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Chapter 13 - It's All Good

I was lying in my bed still in a lot of pain from hitting the water flat on my back earlier in the day. Tobin and Georgie had helped me home as I was still having a hard time walking normal due to the pain in my back. They rolled me in an old radio flyer red wagon that Georgie’s younger brother would use all the time. When they were pulling me home, every time we laughed it hurt so bad in my lower back I thought I was going to pass out. My mom wasn’t home when we got to the house so they helped me up to my room and then they jetted out of there. They didn’t want to be there in anyway to have to answer questions from my mom and especially my dad. They wanted nothing to do with my dad as they had learned what an asshole he usually was.

Mom got home and immediately knew something was wrong as I am usually not lying on my bed in late afternoon. I guess most moms always know when something just isn’t right. I told her it’s all good and I will be fine but I gave in to her persistence on what was wrong after a little bit of questioning. I went through everything that had happened. I told her I would be fine after a few more hours and to “please, please don’t tell dad!

My mom, aka June Fucking Cleaver, was the spitting image of the perfect home maker and the perfect mom for that much. I would sometimes for fun call her June after June Cleaver on the “Leave it to Beaver” TV show. Mom always would make the perfect pies from scratch or the best cakes or cookies. She seemed to make everything from scratch. She kept the house perfect, but my dad was still on her case about everything. Actually, now that I think about it, she didn’t make everything from scratch. One time I saw mom carrying a small bag over next door and putting it in their garbage can out back of our neighbors. When she went back inside, I went over to see what it was. It was a box of Betty Crocker instant cake mix. She was so scared about Dad finding out that she didn’t make a cake exactly from scratch, she hid the box from him. How sad is that I thought? What a jerk he was.

“Son, you know I can’t keep secrets from your father” mom said. “I am sure he will understand as you were just being a kid and all kids mess up and hurt themselves sometimes.” When she said it, I think she heard her self-saying it and I immediately saw the concern come across her face. I didn’t care at that moment that she was going to tell him. All I cared about was for my back to stop hurting so much.

Dad got home about an hour later. It was quiet, and then I heard “Jesus fucking Christ” come out of my dad’s mouth and then my mom said, “Ward Cleaver, watch your mouth!” Ok, she didn’t really say that as June Cleaver would have said it on Leave it to Beaver, but she did say,

Honey, let’s just be thankful he is going to be ok.” Yea, I thought, he is really thankful that I am going to be ok. No, no way. I am not going to be ok. Not with him!

That’s all I heard. Quiet. Uh oh, I thought. Here comes his wrath.

But it didn’t. Nothing!

Well not for a while anyway. I fell asleep. A few hours or so later, he comes into my room and has some soup on a TV tray for my dinner.

“I hear you hurt your back a little bit today.” he said with some sarcasm.

A little I thought, yea right, “Yes sir.” I said sitting up very slowly.

“How did that happen?” He asked already knowing how since I had told my mom.

I knew she had told him. I knew she had to or she would get his wrath and she didn’t deserve any wrath from him on my account.

“Well we were out on the island with Georgie and Tobin, you know fishing like we do and all and then I hurt my back.”

“How did you hurt your back?” He quickly asked.

“I hit it wrong on the water.” I said knowing this conversation is going downhill fast.

“What were you doing to hit your back wrong on the water?” He again asked sarcastically.

“I was jumping but dad, I checked the depth finder and it was over 60 feet. deep of water so there was no way I would hit the bottom. There is a ledge that sticks out too so you never get close to the rocks on the way down so it is as safe as it can be…”

He just looked at me with no expression and cut me off and said,

“Do you remember what I told you about jumping from the cliffs?”

“Yes sir, but...” I tried to explain.

“And what was that?” He quickly asked.

“You said I was never to jump off the cliffs, but...”

“Shhh, no butts. You just eat your food and lay here.” And he walked out of my room and shut my door.

That was weird I thought. Maybe everything will be ok after all. I mean, I could have been killed so he should be thankful I didn’t kill myself. I ate my soup and laughed and wondered to myself if he had put poison in my soup to finish me off. I suppose he didn’t. I kept waiting for him to come back in my room with a belt like he had used on me many times before but he never did. I fell asleep listening for his footsteps to see if he was walking towards my room. He never did. Well not that night anyways.

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