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Chapter 15 - My Boat

My mom woke me up at 7:30 the next morning which was odd as it was a Saturday. I usually was allowed to sleep in until at least eight or eight thirty. My back was much better, but I was still in a lot of pain. She asked me how I was and of course I told her I felt great. “No pain at all,” I said trying to look like I felt great. She replied “very good” and she was “going to make some homemade biscuits” for me and “bacon and eggs” and her famous gravy.”

“That sounds great mom. Thanks so much for taking care of me!” I told her and meant it.

She got up from the corner of my bed and walked to the door and turned and said, “by the way, I don’t know what your father is up to, but he wanted me to have you go over to your window and look out.

She walked out as she was saying that obviously not caring at all what he was doing outside. I thought that was odd so I got out of the bed and carefully walked over to the window with a deep ache in my back.

There was my dad.

There was my boat.

On my boat trailer.

Hooked up to some pickup truck that I had never seen before.

Oh, this isn’t good I thought.

My dad was talking to I guess the owner of the truck that was hooked up to my boat and boat trailer. My Dad looked up at me and looked happier than I had ever seen him up to that point in my life once he saw me standing there. He waved real big up to me looking out the window and the man I didn’t know waved up to me too.

I waved back very confused.

They were laughing and talking about who knows what.

They shook hands and I saw the man give my dad something. He turned to me as I was opening the window and yelled “This 20 dollar bill is all yours son as that is what I just sold your boat for.”

The man with the pickup truck hooked up to my boat and trailer I think at that exact moment realized what was happening. The man looked mortified as he saw the complete sickness and pain on my face about what my dad had just done and realized I had no clue that he was selling my boat without me knowing.

I heard him say, “Sir, let me give you what the boat is worth and…” my dad immediately cut him off and told the man he paid what the price was and to have a good day. He turned and walked towards the house looking up at me smiling bigger than I had ever seen him smile. I looked at the man and he mouthed the words, “I’m so sorry!”

I could tell he meant it. I just shook my head a little as he turned away from me.

The man got in his truck and drove away with the one thing I truly loved, my boat.

My dad never said another word to me about my boat and he kept my fucking twenty. Not one word on what he had done or why he did it or if this was his way of teaching me a lesson in his game of life.

That’s the day, I finally realized something.

My dad deserved a very, very special plan.

And a special plan he would get…

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