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Chapter 25 - Bad News

My mom and I had just finished a wonderful meal that consisted of her famous spaghetti with her special meat balls and sauce. She had made cheese bread and I was stuffed. I planted myself down in the den to watch one of my favorite shows, America’s Most Wanted, when the phone rang. It was a little after 8 p.m. and I could tell my mother was upset by the phone call. We both enjoyed watching America’s Most Wanted together. It was our thing that we did together. Humm, I thought, what could possibly be wrong on that phone call she was receiving. I looked at her, and she looked back at me with this sad face. Oh no, another fire I thought? Ha J

My mom got off the phone and told me I needed to turn the TV off, now.

But mom, it’s America’s Most Wanted? We always watch this show together.” I said in a begging tone.

Please turn it off son.” Mom said and meant it.

I got up, and walked over to the TV and turned it off. I could tell something was really wrong.

She walked slowly over to the couch and we sat down next to each other and we just sat there for a minute or two looking at each other. I didn’t know what to say so I said nothing. A small tear started rolling down her face. She finally said,

Son, you have been through so, so much already in your short seventeen years of life, but I know that I have observed first hand and realized over this time what a strong young man you have become. I need you to be strong here son, as I have some awful news to tell you?

What mom? Is there something wrong with Mike?” Mike was my brother who was two years older than me, away at University of Tennessee, Knoxville majoring in Engineering. I only spoke to him when he would come home to visit every few months as he was deeply involved with school.

No, no, your brother Mike is fine. It’s your dear friend Tobin. There’s been a terrible accident son. A truly terrible one.”

“What do you mean accident? What kind of accident?” I asked concerned.

“He’s dead Daniel, Tobin is dead.” My mom obviously gets to the point very quickly I thought.

“Dead?? What are you talking about mom? I just saw him at school today. He was fine. How can he be dead? He’s as strong as an ox mom!” I said acting confused.

“I know he was son.” Mom said agreeing with what I had said.

Wow, she is already speaking in past tense I thought.

“That was his father that I just got off the phone with, and, well, I couldn’t really understand him as he was crying off and on as we talked. I am not sure of all the details but there was some type of an accident when he was lifting weights earlier this evening in their garage.”

“He loves to lift weights mom. He is so strong. He always is lifting. What could have gone wrong? I don’t understand.” I said as I started tearing up a little.

“I am not sure son, but I am so, so sorry. I know he was your best friend and one of the first friends you met and made when we moved here. His father wanted you to be one of the first ones to know since you all were best friends.”

Yea, I thought… We were fucking best friends, and I definitely was one of the first to know.

And no, we didn’t watch America’s Most Wanted that night due to that phone call. Thanks a lot Tobin.

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