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Chapter 23 - Max Bench

Tobin liked to work out and when I say he liked to work out, I mean, he really, really liked to work out. He was as cut as a seventeen year old that took steroids on a regular basis could be and that was pretty damn cut. He wasn’t on the football team because they tested for steroids and he didn’t want to give up his steroids. They had become part of him and who he was and he had to have them. Tobin was addicted to lifting weights and his parents had turned their garage into his own personal work out room. It was so nice with the best equipment and mirrors all around the walls. His parents both worked all the time at their jobs so Tobin had the run of the house until they came home in the evenings.

I knew his schedule. He never, EVER missed a workout.


His life was pretty simple. It consisted of school, his gold Mazda RX-7 that was as cool as they come, getting high, shooting up roids, lifting weights, his pretty little girlfriend Joan and now obviously getting blowjobs from Tammy. He would usually work out by himself with his music blaring. I saw him bench 300 pounds one time. Jesus, that’s a lot of fucking weight. I could bench 150 pounds, 180 on a good day and was very proud of that. I hated lifting and had no desire to be cut like him.

I had learned that those that keep a schedule, as my dad did, are easy to make a plan for. My dad had been dead now for about a year and it had been a truly great year. I hadn’t missed him at all and I my mom didn’t either. She was as happy as I had ever seen her. She had just started going out with this guy from church that seemed cool. He was nice to me and nice to her and that’s all that really mattered. It was nice to see mom so happy and being treated as she should have been her entire life.

Now Tobin did chest workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays and would always be finished by 4:30 in the afternoon. His mom would arrive home first at around six and dinner was always at 6:30, usually without his dad as his dad worked late every weeknight till about eight. Like I said, Tobin and now that I think of it, his mom and dad, they all kept to their schedules.

I arrived at 4:20 that afternoon. The door was always unlocked to the garage. I was careful not to be seen walking over his house. No one was out in the neighborhood as there was a storm moving in. There Tobin was, lifting as he always did. I had come by a few times when I was really bored and watched him lift. I think he liked it, showing me and others how strong he was but then again, there were times when he wanted me to leave, so I would. Today, well today I

could see he was cool with me staying as he was almost done. He was getting ready to do max bench. Just in time I thought and just as I had planned.

How much weight you going for today?” I asked like I really cared.

Well since you are here and can spot, I will go for 325 pounds!” as he flexed his biceps.

Man that is crazy weight. I don’t know how you do it Tobin.” I said wide eyed pretending to be in awe.

Well if you would stop pussying around with Tammy so much, maybe you could make time and lift some weights and get strong like me.” He said in a cocky tone like always flexing his chest as he spoke.

Yea, I don’t think so. Lifting isn’t for me. I will stick with my Tammy.” I said with a smirk.

Yea, ok, whatever. She’s not for you man. You’re not her type. She is just gonna dump you when we graduate in a few months so dump her first.” Tobin said seriously.

Maybe so. You ready to do this or what strong man?” I asked.

“Yea,” as he laid back and I positioned myself behind him.

You ready Pussy?” I said with a smile. He smiled back and replied,

Whatever Pussy, let’s do this shit.” I knew the routine. He started the count and yelled


I yelled “2!

We both yelled “3!!” He pushed up as hard as he could and I pulled up as hard as I could and the bar loaded with 325 pounds of weight, slowly came up.

It’s a site to see, let me tell you.

He had his arms locked straight with the bar and the weight all the way up. I carefully slid both the stands that the bar had been resting on with my foot. He didn’t notice as he was looking down on his bulging chest. The bar was bending that was holding the weight as there was so much freaking weight on there.

Damn he is fucking strong I thought!

You got this man as I let go. Hold it there one second.

What the fuck are you doing?” He said as I walked around to the front near his knees.

Hold your horses Pilgrim,” as I leaned over and picked up a 40 pound dumbbell from the floor and stood at the end of the bench by his knees.

Man what the fuck are you doing, come spot me!” he said straining a little to see what I was doing as I raised the weight above my head.

I can’t hold this much lon...” as I cut him off yelling “No, you can’t hold it any longer mother fucker!” as I slammed down the 40 pound dumbbell weight on his balls as hard as I fucking could.

If you ever wondered how fast 325 pounds of weight comes down when a 40 pound dumbbell comes smashing down on your nuts, wonder no more! In a milla second, the bar crashed down right below his chin and rolled quickly back ripping almost his entire head off as it opened a huge gaping hole in his neck. It was like Niagara fucking falls with blood shooting out of this newly created gap straight up towards the ceiling. I had to jump back to keep from getting sprayed.

Holy shit,” I said out loud as I watched blood shoot easily three feet in the air from his neck. I then said,

I think we can both agree Tobin, that 325 pounds is just too much weight to be benching all by yourself! Why would you ever do that? Are you fucking crazy?” as I finished saying that some weird gurgling noises that were coming from the huge hole in his neck stopped.

Oh yea, must be the roids”, I said, “well that is what they will say. And one more thing, I hope Tammy was worth it you piece of lying shit. I told you not to mess with her! You were my fucking best friend motherfucker! Well guess the fuck what? Friendship is officially over!”

And that was the end of Tobin. I sat there for maybe two minutes looking around and taking it all in. I had never seen so much blood, not even from my dad’s accident. I thought back to some good times we had over the years, as we had many. Just didn’t understand how a friend could do that to another friend when he knew I was into Tammy. Just wrong I thought.

I started to leave the garage as I had entered. I put the 40 pound dumbbell back on the rack and looked back one last time.

Damn” I said out loud. I think all eight pints of his blood had come out as it was now slowly, creeping out across the floor from his neck. What a fucking mess! I stepped outside. Just my luck, it's raining.

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