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Chapter 18 - Especially Not Tobin

Tammy and I had been going out for a while now and were officially girlfriend and boyfriend. Tobin and George still couldn’t believe I was dating her. Tammy had finally given in a while back and we had sex a few times which was great. She was a very proud little Catholic girl so it took a lot of working to finally have sex, but before that she had started giving me blowjobs pretty early on in our dating which like, what guy would complain about that? Not me for sure. I thought she was cool and I was falling for her more and more. It was funny but she seemed to rather give blowjobs than have sex. I figured it was something to do with her strict Catholic upbringing and she felt guilty after having regular sex but didn’t feel as guilty after giving a blowjob. Whatever the case, it was fine with me, but she made me swear never to tell anyone, even my best friends Tobin and George, that we were doing anything.

Especially not Tobin,” I remember her telling me when she first told me not to say anything to my friends.

“Ok,” I said and remember thinking, what’s the big deal with not saying anything especially to Tobin? I blew it off like she would blow me usually after track practice on Thursdays. I honored her request and ended up telling Tobin and George that she wanted to wait until she graduated high school before having sex but we had messed around some. This was hard for a teenage boy to do. That is, not brag to your guy friends, but I honored her request. I actually really was falling for her hard and liking her more and more every day.

One night my mom out of the blue asked me to go to the grocery store for her. This didn’t happen much as she did all her grocery shopping during the days when I was at school. It was a Tuesday night and I was home so I headed out to the store for her. Tammy had something she said she had to do with her mom that night or we would have more than likely been hanging out like we did several times a week and at least once during the weekend.

A few days before, my mom had just gotten a pretty nice used Chrysler Sebring that looked almost brand new. My cheap dad never would buy new and always would buy used and only if he believed he was getting a great deal. My dad was working late so if he would have been home he would have made me take my old piece of crap Ford Escort to the store. Anyway, my mom let me drive her Chrysler to the store. I didn’t complain.

I pulled into the parking lot safely being extra careful not to cause any damage to my mom’s “new to her” car. As I was parking I looked over and saw Tammy walking out of the store into the parking lot with Tobin. Tammy lived in an adjacent neighborhood to where Tobin and I

lived. It was maybe two miles away or so. I would run sometimes from my house over by hers and back and that was around four, so yea, two miles it was. I started to get out of the car and yell to them, but then Tobin reached out and grabbed her hand and she didn’t pull away. That’s when I remembered back to her telling me, “especially not Tobin.”

Oh hell no, I thought to myself, as I sat back down in the driver’s seat of my mom’s Chrysler car. That’s when they reached Tobin’s car and started kissing as he pinned her up against the car.

Mother fuck!” I heard myself say out loud as I watched closely as my heart sank in my chest.

He felt her up a little and she grabbed his hand to stop him and looked around nervously.

“At least one of you has some common sense.” I said out loud.

Tobin had a gold RX-7 that was super cool. He wasn’t the best driver. In fact, he was a terrible driver. One time we had been out just cruising around and we ended up going through a car wash. He pulled into the car wash and I don’t know how he did it, but he did. He pinned the side of his RX-7 between the railing and the wall. Yes, we may have been a little high, but still, who crashes their car against the wall and gets stuck in a car wash? Tobin does, that’s who. He was a terrible driver.

It was pretty dark out as it was after dinner. Tobin started to pull off so I watched which way they turned. Yep, I knew exactly where they were going. I had been there many times before with Tammy. Time to grab the items mom needs real fast and then off to the parking area to confirm what I think is really going on…

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