Cindy’s been abducted!”

“What? Who snatched her?” asks Tony, eyes wide as saucers.

A couple of Bravo men inside the room with him look towards their commander and frown. Tony goes into his office and closes the door.

“The Cartel snatched her and took her to some factory in Bogor, called the PT. Westershire Chemicals Manufacture Indonesia. I’ll send you the GPS coordinates.”

“Where are you now?” asks Tony.

“I’m on the way there. If I don’t get there before three o’clock, they’re going to kill her!”

“But if you go there, they’ll kill you!” shouts Tony.

His booming voice is heard by his men outside his office.

“They won’t immediately kill me. They’re going to torture me first,” says Sarah.

Tony almost drops his smartphone. “Torture you?”

“One of their members is a psychopath. His name is Niall Schroeder. He’s the one who tortured Michael. If he’s the one who’s going to torture me, I’ll still have a chance.”

Tony feels weak in the knees imagining his sister being tortured like Michael. “How the fuck could you take being hit by a board full of nails like that?”

Tony notices his men hurriedly leaving the office.

“He doesn’t do that to his female victims.”

“What will he do to you?” asks Tony.

His sister doesn’t answer.

Dik, I’m asking you a fucking question! How will he torture you?”

Tony hears Sarah give a long sigh before answering him. “He’s going to disembowel me.”

“What? You stand down! Right the fuck now!” orders Tony, taking his Glock 19 pistol and holstering it into his tactical holster on his thigh.

“No way! They’re going to kill Cindy if I don’t get there before three o’clock. I can’t ask Densus for help. They said they have lookouts watching POLDA Metro Jaya and the training facility at Megamendung. If they see anyone deploy, they’ll kill her, Kak! Just get here as fast as you can before that psycho opens me up. Remember to bring extra kit for me. If I don’t make it… save Cindy! All right, Kak?” says Sarah.

Tony can hear his sister let out a sob before she disconnects the call. Tony is stunned for a moment before running outside to his Toyota Fortuner. He sees five of his men standing next to it, carrying weapons and various kit. They’re all in mufti, but carrying HK MP5SD3 submachine guns and wearing load bearing harnesses and tactical holsters with the same type of pistol Tony is carrying. Sersan Satu (Sertu) Nyoman is carrying a MOLLE pack and a combat medical kit and Sersan Kepala (Serka) Pranoto is bringing sets of tactical holsters for pistols, load bearing harnesses for submachine guns, HK MP5SD3 submachine guns, Aitor Jungle King II combat knives, and CQB Headsets. Besides Sertu Nyoman and Serka Pranoto, there’s Sersan Mayor (Serma) Suprayitno, Sertu Dedi Suhendri, and Sersan Dua (Serda) Zulkarnaen, every Bravo member on-duty today.

“What are you doing here?” asks Tony, frowning at them.

“We’re coming with you, Komandan,” answers Suprayitno.

“Negative!” says Tony firmly. “If I survive this, I will definitely be court-martialed. You men return to your duties. If you go with me, you’ll be considered AWOL and get court-martialed too.”

Siap, Komandan!” say the five Bravo members without hesitation.

“That’s not all. There’s an unknown number of armed criminals. You could get wounded or even killed!”

Siap, Komandan!” say the five Bravo members, once again without any hesitation. They’re more afraid of being court-martialed than of getting wounded or killed.

“Your sisters are part of our family too, Komandan,” says Pranoto. “Let us help you save them.”

Tony feels a lump in his throat and can’t say anything else. He can clearly see that they won’t budge. Even though they’re armed, they most likely still don’t have enough manpower or firepower to take on the entire Cartel. Tony can’t delay anymore because his sisters’ lives are in danger. He can’t even imagine how he would react if he saw Sarah with her guts hanging out.

“Get in,” orders Tony.

Everyone enters and Tony races his car towards the GPS coordinates Sarah sent him. His men are just as horrified as he is when Tony briefs them on what’ll happen to his sister if they don’t get there in time. They’re committed to helping their commander no matter what consequences they’ll face.

14:01 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

Jagorawi Toll Road

Citeureup, Bogor, West Java

Several minutes earlier…

Sarah disconnects the call before she starts crying. She realizes that this might be the last day of her life. The almost-empty toll road lets her make full use of her Huracán’s speed and she only slows down when she exits the toll road, almost an hour later. After a couple of minutes, her GPS shows her that their drug factory is only a hundred metres away. Sarah glances at her watch and it turns out she still has plenty of time.

Sarah parks her car on the side of the road, covers her face with both hands, and starts crying. Of all the battles she’s experienced, the only time she was wounded was at Carluccio’s. Right before an operation commenced, it always crossed her mind that within the next few minutes she could get wounded, disabled, disfigured, or even killed. With all her training, she’s confident that she can avoid all the above, but the danger’s there. Sarah remembers the motto of the Training Wing of the SAS ‘Train hard, fight easy. Train easy, fight hard – and die.’

But this time is different to her previous combat experience. This time Sarah knows that within the next few minutes, she’s going to feel the most excruciating pain ever! No training in the world could prepare her for such horrendous torture. Sarah has never felt so much fear in her life, not just for own fate, but also for the life of her little sister. Sarah must endure the torture for as long as possible so Tony can at least save Cindy.

As she worries about her sister, Sarah recalls the quote from Sir Charles Mountbatten when he invested her with the DSO. He said that ‘courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear’. Thinking about those words, Sarah realizes she cares more about Cindy’s life than her own. She doesn’t care anymore about her own life and is willing to give it up for her sister. She decides to give everything she has today. If she dies, at least she’ll meet Michael again.

In a much calmer state of mind, Sarah drives her car to The Cartel’s factory. She’s ready for any kind of pain awaiting her inside.

14:50 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

POLDA Metro Jaya

Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Jakarta

In the middle of the city of Jakarta, Police Brigadier General Prasetyo and Komisaris Besar Polisi Hanafi are still at POLDA Metro Jaya, discussing the SAS Colour Clock Code and other methods of the SAS. They’re excited to implement much of what Sarah told them about for Densus.

A female Densus operative knocks on the door and enters. She reports that there’s a suspicious foreigner out the front of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, across the street from the exit of POLDA Metro Jaya. His car seems to have broken down, but he’s refusing all offers of assistance. He’s standing outside, even though it’s scorching hot outside.

The two men take their binoculars and look out the window. The foreigner looks like he’s playing with his smartphone. He doesn’t look dangerous, but they make preparations in case it turns out he’s up to some mischief.

14:57 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

PT. Westershire Chemicals Manufacture Indonesia

Citeureup, Bogor, West Java

Sarah enters through the main entrance. Someone at the security post directs her to the office. Sarah catches a glimpse of an M4 Carbine inside the security post. It’s eighty metres to the office, with a forest block on either side of the single lane road. Sarah parks her Huracán in the parking lot, filled with dozens of Toyota Innovas. She enters the lobby, but it seems to be empty. There’s a door at the back that she heads towards. She’s not gone a foot when the silencer of a pistol is suddenly pushed inside her ear. This is to prevent the victim from being able to swat the pistol away before the attacker can squeeze the trigger.

“Turn left, put yer hands against that wall, and spread yer legs,” orders Niall.

Sarah does what she is told.

“Any sudden moves and I’ll blow up yer wee sister, all right?” threatens Niall.

Sarah only nods. Niall frisks her thoroughly and professionally with one hand. The other keeps the gun pressed against her.

“Now go towards the door on yer right. Slowly!” orders Niall.

Again, Sarah does what she’s told. She opens the door to the spacious room. It’s several degrees hotter than the scorching heat outside, so she’s instantly sweaty. Across the room, there’s a doorway that presumably leads to the factory area. Sarah hears plenty of noise from behind the door. To the right of the door, there’s a table with an old laptop on it and a video camera on a tripod. To the right of the tripod and in the corner sits Cindy tied to a chair. Her eyes and mouth are covered with cloth and she’s wearing what looks like a suicide vest filled with explosives. The explosives are shaped in such a way that if they explode, they’ll blow inwards, killing only Cindy and no one else. An old handphone, wrapped in wires, is in one of the pockets. Sarah boils up in anger when she sees dried blood on Cindy’s shirt and pants. Niall pushes Sarah towards the laptop and Patrick’s image suddenly appears.

“We finally meet, Sarah,” says Patrick through the webcam.

“Let my sister go, then you can do anything you want with me,” says Sarah.

Cindy reacts when she hears her sister’s voice, but she’s unable to say anything.

Patrick laughs. “We don’t slot weeans. We’ll let her go, of course, but only after Niall is done with ye. And that’s going to take a while, right Niall?”

As a police officer, Sarah knows that Patrick’s lying. She can feel Niall smirk behind her, but she doesn’t give him a reaction. Cindy can only squirm in her seat.

“Sarah doesn’t seem afraid of what ye’ll do to her, Niall. Go ahead and do what ye do best, make her death as excruciating as possible.”

“Aye, Paddy!” says Niall excitedly.

Cindy squirms even harder, but she can’t make a sound. She’s starting to cry.

“We leave in an hour,” says Patrick. “Make sure she’s dead by then.”

The webcam disconnects. Niall turns on the video camera and points it at Sarah. He’s already holstered his pistol, but his left hand is holding something as big as an old handphone with some sort of small antennae sticking out of it.

“I have the detonator in my hand in a dead man’s switch. If ye try anything bone, I’ll make a mess out of yer sister. Understand?” says Niall, showing her the detonator.

Niall’s thumb keeps pressing on a button. A ‘dead man’s switch’ means that the IED will explode if Niall releases the button. Sarah only nods. She won’t take any risks. She’ll just wait for her brother to arrive.

“One more thing. Patrick and Brian can also detonate this. If I’m not back within the hour, Patrick will blow her up. If Brian sees any unusual activities at POLDA Metro Jaya, he’ll blow her up. All they have to do is call the number on that phone. Understand?”

Sarah doesn’t know who Brian is, but she can figure out that he’s the lookout watching POLDA Metro Jaya. This means that Patrick lied to her when he said that one of his men was watching Megamendung. Sarah nods once again.

“Now take off yer shirt,” orders Niall.

Sarah removes her sweat-soaked shirt and throws it on the floor. She’s now in her white bikini-top, light blue jeans, and running shoes. Her light-tanned skin is gleaming with sweat, making all her muscles stand out beautifully, especially her perfectly-shaped six-pack abs. Niall can only stare at Sarah’s magnificent body as he takes out his knife. Sarah sees that it’s the same tanto-tip Gerber Guardian he used to disembowel Karen.

“Ye will certainly be the most beautiful of all my victims,” says Niall.

“Thank you,” says Sarah, looking at him with her sharp blue eyes.

Niall laughs. “Ye’re courageous and I love yer eyes. Maybe I should stick my knife into them?”

Niall suddenly lunges forward and stabs his knife at Sarah’s left eye! He diverts the knife at the last second, missing her eye by millimetres. Sarah only blinks and resumes looking at Niall without changing her expression.

“Naah… yer eyes are too pretty. I want to see them when ye scream for mercy.”

Niall traces the knife down to Sarah’s neck.

“How about if I slit yer throat?” asks Niall, placing the knife against her throat as if he’s about to slit it.

Sarah doesn’t react.

“Naah… too much of a mess.”

He traces his knife down again and points it towards the middle of Sarah’s chest.

“How about if I stab ye through the heart?”

“I thought you wanted me to die slowly,” says Sarah.

Niall smirks at Sarah’s defiance. Niall slowly traces the knife downwards, from her sternum, down between the ridges of her abs, then down again towards her navel. Sarah knows that in a few moments she will feel the most excruciating pain she has ever experienced in her life, which makes her heart beat faster. But Sarah is determined to face it as calmly and as courageously as possible. Cindy can hear everything happening in front of her and Sarah doesn’t want her to be traumatized by hearing her sister being tortured.

The tanto-tipped knife finally passes the upper lip of Sarah’s navel and Niall starts pressing it in. Sarah holds her breath and clenches her abdominal muscles, as if trying to prevent the knife from entering her belly. Niall is struggling, but the sharp tip finally punctures through the outer skin. The knife starts going in smoothly, but Sarah manages not to react. It turns out it isn’t as painful as she thought it would be.

Sarah suddenly flinches and gasps when the tip of the knife pierces her innards. The pain she feels when the knife punctures her intestines almost takes her breath away! But Niall stops pushing the blade in and releases his grip on the knife. Sarah breathes a sigh of relief and looks down. The knife is halfway embedded in her navel, but no blood is coming out. She looks sharply at Niall again, but with watery eyes from the pain.

“Now what?” asks Sarah.

“Honey, I’m just getting started,” says Niall as he punches her in the stomach.

Sarah manages to clench her abs before his fist hits her, but she still feels as if her stomach has exploded. She doesn’t make a sound, but her face hardens from the pain. She can still look at Niall with her deadly sharp eyes, but her lips are clenched shut.

“My knife looks good on ye,” says Niall, smirking.

He flicks the knife with his finger and Sarah flinches in pain. Niall quickly punches her again in the same place. This time, Sarah doesn’t have time to clench her abs and it feels like her stomach’s been shot with a shotgun! Sarah staggers back and clutches her stomach. She almost falls, but manages to control herself at the last second. Her left knee and left hand hit the floor, her right hand still clutching her stomach. Sarah hasn’t recovered from the blow when Niall kicks her right shoulder, flooring her on her back. She clenches her mouth shut and makes no sound, but her beautiful face is contorted in immense pain.

Niall’s aroused watching Sarah writhing around sensually on the floor, her athletic body gleaming with sweat. He stares at her for a while and then kneels beside her. He starts caressing her body and squeezing her firm breasts. Sarah ignores him and takes the chance to control her breathing. Niall starts caressing her stomach.

“Such perfect abs…” he mumbles.

His words and touch make Sarah think of Michael. Sarah briefly forgets her pain and recalls her time together with him. But Niall suddenly grabs the handle and plunges it down! Sarah gasps in pain and before she can recover, Niall starts wiggling the knife. Sarah can feel the blade ripping her intestines apart. She has never felt this much pain in her life! Her face is showing extreme agony, but Sarah suffers in silence. Niall continues wiggling the knife and Sarah starts to cough up blood.

“Scream,” orders Niall.

He keeps looking at Sarah’s face as he wiggles the knife. For him, she looks even more beautiful with her face in agony like this. However, he’s frustrated she isn’t screaming. He’s only satisfied when his victims cry for mercy and he doesn’t have much time. Sarah knows this so she tries hard not to make a sound. If she screams, Niall will start disembowelling her.

“Scream,” orders Niall again.

Sarah tries hard to put her thoughts elsewhere. Her memory of Michael helps her ignore some of the pain. She once again thinks about their lovely time together. When they walked around town, had dinner, and worked out together. When she thinks about running with Michael at the Brecon Beacons, Sarah suddenly realizes that the Fan Dance was more painful than what she’s currently experiencing. The pain she’s feeling right now is like the time she ran out of steam during her ascent on Corn Du.

“Scream!” orders Niall, sounding frustrated.

Sarah doesn’t make a sound and now she’s able to give Niall her sharp look. She then clenches her abs, squeezing her muscles around the blade in her belly. Niall tries hard to wiggle the knife, but fails, and this makes him even more frustrated. He starts punching Sarah in the stomach as hard as he can, as if forcing her to unclench her muscles. Each blow feels like being hit by a ballistic hammer, but Sarah stays silent. From where she’s lying on her back, she can see Cindy crying, and it makes her determined to deal with this torture as quietly as she possibly can.

After hitting her stomach for the umpteenth time, Niall gets tired. Sarah enjoys a moment of relief and tries to control her breathing. She steals a look at her belly and sees that only a little blood has come out. The worst of her risks right now is that Niall will nick her aorta, which will lead to profuse blood loss and a fast death. As long as he doesn’t do that, the next biggest risk is peritonitis from perforating abdominal trauma. But if she’s treated quickly with strong antibiotics, she could survive hours and even days like this.

Sarah once read about a young Viet Cong during the Vietnam war, who got shot in his abdomen during a battle with the Americans. He retreated with his guts hanging out of him, then went into a farmhouse and borrowed an enamel cooking bowl. He put his intestines in the bowl and strapped it to his waist. He then continued fighting for three days until the GIs finally captured him. Despite being enemies, the Viet Cong earned the GIs’ respect and admiration for his dedication and bravery. That incident inspired a memorable scene in the famous war movie called Apocalypse Now.

If that Viet Cong could keep on fighting for three days with his guts hanging out of him, Sarah thinks she can handle another thirty minutes with Niall. She can only hope that Tony will arrive before Niall opens her up. But no matter what condition Sarah’s in when he saves her, she’s determined to wipe out the people who killed her fiancé and hurt her little sister. Every time Sarah sees the blood on Cindy’s shirt, the more determined she becomes to make them pay.

“Scream… and I will end yer agony,” says Niall, panting.

Sarah looks at Niall and considers her words carefully. She knows that what’s she’s about to say will only make her suffer more, but she has to try to stall until her brother arrives.

“Honey, this doesn’t hurt that much,” says Sarah, smiling at him. She even puts her hands behind her head as if she’s lying on the beach. “I’m actually starting to enjoy it.”

Niall’s jaw drops.

“You’re not very good at this, are you?” quips Sarah.

Niall’s jaw drops even further.

“Just wondering, Niall, what were Michael’s last words?”

Niall is speechless and it takes a while before he can answer her. “He said ‘the knife appears somewhat blunt’ after I stuck him in the eye with this knife.”

Sarah smiles even wider and looks towards Niall’s groin. “Hmm… it seems your knife isn’t the only thing that appears ‘blunt’ today, Niall.”

Niall looks offended and furious. He grabs the knife and starts wiggling it again.

“How does this feel, ye bitch!”

Sarah feels the knife shredding her guts. She’s in more pain than before and almost chokes as more blood gushes out of her mouth. She remembers Michael was tortured for hours before they finally ended his misery. Even though Michael experienced much, much worse than what she’s enduring, he still wouldn’t tell them where she was or give them her phone number. This thought keeps her going and even lets her ignore the extreme pain she’s experiencing. Her hatred towards the people who tortured and killed her fiancé, then snatched and hurt her little sister, enables her to dismiss her pain.

“Scream, damn it!” shouts Niall.

Sarah clenches her abs and he has trouble wiggling the knife again. Niall starts hitting her stomach, forcing her to unclench. Sarah only looks at him and even smiles again. Niall looks both amazed and extremely frustrated at the same time. No woman has ever withstood this much torture without screaming.

The door to the factory suddenly opens. Someone sticks his head in and just as quickly pulls it back out, and the sound of machinery fills the room. Niall stops what he’s doing and glances towards the door. Sarah tries to control her breathing. She can do this quickly because she’s in top shape. She then notices that the door to the factory is unlocked, opens outward, and the handle is on the right side.

“Ye have thirty minutes left, Niall,” says someone’s voice.

“Right!” shouts Niall. After the door closes, he focuses again on Sarah. “I guess it’s time to see whether the inside of yer belly is as lovely as the outside.”

Niall likes to disembowel a woman when she’s screaming for mercy and he’s disappointed that Sarah hasn’t made a sound. He unbuttons her jeans and opens the zipper, while Sarah just calmly looks at him, hands still behind her head. He grabs the handle of the knife and is gearing to open her up. He looks at her face so he can watch her expression as he disembowels her, but is amazed to find that Sarah’s smiling at him. Niall’s so frustrated, he fails to notice a shadow cross underneath the door to the lobby.

“Hmm… my intestines are lovely, Niall,” says Sarah, winking at him. “It’s such a shame you’ll never see them.”

Niall can only give her a quizzical look. Several things suddenly happen at the same time! Sarah’s right hand shoots out towards Niall’s left hand, pressing on the dead man’s switch, at the same time the door flies open. A third of a second later, a couple of bullets slam into Niall’s head. With her left hand, Sarah throws Niall’s body to the side, while her right hand keeps his left hand clutched tight. Sarah sees Serka Pranoto approach Niall’s convulsing body and empties his suppressed sub-machine gun into his head, shattering it to pieces.

“Clear!” says Pranoto.

“Room clear!” says Tony.

Pranoto heads towards the laptop to gather intel while Serma Suprayitno, an EOD specialist, heads towards Cindy to disarm the IED. Sertu Dedi Suhendri heads towards the door to the factory to cover it while two more men drag someone’s body inside the room. The body has two gunshot wounds in the middle of his forehead and a look of surprise on his dead face. One of the men dragging it in is Tony. The other is Sertu Nyoman Sukarya, putting down an M4 Carbine and a couple of mags taken from the security post. Serda Zulkarnaen is the last to enter. He closes the door and covers it.

“The detonator’s here… it’s a dead man’s switch,” says Sarah.

Tony takes out his Aitor knife from the holster on his left waist and starts cutting Niall’s hand off. Tony takes over his hand so Sarah can release her grip. Nyoman helps his commander wrap Niall’s dead fingers to the detonator with duct tape.

Tony helps Sarah to her feet and then frisks Niall’s dead body. Sarah takes her shirt off the floor and wipes the blood from her mouth and belly. Suprayitno has just disarmed the IED and is now untying Cindy’s hands. Sarah throws her bloody shirt away and helps untie Cindy’s legs. Both bonds are untied at the same time and Cindy takes off the cloth covering her eyes and mouth.

Kak!” exclaims Cindy, hugging her sister.

Sarah flinches in pain when Cindy’s leg accidentally snags on the knife still embedded in her. Cindy feels something on her leg and releases her hug. She looks down and her eyes go wide.

Kak… your belly!” exclaims Cindy, reaching for the knife.

Sarah catches Cindy’s hand before she pulls the knife out. “Leave it there, Dik.”

Cindy turns pale and can only look at her sister with wide eyes.

Sarah smiles to calm her down. “If you pull it out, everything inside will come out with it.”

“But… but…” says Cindy. She suddenly faints into Sarah’s arms.

Suprayitno helps Cindy while Sarah stands up again, buttoning her jeans closed. She faces Tony.

“Get her out of here,” she orders. “Give me your smartphone and lend me a weapon. Densus and I will take care of this.”

Tony has finished frisking Niall’s body. He stands up and faces his sister. “I think I outrank you, Dik.”

Sarah gives her brother a sharp look. “Tu n’as pas la juridiction, eikel. T’es militaire, pas policier. Tu es probablement en difficulté déjà assez.” Sarah hates seeing officers arguing in front of their men so she reverts to French so Tony’s men won’t understand what they’re arguing about. You don’t have the jurisdiction, stupid. You’re military, not a law enforcement officer. You’re in enough trouble already.

Tu peux pas faire ça tout seul, Dik,” says Tony, trying to reason with her. You can’t do this alone, Dik.

C’est pas ta lutte!” says Sarah firmly. This isn’t your fight!

Nyoman breaks out his medical kit. He gives Sarah a pill from of his pill pack and a canteen of water.

“What’s this?” asks Sarah.

Moxifloxacin, AKP, to prevent sepsis,” replies Nyoman, pointing at her belly.

Sarah swallows the antibiotic with just a sip of water. Nyoman makes sure she doesn’t drink too much. Sarah returns to Tony while Nyoman goes back to his medical kit.

C’est pas ta lutte, Kak,” repeats Sarah.

Il ya une force étrangère ici qui menace notre société. Il est grand temps que le militaire s’implique dans les opérations de manutention de la drogue,” says Tony firmly. There’s a foreign force here that threatens our society. It’s high time the military’s involved in handling drug operations.

C’est pas ta decision,” says Sarah. This isn’t your decision.

Alovs, tu devrais appeler quelqu’un qui peut prendre cette decision,” suggests Tony, giving her his smartphone. So you should call someone that can make that decision.

Meanwhile, Nyoman returns to Sarah, bringing an auto-injector.

“What’s that?” asks Sarah, curtly.

“Morphine, AKP.”

“I don’t need it,” says Sarah, waving him off.

Nyoman looks towards Tony, who only shakes his head. Tony knows that his sister absolutely hates drugs and it’s a waste of time trying to persuade her. Nyoman goes over to treat Cindy. Meanwhile, Pranoto has finished checking the laptop and puts it inside Nyoman’s MOLLE pack. Without saying anything, he goes to a corner and starts vomiting. Sarah ignores him and calls Prasetyo with Tony’s smartphone. She puts the call on speaker.

Selamat sore, Major Dharmawan,” answers the commander of Densus-88 warmly.

“This is AKP Sarah Dharmawan, Komandan,” answers Sarah.

Prasetyo is taken aback and doesn’t answer for a few seconds. “What is it, AKP?”

“I’m at the office of PT. Westershire Chemicals Manufacture Indonesia in Bogor. This place is The Cartel’s drug factory. They snatched my little sister and took her here. They have someone staking out POLDA Metro Jaya and possibly Megamendung. If they’d seen anyone deploying, they would’ve killed my sister, Komandan. I had to ask Major Dharmawan to help me free her. Major Dharmawan and five of his men killed two Tangos and rescued my sister. There are still approximately a hundred members of The Cartel in the factory… and…”

Sarah suddenly covers her mouth and coughs a few times. She pauses for a moment to wipe the blood dripping from the corner of her mouth. She then continues her briefing despite the intense pain in her belly. “There are indications… they’re going to leave the area… and distribute their MDMA… in about twenty minutes… Komandan.”

Prasetyo doesn’t answer for a few seconds. “Are you all right, AKP?”

“I… ehm… just have a stomach ache, Komandan.”

Tony snorts and curses out loud in Dutch and the other Bravo men wince. Prasetyo again doesn’t answer for a few seconds. He can sense that his subordinate is concealing her true condition.

“A few minutes ago, I received a report of a suspicious foreigner in front of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. He’s been there for over an hour and he could be one of their lookouts. I’ll send a team from the Special Actions Sub-detachment to take care of him. There are no reports from Megamendung, but I’ll give them a call,” says Prasetyo. “AKP Dharmawan!”

Sarah stands to attention. “Siap, Komandan!”

“We have to prevent the suspects and their goods from leaving the area. To prevent collateral damage, you should assault them while they’re all in one place. Your mission is to assault them and prevent them from escaping. I say again, your mission is to assault them and prevent them from escaping. Your call sign is Bravo-Niner. Are you ready to lead this operation, AKP?”

Siap, Komandan!” says Sarah. She stands at ease.

“Major Dharmawan!”

Tony stands to attention. “Siap, Komandan!”

“Right after this, I will coordinate with the Chief of the INP, the commander-in-chief of the TNI, and the Minister of Defence. I order you and your men to be seconded to Densus-88. This is an anti-narcotics operation, not a military operation, so it must be led by AKP Sarah Dharmawan from Densus-88. Do you agree to this, Major?”

Tony glances at his sister’s belly. He’s anxious to kill the people who hurt his sisters, but right now he’d rather take them both to the nearest hospital. Sarah can guess what Tony is thinking so she punches him hard in the chest and gives him a sharp look.

Tony relents. “Siap, Komandan!”

“Thank you for your support on this operation, Major. We will deploy as soon as we take care of their lookout. It’s an honour to have you and your men with us on this, Major Dharmawan.”

“It’s an honour for Satuan Bravo, Komandan,” says Tony. He hangs up.

With Tony and his men under Sarah’s command, the commander of Densus-88 has initiated darurat sipil, or civil emergency, somewhat equivalent to MACP. Indonesia is now the third country in the world after the UK and Republic of Ireland to involve their military in the War on Narcoterrorism.

“Now what, Komandan?” asks Tony, facing his new commander.

Sarah glances at her MTM watch. “We have only ten minutes of preparation before they leave this place. If we don’t do this now, they might escape forever.” She then looks at Pranoto, who has finished throwing up and is looking quite pale. “What’s wrong with him?”

“Hmph, he always does that after killing someone,” answers Tony without thinking.

Sarah frowns and gives Tony a quizzical look. As far as she knows, her brother and his men have never been in combat before. Tony suddenly realizes that his mouth has run away from him and tries to change the subject.

“Are you alright?” he asks, giving his sister a sharp look.

Sarah takes a deep breath and looks down at her own belly. The small knife is embedded up to its hilt and she’s in incredible pain. Michael once suggested that whenever she’s enduring hardship, she should remember herself running the Fan Dance. She does that now. She’s just reached the top of Pen y Fan and now she’s descending the Jacob’s Ladder. She can take it easy for now, but she’ll have to suffer for a few more hours before the run is finished.

Sarah looks at her brother. “Can you guess what Michael’s last words were after Niall stabbed him in the eye with this knife?”

Tony can only wince and shake his head.

“He quoted Lord Uxbridge, from when a surgeon amputated his leg.”

“You mean the line about the knife being blunt?” asks Tony. “So?”

“This is nothing compared to what Michael had to endure before they finally killed him, Kak.”

Tony stays silent.

Sarah knows her brother is worried about her so she smiles and winks at him. “Anyhow, I could do the Fan Dance with this thing in me.”

“Yeah, right,” Tony snorts.

Although Tony is worried about Sarah, he greatly admires her dedication and fighting spirit. Tony also doesn’t mind being under her command. Her combat experience far exceeds his own. She’s been trained by the SAS and even led an SAS team in a special operation. Tony orders Nyoman to help Sarah put on her kit.

Sarah finds her command voice. “Gentlemen! I’m Ajun Komisaris Polisi Sarah Dharmawan from the Indonesian National Police and I’m in command.”

Everyone looks towards their new commander and listens intently.

“For the Preliminaries: Serda Zulkarnaen, you will take Cindy and escort her out of the premises and to safety. Take her to the nearest police precinct, identify yourself, and have one of them take care of her. Please coordinate with the local police and Densus-88 before they arrive and then, as soon as possible, get as many policemen to take an overwatch position from the front entrance. After securing Cindy, your Mission is to ensure that no X-Rays escape the stronghold from the front entrance. I say again, your Mission is to ensure that no X-Rays escape the stronghold from the front entrance. Is that clear?” Although he’s the youngest sergeant in Tony’s team, Sarah knows that Zulkarnaen is extremely reliable.

Siap, Komandan,” answers Zulkarnaen.

Zulkarnaen carries the unconscious Cindy in a one-shoulder fireman’s carry on his left shoulder, carrying his submachine gun in the other hand. Tony gives him the keys to his car and he exits the building. Pranoto covers Zulkarnaen and Cindy until they’ve entered Tony’s car and then takes position to cover the front door.

Sarah continues her briefing. “Here’s the Situation: There are, at the very least, a hundred X-Rays in the factory next door. We do not have intel on the exact number of X-Rays, but around fifty of them are from the UK and the rest are local criminals. We have no intel on their weapons, so we must assume all of them are armed with M4 Carbines. All suspects are to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. We do not have either the manpower or firepower to contain them so we will have to initiate the assault. We do not have to worry about Yankees besides Cindy. We also don’t have intel on the building layout and can only assume from the exterior that it has two storeys. The only thing we do know for sure is that they plan to leave the premises within the next fifteen mikes.”

“Our Mission is to ‘shoot-to-kill’ all suspects before they disperse to distribute the narcotics. I say again, our Mission is to ‘shoot-to-kill’ all suspects before they disperse to distribute the narcotics.”

“For the Execution: We will go silent unless compromised and all weapons should be in semi-automatic fire. Assume all X-Rays are wearing body armour so you should aim for headshots and shoot with controlled pairs. Use full-auto if, and only if, we go noisy. We will be using the SAS Colour Clock Code. You should always call out your targets and their positions after you eliminate them.

“The Command structure and call signs will be as follows: Our team’s call sign is designated as Bravo-Niner. I will be Bravo-Niner-Six and Strike Force commander, Major Dharmawan will be Bravo-Niner-Five and 2 i/c. Serma Suprayitno is Charlie-One, Sertu Dedi is Charlie-Two, Serka Pranoto is Charlie-Three, and Sertu Nyoman is Charlie-Four.”

“The stack will be as follows: The pointman is Charlie-One, number two is Charlie-Two, number three is Bravo-Niner-Six, number four is Bravo-Niner-Five, and the MOE specialist is Charlie-Three. After the entry, Charlie-Three will stand firm and provide overwatch from the entrance to the factory.”

Sarah gives a direct order to Pranoto. “Charlie-Three, use the MP5, but hold fire unless there is an immediate threat or imminent danger of being compromised. You may use the M4 Carbine if we go noisy.”

“Roger that, Bravo-Niner-Six,” says Pranoto (Charlie-Three).

Charlie-Three field-strips and checks the M4 Carbine taken from the security post. All special forces operatives know that the use of weapons and/or ammo from the opposition is highly not recommended, except in the most extreme conditions, such as they are currently facing. Meanwhile, Nyoman finishes helping Sarah with her kit and replaces Pranoto covering the front door. Sarah takes a moment to give Nyoman a nod and a smile for his initiative.

Sarah then gives a direct order to Suprayitno. “Charlie-One, since we don’t have any explosives, please rig the IED into an improvised satchel charge. Bravo-Niner-Five will be in charge of explosives.”

“Roger that, Bravo-Niner-Six,” says Suprayitno (Charlie-One).

Charlie-One starts turning the IED into a satchel charge. If detonated in the right place, it can bring down half of the factory. Tony regrets not having enough time to bring more firepower and explosives, but then quickly dismisses the thought. If they had been just two seconds late, he would’ve seen his sister with her guts hanging out of her. Tony shudders to think how close they came to that.

Sarah continues her briefing. “As you know, this is at least a fifteen-to-one odds situation. We are nowhere near the manpower or firepower needed to do this properly. Charlie-Four will serve as rear guard and combat medic. You will stand firm behind Charlie-Three and cover the White-6 front office entrance. You will deploy forward if, and only if, anyone needs combat first aid.”

“Roger that, Bravo-Niner-Six,” answers Sertu Nyoman (Charlie-Four). He’s disappointed being made rear guard, but he doesn’t show it.

“We will receive Support from Densus-88, but it is unclear when they will arrive. In the meantime, we have to assume that we are on our own.”

All the Bravo members nod and Tony gives Sarah a smile. Despite being in much pain, his sister gave them a professional briefing. Tony agrees to all her tactics and feels immensely proud of her.

Sarah ends her briefing. “Gentlemen! A foreign force has invaded our country and they have disrupted our society with narcotics. In a few minutes, we will battle against local criminals and highly trained ex-soldiers of the British Army armed with automatic weapons. We will be facing overwhelming odds, but this is what we’ve been trained for! This is why we joined the special forces! My brothers of Bravo, you are one of the finest counterterrorist units in the world… and it’s an honour to share this field of battle with you.”

Sarah’s fighting spirit is infectious! Tony can feel himself and his men getting pumped up.

“Bravo-Niners, are you ready?” asks Sarah.

Sarah looks fearsome wearing all the black combat kit. On her right thigh is a tactical holster for the Glock 19 pistol, a load bearing holster is on her torso with mags for the HK MP5SD3 and pistol, an Aitor Jungle King II knife is in a holster on her left waist, and a CQB Headset on her head. The small knife embedded deep in her belly only serves to make her even more frightening! The members of Detasemen 902, Satuan Bravo-90, Korps Pasukan Khas, TNI-AU can clearly see that their new commander is as smart and tough as her brother. They are confident in the abilities of their new commander and would follow her anywhere.

“Ready!” answer the Bravo men without any hesitation whatsoever.

“Make ready and stack up!” orders Sarah.

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