Can't We All Get Along? said No Serial Killer Ever...

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Chapter 3 - The Plan

Bryan was all ears. I didn’t realize he could actually pay attention but he sure was at this moment.

“Ok Bryan, here’s what we are going to do tomorrow afternoon if you think you are ready to be brave like your brother and me” I said with a questionable and hesitant voice.

“I am, I am! I have been ready now for a while, but you all just haven’t given me the time of day to show you guys.” He said as proudly as a ten year old could say. Standing there next to him, I could see that he really wanted to do whatever it took to show me and especially his brother how brave he had become.

I immediately replied to get him going a little bit, “Now Bryan, if you aren’t ready, that’s fine too. This is a lot for a ten year old so maybe we should wait until next year when you are eleven years old and all.

“No, no, no, I am brave now. I can do whatever it is I need to do.” Bryan said proudly.

“Ok, ok, ok, just remember Bryan all you have to do is just let me know at any time and we will stop what we are doing but I really think doing this brave thing will make your brother very proud of you.”

I saw a small smile develop across his face and I knew he was going to do whatever I said. I could tell he trusted me and he definitely wanted to make his brother proud. I think all younger siblings no matter how much they may appear to despise their brother or sister, wants them to be proud of them in a way. I know I always did even though Mike and I weren’t that close.

“I am ready for this Daniel. I am!” Bryan again said proudly, “what do I need to do?”

I replied showing how proud I was of him, “All right Bryan, it’s real simple. Here’s what we’re going to do when we meet up tomorrow...”

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