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Chapter 20 - Consistency

Tammy and Tobin drove to where I thought they would end up. I had quickly purchased what I needed to for my mom at the grocery store and headed to the parking spot. There was a cool nature trail down by the lake that was a great place to park and make out after the sun sets. They had pulled in and parked where Tammy and I had parked on many a nights. Geez, can’t she at least have him pull into a different parking spot I thought. I pulled down a ways past the parking lot as there were several cars still in the lot from where people were out on the trail walking. I quietly got out of my mom’s car and walked up and around to near where they were parked. It was very, very dark out so they couldn’t see me at all. I was able to get right up within about ten feet of the car so I could see everything. Also, they had the windows cracked a little to keep from fogging up so I could hear most everything too.

Neither one of them had any idea that I was there near the car. But, I was there, still not believing what I had seen a few moments earlier in the parking lot and now, well now my so called girlfriend and my best friend were sitting in the exact spot Tammy and I would come to and park at night. How lucky for me, and unlucky for them that the one time I go to the grocery store, not in my white Ford Escort, but my mom’s new ride, that I would come across the two of them up to no good. My brain was racing thinking back to that comment that Tammy had made when she said, “especially not Tobin.

How could I have been so stupid and not immediately put it together. A lesson for sure as in my gut at that moment she made that comment, I immediately felt that was an extremely odd comment for her to make. Why I let it go at the time and simply brushed it to the side is beyond me, but I knew I would never brush away a gut feeling like that again. It must have been due to my stupid deep feelings I had developed for her and now, well now, here was my girlfriend in the car with my so called “best friend” at our parking spot. This was turning out to not be such a good day.

I could see a little movement in the car as I inched myself a little closer nice and quiet. I was on Tammy’s side, the passenger side. There was little to no moon out tonight so it was almost pitch black out which gave me the advantage of not being seen. There was a street light that was on a little ways away that illuminated that immediate area, but it was nice and dark here being enough distance from the street light where they parked. I had figured that out when we first started parking here.

Where we would always park I thought to myself. Is this really happening?

I could tell they were kissing and making out and Tobin feeling her perfect boobs up. Then, well what do you know, Tammy’s head all of a sudden made a B-line down to his lap. Oh wait, no, now her head is back up again and they are kissing and laughing, and kissing. Wait, now her head was gone again, and yep there it was, then her head was gone again and stayed gone for a while. Well one thing is for sure with Tammy. She’s all about consistency.

As I stood there, hunched over and watched, I realized something. I was actually more upset with Tobin, my so called best friend than I was with my girlfriend that I had deep feelings for. I mean, I was really starting to fall hard for Tammy and I really liked her and loved hanging out with her. I loved the things we would do, but well now, now I didn’t feel anything for her. I didn’t’ even have any anger about what she was doing. Ok, maybe just a little disgust. I was madder at myself for not catching on to what was going on way back when she made that comment. But Tobin, hell, Tobin and I had been close. We were real close I thought. He was pretty much my best fucking friend and I thought I was his best fucking friend. Best friends don’t do this to each other and guys shouldn’t do that to other guys, especially their friends. I still was in shock I think, and couldn’t believe everything that was actually happening.

The windows were cracked. I could hear Tobin telling her to move faster. She did. She always followed directions well as I had learned that on many occasions of telling her what to do and she always did it. Well it didn’t take long, and he was done. She came up wiping her mouth and I heard her say, “you taste great!” And yes, she said the same thing to me every time.

Again, consistency.

I started thinking to myself and wondered where she learned to say that as there is no way it always tastes great. It just occurred to me that it was just yesterday when she had given me a blowjob and I finished in her mouth in this exact spot and she swallowed it all as she always would and now she is swallowing Tobin. God, I wonder who else she is blowing. Maybe that’s how she keeps such a fine figure. Maybe all those blowjobs keep her from gaining weight from not wanting to eat food. Now that I think of it, she never eats food when we would go out. She nibbles on her food a little here and a little there but it all pretty much stays there on the plate. Interesting I thought. Just think, she could write a book one day titled, “Tammy’s Way to Not Gain Weight!

Oh well, whatever the case, she does have a smoking hot body. I’m really going to miss her.

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