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Chapter 12 - Playtime Over

Things that go up must come down and did he come down. He came down hard and fast. It was as though he hit something in midair as he fell out of the air straight down in the center of the mud pit. If I thought someone could hit their brakes on their bike in midair, then I would have thought Bryan did just that. It made this thud as he hit the center of the mud and he immediately sank up to his waist as he was now sitting on the bike seat, perfectly level, with mud slowly covering up his waist area.

“Well at least you didn’t fall off the bike” I said positively. “You ok?” I asked.

“Yea, man, I’m sorry I stopped pedaling.” Bryan said apologetically.

“That’s ok Bryan, you know, I never told you, but I stopped pedaling too, see.” I lifted up my arm and moved my shirt to the side and for the first time, displayed proudly the terrible scar left from where I had landed dead center of that fucking pile of glass. I never raised that arm as it looked awful as the doctor did a piss poor job stitching me up.

His eyes got real big and he mumbled something I couldn’t understand and then continued on my short speech.

“Now if I would have told you about me not making my first big jump because I stopped pedaling too, you wouldn’t have tried, now would you have? No, of course you wouldn’t have!” I said as he was shaking his head nervously looking around confused and scared.

“I really hoped you would have made it across Bryan, but you didn’t, so let’s get this over with.” I quickly said.

“I can’t move my legs” he said oblivious to the statement I had just made.

“Yea, I know and you are slowly sinking. Have you realized that yet?” I asked directly.

“Oh man, please get me, out of here! My mom is going to kill me!” The mud was now up past his belly.

“No, don’t you worry, she won’t kill you” as I chuckled. “You can’t kill someone that is already dead.

What?” Bryan said confused by what he had just heard.

Let me throw this rope across and connect it to the other tree and I will get things going.” I had tied a rope to one of the oak trees at eye level the week hoping I would come across him

at some point out here, so now, all I had to do was tie the rope to the other tree on the other side of the mud pit.


The rope was tied tight like a tight rope. One thing my father had taught me was how to tie good, strong knots. The kind you can’t undo.

I can’t get my hands untied from the handle bars.” Bryan said as he wiggled his hands as much as he could, not loosening the ropes any.

Thanks dad I thought.

I replied, “Well at least your hands stayed on and attached to the handle bars when you landed. See that’s a positive Bryan. Always stay positive. That’s my motto!”

“Please untie my hands. Please, Please PLEASE get me out of here! I’m sinking!” Bryan said in a helpless and scared voice.

“Ok, I am going to hang on this rope and come out to you. Now don’t you move any oh wait, you can’t move. Duh, of course you won’t move. Sometimes I kill myself in the things I say. Here I come Bryan, hold on!”

I took my shoes and socks off real quick like and inched my way over to him hanging on the rope very carefully. Once I got close to the front of his bike, I swung my right leg up on the center of his handle bars to get my balance. I was quite surprised that just a little bit of my weight, and down starts the front of his bike. That’s when I realized, this was no longer the perfect plan I had put together. I had completely forgotten how much I loved his Mongoose mountain bike. No ten year old kid should be riding a classic Mongoose mountain bike. He and his brother Mark always had the best of fucking everything while I rode a generic Plaza Racer Sears model 10 speed that wasn’t even a mountain bike. Mark had a Mongoose and Bryan had the same one, just a smaller frame. I should have thought this through better, so I could have kept that Mongoose and used when no one was around. Oh well. Fail to plan, plan to fail I guess.

“Stop, Stop STOP!!!He screamed. YOU ARE PUSHING THE BIKE DOWN!”

And this is when the crying started and I hate crying.

“For the love of God, stop crying Bryan! Geez, I am just trying to get my balance…” I looked quickly down both ends of the bike trail to make sure no one was coming towards us. Damn that boy could get loud I thought to myself.

“Hold on, I got you now” as I continued to put more weight down onto the bike and he continued to cry, and cry along with sinking and sinking.

Ok, that was close. I didn’t think I was going to be able to stop swinging and catch my balance but all is good on my end now.

And this is when I think a young boy of ten years old almost eleven, named Bryan Morrissey, realized for the first time what was happening. He stopped crying and his eyes were as big as I had ever seen them. He looked up at me with this helpless look and in that expression, there was a mixture of confusion and realization of what was happening to him. I was impressed. But then, then I saw it; that deep look of disgust and anger written across his face. The look of complete helplessness and then there it was. The look of pure hatred!

“YES, YES, YES! That’s it Bryan, I yelled! Finally, you get it. Little man, I have felt the same way about you every fucking day since I first met you! See, we are more alike than even I thought.” I announced to him.

I quickly stopped swinging and got my balance as I slowly put more weight on the handle bars. The mud now was up past his chest, coming up on his neck, and just the tips of his hands were still visible where his wrists were still tied to the grips of the handle bars. I put my right foot on top of his left hand and then put my left foot on the top of his right hand and eased my weight down on both handlebars.

Bryan never said another word even though his mouth was still above the mud. He just looked up at me with tears still slowly rolling down his cheeks.

“Two things Bryan, first, like I said, I didn’t make my jump either so don’t let the fact you didn’t make your jump bother you too much. I mean, Hello? You are only ten years old; I was fucking ten years old when I tried my long jump! Fuck man, ten years olds shouldn’t be trying 20 foot jumps over mud pits and for sure not over broken glass like I tried. It just isn’t smart! I know you realize that now, a little late, just like I realized it as the doctor was putting in the last stitch in my forearm. Let me tell you man, that fucking hurt!”

I pulled my right foot out of the mud as now all that was left showing of Bryan was from his neck up. I centered my right bare foot on his forehead as he had his head tilted back some, trying to stay above the mud and at the same time I started to push down with all my weight on his forehead, I said,

“And second, I haven’t forgotten you telling me earlier, but it’s perfectly ok with me if you go ahead and fucking pee now. Trust me, I won’t tell anyone!”

And then Bryan, well, Bryan was no more.

His head went under and the last thing I saw was his big eyes looking up at me as he disappeared below the thick, gooey mud along with that fucking perfect bike. I pushed down on his head up past my knee as hard as I could. For a few seconds, I held my foot there. His head was twitching back and forth, so my one foot kept slipping off his forehead. A big bubble formed next to my leg as I was holding that position.

That was odd I thought. The bubble got bigger and bigger and then it popped. I swore I heard Bryan screaming coming from that bubble. Maybe I imagined it, but it sure sounded like a scream from a ten year old when that bubble popped. Anyway, after about a minute or so, the head stopped twitching. Maybe he was finished peeing or maybe the lack of oxygen helped keep his head still for me. Whatever the case, he was at least three to four feet below the surface of the mud.

Right about the time I finally got my leg pulled back out, I realized something. God, I was super hungry. Oh yea, it’s Tuesday, its mamma’s spaghetti tonight. Oh yea!

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