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Chapter 32 - Secret is Safe with Me

Darla went back to class and sat down next to the one boy she thought was ok, Bryan Morrissey. Bryan and she had become friends and would talk during PE and almost every day at lunch. He was the only boy she talked to at all for the most part. All the other ones acted their age. Bryan, well Bryan, he was a thinker and a lot more mature than the other boys.

So, let me guess, you have in-school suspension again don’t you?” Bryan asked.

“You know it. It was worth it too. I was getting sick and tired of that Timmy kid and now I don’t have to go to that stupid chorus recital tomorrow.” Darla said happily.

“Yea, I think we all were getting sick of him and you are lucky you get to miss that chorus recital. I guess the good news is he won’t be pulling your hair anymore. Darla, let me tell you, Timmy cried and cried after they finally pulled you off of him. I think they went through a full roll of paper towels trying to get his nose to stop bleeding. It was fun to watch though. Poor little Carla over there with her shirt all messed up; well she threw up when she saw all the blood. That girl throws up more than anyone I know. That was really fun to watch too. Oh, and when she threw up it led to that Michael kid throwing up also. It was a hoot.” Bryan said enjoying reliving all that had happened earlier.

“Well I am glad I provided you some entertainment Bryan and I sure wish I could have seen that but they pulled me off and out of here fast.”

“Oh you provided great entertainment Darla. For sure you did. Thank you!” Bryan said laughing

They both laughed. A little later on the playground, Bryan told Darla he had a secret to tell her.

Darla liked secrets as everyone did at that age. Hell, everyone loves secrets no matter how old or young they may be. It makes one feel special, close to someone else.

Bryan said to Darla, “Ok, you know how I have told you my brother basically hates me being around him and his friends. Well, I figured out a way where Mark will finally not mind me hanging out with him.”

“Oh you have now have you?” Darla said wondering what this secret possibly could be about.

“Yea, but you can’t tell anyone, ever. Ok?” Bryan said seriously.

“Ok” Darla said a little bored already with this.

“I am going to make this super huge jump on my bike.” Bryan said proudly.

“A super huge jump you say? What’s so super and huge about it?” Darla asked interested now.

“Because it’s the biggest jump I have ever tried over something special.” Bryan replied.

Over something special you say? And what would that something special be?” Darla asked suspiciously.

“I can’t tell you that until after I make my jump. I was sworn to secrecy.” Bryan stated.

“By who?” Darla asked.

“I can’t tell you that goofball. That would give part of the secret away. Hello????”

“You know what Bryan?” Darla asked.

“What’s that Darla?” Bryan asked thinking it was really something of value getting ready to be shared with him.

“Your secret sucks!” Darla said with a smirk.

“Yea, you know, I just realized that too.” Bryan said realizing there isn’t much really to tell about this secret to his close friend Darla.

“You know what?” Darla Lang said.

“What?” Bryan asked.

“If I didn’t like you so much, I would punch you in the nose for such a weak secret.” Darla said laughing.

“Yea, I would probably deserve it too.” Bryan said sadly but felt good knowing that Darla Lang, the coolest and toughest girl in his class likes him a lot.

“Ha, I’m just playing. Your secret is safe with me goofball. No punches for you today but you be careful making this so called special jump, ok?” Darla stated and meant every word.

“Oh, I will. I can’t wait to tell my brother and you after I complete it!” But remember, not a word on this to anyone. Ever!” Bryan said hoping to receive an immediate agreement.

“I promise I won’t Bryan, but one question. Why doesn’t your brother get to watch you make this special jump?” Darla asked confused.

Bryan replied, “Because it is a secret and I was told no one can know until I’ve made it.”

“Oh, ok, well your secret still sucks. I hope your super huge special jump goes better than your non- informational secret did.” Darla said with a laugh.

Bryan said laughing along with Darla, “Me too, me too.”

Darla thought to herself that it was odd about not telling his brother anything until after the jump but she stopped trying to figure out boys a while back.

And that was the last time Darla Lang ever spoke to or saw her good friend Bryan Morrissey alive.

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