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Chapter 11 - Tammy's Pants

I heard birds chirping, a boat engine running somewhere off in the distance out on the lake, and my heart pounding in my chest. After a few seconds, Georgie and Tobin started coming into focus as they both were just staring down at me not knowing what to say. So I said the first thing that came to my mind.

I really want in Tammy’s pants!

And we all busted out laughing; well they were laughing a lot more than I was at that moment due to being in a lot of freaking pain.

Well no shit Sherlock, we all want in Tammy’s pants,” Tobin chimed in as he laughed and laughed. Tammy was this perfect girl that was in our grade and was on the track team. She had the perfect ass, the perfect tits, and as smart as they come. Straight A’s on everything and she could run. Wow could she run! I was on the track team too because my brother had ran track and he was of course perfect so my father said I had to run track too. I used to have to go and watch my older brother run his cross country races back when we were in Greensboro. At that time, I remembered thinking how stupid it was to run so hard where sometimes you throw up when you finish or pull muscles so bad you couldn’t walk right for days. What idiot would ever want to do that as a sport? Yea, this idiot now was doing the same sport that I swore I would never do. I hated track, but loved looking at Tammy, especially her ass. We had just been out on a date the week before and I was surprised that she said yes when I asked her out. I was definitely not the one to be shy so I came straight out and asked her to go out with me. I think it surprised her but she said yes immediately. We had gone out to eat at a cool restaurant and then we went to a movie. It was a boring movie but the date overall went pretty good I thought. Second date was coming up next weekend. I planned to put some moves on her when we went out again. Well that was my plan anyway and I liked to plan.

Well it’s not going to matter if you get in her pants because if your dick doesn’t work as your legs aren’t working, what’s the fucking point?” Tobin declared.

Good point I thought.

It’s all good, I can feel my legs some now, see; I can move my feet.

I wiggled my toes and feet some showing I am going to be ok with a semi hopeful smile. God that hurt to move my feet! I really couldn’t feel my legs for a few minutes, but then it was just pain all up and down my legs and my feet were tingling like your fingers do when you hit your funny bone.

“So stay away from Tammy! What’s in her pants is soon to be mine!” I said as seriously as a kid in severe pain wondering if he was actually going to be able to walk again could say.

“Whatever man, she let you take her to dinner and you didn’t even get to second base. Your dick is probably permanently broke anyway so just do us all a favor and jump one more time. Georgie and I need another good laugh watching you hit the water like you did.”

And that was the last time I ever jumped off that cliff and the good news was everything actually still worked. It took probably at least an hour or more to be able to walk normally again that day on the island and maybe a few more hours to finally realize I was going to be ok. And the really good news was I did eventually get in Tammy’s pants and that was a very good day!

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