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Chapter 19 - Must Be A Fire

Pop! You know that sound, the sound you make when you put your finger in your mouth and you pull on the inside of your cheek and “POP!” Go ahead, do it now and see. POP!

Well, that is exactly what my dad’s head sounded like as the entire weight of the car came down with all its weight on his head. Both of his eyes exploded out and one shot right across my foot. How cool was that I thought. I looked at the eye as when it stopped rolling with the goo attached to it. The eye was looking up at me. I said immediately as he would always say to me,

Boy, we’re gonna have a problem if you don’t stop staring at me!

That made me laugh.

His body flipped and flopped around for about five seconds or so like a fish out of water, but then nothing. I remember thinking, “Who the hell is going to finish changing the oil and get these tires back on as I sure wasn’t going to do it.” I laughed again. His skull had split right open dropping part of his brain out all over the floor too. What a fucking mess! I had to touch it to see what a brain that did no good over a life felt like. It was a little hard and gooey.

WOW, a lot of blood came out of his head and was still oozing across the floor. I guess his nice mat he loved so much is now ruined. I can’t let mom see all this I thought. She is going to be home later tonight I think.

It’s time to get this plan going I said out loud.” I went inside the house and grabbed a handful of cookies, got on my bike, and headed next door. I did some perfect figure eights on my bike in their driveway and then went up to the front door and rang their doorbell.

Well hi Daniel. How are you doing on this beautiful day?” Mrs. Jackson asked. She was always in a happy mood.

“Pretty good Mrs. Jackson. It sure is a beautiful day. Is Mr. Jackson home?” I asked.

Of course he is home. He was retired and I don’t think he ever left the house or his yard except to fish or go to the hardware store. A really nice guy but one of those guys where if you get caught talking with him, you can’t break away for about an hour. My dad liked him a lot as Mr. Jackson enjoyed hearing his stupid Navy stories of his time in the military told over and over.

’Yes he is. Do you need him?” Mrs. Jackson said.

“Well no, not me, but my dad told me to stop by here and see if Mr. Jackson could come over and help him a minute with his car. He said something about having a problem with his car jack and to check to see if Mr. Jackson possibly had one and could he borrow it? He has all the tires off the car.”

“Ok, I am pretty sure he does. I believe he has more tools than Sears. I will let him know Daniel.” Mrs. Jackson said.

“Ok thanks, so much Mrs. Jackson. I offered to get the jack and bring it to him but as usual, I don’t think he wants me around when he is doing man’s work and all.” I said laughing.

She laughed too and said, “Probably so Daniel. You be careful on your bike Daniel,” as I rode down the street away from that house and away from all that mess.

I rode down to my good friend’s Jeff’s house. His parents were super cool and they had turned their garage into a room for Jeff. We had been visiting for about fifteen minutes playing chess as we always played chess when we both started hearing all these emergency sirens.

“Those sirens sound like they are getting closer.” Jeff said and continued, “What possibly could be going on in the middle of the day on a Saturday out here that would need police, fire or an ambulance?”

“Hey, maybe there is a fire? Cool! Let’s go!” I said as we ran towards our bicycles.

We were off in a flash and pedaled as fast as two excited kids could on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

And what do you know?

There must be a fire at my house…

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