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Chapter 21 - Wake Up

As Jeff and I were arriving at my house on our bicycles, Mr. Jackson came walking hurriedly out to us and met us as we pulled into the driveway. He was visibly upset and went into a short spill about how there had been an accident and my dad had been seriously injured.

So, there’s no fire?” Jeff said quickly as a normal teenager that didn’t listen to what had really just been said about my dad.

No, son, there is no fire.” Mr. Jackson replied.

Seriously injured Mr. Jackson says as I thought to myself and bit my lower lip to keep from bursting out laughing. I think by doing that made me look like I was trying not to cry so that worked in my favor. What I wanted to say was,

If having both your eyes and brain pop out of your skull all over the floor due to the brake cylinder splitting your head in half is being seriously injured then yep, he’s for sure in the seriously injured category.

But of course I didn’t say that. That would have been really bad to say that.

I did say, “Can I talk to him?

Mr. Jackson said, “Um, well, um, no, um, uh no, I don’t think that would be a good idea Daniel. The emergency personnel are in there with him trying to help him right now so let’s just stay right here until we find out more. Hopefully someone will come over and talk to us and let us know what is going on soon.

And this is when I first looked down and saw a little blood on one of my shoes and then I looked at my left hand and there on my left index finger was blood all over my nail. I must have gotten some on it when I poked his stupid brain.

Oh Fuck, I thought. Fuck, fuck, fuck!!

Did Mr. Jackson see the blood on me? No, I don’t think so. He has had his head down almost the entire time he has been talking, but I think that was just because he isn’t good at lying and didn’t want to look me in the eye as he lied to me that my dad had just been seriously injured.

No, I don’t think he saw the blood on me. It wasn’t a lot of blood, but anyone that saw this on me would come to the conclusion that this was clearly blood.

Jeff hadn’t seen the blood on me. He was now over talking to Josh, another kid from the neighborhood that got on our nerves as he always wore black and had more piercings than any girl I knew. Oh now look, half the neighborhood is walking up the street to see the supposedly fire.

I knew what I had to do. So, I did it!

I darted past Mr. Jackson and past the cop putting up that yellow tape you always see at crime scenes. I was moving and I was moving fast. I ran towards the open door to the garage and was scanning all around me as I approached the door. I reached the door and entered through the opening faster than I ever had. I felt like I was flying I was moving so fast and I think this is the reason that no one had time to realize what was taking place, and no one could stop me.

I came flying into the garage and I immediately saw that there was no one close to the fuckface with no brain on the floor. I guess the emergency personnel knew there was nothing possible they could do for him now. I was moving so fast they didn’t have time to even take one step towards me. I screamed as I was moving,

Dad!!!!!” as I went sliding out of control on his blood and brain goo that had now covered over half the garage floor. There was so much blood and it was everywhere on the mat and the floor. It was the perfect slide and fall if I say so myself as I landed flat on my belly and came sliding to a stop with my face about a foot from his face. So, just for a little more drama, I yelled, “DAD, WAKE UP!!!

Those two weeks of theater training my mom had made me take last summer which, I complained about every single minute, paid off for sure. My mom felt I should be well rounded so she was always having me take a short course here and there.

Sliding across the floor and then falling was a moment I won’t ever forget and I am sure everyone in that garage won’t forget either. I was now covered in all of his blood and brain goo from head to toe. My left hand had come down right on one of his eyeballs that were lying on the floor and I had felt it squash under my weight. That felt pretty cool. I saw the pure terror of the emergency personnel looking at me when I looked up at them with blood all over my face, arms, hands, legs, shoes and clothing.

Within a few seconds, there were about five police and fire officers grabbing me up trying to shield me from looking at the asshole under the brake cylinder. Everyone was slipping and sliding on all the blood and brain matter. It was a site to see and something that I will never forget. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing seeing all these grown men sliding, some falling, and one throwing up in the corner of our garage. They all tried to clean me off the best they could from all the blood and goo that had collected on my clothes. I looked one last time at the piece of shit on the floor that no longer had a brain or eyes in his head. It was the best he had looked in a long, long time.

And that’s how you cover up a little blood on your shoes and left index finger.

Oh yea, one more thing. He never woke up.

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