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Chapter 29 - Rambo

It had been about a month since they put my good friend Tobin in the ground. I had fallen in love with the car even more than I already loved it, but it was getting really on my last nerve with how everyone talking about him, to me, since I got his car.

“Must be nice to get a free car.” Almost everyone would say to me when they would see me driving it.

“Yea, it is pretty nice for sure but I sure would rather have my best friend Tobin back.” I would quickly say back to everyone. God, I was really getting tired of having to say that to everyone.

It was now April and graduation from High School was happening next month. Finally, high school will be finished and behind me. I had a lot of good memories to carry with me for the rest of my life from this place, but I was so ready to be done with High School. I also felt I was ready to be done with Tammy and it was time to take care of her. It had been time for a while.

Tammy and I had seen each other a few times off and on since the funeral but she was a lot different ever since Tobin had died. She was extremely sad about Tobin and when we were together, she would want to talk and talk about him. I played the normal consoling and caring boyfriend so I played along too about how terrible it is that he is gone and never will get to graduate high school or go to college, or have kids. Maybe that wasn’t the best thing to say and I guess it didn’t help much saying that to her. I didn’t want to help her now that I think about it so I guess that is why I said it the way I did. Anyway, it was Thursday, after track, so we went for a ride in my car.

Tobin’s car.

I drove to the lake. Same spot as usual that we used to go to and make out. The same spot as when I saw them together here parked making out and who knows how many other times they had come here too to make out. I only saw them that one time but you know there were many more times.

We started to make out some with some kissing and petting and then it started getting a little heavy. Tammy said she didn’t think she could do anything due to being still so upset. I reminded her that she used to always tell me that it made her feel better when she would do that certain thing to me due to fact it cleared her head and all. Maybe it was the feeling of accomplishment or something but I continued and said,

Maybe it would help clear your mind of everything. I just want you to feel better Tammy.” I said in my puppyish, most innocent voice attainable.

Again, thanks mom for that theatre training.

“You’re right!” she quickly said and pulled out a hair tie and tied her hair up and out of the way really fast and immediately got to work. Wow, did she get to work fast. She had my pants down before I could say a word. Obviously giving me a blowjob really must have cleared her head because it was the best blow job I could ever remember getting from her. She was on a mission, a mission to complete as quickly as possible and when she finished; she said what she would always say when she completed that task.

You tasted great.” She stated as she always would upon completion.

I simply replied with a question. “Feels right giving me a blowjob in here doesn’t it?

“What did you say?” she asked with a little confusion as she was wiping her mouth and taking her hair back out of her hair tie.

I repeated, “I said it feels right giving me a blowjob in Tobin’s car doesn’t it? Like old times?”

“What? Why in the world would you say something like that?” she said with a little confusion and a now a level of disgust rising in her voice.

“Well it was in Tobin’s car and all.” I said matter of factly.

“Well yes, we are in Tobin’s car so what does that mean? I don’t understand. Why would it feel right for me to give you a blowjob in Tobin’s RX-7?” She asked innocently.

Because you gave him blowjobs in this car, that’s why!” I said looking straight at her as she immediately looked straight out through the front windshield out into the woods.

And then there was silence, a long, long silence.

She continued to look straight ahead and I continued to look directly at her hoping she would say something.

I changed the radio station.

Still silence.

I changed the radio station again.

I had grabbed on to my Rambo knife with the serrated edges that I kept between the center console and seat in my right hand. I think every teenaged boy at that time had a Rambo knife with the serrated edges. It was the one with the compass on the end, the string, hook and other items inside the handle.

It was one of the biggest movies and Sylvester Stallone was what most teenage boys wanted to aspire to be. I had been gripping my Rambo knife ever since she started working on me earlier. I gripped the handle on the knife harder and harder and then I inched the knife up from between the seats and then moved it fast and hard and swung the knife perfectly into the center of her chest. I hit her as hard as I could and drove the knife straight through her breast bone and rammed it all the way in until I felt her spine just as I had done when I gutted my first deer that I had killed years earlier. Her eyes got as big as Bryans, and my dad’s and probably Marks when he was hanging. She looked at me and I looked at her and nothing but dead silence except for her gurgling some as blood slowly came out of her mouth and nose. Her lips were quivering somewhat and she said softly, while gurgling, “Why?

So, I changed the radio station one more time. How perfect was this. The song, Jeopardy by the Greg Kihn band was on. The chorus was playing and saying “Our love is in jeopardy, baby.” Now that was funny!

No, I didn’t stab her or gut her like a deer. But I wanted to.

I could have.

I should have.

Hello?? I loved my RX-7 too much to get her blood and guts all over the beautiful leather and interior. That wasn’t going to happen. Not in my sports car!

She finally spoke. She obviously put a lot of thought into what she would say at this point of realizing she had been busted for cheating with my best friend. She said as eloquently as a young seventeen year old girl that was completely busted could say…

So does this mean we aren’t going to the prom? Because like, I have already paid for my dress and all?

I eased up on my Rambo knife as that actually made me smile. I sat there in silence for a few minutes before starting up my sports car and driving her home, in silence.

Just so you know, that was the last blowjob I ever got from my now ex-girlfriend Tammy.

And no, I didn’t take her to the prom.

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