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Chapter 33 - It's All About the Stones

“I have all day, how about you detective?” Darla said in a jovial tone after listening to Detective Henry state we both would be in these woods until she told him why she thought Bryan was dead.

Detective Henry followed up with, “Well, I do need to pick up my daughters from day care by six tonight so that gives us, let’s see, approximately two hours and twelve minutes to figure something out.”

“Too bad you didn’t bring your mountain bike. I could have taught you a few things about riding,” Darla said with a smile.

Detective Henry replied, “Hey now, I am pretty good rider and ride every weekend. I see there is a little jump in the middle of the trail. I could fly over that ramp even though it looks pretty worn out and may not hold my weight so good.”

Darla replied, “Yea, it’s been here for several years.” I guess some kids built it a long time ago. It has held up pretty good. Rumor is this older kid Mark built it. He was going to be an engineer like his dad but ended up hanging himself or something.”

“That wouldn’t be Mark Morrissey, Bryan’s brother would it be?” Detective Henry asked.

“Impressive Detective Henry, yes, of course it was Mark Morrissey. I don’t know of any other kids that hung themselves around here named Mark, do you?” Darla asked with a little attitude.

She had a point he thought. Todd continued, “Did you know Mark?”

“No, only Bryan. I mean, I had seen Mark and he seemed nice, smart like Bryan, but never actually spoke to him.”

“So did you and Bryan ride bikes together?” Detective Henry asked.

“Together is a big word in the kid world detective. Did I ever ride on this trail, with Bryan trying to keep up with me? Yes, yes we did that. He was usually with his brother though and they did their own thing.”

Todd thought a few seconds and decided to take a guess, “So does this secret have something to do with riding bikes?

Darla was impressed. Now she had to make a decision. It was an easy one,

Yes, yes it does.” She said.

Well simple Todd thought. “Ok, so Bryan told you something he was going to do on his bike. Was he going to go for a long ride on his bike or something?”

Darla replied quickly, “No!”

“Was he running, well let me say, riding away from home?” Todd asked.

“No.” Darla stated.

“Was he going to sell his bike to someone?”

No!” This is getting old Darla thought.

“Was he going to do some trick on his bike?” Detective Henry asked.


Todd was running out of questions. He looked down the trail and saw the old, falling apart ramp in the middle of the path and took a stab in the dark and said, “Was he going to do a jump on his bike?

Finally, Darla thought, “Maybe”, she said happily yet not confirming or denying while looking directly at Detective Henry hoping he would continue.

Ok, so he was going to do some jump? Well now... I read they drained the lake so he isn’t there. Are there other ponds or lakes near here Darla?” Todd asked really not knowing the answer.

Darla replied, “No! There are none that I know of and I have been here my entire life.

So making a jump needs a ramp, and this ramp has been here a while you say?

Darla replied, “Yes, ever since I can remember, but it used to be higher.

What do you mean higher?” Todd asked.

“Well, I remember there were two good size stones that the ramp would sit on but they were moved for some reason as they are no longer here in the middle of the trail.”

Detective Henry was trying to think like a kid and said, “Were they here after Bryan disappeared?


Detective Henry continued, “Were the rocks here before Bryan disappeared?”

“I think so, but I don’t know for sure. Why does that matter?” Darla asked confused.

“Well Darla, that’s what we call in the police world a clue.”

Darla responded proudly, “Yea, well I have a better clue Detective...”

“And what would that be Darla Lang?” Todd asked.

Darla replied, “I know where the rocks are…”

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