The Policewoman

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Chapter 18: Epilogue

08:48 WIB (GMT+7)

Wednesday October 7, 2026

Jaya Ancol Seafront

Pademangan, North Jakarta, Jakarta

The ceremony is about to begin. An Interpol and a Security Service officer, accompanied by three UK policemen and a policewoman from the Republic of Ireland, give her parents a medal and a citation from His Majesty’s Government for her role in eliminating a vicious drug syndicate from the UK. The medal is an upgrade from the GM and it’s the highest gallantry award the UK government can invest to a civilian.

A Major-General from the British Army arrives to invest her brother with a CGC and the five men under her command with MCs. The six members of Satuan Bravo-90 can all attend, though some are severely wounded. Those who are wounded have forced their way here so they can attend the funeral of their commander, who had led them so well.

The Major-General, in a sand-coloured beret, is escorted by five soldiers wearing the temperate parade uniform of various regiments in the British Army, from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, Coldstream Guards, The Rifles, King’s Royal Hussars, and the Parachute Regiment with their famous maroon beret. The six soldiers cannot hide their sorrow over losing their close friend, who they considered a sister. They are extremely emotional when they salute the body of their fallen comrade.

After the ceremony, an ambulance leaves the house, escorted by eight police motorcycles called vooriders. The vooriders lead the ambulance out of the front gate towards a crematorium in the northeast side of the city.

At the front gate, sixty-three security guards and some 150 men and women in mufti are standing in parade formation. The men and women in mufti are all extremely athletic. They stand to attention and salute when the ambulance passes by. Everyone has tears in their eyes when the ambulance containing the body of Komisaris Besar Polisi Anumerta Sarah Michelle Dharmawan, GC, DSO, MC passes in front of them.

Their commander has left them…

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