The Policewoman

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Chapter 17: Detasemen Khusus - 88

15:34 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

Gatot Subroto Road

Setiabudi, South Jakarta, Jakarta

A few minutes earlier…

Brian is near the entrance to the Crowne Plaza Hotel on the Gatot Subroto road. He’s leaning on his car and watching the exit of POLDA Metro Jaya. He has his back to the target, but can see it clearly in selfie mode on his smartphone. The bonnet of his car is open, as if his car has broken down. Not much is happening at POLDA Metro Jaya this Sunday. Brian’s bored with this task and has spent most of the time playing games on his smartphone.

From Plaza Semanggi, a mall next to the hotel, Brian sees two Chinese women walking and talking on the pavement, heading his way carrying shopping bags. They’re both attractive, in tight tank tops and short jeans-shorts, showing off their perfect white legs. As they approach, Brian hears them speaking Mandarin.

An old, beaten-down pick-up truck passes the two women and parks behind Brian’s car. The driver gets out of the truck and helps two men, his passengers, take down a large roll of carpet. The driver and the two men, who are as worn-down and dirty as the truck, are having trouble lowering down the heavy roll of carpet. They pay no attention to Brian and Brian pays little attention to them. He briefly wonders why they don’t just enter the hotel, but realises, looking at the way they’re dressed, the hotel security probably wouldn’t let them in.

‘Poor buggers,’ he thinks. Not much fun being stuck outside working on this baking hot day. He should know.

The two Chinese women finally pass the three struggling men on Brian’s left. One of the women’s talking Mandarin on her phone, and the other, who has hair down to her waist, looks at Brian and smiles at him sweetly. He returns her smile and keeps his eyes on her for as long as it takes them to walk past him.

‘Nice aris and bacons,’ he thinks, admiring the woman’s perfectly round arse and shapely legs. He likes her perfect white skin, but her body is too athletic for his taste.

Just after they pass Brian, the long-haired woman’s phone rings. She stops to take it from her handbag.


Brian turns his head left towards the men struggling with the carpet. The lead man has tripped on the pavement and fallen. The heavy carpet has fallen too and unrolled.

Ah, geblek loe!” curses the driver, looking severely pissed-off. You dickhead!

Distracted by the sight, Brian doesn’t see the long-haired woman take a telescoping baton from her handbag. The first he knows of it is when she hits him on the back of his head. At the same time, the man who was holding the middle part of the carpet turns around and catches Brian’s limp body before he hits the dirt. The man slams Brian into the open roll of carpet. The three men quickly roll the carpet up with Brian inside and, without any trouble at all, pick it up and put it in the back of their pick-up truck. One of the men goes to secure Brian’s car and the driver races the pick-up away from the scene. The long-haired woman has secured her baton and walks away calmly with her friend, who says “HVT secured, mission accomplished” in Mandarin into her phone.

From the first man falling to ‘mission accomplished’, it only took thirteen seconds.

There were twenty people around them, but not one of them realised that five members of Densus-88 had just conducted a perfect snatch of a foreign drug syndicate member. Only a professional can fully appreciate how difficult it is to conduct this sort of operation in broad daylight with next to no time to prepare.

Less than five seconds later, two traffic police cars escort four black Toyota Innovas as they exit POLDA Metro Jaya at high speed. The four Innovas contain every member of Densus-88, Gegana, and Brimob on duty at POLDA Metro Jaya that Sunday. At the same time, an Enstrom 480B helicopter takes off. The small, aging heli, at POLDA Metro Jaya since the morning, races towards Bogor.

The events of today mean Brian meets the same fate as his mates from Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, and Dorset. What happened to Brian Turner, one of the senior members of the Irish Drug Cartel, is never known… except to the people that snatched him.

15:34 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

PT. Westershire Chemicals Manufacture Indonesia

Citeureup, Bogor, West Java

Sarah, Tony, and her team stack on the left side of the door. The pointman is Suprayitno (Charlie-One) and number two is Dedi (Charlie-Two). The number two position should’ve gone to the second most experienced member of the team, Pranoto, but Sarah needs him as a sniper instead to cover their entry from the rear. Too bad he didn’t bring his sniper rifle. The M4 Carbine taken from the guard post will have to do. Numbers three and four are Sarah (Bravo-Niner-Six) and Tony (Bravo-Niner-Five). Pranoto (Charlie-Three) is at the back of the stack as MOE specialist and sniper. After letting the others in, he’ll cover them from the door. Nyoman (Charlie-Four) will be the rear guard, covering the door to the lobby until Zulkarnaen arrives with reinforcements.

At the back of the stack, Pranoto is ready. He squeezes Tony’s left shoulder with his left hand. Tony’s ready, so he squeezes Sarah’s left shoulder. Sarah does the same to Dedi and he does the same to Suprayitno. Suprayitno gives an exaggerated nod and Dedi copies him. Sarah sees Dedi’s nod. Everyone in the stack is now ready.

“Execute the entry in five,” says Sarah. All weapons are in the low ready position with the safety off and switched to semi-automatic fire.


“Three.” Pranoto moves forward and stands on the right side of the door.


“One.” Pranoto starts turning the handle.

“Execute!” says Sarah.

Pranoto opens the door and steps back to let the team into the factory. Suprayitno makes his entry and starts securing the right side of the factory. Not even a second has passed before he fires his first controlled pair.

“X-Ray down, White-5,” he whispers. He shot an X-Ray on the right-front side of the factory and, in accordance with SAS CQB doctrine, now crisscrosses so he can dominate the extreme right of the building.

Dedi is right behind Suprayitno. He sees Suprayitno crisscrossing to the right, but then sees an X-Ray straight ahead. He fires a controlled pair, buttonhooks to the left, and fires another controlled pair.

“Two X-Rays down, White-6 and White-7.”

Two more suppressed shots are heard. “X-Ray down, Red-4,” whispers Suprayitno.

Sarah hasn’t even entered the factory yet and the two men in front of her have already killed four X-Rays. Sarah finally enters and takes the centre-right position. For the first time, she sees the interior of the factory.

The first thing Sarah sees is one of the X-Rays, a white man, two metres in front of her, dropping down with a pair of gunshot wounds in the middle of his forehead. She recognises the face of the man who stuck his head into the room while Niall was torturing her. He falls with his right hand on his pistol, still in its holster. His left hand is clutching his phone. It looks as if he was heading for the front office to check on Niall again. If they had delayed their entry, their assault would’ve been compromised before it even started. There are exits at the right-middle and left-middle of the factory, and dozens of chemical reactors, chemical drums, and pill-making machines all the way to the back. Sarah also sees sixteen pillars holding up the roof. There are maybe 130 people working inside, dismantling all the machinery. By the looks of it, there’s not much more for them to do.

At the rear of the factory, in the middle, there’s a large exit. The back of a container lorry is parked there and the X-Rays are storing their kit and goods inside the container. To the left and right of the back exit are rows of offices. In the far right is a steel stairway to the first floor. Fortunately, the first floor is only at the back of the factory and only consists of offices, which span the length of the factory from left to right. All the offices have darkened windows, so Sarah doesn’t know how many X-Rays are inside. Next to the stairway, on the ground floor and first floor, there are toilets. Sarah doesn’t know how many X-Rays are in the toilets either. As in Swan’s Mill, Sandalwood Farm, and the Kempston warehouse, The Cartel’s drug factory has CCTV cameras everywhere. Sarah can only hope no one’s watching them.

The situation is much, much worse than Sarah imagined! The six of them will have to face some 130 X-Rays, who all seem to be armed with pistols. Fortunately, the noise of machinery being dismantled will mask their assault.

Sarah’s highly-trained observation skills and situation awareness let her notice all of this within seconds of entering the factory. Sarah senses Tony taking her left and he’s also firing controlled pairs. There are repeated whispers of ‘X-Ray down’ and positions. Suprayitno and Tony’s TAOR overlaps Sarah’s, so she can concentrate on being a team leader rather than just another assaulter.

“Charlie-Three, cover first floor, Black side,” whispers Sarah.

“Roger that,” answers Pranoto.

“Charlie-Four, stand firm. Other call signs, stay silent, carry on forward, and engage,” whispers Sarah.

“Roger that,” answer her men.

Sarah moves forward as one with the others. Her body is bent forward and her MP5 in the low ready position. Her posture pushes the blade deeper into her belly, but she ignores the pain. She’s more concerned with the mission and her men’s safety than her own suffering. Sarah feels like she’s running the five kilometres of the Roman Road with a fifty-pound bergen on her back.

“Reload,” whispers Suprayitno.

Sarah starts assaulting to cover Suprayitno’s Tactical Area of Responsibility (TAOR). SCAN. She sees three X-Rays twenty metres to her front-right. Two of them are facing her right and the other has just looked towards her. His eyes are widening and he looks ready to shout. He’s the immediate threat. ACQUIRE. Sarah aims her MP5. SHOOT. She fires towards his head. ACQUIRE. She recovers from the slight recoil and reacquires her target. SHOOT. She shoots his head again as he falls. ACQUIRE. She makes sure both her shots have hit the target. SCAN. She sees the two X-Rays reacting to their friend’s fall in front of them. SHOOT. ACQUIRE. SHOOT. ACQUIRE. SCAN. ACQUIRE. SHOOT. ACQUIRE. SHOOT. ACQUIRE. SCAN. Throughout, she’s moving forward.

“Ready,” whispers Suprayitno, already firing his weapon.

It took Suprayitno only two seconds to reload and fire again, but Sarah has managed to kill three X-Rays within that short timeframe.

“Three X-Rays down, Red-2,” whispers Sarah.

“Bravo-Niner-Six, this is Charlie-Three. Two X-Rays sighted, Black-11-1, foxtrot towards Black-1-1,” whispers Pranoto.

Sarah sees two white men exiting one of the offices on the left side of the first floor, laughing their arses off. They’re carrying M4 Carbines, but they don’t seem to know the ground floor’s being assaulted. Pranoto holds his fire.

“Copy, engage when necessary,” whispers Sarah.

“Roger that,” says Pranoto, sounding extremely tense.

Everyone can understand Pranoto’s anxiety, because hitting a target from eighty metres away with an HK MP5SD3 is almost impossible to do accurately and silently. The HK MP5SD3 submachine gun uses the same rounds as a pistol. They are subsonic when leaving the muzzle and their accuracy starts to fall after thirty metres.

Sarah has given Pranoto a lot of responsibility and his aim is now essential for the success of the mission. If Pranoto fails, the team will have to ‘go noisy’, which would be unspeakably dangerous. Just like the 4-man team assault on Sandalwood Farm, Sarah’s confident they can accomplish the mission safely, even though they’re outnumbered and outgunned, so long as they can maintain speed, aggression, and surprise.

“Reload,” whispers Dedi.

Tony must cover Dedi’s TAOR so Sarah helps cover Tony’s. SCAN. She sees two X-Rays. One is facing left, working and listening to music on earphones. The other is facing right, yawning. ACQUIRE. SHOOT. ACQUIRE. SHOOT. ACQUIRE. SCAN. ACQUIRE. SHOOT. ACQUIRE. SHOOT. ACQUIRE. SCAN.

“Two X-Rays down…” Sarah doesn’t get the chance to finish.


There are sounds of breaking glass and someone crashing down from the first floor. A moment later, the sound of assault rifles blasts from the office on the first floor towards the front of the factory. The eyes of all the X-Rays inside the factory follow the sights of the assault rifles and they finally see the people assaulting them.

“Contact front!” shouts Pranoto.

“Go noisy!” shouts Sarah, switching her MP5 to full-auto.

They don’t have to go for headshots as none of the X-Rays are wearing body armour. They now shoot until the X-Rays don’t move anymore. They’ve lost the element of surprise and Sarah is extremely worried for her men.

Dios nos ayude,” she prays to herself.

15:36 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

Back Office Area, PT. Westershire Chemicals Manufacture Indonesia

Citeureup, Bogor, West Java

Several minutes earlier…

“Where the fuck is Vinnie?” Patrick asks the people around him. “He was supposed to call back after he made sure Niall had slotted that bitch.”

Jason, Errol, Tommy, and Richard are in the office with Patrick. No one answers him. Instead, they continue eating chips and drinking Bintang beer, watching football on the 50” TV under a cold AC. Guinness is available in Indonesia, but these men have fallen in love with the local Bintang beer. There’s a smaller TV in the corner showing CCTV images from the factory, but no one’s watching it because Chelsea is playing The Toon on the big screen TV. Jason stands up.

“Jason, go check on Niall and Vinnie,” orders Patrick.

“Sorry… gotta take a shite,” says Jason, smirking.

Errol stands up also.

“Errol, ye fucking go then,” orders Patrick.

“Gotta go to the bloody loo too, Paddy,” says Errol, also smirking.

The two Cartel members don’t want to see Niall’s victim. They exit the office carrying their carbines, laughing their arses off as they head towards the toilet. Patrick looks like he’s about to explode.

“I’ll fucking go then,” says Tommy, taking his carbine. He doesn’t fancy being in the same room as Patrick when he looks like that.

“And tell them to haul their fucking arses in five minutes!” shouts Patrick as Tommy opens the door.

Tommy nods and then exits. As he faces forward, he’s stunned when he sees what’s happening at the front of the factory.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” he shouts, readying his carbine. “Contact fr…”

Tommy doesn’t get the chance to finish before his head snaps back twice; a bullet enters his left eye and another enters his mouth. He’s dead before he hits the floor.

“Bloody hell!” curses Richard.

Errol and Jason hear Tommy cursing behind them and when they turn around, they see what he saw. A 4-man team’s assaulting them, and no one on the ground floor even seems to realize it. Before they can react, a couple of bullets are already heading towards Jason. Errol hears sounds like a couple of raw eggs cracking when those two rounds enter Jason’s head. Errol freezes when he sees Jason fall like a rag doll, but then snaps out of it and starts running towards cover. A bullet passes through his throat, swirling him to the right. He drops his carbine and clutches his throat with both hands. He staggers forward and then backwards towards the rails. Seven 9mm jacketed hollow point bullets slam into his back, as if to prevent him from falling backwards. They fail. Rounds that missed their target shatter the windows of the office. Errol finally hits the rail and he falls arse over teakettle to the ground floor, smashing into some pill-making machines.

At the same time, Patrick and Richard take cover as bullets shatter the windows of their office. They ready their carbines and fire blindly towards the front of the factory.

15:37 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

Factory Area, PT. Westershire Chemicals Manufacture Indonesia

Citeureup, Bogor, West Java

After Sarah says ‘go noisy’, Pranoto switches to the M4 Carbine. He fires three-round bursts towards the offices on the first floor, the occupants of which are firing blindly in his general direction.

“Reload!” shouts Tony, taking cover behind one of the pillars.

Sarah gives him covering fire until she empties her mag and then takes cover behind a pillar to her front.

“Ready!” shouts Tony at the same time Sarah shouts. “Reload!”

Sarah changes mags in record speed while Tony covers her. “Ready!” she shouts.

Sarah starts firing again. Most of the X-Rays return fire with their revolvers, but the others retreat to the rear exit. All those retreating are The Cartel’s core members from the UK. Unbeknownst to Sarah and her team, there’s an armoury at the rear of the factory containing all their carbines and ammo. Many of the X-Rays have been killed, but her team has barely reached the halfway point of the factory.

Sarah has to make a decision to maintain their advantage. “Bravo-Niner-Five, ready explosives!”

Three seconds later, Tony shouts. “Explosives ready!”

“Bravo-Niner-Five go! All Bravo-Niners, suppressing fire!” shouts Sarah.

Everyone except Nyoman starts spraying in full-auto towards the X-Rays, panicking them into taking cover. Tony moves forward, carrying an IED in his left hand and firing his Glock with his right.

“Stoppage!” shouts Pranoto.

Tony decides to keep moving forward despite the lack of covering fire from Pranoto. He plans to throw the IED, set to explode in fifteen seconds, into the container lorry. Twelve metres from the target, Tony throws the IED. In the middle of his throw, a round grazes his left cheek and takes off most of his left ear. His throw falls short of the lorry.

“Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole!” shouts Tony, emptying his pistol as he falls back.

“Ready!” shouts Pranoto, already firing his M4.

“All call signs, move back and take cover! Charlie-Three, cover Black side!” shouts Sarah.

“Roger that!” answer her men.

Everyone moves back and takes cover behind a pillar, while Pranoto keeps firing.


They can hear screams amid the blast of the IED. They catch a glimpse of the first floor collapsing before black smoke covers the carnage. Of all the armed people inside the factory, only Pranoto is still firing his weapon, finishing off the X-Rays he can still see.

Sarah scans her surroundings. They’re a little more than halfway through the factory. She can’t see through the black smoke covering the rear of the factory, but she can hear people dying and crying. She knows lots of X-Rays managed to escape the blast.

“All Bravo-Niners, anticipate X-Ray flanking manoeuvre… Charlie-One, cover Red-3 exit… Charlie-Two, cover Green-9 exit… Charlie-Three, anticipate counterattack… and continue covering Black side,” orders Sarah, panting.

“Roger that,” they answer, also panting.

“Charlie-Four, continue covering White-6 front office.”

“Roger that,” answers Nyoman, restless at not being able to join the fight.

“All Bravo-Niners, send your sitrep,” orders Sarah.

“This is Charlie-One. Four primary mags down, secondary full, over,” says Suprayitno.

“This is Charlie-Two. Three and a half primary mags down, secondary full, over,” says Dedi.

“This is Bravo-Niner-Five. Three primary mags down, one secondary mag down, lightly wounded, over,” says Tony.

Sarah sees that Tony’s left cheek looks as if it’s been sliced open and most of his left ear is gone, blood dripping from both wounds. Sarah’s order has disfigured her handsome brother. This is the first time someone under her command has gotten hurt, making her feel doubly guilty. She tries to ignore that feeling and returns her focus to her mission.

“This is Charlie-Three. M4 dry, switching to MP5, one primary mag down, secondary full, over,” says Pranoto.

“This is Charlie-Four. No action yet, over,” says Nyoman, sounding irritated and making the others smile briefly.

“What’s your sitrep, Bravo-Niner-Six?” asks Tony, looking worriedly at his sister.

Sarah takes a deep breath. The pain in her belly is excruciating. She now feels as if she’s reached the checkpoint at Torpantau. She still has a long way to go, but at least she can take a short break.

“This is Bravo-Niner-Six. Two primary mags down, secondary full, mild stomach-ache, over,” she says, smiling and winking at her brother to calm him down.

She fails.

“Don’t joke about that again, Dik!” Tony snaps, furious at her.

Sarah ignores him and throws one of her mags to Suprayitno. Her brother is sometimes overprotective of his sisters. If they were anywhere else but here, she’d tell him off, but right now she needs him completely focused on the mission. She then gives some orders to her team. “Charlie-Four, distribute reserve ammo and then return to previous position, over.”

“Roger that, moving to Charlie-One at Red-3,” says Nyoman.

Sarah glances towards the back of the factory. The black smoke has stopped moving towards them, but she still can’t see beyond it. They’ve lost speed, aggression, and surprise, and Sarah has run out of ideas. She’s also extremely worried that the opposition will counterattack.

“Suggestions, Kak?” she asks.

Tony’s also hesitant. There are too many fields of fire to cover and they are severely lacking in manpower and firepower. “Let’s just wait for reinforcements,” he suggests.

Sarah nods. “Call Zul for me, would you?”

Tony calls Zulkarnaen and throws his smartphone to Sarah.

Siap, Komandan!” answers Zulkarnaen.

“Zul, this is Bravo-Niner-Six and I’m in command of this special operation. Send your sitrep, over,” orders Sarah.

“Roger that. I am mobile with five policemen from POLSEK Citeureup armed with SS-1 rifles and FN pistols, ETA in six mikes and more reinforcements to follow. Yankee is secured at the police precinct with one policewoman taking care of her. I’ve coordinated with Delta-Eight-Eight-Actual. They’ve just taken care of the lookout and deployed all hands with one heli and four Innovas full of policemen. ETA of heli is seven mikes, Innovas are twelve mikes. Be advised that the heli is only carrying a sniper team. Acknowledge!” says Zulkarnaen.

“Affirmative, wait one,” says Sarah, relieved. She gives a thumbs-up to Tony who also looks relieved.

Meanwhile, Nyoman has finished distributing the reserve ammo and has returned to his original position.

Sarah closes her eyes to think hard for a few seconds before giving Zulkarnaen further orders. “Zul, this is Bravo-Niner-Six. When you arrive, split your forces into two fireteams and cover Delta Mike Papa exits Green-9 from White-7 front entrance and Red-3 from White-5 front entrance. Engage all X-Rays who appear from outside Black-11 or Black-1. Relay to Delta-Eight-Eight-Actual that X-Rays are still in control of Black side and have the heli cover Black-12 exit. Half of the Innovas should immediately double envelop to Black-11 and Black-1 and cover Black-12 exit, but do not enter Delta Mike Papa. I say again, do not enter Delta Mike Papa. The rest will provide reinforcement through White-6 front office. Report using headset when you are in range, over.”

“Affirmative, Bravo-Niner-Six,” answers Zulkarnaen.

“Bravo-Niner-Six out,” says Sarah, glancing at Tony, who gives her a thumbs-up.

Tony looks at his sister with fierce pride in his eyes. He can clearly picture her tactics and his respect for his commander has gone through the roof!

15:46 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

PT. Westershire Chemicals Manufacture Indonesia

Citeureup, Bogor, West Java

A few minutes earlier…

The blast knocks Patrick and Richard down, but they’re mostly unhurt.

“We can’t stay here!” whispers Patrick.

Richard nods and finds his carbine amid the rubble. He’s shaking from seeing Tommy die in front of him and his own near-death experience. The whole first floor has collapsed, killing the men on the ground floor offices. Only the toilets on the first and ground floor remain standing. They crawl towards the rear exit. It looks like most of the men from the UK have made it out alive and Patrick does a quick headcount. They’ve only lost Niall, Vinnie, Tommy, Jason, and Errol in the first wave of the assault and Chris and Bert in the blast. The ground floor offices are mostly occupied by locals. Clearly none of the locals survived the collapse of the first floor on top of them.

“How many are left?” asks Patrick when he sees Rory.

“Forty or so went with me to the back,” says Rory. “We can’t stay here!”

“I know, for God’s sake!” snaps Patrick. He watches as his men take the M4 and ammo from the armoury. “Who the fuck are those fellas? They can’t be Densus unless Brian has fucked up, but they still shouldn’t get here this fast. Are there any fucking special forces stationed in this area?”

“Kopassus of the Indonesian Army and a Brimob HQ are near this area. KOOPSUS HQ is nearby. Satuan Bravo-90 of the Indonesian Air Force is also headquartered in Bogor,” says Rory, starting to go pale. “Sheila said Bravo trained with the SAS a couple of years ago.”

“Fuck! Isn’t Sarah’s brother in Bravo?” asks Patrick.

Rory can only nod and Patrick sees some of his men go pale. They all know that Satuan Bravo-90 is one of Indonesia’s counterterrorist units.

“Let’s just surrender!” suggests Liam, voice shaking.

Patrick takes out his suppressed pistol and shoots Liam in his temple.

“Does anyone else have any more fucking bone ideas?” asks Patrick, giving his men a deadly look.

His men shake their heads, no.

Patrick continues. “I think I saw only four or five of them, so here’s what we’re going to do…”

He lays out his plan.

15:46 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

Mayor Oking Jayaatmaja Road

Citeureup, Bogor, West Java

Zulkarnaen and five policemen from the Citeureup Police Precinct are racing towards the factory in Tony’s Fortuner. Other policemen will follow shortly. Before they deployed, the head of the police precinct (called Kapolsek) coordinated with the commander of the Brimob base at Kedung Halang, not too far from their location. They’ll deploy all on-duty Brimob personnel.

After Zulkarnaen coordinates with Prasetyo, Komisaris Polisi Hendro Kistono, the Kapolsek, asks him a question. “Can you repeat our orders? I don’t understand any of the code words.”

“We were ordered to split into two teams. One will cover the left side of the factory and the other the right side. If anyone shows up from the back of the factory, we’re free to engage,” explains Zulkarnaen patiently.

The policemen can only look blankly at the air force sergeant. They’ve never been involved in this sort of operation before.

Zulkarnaen continues his briefing. “Briptu Heru will come with me to the left. Pak Hendro, please take three of your men to the right. If anyone shows up, just keep shooting at them, but cease fire when Densus arrive. Please have one of your men guard the entrance to prevent civilians from entering the area and to direct Densus-88 on arrival.”

Siap!” answers Hendro. The head of the police precinct defers to the air force sergeant’s lead because this operation is beyond his own experience and capabilities.

From 300 metres away, they can see black smoke from the location. Zulkarnael turns on his headset. “Bravo-Niner-Six, this is Zulkarnaen. Comm check, over.”

“This is Bravo-Niner-Six and I read you five-by-five. Your call sign is designated as Zulu-Six, over,” says Sarah.

“Affirmative, Bravo-Niner-Six. Zulu-Six and Zulu-One will provide overwatch from White-7 front entrance, Zulu-Two will provide overwatch from White-5 front entrance. Zulu team will be in overwatch position within two mikes, over.”

“Copy, out.”

A couple of minutes later, they park the car ten metres from the front entrance. They debus and split up according to their orders. Curious onlookers from the surrounding neighbourhood try to gather around, but one of the policemen prevents them from entering the compound. Zulkarnaen then hears his commander through his headset giving orders to somebody else.

The sharp cracks of assault rifles are heard from inside the factory. Amid the noise, Zulkarnaen can hear a diesel engine roaring to life from the rear of the factory.

Half a minute later, Zulkarnaen reports. “Bravo-Niner-Six, this is Zulu-Six. Zulu team is in overwatch position, over.”

There’s no answer. Only the sounds of M4 Carbines fill his ears.

“Bravo-Niner-Six, this is Zulu-Six. Zulu team is in overwatch position. Do you copy?”

“Copy, Zulu-Six… Engage when necessary,” orders Sarah.

His commander sounds like she’s under a lot of pressure. Briptu Heru looks toward Zulkarnaen and sees that the air force NCO is looking extremely worried. This makes him absolutely terrified!

15:50 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

PT. Westershire Chemicals Manufacture Indonesia

Citeureup, Bogor, West Java

Several seconds earlier…

Sarah glances at her military watch. Zulkarnaen should be in position soon so she gives orders to her men. “Charlie-Four, assist Charlie-Three in covering Black-12 to Red-3.”

“Roger that, moving to Charlie-Three at White-6,” answers Nyoman.

“Charlie-Three, cover…” Sarah doesn’t get the chance to finish her orders when a group of X-Rays suddenly come out of the black smoke behind her, blindly firing their M4 Carbines in Pranoto’s direction and screaming at the top of their lungs.

At the same time, someone starts the engine of the lorry and drives it away. Pranoto and Nyoman return fire, but then they have to take cover from the heavy enemy fire. Sarah releases the sling from her HK MP5SD3 and prepares herself for hand-to-hand combat. She sees her men have already done the same. They wait behind the pillars for the opposition to change mags.

Once the X-Rays stop firing, Sarah gives an order. “All Bravo-Niners, return fire!”

Sarah and her men return fire on the X-Rays counterattacking them. Three metres to her front-right, Frank Llywelyn tries to change mags. Sarah is about to shoot him when his head snaps back, shot by Nyoman from Sarah’s rear. Seven other X-Rays are quickly dispatched by the others. With the lorry gone, the black smoke starts to dissipate. There are six X-Rays still firing at them from the ruins on the Black side. They took cover there when they saw their counterattack had failed. Zulkarnaen reports for the second time that he’s in position and Sarah finally answers him.

15:50 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

PT. Westershire Chemicals Manufacture Indonesia

Citeureup, Bogor, West Java

Zulkarnaen sees the lorry driving towards him.

“Open fire!” he orders Briptu Heru.

Both men empty their first mag at the lorry’s cabin, shattering the windshield. They don’t know whether they’ve hit the driver or not, but the lorry keeps heading towards them. X-Rays are taking cover behind the lorry, like infantrymen advancing behind a tank.

“Shoot the engines!” orders Zulkarnaen.

Heru fires at the engine with his assault rifle and Zulkarnaen fires his MP5 at the front tyres. The lorry finally stops and both men start firing at the X-Rays, who are themselves already firing their M4s at them. At the same time, Zulkarnaen hears the loud cracks of assault rifles to his right. Zulkarnaen can see the Kapolsek looking extremely pale giving orders to his men, who are equally pale.

Zulkarnaen panics when he suddenly realises what the X-Rays are up to and shouts into his headset. “Bravo-Niner-Six, this is Zulu-Six! Imminent enemy double envelopment manoeuver to Green-9 and Red-6 from outdoors! I say again, imminent enemy double envelopment manoeuver to Green-9 and Red-6 from outdoors, over!”

“Copy, Zulu-Six. You are free to engage from your position,” orders Sarah in her calm, assertive voice.

Sarah’s command voice calms Zulkarnaen down… and makes him ashamed of himself for panicking. “Roger that.”

Meanwhile, reinforcement from POLSEK Citeureup finally arrive. Six policemen join Zulkarnaen carrying SS-1 assault rifles. Zulkarnaen orders four of them to stay where they are and keep firing their weapons at the X-Rays, and tells the rest to follow him towards the Kapolsek’s position. He sees that the Kapolsek and his men are pinned down by enemy fire. Fortunately, the trees can absorb the high-velocity rounds of the M4. When he finally reaches the Kapolsek, Zulkarnaen sees that, unlike the Green side of the factory, the Red side is strewn with building materials, which the X-Rays are using as cover. He sees only one X-Ray down, still writhing on the ground. He takes careful aim and puts the X-Ray out of his misery with a couple of shots to the head.

Zulkarnaen realizes that his MP5 is not fit for this kind of battle so he trades his weapon and ammo with one of the policemen. Normally he wouldn’t swap his weapon with somebody else on the battlefield, but here he has no choice. The SS-1 with FMJ ammo is much more powerful than his MP5. Zulkarnaen starts shooting his new weapon. After a few shots, he feels a tap on his arm.

P-p-pak, h-h-how d-d-do you change m-m-mags?” asks the policeman Zulkarnaen had traded weapons with.

The policeman looks so scared that his whole body is shaking. Zulkarnaen quickly but patiently teaches him, before returning fire.

15:52 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

PT. Westershire Chemicals Manufacture Indonesia

Citeureup, Bogor, West Java

Several minutes earlier…

Sarah hears from Zulkarnaen that the X-Rays are double-enveloping them from outside. She thinks hard for a few seconds. The sound of gunfire and the excruciating pain in her belly is making it hard for her to concentrate. Sarah feels like she’s climbing the Jacob’s Ladder towards the top of Pen y Fan. She’s struggling to reach the top.

“Charlie-Three, move forward and reinforce Charlie-Two covering Green-9,” orders Sarah.

“Roger that, moving to reinforce Charlie-Two.”

“Charlie-Four, do the same covering Red-3,” orders Sarah.

“Roger that, moving to reinforce Charlie-One.”

“Bravo-Niner-Five, standby to fire and manoeuvre to Black-12,” orders Sarah.

Tony hurriedly shuts off his headset. “Are you out of your fucking mind?”

Sarah also turns off her headset. At the same time, the loud cracks of M4 Carbines are heard from both sides of the factory.

“Do we have a choice?” asks Sarah, eyes wide open in panic. She suddenly doubts her own orders.

Tony forces himself to take a deep breath and thinks hard for a moment. The fire and manoeuvre tactic, known as pepper-potting in the British Army, is bold to the point of reckless. The risk is extremely high with just two people, especially for whoever’s doing the final assault. Ideally, the assault force should outnumber the defenders three-to-one. What they’re facing now is the exact opposite. On top of that, the HK MP5SD3 submachine gun is hardly the right weapon for this tactic. Although there are M4 Carbines strewn around, they don’t dare use them.

But if they don’t do anything, they’ll be annihilated by an attack from both flanks. The only reason why the enemy counterattack failed was thanks to Zulu-One and Zulu-Two, covering both flanks. Another option available is to fall back to the front office. However, they’re extremely low on ammo. If the opposition throws everything they have at them, the team will most likely not survive their attack.

‘It’s better to attack instead of retreating in a situation like this,’ thinks Tony. ‘It looks like attacking is our only option.’

His sister was right all along. Tony now feels guilty for doubting his commander. He reactivates his headset.

“I will follow you anywhere, Bravo-Niner-Six,” he says firmly.

Tony has just given his sister the highest praise a soldier can offer his commander. Sarah only smiles at her brother and reactivates her own headset.

The voice of Police Brigadier General Prasetyo suddenly comes through. “This is Delta-Eight-Eight-Actual onboard heli. Comm check, over.”

“Delta-Eight-Eight-Actual, this is Bravo-Niner-Six. We read you five-by-five, over.”

“Airborne sniper team hovering in position half a click above and behind Black-12. Send your sitrep, over.”

Sarah is grateful she had the chance to pass her knowledge on to her commander this morning. “Delta-Eight-Eight-Actual, this is Bravo-Niner-Six. X-Rays are still in control of Black side and most are double-enveloping to Red-3 and Green-9 from outdoors. Be advised that friendlies are in White-5 and White-7 front entrance area. Please provide sniper cover for Black side, over.”

“Affirmative, Bravo-Niner-Six. Ground forces are commanded by Kombes Hanafi, call sign is Golf-Two-Three, ETA is four mikes. Acknowledge!”

“Affirmative, Delta-Eight-Eight-Actual. Golf-Two-Tree ETA four mikes, over,” answers Sarah.

“Charlie-Mike, Bravo-Niner-Six. Good luck and good hunting, out.”

“Bravo-Niner-Six, this is Charlie-One. Last primary mag,” says Suprayitno.

“Copy,” answers Sarah.

Sarah throws one of her mags to Suprayitno and Tony does the same to Dedi. Sarah and Tony then exchange looks. They’ll be out of ammo soon and they don’t have four minutes. They have no choice but to attack. They can’t wait until Densus gets here.

15:53 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

PT. Westershire Chemicals Manufacture Indonesia

Citeureup, Bogor, West Java

Sarah had asked Densus to double envelop the factory from both flanks, but Zulkarnaen sees that that tactic no longer fits with the battlefield. The Green side is blocked by the lorry and the Red side is filled with building materials. The Densus policemen deployed to those flanks won’t be able to do much good, and might even endanger them.

Zulkarnaen takes the initiative. “Delta-Eight-Eight-Actual, this is Zulu-Six at White-5 front entrance, over.”

“Go ahead, Zulu-Six.”

“Be advised that both the Red side and Green side of the factory are blocked. Please deploy all reinforcements from White-6 front office, over.”

“Copy, Zulu-Six,” says Prasetyo, who immediately forwards the order to Hanafi in one of the Innovas.

An air force sergeant has just ordered a Police Brigadier General to change combat tactics, but Prasetyo followed his command without any hesitation whatsoever. The commander of Densus-88 knows that soldiers on the ground know more about the situation than he does. He also knows that the members of Bravo under Major Dharmawan are the finest men in the Indonesian military.

15:53 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

PT. Westershire Chemicals Manufacture Indonesia

Citeureup, Bogor, West Java

Tony glances towards the Black side. He looks like he’s counting something. Incoming fire from the six remaining X-Rays at the Black side is still intense.

“All right, Komandan, this is our last dance. You go first, okay?” says Tony.

Sarah nods and gives him an order. “Bravo-Niner-Five, suppress fire in three, two, one, go!”

Tony gives suppressing fire towards the X-Rays and Sarah runs as fast as she can to the next pillar. Once she’s gone firm, she gives a signal to Tony, who runs towards the next two pillars while Sarah gives suppressing fire. Once Tony’s there, he signals Sarah, and lays down suppressing fire as she runs to the next two pillars. Sarah’s last movement takes her only a few metres away from the X-Rays, still firing at them from cover. As she runs toward the pillar, she finally realizes why Tony wanted her to go first. Tony’s next move means that he’s the one who’ll do the final assault on the X-Rays’ position. The risk for her brother is huge! To minimize casualties, Sarah should be the one doing the final assault. She looks extremely worried when she gives the final signal to Tony.

Tony rushes towards the X-Rays’ position, screaming at the top of his lungs. Sarah provides suppressing fire with her last mag. Sarah’s shots are both accurate and effective, forcing the X-Rays to take cover. Five X-Rays are still alive and one is writhing on the floor, both hands covering his bloody face. When he reaches them, Tony manages to shoot two X-Rays before they can react. Another stands up to try to shoot Tony, but Sarah shoots him in the neck from behind Tony. The remaining two X-Rays throw themselves towards Tony, who has just run out of ammo. Sarah rushes forward to help her brother and throws away her empty MP5.

As she throws away her submachine gun, Sarah sees Patrick suddenly emerge from another position, pointing his pistol straight at her…

15:55 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

PT. Westershire Chemicals Manufacture Indonesia

Citeureup, Bogor, West Java

Patrick meets Sarah, face-to-face for the first time. He’s taken aback seeing Sarah in her white bikini top and blue jeans, reminding him of Sheila the last time he saw her. For a second, Patrick’s not in Indonesia anymore… he’s back in Liverpool… back with his daughter. Remembering his only child, he hesitates squeezing the trigger of his .22 calibre pistol…

15:55 WIB (GMT+7)

Sunday October 4, 2026

PT. Westershire Chemicals Manufacture Indonesia

Citeureup, Bogor, West Java

Sarah draws her sidearm from her thigh holster and fires at Patrick without pausing to aim. The Glock 19 is deafening compared to the HK MP5SD3.

Patrick staggers when a couple of bullets hit his hip and leg. He limps towards the back exit before Sarah can change mags and shoot him again. He plans on hiding in the escape tunnel at the rear of the factory. As it’s not yet finished, he won’t be able to escape. Like his wife, Patrick plans on killing as many people as possible from inside the tunnel before they can finally kill him.

“How the fuck do ye slot that bitch?” Patrick mumbles to himself.

He was sure that the one and only shot he’d fired had hit Sarah in the centre mass, but why is she still fighting? His round must’ve been a dud or something. In the middle of his thoughts, a .338 Lapua Magnum bullet fired from a Remington Model 700P sniper rifle hits him in the centre mass and blows out his spine. He drops face first like a sack of potatoes.

“Tango down, Black-12 outdoors,” says Prasetyo, in his usual calm manner.

Before the leader of the Irish Drug Cartel bleeds to death on the floor of his own drug manufacturing plant, Sarah empties her pistol into the back of his head. Sarah then focuses on helping Tony. He’s managed to take down Richard Callaghan, who’s still writhing and moaning with an Aitor knife stuck in his chest. The other X-Ray, Rory Hanrahan, is on top of Tony and trying to stab her brother in the neck with a piece of rebar.

Sarah calmly changes mags, aims her pistol, and shoots Rory in the head with a controlled pair. Rory drops dead on top of Tony. Tony throws him to one side and gets up, quickly wiping Rory’s blood and brains off his face. Sarah sees a deep cut on her brother’s face, near his left eye down to his jaw. His waist has been grazed by a bullet and his left ear is still dripping blood.

Sarah doesn’t give her brother time to catch his breath before ordering him into action. “Clear the toilets, I’ll cover you from here.”

Tony nods, changes mags, and moves to secure the two toilets that survived the IED blast. They both know that those toilets are most likely empty, but they’re trained not to assume anything. Sarah finishes off the last of the X-Rays around her by shooting them twice in the head. As an Indonesian police officer, she’s violating the incredibly stupid directive from KOMNAS HAM, but she doesn’t care anymore. They can punish her if she survives this mission.

After changing mags, Sarah covers Tony with her Glock in her right hand and clutches her stomach with her left. She feels as if she has reached the top of Corn Du and is now running towards Storey Arms. Only adrenaline is mitigating the pain in her abdomen, allowing her to still fully function. After the adrenaline leaves her system, Sarah knows she’ll experience the most excruciating pain in her life.

“Black-1-0 toilet cleared,” says Tony. He then goes upstairs to clear the first floor toilet.

“Two Tangos down, Black-11 outdoors,” says Delta-Eight-Eight-Actual. As usual, Prasetyo’s voice sounds calm and assertive, no matter how dire the situation or crisis is.

Sarah slowly turns towards the front of the factory. She can see the fierce battle raging on the Green and Red side. If either side carried any explosives, the battle would’ve ended by now, not still be in a stalemate like this. On her left, Serma Suprayitno is firing his pistol with his left hand, his right arm shattered up to his elbow. Sertu Nyoman Sukarya is helping him cover the Red side exit with the last mag of his MP5.

On her right, Sertu Dedi Suhendri is also hit. The lower-left side of his face is missing and what’s left of his jaw and tongue hangs grotesquely from his face. Dedi’s on top of an X-Ray, bashing his head open with the butt of his Glock. Sarah sees two dead X-Rays near him, one with an obvious broken neck and the other with an Aitor knife stuck in his left eye. Serka Pranoto is covering Dedi with his pistol. Sarah is deeply saddened seeing her men gravely wounded like that. She’s their commander and they’re her responsibility.

Several pistol shots suddenly go off from the toilet on the first floor!

“Two X-Rays down, Black-1-1 toilet, Black side clear,” says Tony. There were X-Rays hiding inside the first floor toilet after all.

“All call signs, this is Golf Two-Three-Actual. All Golf-Two-Three are foxtrot, entering from White-6 front entrance, over,” says Hanafi. The ground force has debussed and is now running towards them.

Sarah takes a deep breath. These will be her last sets of orders. “Golf-Two-Three-Actual, this is Bravo-Niner-Six. Split into two fireteams after entering Delta Mike Papa from White-6 front office and immediately deploy to Red-3 and Green-9 exits. Bypass friendlies in the area and unleash hell with frags and willie-peters. Black side is clear, friendlies also in the area. Acknowledge!”

“Affirmative, Bravo-Niner-Six. Golf-Two-Three will deploy to Red-3 and Green-9 exits from inside Delta Mike Papa. Friendlies in all areas, over,” says Hanafi as he runs.

“All Bravo-Niners, this is Bravo-Niner-Six… Black side is clear… reinforcement coming in from White-6 front office, over.”

“Roger that,” answers everyone under her command except Sertu Dedi.

“All call signs… this is Bravo-Niner-Six… Bravo-Niner-Five is now in control…” says Sarah, her command voice starting to fade. “Bravo-Niner-Six… signing off…”

Sarah says those words with the last of her remaining energy. Only her excellent physical condition keeps her on her feet. Sarah knows that she’ll fall if she tries to move, so she decides to just stand there and watch the battle unfold in front of her. Sarah now imagines herself running behind D Squadron. After running up and down the Brecon Beacons for almost twenty-four kilometres with a fifty-pound bergen on her back, she finally sees the finish line at Storey Arms. The members of G Squadron are already there, cheering for her, spurring her to finish the run. Their cheers echo in her head.

“Go, Sarah, go!”

“Come on, Sarah!”

“You can do it, Sarah!”

And now she’s determined more than ever to accomplish her mission. As she thinks about this, Sarah suddenly understands the quote from James Elroy Flecker, written on the Regimental Clock Tower in the SAS Barracks.

“… we shall go,

Always a little further; it may be…”

As a special forces operative, Sarah’s physical and mental toughness have been drilled so hard that she will never quit until she’s accomplished her mission. She will force her body to go ‘Always a little further; it may be…’ like she always does.

“Golf-Two-Three is complete,” says Hanafi.

A couple of seconds later, Sarah sees Densus personnel in black kit armed with HK 416s enter the front door to the factory. They’ve deployed according to her last order. The sounds of HK 416s intermingle with the sounds of M4s. Shouts of ‘Tango down’ are heard repeatedly. Sarah sees a Densus member stagger and fall from a shot to his chest. A female Densus member starts dragging him to safety, but is shot in her lower left leg, blowing it off completely. Sarah’s tears start streaming down her cheek. Her orders have left her teammates wounded.

She has failed them.

Meanwhile, Tony has been worried since Sarah suddenly turned over her command to him. From the first floor, he sees Sarah standing below, tears streaming from her eyes and blood dripping from the corner of her mouth. Her right hand is holding her Glock and her left is clutching her stomach. Tony hurriedly limps down to the ground floor. One of the X-Rays in the toilet shot Tony in the leg before Tony had a chance to shoot him with his Glock.


Several grenades go off at almost the same time on both sides, making the whole factory shake. They can hear the screams of agony from the X-Rays amid the blasts. Blasts continue to explode for the next minute, finally blowing up the lorry outside. Fire rages from both sides of the factory.

Tony finally arrives. He gives a worried look to his sister. “Dik… are you all right?”

Sarah doesn’t answer and only releases her left hand from her stomach. Tony’s eyes go wide seeing blackish blood flow like a river from the small gunshot wound in his sister’s stomach.

Tony is barely in control of himself when he shouts into his headset. “Godverdomme! All call signs, this is Bravo-Niner-Five! Bravo-Niner-Six is hit! Charlie-Four, get to Black-12! Delta-Eight-Eight-Actual, take control of the operation! Bravo-Niner-Five out!”

“Roger that, moving to Black-12,” says Nyoman, limping towards their position. His left thigh has been shot.

“Copy, Bravo-Niner-Five. Delta-Eight-Eight-Actual is in control,” says Prasetyo. He starts giving orders to set up a triage system. In stark contrast to his usual demeanour, the commander of Densus-88 now sounds extremely emotional.

Sarah finally loses energy in her legs and starts falling. Tony manages to catch his sister before she hits the floor. He holds her with her head in his arms. He then releases and throws away Sarah’s headset. He doesn’t want her to think about the mission anymore.

Meanwhile, Tony hears Hanafi’s voice in his headset. “Delta-Eight-Eight-Actual, this is Golf-Two-Three-Actual. Red-3 and Green-9 exits clear!”

“All call signs, this is Delta-Eight-Eight-Actual. All clear and mission accomplished!” says Prasetyo. No one is cheering because they all know that some of their comrades are severely wounded.

Kak… the mission…” says Sarah, starting to lose her breath.

“All clear and mission accomplished, Komandan. We did it!”

“Stronghold… secured?” asks Sarah, trying to smile at her brother.

Siap, Komandan. Stronghold secured!”

Sarah breathes a sigh of relief. Her thoughts wander to her teammates in the UK, who counted on her to locate and destroy The Cartel’s drug factory in Indonesia. She has accomplished the mission assigned to her by Christopher Broussard, Sir Charles Mountbatten, and by the commander of Densus-88 this afternoon. She misses Broussard, Liz, Arthur, Matt, James, and Paul; her team in England who she came to love. Sarah suddenly remembers when they looked at her with tears of pride in their eyes when Sir Charles invested her with a DSO.

Nyoman finally arrives and, according to SOP, he first takes Sarah’s pistol and clears it. He checks the small gunshot wound in the middle of Sarah’s abdomen, right between her sternum and the small knife still embedded deeply in her navel. The size of the gunshot wound means that she was shot with a .22. The blackish blood coming out of her stomach means that the small but deadly round has shredded Sarah’s liver. Nyoman checks her back and can’t find an exit wound. The round must be a hollow point, mushroomed inside her liver. The hollow point round is deadlier because all the kinetic energy of the round after it’s fired is transferred to the target.

Sarah looks towards Nyoman, who is checking other parts of her body to see if there are wounds more severe than the obvious ones in front of him. She sees that Nyoman’s left thigh is shredded. Sarah feels sad for all the wounded men under her command.

Kak… the men…” she asks, more blood dripping from the corner of her mouth.

“Don’t worry, all of them will make it. You’ve led us so well, Komandan,” says Tony, starting to choke. “I love you and I’m proud of you. You’re a hero!”

Tony checks Sarah’s pulse. It’s weak and irregular. Nyoman glances at Tony, but looks down again without saying anything. He doesn’t want to see his commander cry. He also doesn’t want his commander to see him crying himself.

“Help the others,” orders Tony, almost inaudibly. Densus has set up a triage system, and Nyoman’s skills and medical kit are needed elsewhere.

Siap!” answers Nyoman. He takes the time to wipe Sarah’s mouth of blood before leaving the brother and sister behind him. “Charlie-Four to Green-9,” he says, starting to cry openly.

Amid all the noise, Tony hears Pranoto start retching again. This indicates to Tony that the operation is completely over and there’s nothing else he can do.

Kak…” says Sarah, her beautiful face contorted in pain.

Iya, Dik… the pain is temporary… don’t fight it…” says Tony, gripping hard onto her left hand.

“I’m… scared…” says Sarah, tears streaming from her blue eyes.

Sarah’s grip is as hard as Tony’s, as if she doesn’t want to let go… as if she doesn’t want to give up. Tony wants to cry, but he must be brave for his sister as she faces the Ángel de la Muerte.

“I’m here, Dik,” says Tony, kissing her forehead softly. “Just close your eyes… and go to sleep… I’m here for you… I’m here for you… Vaya con Dios, Dik… shhh… shhh…”

Sarah closes her eyes. Her thoughts start wandering again and now she’s reached the finish line at Storey Arms. All she has to do now is rest. Her body is hurting all over, but she’s happy because the SAS men are congratulating her for finishing the Fan Dance. Among the SAS men, she sees Cormac, Al, Robert, George, and Dave, her friends in the SAS whom she loves and considers as her own brothers. The last one she sees is Michael, whom she loved very much. Michael is hugging her and trying to calm her down, just like he did at the 888 Restaurant & Bar in Manchester.

Je t’aime tellement, Michael!’ shouts Sarah in her mind as she cries from the unbearable pain in her stomach.

Aku cinta padamu juga, mo ghile mear,’ says Michael, smiling at her, the morning before The Cartel snatched and tortured him to death.

Sarah keeps crying from the pain and Tony can’t bear watching his sister in agony like this. He remembers their childhood together at Poole. Sarah likes to sleep in his arms like this while he sings her an Indonesian nursery rhyme.

Kupu-kupu yang lucu,

Kemana engkau terbang…”

Sarah’s breathing starts to get ragged. She coughs out blood and her body tenses up, but she’s still gripping hard onto Tony’s hand, still unwilling to give up. Only Sarah’s excellent physical condition is what’s keeping her alive.

Sarah’s last thoughts are about her family. Her loving parents who raised her so well… her gallant brother… and her adorable sister. Sarah is calmer knowing she saved Cindy’s life. Before she loses consciousness, she remembers her whole family looking at her with immense pride when she told them she was hand-selected to join Densus-88. Sarah remembers noticing her mum, who looked at her with fierce pride in her eyes… but behind that pride, Sarah can also sense her deep worries...

Maafkan Sarah… mummy…” says Sarah, tears streaming down her cheek. I’m sorrymummy

After hearing those words, Tony senses that Sarah has lost consciousness. He carries on singing to his sister for the very last time.

Kupu-kupu yang elok,

Bolehkah saya serta,

Mencium bunga-bunga,

Yang semerbak baunya…”

Tony can feel the exact moment when his sister leaves him. Sarah’s body tenses up and a gush of blood flows from her mouth. Sarah exhales her last breath and her body finally goes limp. Her beautiful face, that a few moments ago was contorted in extreme pain, now looks at peace, as if she’s sleeping in his arms. Crying, Tony carries on singing until the song is finished.

Bolehkah kuturut,

Bersama pergi…”

In the War on Narcoterrorism in Indonesia that lasted less than an hour, ICPO-Interpol and Densus-88 have lost their finest police officer.

And in less than a week since Michael’s death, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has once again lost one of their heroes...

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